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Matthew Allen 1. Field of study | Where will your work be situated, and what function will it fulfill? Describe your chosen subject area. - My work will be many situated in various places wether it be in a classroom or in a gallery on a large projecter. 2. Design Problem/Question | Identify a design problem or question. Is the problem significant? Can Graphic and New Media design contribute and if so, how? Who is the target audience? - My orignial problem was the digital switch over but as my brief developed so did the problem, and this became using glitches, noise and intereference to create interesting visual art 3. Context | What is the wider social, cultural, historical, economical context for your project? - artists need to open there minds to the idea that noise and interference can create amazing visuals with lines and bits of colour making good compositions. 4. Rationale | Why is project important to you and to Graphic Design: New Media? - A glitch is usually seen as something going wrong, but that isnt always the case as im trying to show people that it art in itself and to encourage the visualtion of noise of interfernce. 5. Methods | Describe how you are planning to carry out your project. - I plan to carry out this project by first looking at what a analogue and digital signal is. I will then expand my project to look into digital noise and interefence and create visuls using this. From there i will begin to create visual and audio experiments. 6. Skills Evidence | Describe the practical and theoretical skills neces- sary to carry out the project. - An understanding of digital and analogue signals and how noise is created, and the use of coding to create visuals from audio. 7. Predicted Resolutions | Describe what you are working towards producing. - I am working towards creating visuals from the use of noise and interfence. 9. Plan of Work | Propose a plan of work to show how you will achieve your project, week by week and day by day. week 1 - (laptop failure) week 2 - (laptop failure) week 3 - research - further research - final experiments week 4 - idea development week 5 - final experiments - project submission

Personal Project Brief  

UCA Personal Project Brief

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