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But England still managed to make 459 in their first innings with their number 10 contributing a comfortable 25 not out on Friday morning. People are apt to forget that vital fact, and one is prepared to say that Australia, as they batted, would not have made many more on Thursday afternoon than they did on Friday. The opportunity for the spinners was there from the start, but Australia could not exploit it as England did. Had they had bowlers of the calibre of O’Reilly and Grimmett this would have been an even game of cricket, and poor Mr Flack might have been able to repose in peaceful anonymity. Or he might even have been congratulated by all and sundry. In the 1930’s and the days of dope, it was decided to investigate ways of improving the bowler’s lot. Perhaps now, in the drive for sporting wickets, groundsmen are tending to overstep the mark. For a five day Test match, played without direct interference from the weather, both sides are entitled to expect good batting conditions in their first innings. This year, at Headingley and Old Trafford, these conditions have been more even than the scores would suggest, but they have not appealed to Australia’s bowlers. At Lord’s they were broadly similar all the way through, although Australia benefited there from batting when the wicket was at its easiest on the first day. They won more through several individual acts of greatness by Miller than by marked all-round superiority.

Stronger attack

Sport 1956 — the FA Cup was won by Manchester City in 1956 who beat Birmingham City 3 – 1 in the final at Wembley. Captain Roy Paul is pictured holding the Cup Credit: Times Newspapers Ltd

Third Day 28 July 1956


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