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2nd DAY OF AFTER EFFECTS This is my second day of animating and I produced around 10 seconds of film. Not as happy with todays efforts but i had a huge stuggle with the tansition of the first days work to the seconds i could get it to look right and am still unhappy with the results.

Here is a reminder of the last image for the previous day.

I spent hours trying to blend my next scenes into each other but just couldn’t get it to look right. I endent up introducing blood stains on top of the man and having a flash of white to make him disapear. still very unhappy with how this has been done and if i have more time to go back and redo this i will. This is one frame after another and as you can see it’s no a pretty sight.

Next the camera pans up the background and a group of people with weapons appear on by one from differnt directions. i really like this section of film and enjoy how the people come together.

The camera pans backwards revealing layers of zombies. which are postioned in the ‘z’ space. Here is a view from the top of the composition revealin the space between each layer. I enjoed making this scene and it was relitivliy simple with a attractve looking outcome. So i am happy with the result

while the camera i panning packwards the names of the actors swing into place. I simply just moved the ancor point of each line to the top of the word the key framed the x axis swiniging back and forth. I made sure to make it look natural and not stop suddenly as it comes down it eases itself into place gradually. I also attempted to make them drop on the beat of the music which i think works well. Here is a side view of the letters dropping. they are all at different stages which adds to the effect.

Camera still zooming out it gives you a few seconds to read all the names and admire the shot i have used as i feel it is one of the stronger ones i will use.

The song drops quickly and becomes much more intence so the transition between this shot and the previous is extremly quick. For the Drop i added a massily shakey camera for a couple of frames. The main thing i did was add no key fames to introduce this scene because it happes so quickly there isn’t any movement they just appear but it happens to quickly and this technique works very well.

This image only lasts a couple of frames before the song forces me to change the shot. so using the camera i quickly zoom into the mouth of the zombie where it is solid black and that is a nice starting point for the next scene.

I would of liked to get more of this done today but i spent a good amount of time on th transition from the 1st day ad it was my first attepmyt at it. Hope i can go back and have a beter look at it in the future. i am impressed with the 2 scenes i produced though i think the imagery is stong and viually attracive to look at and work with. I hope to get more done tomorrow but i need to do some mre story boarding and photoshop some more imagery.

2nd Day Animating  

2nd Day Animating shots