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With Evans, Sheppard had added 62 in 29 minutes and Lock now stayed with him until he reached his haven. Two thundering cover drives and a sweep off five balls from Johnson and Sheppard was 96 and at 10 past one a chop for three, also off Johnson took him safely home. England’s selectors must feel that some guardian angel watches over their deliberations and guides them in their decisions. First it was Washbrook and now Sheppard who had justified their faith.

“…an innings filled with polished strokes… his achievement will always be thought of as one of the more perfect pages of cricket history.”

Of Sheppard one will only say that there must be a place waiting for him in the England side, when he is available, until their batting resources fill out. He had played with maturity and authority an innings filled with polished strokes, and his achievement will always be thought of as Polished one of the more perfect pages of cricket history. He was Sheppard finally ninth out after batting for just under five hours during which he hit 15 4s and a 6. Within a quarter of an hour he was standing short leg to Statham, and by teatime, although it may not have been generally foreseen, the floodgates were open and Australia were about to be swept incredibly aside.

Rev David Sheppard played a crucial part in England’s first innings of the Test Match, scoring 113. Here he is pictured earlier in the year demonstrating correct batting technique to schoolchildren © Times Newspapers Ltd

Second Day 27 July 1956


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