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From England’s point of view Richardson got out at an unfortunate moment, for when he edged an attempted cut the new ball was due in five runs time. Sheppard then was five and May had the rare pleasure of entering when the innings was soundly launched. Soon the new ball was safely behind him, and two hours later the two Cambridge Blues were still there. Until they had digested their tea they took things cautiously, May especially, but then they started to splay the ground with some superb strokes. Sheppard, upstanding and right behind the line of the ball, banged Lindwall past Harvey at cover point, and he hooked Benaud and then stepped away and forced him mightily off the back foot. With an hour to go the 250 was hoisted, and Sheppard was making most of the running, but this was the signal for May to let go some wonderful drives off Archer and a number of shots off his legs which filled everyone with admiration. Sheppard, too, hooked Archer for 6 over square leg to take him to 50, and except when a leg break from Benaud spun angrily England were in complete command. It seemed that Sheppard and May would remain so until stumps were drawn, when suddenly, with 20 minutes left, May fell foul of a leg break from Benaud. It was one of those that fizzed off the pitch, May playing forward could not control it, and Archer making ground, took a high right-handed catch at slip.

“Until they had digested their tea they took things cautiously…”

Angry leg break

Advertising 1956 — a 1956 advertisment for the latest food innovation, Bird’s Instant Whip Credit: Times Newspapers Ltd

First Day 26 July 1956


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