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RATIONALE My focus is on branding and identity with an investigation into print, packaging and promotion with the intention to develop my skills in type, layout and screen based design. To do this I will choose briefs that will translate onto both print and screen. With an emphasis on professional printing techniques and looking into how to integrate screen with printed material by researching into new technology’s. The subjects of design I would like to concentrate on, are events and exhibitions, technology, competitions and branding and identity for live clients.


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All work must be clearly presented and labelled with the brief title, your name and any other appropriate information. Please include a printed version of each brief and separate the work appropriately. Your end of module evaluation should be posted to your Final Major Project blog. by the stated Deadline Submitted Brief 1

Augmented Reality UK Greetings (AR)

Brief 2


Brief 3

Leeds International Film Festival (LIFF)

Brief 4


Brief 5

Textiles Branding

Brief 6


Design Context Title Statement of intent

Do You Ever Finish Anything?

Project File Evaluation Title and Brief Summary – include a short rationale for each brief identifying why you chose it, what was the focus of the brief and how long you spent on it. Design Context

“Do you Ever Finish Anything” It is a look into the most influential studios to my practice and then I look into a fast section on different print finishes. A personal look into what influences my practice. It has a focus on printed material and techniques looking at how print finishes can enhance design. There is also a section on stock and colour to show how colours have preconceptions and picking the right one is essential to design. I spent about week putting together the book. Book look at influences and studios throughout the term.


Augmented Reality UK Greeting (AR) This is a YCN competition brief to create a new range of cards for UK Greetings The brief was a collaboration with Chris Van Niekerk (Graphic Design) and Dan Holroyd (Games and Animation) We decided to look into An Augmented Reality range of cards. The reason we chose the brief and the idea we had was to bring printed cards up to date with new technology and bridge the gap between printed material and screen. Time Spent on Brief. 3 weeks


CodeBreaker Exhibition (CB) This brief was a collaboration with Eddie Cooper (Graphic Design) Codebreaker is an exhibition developed by the Science Museum to celebrate the centenary of the birth of this pioneering British figure. They are looking for designers to create the visual aesthetic for this exhibition as well as all other design collateral to go along side it We chose this brief because of our common interest in Science and we felt a real event would be a great way to test our skills on a real brief. Time Spent on Brief. 5 weeks


Leeds International Film Festival (LIFF) The Brief is to create the branding and event collateral for the 27th annual Leeds film festival. This is based on a real and very popular and successful event so the design needs to be produced to a professional level. The focus will be on the printed material for the event. The brief was chosen due to my love and interest in film. Also the fact that the event is hosted in Leeds made it an obvious brief to brand. Time Spent on Brief. 3 Weeks


Art and Design Yearbook To create the printed A1 poster for the Graduating year. Working alongside The Art and Design yearbook team to create something that the students want to represent there year. I was asked to help in the brief and I thought It would be a nice extra.


Time spent on brief. 5 weeks Textiles Student Branding This is a branding brief to create an identity for a ‘Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design’ Stephanie-Rose Turner. The student want an identity, stationary, promo packs, help with professionally showcasing work for the end of year show. I was asked to do this brief by Stephanie. I agreed as she is a hard worker and has really interesting and professional standard of work. The work I create needs to represent Steph as well as possible so a constant point of contact needed to be established. Time spent on Brief. 5 Weeks


CPS innovations CPS innovations specialises in Intellectual property analysis and they need and identity for this new company. They are needed a branding and Identity created for there business. It is a new business that is yet to start up. So this meant I had a get deal of say on how the design looked. The business is situated in Canada so my design has to translate to the foreign culture and design. This brief will focus on the printed material for the new company. I was approach by CPS after they saw my work I had done for Prolifera-Tech

Time Spent on Brief. 3 Weeks Additional Comments



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