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Top 8 Bathroom Renovation Tips Whether you’re remodeling for your own enjoyment, or are upgrading with the plan to sell your home, the bathroom is an area which will increase the overall value of your residence with just a few simple upgrades. Below are the top 8 bathroom renovation tips that will make your home’s bathroom stand out both to guests and to potential home buyers. Simple Modifications Within the top 8 bathroom renovation tips, there are steps owners can take for simple modifications as well as major renovation plans. Suggestions for simple modifications that will add style and value to your bathroom include: •

Replace Flooring – Flooring is an easy project that can be undertaken by almost anyone with a little direction. If deciding to replace the flooring, choose durable materials such as ceramic, marble, or stone or if wanting to stick with a simplistic style, new linoleum or laminate floors add class and cleanliness to the appearance of the room. • Updating Lighting – Lighting can add space and drama to both small and large spaces. Consider adding pot lights over the mirror for a reduction in shadows when looking inside it, or even dimmer switches to create a more relaxing mood when bathing or relaxing in the shower. • Update Toilet Facilities – It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on a toilet, but updating to a good quality piece will add value to the room it’s placed in. Look for elongated toilet bowls or even higher rise toilets for easy sitting. • Update Mirrors to Create Space – A mirror framed over the sink will add a centre to the room and increase the attractiveness of the area it’s above. You can frame the new lighting structures above it as well for added dramatic flair.

Advanced Renovations These updates are small and simple to accomplish, but if you are looking for a full bathroom renovation project there are many options to take that will add elegance and style with the top 8 bathroom renovation tips. •

Choose a Centre Piece – if your bathroom is longer, update the shower in the back to be the focal point of the room, or if you’re completely redoing the space you can choose a new bathroom fixture or shower to go wherever you see fit. Keep this in mind when purchasing all the items associated as they should complement each other in the end. • Share a Space – If you have homes with back-to-back bathroom areas, combine your renovation project to include both spaces so no matter what area of the house you’re in you can access the shower and toileting areas. • Hidden Space – Recess a storage cabinet into the wall to add storage space without taking up floor space. This can be easily done with some sheetrock and other materials. • Bathtub Updates – With new styles of bathtubs including contoured styles or models with angled backs for neck and back support, the bathtub will add an appealing space for relaxation and comfort while being a staple fixture in any bathroom for any home. Following these top 8 bathroom renovation tips will enable you to update your home either for your enjoyment or for increased value during a resale.

Top 8 bathroom renovation tips  
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