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Editor's Note When mentions of the ‘friendship issue’ was first whispered in the Quench office, speculation surrounded whether the mass of Cardiff Uni students would be able to handle such an amalgamation of love and joy in one 55 page supplement. However, having already pushed the boundaries on many issues, from ‘Speed’ to ‘Queerness’ we felt that it was time to unleash the most iconic issue yet. From the first awkward moments saying ‘Hi, what section do you write for’ to late night delirium that ensued with a looming deadline, us editors have all been through this rewarding and at times perilous journey together. Nine months later, and copious amounts of pizza and cake consumed, we can firmly say that we have all made lasting friendships.


At the head of this new group of BFFs lies the incomparable, insatiable Gavin Jewkes. Through his determinism and infectious enthusiasm we have come together as one to enjoy this year together. In moments of doubt he has been a beacon of hope, providing pearls of wisdom that have helped us avoid mental breakdowns when all was lost (literally, InDesign can be a bitch). This year has been unforgettable and I’m sure none of us will forget it. So here it is in all its shining glory- the ‘Friendship Issue’- may it bring you as much joy as we have had making it! QUENCH 4 LYF BFFS 4 EVA

Do or Die

Do or Die

The Quench office seems to be a hotspot for topical debates and philosophical questions. Lucy Trevallion gives us a few of the best quotes from the year 'Does Gav have voluptous chest hair?' Lloyd Griffiths 'Girls can't play guitar' Phil Kenny 'It's ok I don't normally dress like this' Hann Davies 'No cake? What the fuck?!' Jo Southerd 'That's not very hip' Matt Ayres 'You're like my big toe. Sooner or later I'll bang you on the table' Tom Armstrong 'Gair Rhydd is like Quench's best friend, it gives them a hug every other Monday' Emma Wilford 'The Gay Issue- can I say that?' Simone Miche

' Simone Miche doesn't wear underwear - I wear her boyfriend's underwear. Basically, we're a depraved and fucked up twosome.' Gavin Jewkes with waaay too much informoration. "PLEASE can we come in and edit on Tuesday?" All of us at some point

'Who wants this CD? It looks pretty shit to be honest' (No hands go up) Phil Kenny


WE ALL LIKE EACH OTHER WE ALL LIKE A QUIZ, lets quiz together 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)

How many computers are there? How many minutes is the clock wrong by? What colour are the pillows? What number are the office keys? How many Quench editors are there? How many pizza's are we allowed to order? How many issues of Quench have there ever been?

SAY WHAAAAT?! Who gave us this Facebook gem? a) When red bull tastes like vomit and you're struggling to even spell Shakespeare its time to go to bed. b) Not only did I stand in an elevator with Miss Dynamite for a good minute, also not recognising who she was, when they doors opened I almost pushed her out of the way to get out c) The parent trap or Disney's Mulan? Its as if the Tv doesn't want me to do work tonight. d) Walking home with a guy from UWIC, I feel like Jeremy Kyle e) The awful moment when you realise a gig you're going to is in Solus. f) Lost: motivation. If found please return to Humanities library.

Answers 1) 12 2) 4 3) Pink 4) 7 5) 23 6) 6 7) 122 a) Jo b) Phil c) Fraser d) Morten e) Lloyd f) Trev


Gavin Jewkes: Media Powerhouse, Fabulous Intellectual


Quench has been trying to worm its intellectual way into the mind of Gavin Jewkes for months now. Sighingly desperate phone calls, emails and long-lens illegality had all seemingly failed to capture the Raconteur's eye until we recieved a simple message from his office saying he would give an interview, but in a typically unconvential way. Instructed to pay attention to the internet, it soon became clear we had to decipher his coded witticisms and wisdoms. We tried our best, but as with Ancient Mayan religions and time travelling superbeings, we can only hope to capture a glimpse of his profundities. Here they are.

As banal as may be to start this way, what are your opinions on the recent Political strife that's happened in the Coalition? Does it spell the need for a more anarcho-syndicalist approach to the European Economy? GJ: Oh, Cleggy's sad. Sad Cleggy. You're a well travelled being, what experiences have most contributed to your complex worldview and life-methodology? GJ: Just had my haircut by a Spanish Transvestite. Deep. What about cultural insights you've gained thanks to your comparative travel? GJ: Judging by the playlist, I'd say McDonald's in notting hill is actually a gay club. The wipeclean upholstery and phallic art reinforces my suspicions.

How do you relate that to the relative cultural malaise we are experiencing in Britain? What are your thoughts on X-Factor and Strictly style cultural engagement?

"I'm Sexy and I Know It."

As such an Ephemereal figure, rumors are abound about your romantic life. What are the qualities you look for in a partner? GJ: I'd really like to get in touch with anyone who might be hit by the proposed #mansiontax Thank you for sharing Gavin. Any final words you need to share with the people of Wales? GJ: I'm Sexy and I know it.

GJ: Why is Lionel Blair still alive?



red hot trend No catwalk this season was complete without what stylista's are dubbing 'the little red tee'. Merging a burnt ochre with searing maroon this tshirt encapsulated the post-modern pre-stilhetto agression of 2012. We challenged 5 designers to customise this modern classic. Immediately Roderick stole the spotlight, hacking desperately with fire in her eyes. Armstrong swaggered in, embodying retro Clark Kent and aiming to encourage everyone to 'be the superhero I know you can be' and get naked. LAD. Davies crept in to envoke festival fraying, while huskily humming to Arctic Monkeys, and eyeinng up the toaster. Last Trev salvaged the scraps, while Chip directly opposed Leonie's design with a


diaganol shoulder. Wild decisions. As the clock ticked on and judges deliberated the tension was unbreakable. While Davies stroked the toaster, Armstrong stripped to drum and bass on the balcony, Leonie curled up in the corner, rocking gently, and Chip lived up to her name and gnawed agressively on her nails. Trev meanwhile was suprisingly cool and collected. The decision was upon us, the 2012 customisation champion is... There is no champion. We all have friendship, and thats prize enough. Lucy Trevallion. Tribal print dress, River Island, ÂŁ25



"Though Miles lie between us friendship doesn't count miles,



we are never apart, for , it's measured by the heart."




