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Zombie Photoshop Experiments

Took and internet image of a Zombie into Photoshop. Changed the brightness and the contrast levels to give me a good light and dark definition, then threshold to give the to two town effect.

Decided on a red background but I wanted to give it more depth so I added a slight gradient to make it look less flat.

I placed a few buildings in the background to give the impression of an urban setting making the zombie pandemic look more serious and wide spread.

Using the grunge brushes I had downloaded I made a layer consisting of greys. Just taking away that crisp look it had and more fitting to the zombie theme.

I put a circular gradient around the edges of the screen making it look like a home video or shot on an actual camera.

As it is an opening sequence i put a actors name, to see if it would looke right on screen.

Zombie Photoshop Experiments

Zombie Photoshop experiments  

Photoshop experiments

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