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In the afternoon Richardson outstripped Cowdrey, who never again quite got into his stride. Now the Australians bowled better, and they set themselves to curb England’s progress. During the morning Australia’s cricket had been strangely dowdy, the bowling prodigal and without penetration, and England had revelled in it. Now Miller moved round the wicket and sought to bring down Cowdrey by tempting him outside the off stump. Twice Cowdrey edged him past the gully as he drove with the face of the bat noticeably open, and once he mishooked Miller just in front of Craig, who was running in from long leg. But still Cowdrey retained his composure. There were no boastful gestures, only majestic contours and much natural elegance. The left-handed Richardson is smaller and less imposing, but he was batting extremely well, and again the two of them were missing nothing between the wickets.

Majestic contours

Home News 1956 — Premium Bonds were launched in Britain in 1956 by the Chancellor of the Exchequer Harold Macmillan (pictured above). The first winning ticket was drawn by Santa Claus and Uncle Holly (pictured below) in December 1956 © Times Newspapers Ltd

First Day 26 July 1956


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