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Matthew Lake Dear to whomever it may concern

I am writing this letter regarding the recent job opportunity that your company has offered, I am here to point out the contractual, legal and ethical problems with the terms you have included in your advertisement. I think that the role you are offering carries a lot of responsibility that could possibly be split between 2-3 people. It is of my understanding that as of now I’m only an applicant, and the advertisement states that I’m not allowed to apply for any other job of the same nature. Because of this I expect there to be a confidentiality clause in my contract. The advertisement also states that I would be working 10-45 hours a week, it was mentioned in the terms to be variable, will this affect the amount of money I earn depending on the hours I do? Because the advertisement stated that I’d be on a set salary which also ranges from 15000-35000, if possible I’d like to have some more clarification on what my hours and pay will actually be and how they correlate, as this is a large range of payment that I could potentially receive. Another term that I found slightly worrying is that the advertisement shows that everyone who applies must be below 30 years of age. This infringes the Equality Act of 2010 because it negatively discriminates people over 30 by not being able to apply for this position. I also noticed that you have to have a religious viewpoint that supports Christianity. I find this unfair because it cuts off a lot of applicants from an opportunity just because of their religious viewpoint which I find discriminatory and unfair. This term infringes the rights of the applicants because they are being discriminated against just because they aren’t Christian, which is simply unacceptable. I read over the brief and also found some issues that I’d like to address, in order for me to create a promotion for the “No Means No Date Rape Campaign” that is suitable for high school children, and to also include “re-enactments and dramatizations” with people who have been affected by the issue will be very difficult, because this could prove traumatising to both the high school children and the victims that are being interviewed because they would have to recall events which could prove to be a challenge for them. As I kept reading the brief through I came across a term stating that “female victims and male offenders” should be interviewed. I think this is wrong and will come across as heavily sexist which is highly inappropriate to a high school audience, if this was to happen I think both male and female victims and offenders should be interviewed to give the children a more honest viewpoint on the situation. If only male offenders and female victims were to be interviewed this would stereotype both genders and have a bad message if it were to ever be released into the media. “85,000 women and 12,000 men are raped in England and Wales alone every year” these statistics alone show that both female and male offenders and victims should acknowledged. Would you be able to make the codes of practice that your company use available to me? This is to prevent me running into any legal issues along the way, because as of now I am currently not employed by your company therefore I will not have any legal protection. The Obscene Publications act of 1959 has been used to “to enforce the removal of obscene material” but later amendments were later made in 1964 to reinforce the wording of the act to further prevent any content made that is overly obscene to be released. The BBFC will most likely rate the video as an 18 because of the re-

Matthew Lake enactments that you requested to me that I include. This would mean that it would be unsuitable for a high school audience. I also noticed that I would only have £20 to spend on the sound track, this isn’t going to be enough to by the rights for a soundtrack, if you would like me to be able create a high quality production then this means that I will need a larger budget.


Contractual issue letter  
Contractual issue letter