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5 Expert Tips to Help You Select Bathroom Accessories for Your Home One of the most exciting parts of renovation projects is picking out new accessories. Bathrooms are no exception as there are numerous, colours, textures, and accessory features in bathroom supplies that add style to any space you create. There are considerations to take into account when buying bathroom accessories that can save you money and increase functionality during your renovation and throughout future use. To help you on with this important step in the renovation process, below are 5 expert tips to help you select bathroom accessories for your home. Selecting Bathroom Accessories Before beginning any renovation project, many experts suggest stepping back and looking at personal styles and choices before starting to change the design of the room. Budget considerations are also important, but stylish updates are possible even on the most modest of budgets. Most home renovation specialists suggest these 5 expert tips to help you select bathroom accessories for your home, and make the most out of your renovation project. •

Assess What you Need and Don’t Need – When examining your bathroom and trying to decide on which bathroom supplies or accessories you need, keep in mind your budget and what updates would add the most value. Is the tile or flooring wearing down, or does the tub need updating? Do you have a shower fixture inside the tub and would like to make then separate, or would an update to the sink and toilet fixtures make you more satisfied when you’re in the room? Consider these factors and try to plan your purchases around what you need and don’t need.

Set Goals for Your Design – if you have a full renovation budget, perhaps consider expanding the bathroom space to be wider or longer depending on your needs. Widening a space can make room for more modern accessories such as a double sink for couples, or separate shower and bathing areas. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having a corner tub, or one in the centre of the room. Make a plan that fits into your budget and purchase bathroom supplies and accessories around this goal.

Selecting Materials – from flooring to countertops and all the way to the shower, there are a variety of textiles and materials that will add flair and style to your total design. Keep in mind that marble tops and tiles are more expensive than other materials, but they’ll also last for a long time and keep the room looking beautiful. Lighting materials as well as wall colours should also be considered when redesigning the area.

Storage Space – be sure to leave room in your design for storage space. Closets can be expanded and cabinets can be mounted to walls to add space for towels, toileting and washing needs, as well as general bathroom supplies and decorations that will keep the space warm and open to all who enter.

Finishing the Project – After you’ve selected the fixtures, bathroom supplies, flooring and countertop materials, you’ll need to determine who will finish the job. Are most of the updates ones you and a partner can complete, or will you require the assistance of a professional construction team? Look over what you wish to do, and adjust the budget accordingly depending on what you and a partner can accomplish or what will need to be tackled by professionals.

Following these 5 expert tips to help you select bathroom accessories for your home and what to look for when remodelling will assist in creating a relaxing, calming space inside one of the most commonly used rooms in the home.

5 expert tips to help you select bathroom accessories fo r your home  
5 expert tips to help you select bathroom accessories fo r your home