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Activity Guide April-July 2013

Our Mission….

Please visit our website at For questions and concerns please email us at

Harrisonburg Parks & Recreation Staff Directory Lee Foerster, Director David Wigginton, Assistant Director (540)433-9168 Gail Ham, Senior Program Coordinator Lynn Turner, Special Events Coordinator

Erik Dart, Athletics Specialist Tommy Thomas, Athletics Specialist


Ed Steele, Director Bill Rule, Supervisor Scott Erickson, Recreation Specialist Ryan Fawley, Recreation Specialist Dan Fudala, Recreation Specialist Matt Little, Recreation Specialist

Heritage Oaks Golf Course:


Lucy F. Simms Continuing Education Center:


Westover Swimming Pool:


David Johns, Professional Kelly Adams, Golf Shop Manager

Stephanie Howard, Supervisor Nakish Jordan, Recreation Specialist

Kristin Lam, Aquatics Director Noelle Burgess, Pool Supervisor

The following parks have shelters available for rental: A Dream Come True Playground Westover Park Hillandale Park Morrison Park Purcell Park Riven Rock Park Ralph Sampson Park


Shelters can be reserved in advance by telephone with credit card or in person by check, cash or credit card.

Harrisonburg Parks & Recreation Commission Members

Mr. Jason Rooney Mr. Abe Shearer Mr. Joseph Riley (City Council Rep.) Ms. D.D. Dawson Mr. Steve Barranco Ms. Sue Haywood (City School Board Rep.) Mr. John Marr Mr. Joshua Mathews-Ailsworth

Saturday & Sunday reservations: $25 City Residents $40 Non-Residents. Due to high demand, all shelters reserved Saturday, May 4, 2013 (JMU Graduation)$50.

A Dream Come True Playground 8am to dusk

Administrative Office : (540)433-9168 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.

The season runs: April 15–October 31 for all city parks May 15–October 31 for Riven Rock Park Para mas informacion acercas de las Casitas. Por favor vaya ala web o en la oficina.

Park & Shelter Information

The pavilion is available for half day reservations from 11am-2pm and 3pm-6pm. Weekday reservation rates for half days are $25 for City Residents and $35 for NonResidents. Saturday, Sunday and Holiday reservation rates for half days are $40 for City Residents and $50 for Non-Residents.

Cecil F. Gilkerson Community Activities Center: (540)433-2474

WEEKDAY RESERVATIONS Monday-Friday reservations: $10 City Residents $15 Non-Residents


Administrative Office:



It is the mission of the Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation Department to enhance the quality of life and meet the needs of every citizen by providing comprehensive leisure service opportunities. The department’s mission is also to develop and maintain a safe system of open space and public facilities for the use and enjoyment by the public.

Shelter Reservations

Grills are provided as well as trash receptacles. Park restrooms are available for use April 15 – October 31 (except Riven Rock which opens May 15 – Oct 31). Water fountains and electricity are available at various shelters. During the off-season, water and electricity are shut off to protect pipes from freezing and conserve electricity. Restrooms are not available during the off-season. (portable toilets may be available in some parks.) • If you see any problems, please report them to the Recreation Department on the next working day if possible. • Shelters are booked on a first come-first served basis. Once a reservation is made, no switching of dates, parks, or shelters is allowed. There are also NO REFUNDS ON ANY SHELTER RESERVATIONS. To avoid any reservation mix-ups, please keep your receipt and take it with you on the day of your picnic. • No inflatable bounce houses. • No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs of any kind are allowed on park property. • Please do not remove picnic tables from under shelters. • All dogs must be on a leash at all times (city code 15-2-2 leash law) and are not allowed on athletic fields. • Picnickers must furnish wood / charcoal for use in grills. • No open fires allowed without permission. All fires must be out before leaving park. • City parks cannot be used for fund raising, political, religious or private gain. *Shelter reservations and organized meetings associated with religious, political or private groups with the intent of soliciting, recruiting or attracting volunteers, individuals or outside agencies, solicitation of money, distribution of literature or requests for donations, or use for private gain, are prohibited. • Anyone wishing to enter Westover or Hillandale Parks before the park is open will be charged a fee of $20. • No loud music or public address systems. Please be respectful of park neighbors and residential areas. • Lights in the shelters, which are on timers, are only intended to provide minimal light and are not guaranteed. • CAUTION SHOULD BE USED NOT TO OVERLOAD ELECTRICAL OUTLETS; YOU MAY TRIP ELECTRICAL BREAKERS, SHUTTING OFF ALL POWER TO YOUR SHELTER.

