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“…soon the score was ticking along at a merry pace for a Test match.”

Cowdrey and Richardson began at once to hit the ball with the middle of the bat, and soon the score was ticking along at a merry rate for a Test match. Miller, after a couple of rather lackadaisical overs bowled in a sweater, gave way to Archer, and Lindwall tried in vain to entice something from the pitch. But there was not even any early moisture as encouragement or compensation, as there was at Leeds a fortnight ago. And the opening pair, when they knew that they were, as they say, in clover, quickly responded with some splendid strokes. In the first hour one remembers most of all a force for 4 off Archer which Cowdrey placed away between mid-wicket and mid-on, and a vivid cover drive by Richardson which lost none of its beauty for going straight to a fielder. World News 1956 — The trial of the ANC leadership began in South Africa in 1956. Here Nelson Mandela is seen leaving the courtroom in Pretoria © Jurgen Schadeberg/Getty Images

First Day 26 July 1956


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