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Temperature Recorder Ensure Quality Control By Using A Temperature Recorder Do you need to record the interior temperatures of operating refrigerated containers? A temperature recorder is the solution to your problem. These waterproof devices permanently record the temperatures inside refrigerated containers as they are operating. Temperature recorders can be computerized or mechanical. In some instances they can be both. Global Cold Chain Solutions offers various temperature recorders. These devices are available in a variety of sizes and from numerous manufacturers. If you need to ensure your product is kept cold enough, a temperature recorder is the solution to your problems. Why Would I Need A Temperature Recorder? If you are shipping a refrigerated load, such as a shipment of pharmaceuticals or food, it may require monitoring throughout the transport process. If temperature sensitive products get too warm, they can quickly perish and have to be destroyed. A temperature recorder can save money in the long run by making sure the product is kept at the appropriate temperature. Kinds Of Temperature Recorders Temperature recorders can be very small so they can easily be placed inside shipping containers. Others may be attached directly to the product inside the truck or the refrigerated container. Placing the recorder in the proper place for the particular shipment is critical in determining the temperature is adequately monitored for the situation.

These recorders are very portable, easy to place, and accurately record actual times as well as temperatures. Temperature recorders are sturdy and dependable, being water resistant and being resistant to shock and vibration. Features To Consider There are several varieties of temperature recorders available and they offer various features. The kind to select is dependent upon your needs. Here are some benefits of using these recorders: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

They are reusable. They are inexpensive and very affordable. They have long battery life and the batteries are replaceable. These recorders are easy to use and set up. These devices are easy to use and read. They serve a large temperature range. These offer extreme accuracy and provide precise data. These provide data quickly so you can readily evaluate the situation. They are water resistant and will not be impacted by condensation or humidity. These devices are shock and vibration resistant. They are lightweight and compact in size. They are easy to attach or mount. They come with different certifications and calibrations to meet various needs.

Environmental Monitoring These temperature recorders can be used for more than monitoring shipments. They are also used for environmental monitoring. These compact devices can be taken into diverse locations where fixed temperature monitoring machines cannot be easily supported. These devices can be used in mines, jungles, mountainous regions and even deserts. These recorders are also used in laboratories and industrial situations that may require monitoring.

Keep Your Business Operating Smoothly Global Cold Chain Solutions offers various temperature recorders in addition to other products that are needed for businesses requiring temperature controlled environments. We have the items you need to make sure your business operations stay cool.

Temperature recorder  
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