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F   irst innings p  e   richardson ct maddocks bowled benaud 104 m  c   cowdrey ct maddocks bowled lindwall 80 r  ev  d  s   sheppard not out 59 p  b   h   may ct archer bowled benaud 43 t  e   bailey not out 14 still to bat — c  washbrook a  s   m   oakman t  g   evans j  c   laker g  a   r   lock   j  b   statham extras 7 total — for 3 wickets


It was decided now to send in Bailey, who had been sitting on the players’   balcony during the morning with his pads on until the opening stand was well under way. The idea evidently was to call upon him in the event of an early wicket, but to use him now as a night watchman seemed perhaps unnecessarily cautious. Yet even he took to hitting boundaries, and doubtless he will return today with instructions to push things along so that England can drive home the great advantage they have won.

England’s first day scorecard First Day 26 July 1956


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