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At Leeds the record books pointed against an English victory, and they were wrong. Now they indicate a draw and perhaps it is their turn to be wrong again. Not since 1905 has a Test match between England and Australia been finished at Old Trafford. For that the weather has been largely responsible, although in 1934 a high scoring match was left drawn. Over the next few days if the skies are clear and the pitch does not begin to crumble another draw may be the likeliest result. Certainly on an easy wicket and against competent, well-organised Test match batting, if that is not expecting too much, one doubts if either side has quite the attacking power to win. The teams will be selected from — England Australia P B  H   May – captain C  C   McDonald t    E   Bailey   J  Burke M  C   Cowdrey R  N   Harvey T     G   Evans K  R   Miller J  C   Laker P  Burge G  A   R   Lock K  Mackay A  S   m    Oakman I  D   Craig P  E   Richardson R  G   Archer D  S   Sheppard R  Benaud J  B   Statham R  R   Lindwall  F   S   Trueman I  Johnson – captain C  Washbrook G  Langley

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