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How To Clean A Washing Machine To Stop It Smelling A washing machine that smells is unpleasant. It creates a distasteful odour in a room and often leaves a lingering smell on the clothes you have worked so hard to wash. Unpleasant odours can be caused by a clogged lint trap and the build-up of bacteria. Emptying out the lint trap after every load can help keep mould from growing in your machine. Lint builds up with each wash just as it does in your dryer. Cleaning a washing machine is a simple process and can be taken care of in a few easy steps. You'll need some washing machine cleaner before you get started. Several cleaners are available at your local supermarket or at an appliance store such as Colour King Furniture and Electrical in Adelaide. • Turn your washing machine on to the longest cycle. Use the hot water setting, and do not place any clothes in the machine. • Start the cycle and fill the water drum. Once full, stop the cycle by opening the lid. • Place in the correct amount of washing machine cleaner. Brands including Tide's washing machine cleaner, Smelly washer cleaner, or Clorox washing machine cleaner, will do. Follow the brand's recommendations with regards to your type of washer and the capacity. • Let the remainder of the cycle run through.

• Run a second cycle without the cleaner or clothes. Use the same settings to ensure the entire cleaner is out of the machine. • Wipe down the outside of the machine afterwards with a disinfecting spray cleaner and a clean cloth For those times when your washing machine is emitting a distasteful odour and you do not have time to run out and buy cleaner, follow these simple do-it-yourself steps: • Turn on the hot water cycle and add three cups of distilled white vinegar. • Do not add clothes, but run the cycle through. • Occasionally add one cup of vinegar to a load of towels to keep any smells at bay. The vinegar won't harm the towels and will help to disinfect them as well. • Run a load of clothes at least once a week using chlorine bleach. This not only helps kill the bacteria and gets rid of smells, it will leave your socks and white t-shirts looking great! • Make sure you are using the right type of soap for your machine. Using regular soap in a high efficiency machine can cause the build-up of soap scum and odour. • Remember that front loading machines seal tighter, trapping in moisture and leaving room for bacteria to grow. These machines may need to be cleaned more often Conclusion Whether you use a brand name cleaner, or simple household items such as vinegar or bleach, following these simple steps can leave your home and your clothes smelling fresh all year round. Finally, remember to always empty the trap and wipe down moisture from your machine. Bacteria love moisture, and when bacteria appear, smells will follow. This article was brought to you by Colour King Furniture and Electrical. Your home electrical and furniture experts in Adelaide. Looking for washing machines in Adelaide?

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