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To begin with Lock, whom many consider to be a more explosive bowler on a bad pitch than Laker, took one wicket in 22 overs. The pair of them needed 16 overs before separating Burke and McDonald in the first innings, and in the last 65 minutes of the day Harvey was the only batsman to be got out, and he clumped a full toss straight to a fielder. Burke batted for almost three hours, losing his wicket only once and not looking particularly like doing so again. Indeed, Australia batted in all on Friday for 205 minutes. For the first 85 and the last 65 of these they met with only one setback for which the pitch was not to blame.

Not to blame

England’s Tony Lock takes a catch to dismiss Australia’s Jim Burke off the bowling of Jim Laker. This was the only wicket to fall on the Third Day Credit: Sports & General Alpha © Empics

Third Day 28 July 1956


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