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Investors Hub Review • Investors Hub, aka iHub, offered Free

Subscription • Offers advice on stock picks in a forum style to users & subscribers. • The website looks comprehensive & offers all kinds of information, ranging from charts to video advice. • The website also provides a lot of tools to attract subscribers and users

(Complaints Board), Freeman, Missouri Complaints & Review – Scam & Cheating? (April 2008)

• The main complaint was Investors Hub uses the forum and organized

groups to manipulate users and subscribers into buying certain stocks which they promote profusely with the intention of moving the price of a particular stock, and then sell their shares for profit. • Essentially a ‘Pump & Dump’ scheme • Investors Hub is alleged to be ‘a well-organized conspiracy to defraud the public, while operating in open view, under the protection of the iHub organization. This is organized crime. • Complaining to the SEC does little good, as the standard response is that ‘it is all the investor’s fault for being involved in such low quality stocks’.

Investors Hub Review (PRWeb) Investors Hub Sued in $400 Million Dollar Libel Case brought by Attorney Kenneth Eade (February 2011)

(Pissed Consumer) SEC Screws Investors Hub – Matthew Brown (July 2011)

Investors Hub Review (Pissed Consumer) SEC Screws Investors Hub – Matthew Brown (July 2011) • Matthew Brown, the person behind Investors

Hub, was indicted by SEC for dumping millions of shares in manipulated pink sheets companies


Don’t simply plunge into information which are provided FREE. Do your investigation and evaluation before diving into some stock picks .

Investors Hub Review