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Issue 001 24th May, 2008

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Inside Feature:


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Microsoft Office—You Decide


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Microsoft Office - You Decide


Editor’s Message Hello there, and welcome to the first issue of Technology Times! This magazine features Technology News, Features, Reviews and more!


OLPC Plans $75 Notebook The One Laptop Per Child project (OLPC) has announced plans for a notebook computer that costs just $75. Developed by Nicholas Negroponte and MIT Media Labs in 2005, the OLPC project aims to provide inexpensive notebooks for children in the developing world. The project launched its first notebook, the XO, in 2007 with a target of selling 100 million machines by 2008. Around 600,000 machines have been sold. In mid-May it announced a deal with Microsoft to make Windows available on the XO notebook. This week the XO-2 notebook was announced, which will be available from 2010 for $75 per computer. The XO-2 is said to be about half the size and much lighter than the original XO, making it easier to carry to and from school. It has two touchscreen displays, so it can be opened like a book or used with one screen displaying a keyboard for typing.


Bookrabbit hops onto web

A social-networking website for people interested in books has been launched. Bookrabbit lets users meet others with similar reading interests, join forums and put questions to authors. To help match users with similar interests, anyone who registers is asked to upload a photo of their bookcase. Bookrabbit then scans the books and suggests other people on the site who own similar titles. Users can also create their own book categories to ensure they find exactly what they are looking for. Other users can then contribute to discussions and recommend books they find useful. The website holds information on up to 4.2 million titles. It also sells books, and says it compares prices with rival bookstore Amazon every week. Kieron Smith, Bookrabbit’s managing director, said: “We have launched Bookrabbit to address a fundamental gap in the online book selling market. “We understand that if you want to be surprised by books, if you want to experience new authors, if you have a passion for reading, then you don’t turn to a machine, or the

dinosaurs of the book trade to help you – you turn to other readers, and what they have experienced through the books they have read.”

5 Microsoft Office - You Decide With so many versions of the Microsoft Office 2007 suite available, it can be difficult and frustrating to choose the right combination of programs for your needs. Matthew Cooper points us in the right direction ...

Read the label - It’s always important to check what programs come with your version

Go for the suite containing the programs YOU need. There’s no point in buying an expensive version if you’re not going to use all of it’s features.

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Choosing the right Office suite for your needs never used to be much of a problem in the past but with all the new Office programs Microsoft is releasing, choosing the right version is becoming increasingly difficult.

For business users, I would recommend Office Small Business. This would also be my personal choice as a business user as it provides all the tools for a Small Business’s use. With the Small Business edition you The lowest end suite is the Basic get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outedition, which contains the most ba- look with business contact manager, sic office products – Word, Excel Accounting Express and Publisher. and Outlook. This edition is the cheapest and could actually be the Office Professional has all the feabest choice for home users. On a tures of Small Business but it also standard home computer, the only provides you with Microsoft Access features you may need are E – Mail, – A very efficient desktop database Word Processing and perhaps some program. Spreadsheet capability for Home Budgets, Finance Management I will not go any further than Profese.t.c. and you can get all of these sional in this article but to see all the with the Basic suite. features of the higher end Office suites for yourself, just take a look at Home and Student edition, similar to the following table from the MicroOffice 2003 Student and Teacher soft Office website. edition, is the next up in the line of Office 2007 suites. This suite has all the features of the basic edition plus PowerPoint and OneNote and minus Outlook. I find this edition a rather un - necessary one unless you want the Presentation capabilities of PowerPoint. Office Standard edition 2007 is what I would call the best overall choice as it contains the four trademark Office products – Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.


Features of the Microsoft Office suites

Source: Microsoft Office Website

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