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The Pros and Cons of the Nissan 370z Coupe vs Roadster Nissan has outdone themselves once again with the Nissan 370z. This car is designed for serious drivers who take their vehicle to its limits and back. Nissan has the most awarded v6 engine series in history, and is committed to using that technology to bring you the car of your dreams! The 370z Roadster and 370z Coupe are no exceptions. The design, power, and customized features of each of these models will thrill any driver who is looking for adventure on the open road. Both of these vehicles offer power beyond power with a 3.7-litre v6 engine and 332 horsepower. Their sleek design and powerful engine are what makes the Nissan 370z model among the favourites of drivers all around the world. If you’re not sure whether the Nissan 370z Roadster or the Nissan 370z Coupe is the best fit for you, let Essendon Nissan help you make the right choice! The Nissan 370z Roadster This Nissan model has all the power and dexterity that you could possibly look for in a vehicle, matched with a sleek, gorgeous design to please any eye. Some of the outstanding features that come standard with the Nissan 370z Roadster include: •

3.7-litre v6 engine – This DOHC 24 valve aluminum alloy engine is top quality machinery, and the heart of every Nissan 370z Roadster. Featuring Variable Valve Event and Lift technology, this 332 horsepower machine optimizes fuel efficiency and gives you a broader torque curve while offering quicker response than other models. • 7-speed automatic transmission – All of the power and flexibility of a manual transmission can be yours without the hassle of the clutch in a Nissan 370z Roadster. This transmission offers Downshift Rev Matching to make downshifting as seamless as possible, and comes with a variety of driver selectable modes so you can customize your driving experience!

Power convertible soft-top – The fully automatic convertible top of the Nissan 370z Roadster folds away in nearly 20 seconds at the push of a button! The top can even be activated from outside the vehicle, just hit a button and watch your soft-top disappear into its storage space beneath the roadster’s hard tonneau cover. This sleek design is perfect for any driver who loves the wind in their hair and the taste of adventure! • Heated outside mirrors – With the heated outside mirror, the Nissan 370z Roadster saves you the time of scraping ice and snow in the winter, and helps to keep you as safe as possible by keeping your visibility clear! • 8-way adjustable driver’s seat- The Nissan 370z Roadster offers you the ultimate in driver’s seat design and technology. The 8-way adjustable driver’s seat can fit virtually any position you want, ensuring maximum safety and comfort while behind the wheel. These are just a few of the amazing features that come standard with the Nissan 370z Roadster, and Nissan has several packages and accessories to create the perfect custom vehicle to meet all of your needs! The Nissan 370z Coupe The Nissan 370z Coupe gives you all the power and design that you expect from Nissan, with features and accessory packages that make it the perfect vehicle for you! Some of the tantalizing features that come standard in the Nissan 370z Coupe include: •

• •

3.7-litre DHOC 24 valve v6 engine – Like the Roadster, the Nissan 370z Coupe is fully equipped with 332 horsepower in an aluminum alloy engine that can’t be beat! The extensive engineering put into the engine of the Nissan 370z Coupe makes the ride in this machine exhilarating on straight roads, curves, and everything in between. Choice of manual or automatic transmission – The Nissan 370z Coupe comes in your choice of 7-speed automatic transmission, or 6-speed manual transmission. Nissan’s 7speed automatic transmission gives you the best of both worlds with the power of a manual transmission wrapped in the ease of an automatic. The choice of manual transmission keeps you right in the middle of the action, and gives you a connection to your vehicle like no other. HID headlights – In the Nissan 370z Coupe, the HID headlights illuminate your journey better than any other! These headlights offer brighter shine and a more defined beam pattern to give you better visibility in any road conditions. 3-bay gauge cluster – Inspired by the design of a race car, the 3-bay gauge cluster of the Nissan 370z Coupe gives you accessibility to the time, oil pressure, and voltmeter readings all in one place. Keep tabs on your oil pressure and voltmeter readings while feeling like the racecar driver you have dreamt of being since you were a kid! Active head restraints – Safety is our number one concern, and active head restraints come standard in all Nissan 370z Coupe models. In a collision, the active head restraints soften blows to head and neck areas, and help to avoid whiplash in both driver and passenger.

These features are just a few of the many that come standard in the Nissan 370z Coupe. As in the Roadster model, Nissan offers a variety of customization packages and accessories to make your Nissan 370z Coupe completely yours! Which Model Is Right For You? The choice between the Nissan 370z Roadster and the Nissan 370z Coupe truly comes down to personal preference. Both models have top of the line safety features and performance features. If you want manual shift options, then you have to rule out the Roadster, but if you want a convertible, then the Coupe is clearly not the choice for you. The only way to find out the true pros and cons of these vehicles is to test them both out for yourself. Only you can make the decision but both come with power, durability, and safety features that can’t be beat, so test drive one today and find out which is the perfect fit for you!

The pros and cons of the nissan 370z coupe vs roadster  
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