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F   irst innings

c  c   mcdonald ct lock bowled laker 32  j   burke ct cowdrey bowled lock 22 r    n   harvey bowled laker 0  i   d   craig lbw bowled laker 8 k  r   miller ct oakman bowled laker 6 k  mackay ct oakman bowled laker 0 r  archer st evans bowled laker 6 r  benaud ct statham bowled laker 0 r  r   lindwall not out 6 l  maddocks bowled laker 0  i   w   johnson bowled laker 0 extras 0 total


Second innings

c  c   mcdonald retired hurt 11 j  burke not out 33 r  n   harvey ct cowdrey bowled laker 0 i  d   craig NOT Out 8 k  r   miller k  mackay r  archer r  benaud r  r   lindwall l  maddocks i  w   johnson extras 1 total— for 2 wickets

The situation, of course, was made for Evans. There were plenty of runs on the board, the spinners were bowling and he could chance his arm. And his arm was as strong as his footwork was nimble. First he hooked Benaud and then be drove him far into the crowd at the City End. Next he straight-drove Johnson, a low number two iron shot, and then in the same over he banged Benaud to the cover boundary, hit him again over the sight screen, and lay back and dismissed him square for 4. It was a scintillating exhibition by a remarkable little man and, of course, it was just what England wanted. Once he had died a proper death, stumped far down the pitch to Johnson, the total was 401, and it remained only for Sheppard to get his century for Englishmen to be absolutely happy.

Scintillating Evans


Australia’s second day scorecard Second Day 27 July 1956


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