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Sunglasses : House of Sage, $10 Bracelet : JLSNIDER Vintage, $10 Purse : Sewcial, $175 Earrings : LindsayMargaret, $12

Bri g h t ac c es s ories against neutral tones makes for an easy mix -and-mat ch.

Bracelet : Pink Coral Charm Bracelet, LindsayMargaret, $30 Bag : Rachel Tote Yantra Vegan Leather Handbag by Taashki, $70

Dress : Wilderness Dress by Gentle Fawn at House of Sage, $121 Necklaces : Jamie Lin Snider Vintage. $35

One necklace is expressive. But the savvy accessorizer knows, two contrasting makes a statment.

Sunglasses : House of Sage, $10 Bracelet : JLSNIDER Vintage, $10 Purse : Sewcial, $175 Earrings : Two Blue Stripes,

Clutch : Sewcial Rings : Turtle Soup, $8 Bracelets : JLINSNIDER vintage, $10 Necklace : Over the Rainbow necklace by The Shrew, $265

Colors are meant to play

with one another.

Earrings : Two Blue Stripes

When accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on.

—Coco Chanel

Clutch : Sewcial, $175 Necklace 1 : Peacock Teal Blue Quartz Necklace by The Shrew, $325 Necklace 2 : Caribbean Blue Quartz Long Necklace by The Shrew, $385

Pairing different shades of like colors offers intelligently subtle mixing.

Clutch : Vegan Leather Clutch, Taashki, $50

Watch mettalics under the summer sun. The hues that ensue will delight you.

Necklace 1 : Madeira Citrine Gold Verona Necklace by The Shrew, $285 Necklace 2 : Large Opal Pendant by LindsayMargaret, $40

Clutch : Sewcial, $150

Ring : Two Blue Stripes

Feather Headress : LindseyMargaret

Denim jackets are best fitted, unless their supposed to be not.

Clutch : Sewcial

I Like What You’re Wearing ™

Photographer: Jason Benjamin Director/ Stylist: Caroline Millard Publisher/ Editor: Olivia Gossett Model: Allison Millar Photo Support: Shauna DellaVechia

Summer 2011 Accessories Lookbook  

A lookbook to showcase accessories from multiple designers from Charleston,SC.

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