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The Venue Why choose an Exclusive Wedding venue? The choice of wedding venue is such an important decision. Many of the other choices that need to be made, affect primarily the bride or the groom as part of the wedding. The venue of where the reception is held, is something that will stay in the memories of the guests forever, as well as those of the bride and groom. This is a chance to impress, and to include everyone in being part of the big day. Guest Perspective Being a guest at a wedding is something of a treat, and it’s really important to hit the right note when imagining how the wedding will be remembered. It might be possible to save a few pounds on the dress, or the cake, but who would really want people to look back nostalgically when thinking of your big day, with the local church hall or working men’s club, firmly in their mind as the setting for your reception? How much better to borrow a stately mansion for the day and play the role of bride in a stunning setting. There can be no control over the weather, but if the worst happens and the heavens open, in an exclusive wedding venue with so many elegant features around, none of the guests will be noticing, let alone talking about the weather. Wedding Photos Then there are the photos. Everyone knows that the bride and groom are the central subjects in the wedding photos, but why is it that the corrugated tin roof of the ‘comfortable and cost-efficient’, reluctantly chosen venue, just manages to steal the limelight? No bride and groom can fail to look stunning with the backdrop of the exclusive wedding venue, and a piece of the grandeur lives on forever in those precious photos.

Lasting Memories Why choose an Exclusive Wedding venue? The exclusive venue really does crown, and set the tone for the whole wedding day experience, and the memories of getting it right (or wrong!) can last a lifetime. So many reasons then to secure an exclusive wedding venue. Perhaps the final test of whether the wedding venue is a fitting setting for the forthcoming nuptials, is to imagine the name and address of the location written on the wedding initiation. Perhaps just the name of the venue, well known locally, is enough to invoke visions of planning exactly the right guest outfit, or fittingly appropriate wedding present. No matter how classy or hand crafted the invitation, nothing hints at frugality or ‘on the cheap’ better than the address that everyone has to locate down to the postcode, with directions such as ‘keep in the right hand lane as you go past the cinema.’ How much nicer, how much more fitting to the big day, to choose somewhere that people only dream of visiting on a beautiful day out with their loved ones? The whole event will be remembered by everyone who attends, for all the right reasons.

Why choose an exclusive wedding venue  

Why choose an Exclusive Wedding venue? The choice of wedding venue is such an important decision. Many of the other choices that need to be...

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