There is a road through the heart of the media world that is rarely travelled. To the bare, untrained foot, it is a cold and treacherous path, yet for one fine traveller, with love in his heart and fire in his belly, the journey became a turning point to success. This is Gav Jewke’s story on the road of friendship...…

Gavin’s journey began when he arrived at Cardiff University. A shy and retiring young man, he was content to spend a night with his nose nestled in a book. Yet one warm, summer evening his life changed. On his walk home from the library, he stumbled across an open- air café full of people serving food, drink and cigarettes. “Alfresco? Alfresco? Alfresco?” he questioned before a good looking young waiter showed him to a table full of English students, and within minutes, drink in hand, fag in mouth and a goat’s cheese starter on its way, Gavin knew this life was for him. Gavin’s journey continued onto second year when he jumped onto a plane with two beautiful women and a scruffy young ‘boy’ to experience Mexico. They shimmied their bronzed bodies around the Yucatan Peninsula with Mezcal, diarrhoea and dancing on the cards every night. On his return to Wales, Gav had a burning desire to become Food editor, but accidently applied for the Arts position instead… This mistake was soon righted and he went on to win Best Section for Food - his Alfresco experience paid off after all – what

20 9

a natural… By this point Gavin had picked up speed along the road. He had a spring in his step and a perfectly sculpted quiff. He wanted to try something new, so after an inspiring and somewhat sweaty speech, Gavin won his position as Quench Editor. From that moment on his booming laugh and inscrutable editing skills have ensured the release of the finest magazine ever produced. They have caused the University to become rife with teen pregnancies, gay love and exotic sexual experiences – we are paving the way for a better future. Even more importantly, this years Quench has produced a team that love and treasure their editor (despite not agreeing to the Friendship Issue). Gav has walked the road only to find hundreds of people have joined him along the way. He is finally at the end and we are all so proud to call him our friend. We love you Gav. Clare and Lia

Food & Drink

The Food of Friends Papa Johns meat-feast pizzas, a daily delivery of cakes stolen from the master’s lounge and umpteen amounts of free tea and coffee. The only menu that could see a team of 24 Quench editors through long nights of editing, the ‘hhmm, there’s not enough words – shall we just fill it with photos?’ moments, and always excruciatingly bad music. But for Jo Southerd, the food in the Quench office means more than just something to keep her sane or fuel her relentless creativity. For her, it lies at the heart of the Quench team and is what makes our friendship so positively ‘scrummy’. I talked to Joe whilst she tucked into a Rocky Road to find out more.. Jo, you’re a big fan of the food in the Quench office – tell me about it?

JS Gav likes ‘the meat’. It’s just meat, on meat. On meat. And the worst? JS Michael Brown. Margarita is only cool when it’s in cocktail form. *Sadly, Michael Brown is no longer around. Whilst he’s sadly missed, his choice in pizza clearly isn’t. Finally, could you give the Quench office food a rating out of 10? JS You can’t rate it. It’s a lifestyle. Simone Miche & Chloe Slade

JS The feeling that I get when I walk into the office on a Monday and see the cakes freshly laid out on the table is indescribable. *She pauses, takes a bite of her biccie and says no more. Indescribable indeed. What’s your favourite pizza? JS I’m a fan of the Hawaiian pizza. Such a great infusion of the exotic with meat. Mmmm. And your favourite cake? JS Hard to pick when they’re all equally so delicious. But Rocky Road has got to be up there with Benjamin Francis Leftwich. Have you ever combined both cake and pizza for a doubly delicious treat? JS Haven’t tried it yet but I have a feeling we could be on to something here… How do you feel when there’s no cake or pizza in the office?

Who has the best choice in toppings?

JS Like Christmas and my Birthday has been cancelled. It’s just shit. Ya’know.


Ar ts Word has reached the team that our very own Gavin Jewkes was moments away from being an Arts editor. Kirsty Allen got wondering how the section may have turned out had he been left to his own devices...

Is there time to be this fabulous?






FILM. BLOCKBUSTER ROUND-UP Quench Film takes a sneak peek at this summer's hottest releases...

GAVATAR The Gavengers


The Gavfather Forrest Gav





Music Because it's not Music without bunting

Soundtrack to friendship... The Quench office is a variable melting pot for songs new and old. So let's go through those that have stood out the most: Ed Sheeran- the ENTIRE album. Seriously how much can a person cope with that much Sheeran in their lives?! A word to the wise Ollie, buy a new CD.

Hooray! aka Llyod's Song- this iconic tune was created by the visionary Matthew Ayres inspired by his hero and mentor L Dawg Griffiths. At less than 10 seconds long it makes you want to hit repeat over and over. Get it for FREE here:

As far into a bush as Ed will ever get

I Don't want to Be- Gavin Degraw. One monday night the standard Quench delerium set in and all Emma and Fraser wanted to hear was this song. Bad Girl- M.I.A. Ever the controversial figure MIA's video led to big debate in the office. Simone and Gav wanted to be her. Some were shocked by the video. However the real question is, how did she manage to sit on that car whilst it's on its side? Pagination- based on the song Fascination by Alpha Beat, this song has become a well-loved tune on editing days as an alternative method to find out your section's page numbers.

She's so bad

14 14

Quench - The Friendship Issue  

Because we just couldn't let a year's worth of of in-jokes pass by without publishing them in magazine form.

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