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A drive for 6 by Miller had been a lone defiant stroke. Indeed this and a cover shot by Archer stood like standards in Australia’s surrender. But Archer soon flung his bat wildly at Laker, Benaud was caught on the boundary, and, to finish things off, Laker bowled Maddocks and Johnson in the same over. Laker returned happy in his triumph, Johnson was a picture of dejection and he must have had the sympathy of many. The wicket had not suddenly deteriorated as the course of the innings might suggest. Rather had Australia’s spirit been broken by Laker, and in 10 minutes they were out there struggling again. They did so in fact with some success, for in the 55 minutes left they lost only Harvey. McDonald had just retired with temporary knee trouble and Harvey hammered his first ball, a full pitch from Laker, straight to Cowdrey standing 20 yards out in the direction of mid-wicket. Poor Harvey tossed his bat in the air; he had completed a pair of spectacles all in four balls and within an hour. Perhaps this is a record of some sort. But the record that mattered was Laker’s and now he stands to break several more today.

Film 1956 — Marilyn Munroe was in England for much of the Summer of 1956 filming The Prince and the Showgirl with Laurence Olivier. The pair are pictured (above) on the set of the film and (below) at a press conference at the Savoy Hotel © Associated Press & Times Newspapers Ltd

Second Day 27 July 1956


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