Parks Locations

Summer Hours

City Parks: 8am – 9pm April 15 – October 31 Riven Rock Park: 8am – 8pm May 15 – October 31

Winter Hours




City Parks: 8am - 5pm November 1 – April 14 Riven Rock Park - Closed November 1 - May 14

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

A Dream Come True Playground - 1050 Neff Avenue Denton Park - 177 South Main Street Eastover Tennis Courts - 909 Reservoir Street Heritage Oaks Golf Course - 680 Garbers Church Road Rd Hillandale Park - 801 Hillandale Avenue Kiwanis Park - 302 Myers Avenue Liberty Park - 188 North Liberty Street Morrison Park - 461 2nd Street Purcell Park - 41 Monument Avenue Ralph Sampson Park - 431 East Washington Street Riven Rock Park - 6 Last Left Lane, Hinton,VA Smithland Road Soccer Complex - 1542 Smithland Road Westover Park - 305 South Dogwood Drive

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Westover Swimming Pool

Pool Hours

Monday-Saturday 12:00pm - 7:00pm Sunday 1:00pm - 7:00pm


Jun 1, 2013-Aug 31, 2013 *6/15 and 8/17- Pool will open at 3:30pm*


Lap Swimming Hours Monday-Friday Saturday Sunday

11:45am - 6:00pm 12:00pm - 7:00pm 1:00pm - 7:00pm

Daily Admission Fee

Individual Pass:

City Res $30 / Non-Res $40 Family Pass: City Res $60 / Non-Res $80

Infant (<18 months) Free Children City Res $1/Non-Res $2 Adult City Res $2/Non-Res $4 Age of children: Under 18 Residents living inside city limits will need to show proof of residency at time of entry.

Every Monday

throughout the summer


Make a Splash In Our Community



Valid for one year after date purchased

Individual Pass:

City Res $85 / Non-Res $105 Family Pass: City Res $190 / Non-Res $240 Are you interested in hosting a group event or party at Westover Pool? Check our website for details about group rates and events.


City Res $105 / Non-Res $150 Enjoy swimming and working out in our fitness room all year round for this great low rate!

The 2nd Sunday of each month from 1:00pm-3:00pm will be reserved for a FREE SWIM for a selected community organization. Organizations will be picked by Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation For questions regarding this monthly event or to get your organization involved contact Kristin Lam at Westover Pool (540) 434-0571 Following the party on August 17

1st Annual

Cardboard Boat Regatta

Join us for a free family swim party and cardboard boat race on August 17. For more information check our website or call Westover Pool. This event is sponsored by Massanutten Regional Library.

Harrisonburgâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s very own summer team is open to all swimmers ages 5-18. To register online or for more information, e-mail Register in person at the Community Activities Center, Wednesday, May 1st, 5:30-7pm, or Thursday, May 2nd, 6-7:30pm. New swimmer assessment begins Monday, June 3rd, followed by weekday AM and/or PM practices through Friday, July 26th. Six meets take place Tuesdays, June 18th through Saturday, July 27th. Cost: $65 per swimmer, with family discounts and a limited number of scholarships available. Avoid the $10 late fee by registering before May 15th. Follow us on Facebook @ Westover Waves Swim Team. Enjoy the family friendly atmosphere of fun and healthy exercise, emphasizing sportsmanship, team work and personal improvement.


Goldfish – LEVEL 1

children’s swim lessons

Preschool lessons are taught to children ages 3-5. All children 6 years or older will be place in Levels 1-5. City Res $20 / Non-Res $24 City Res $25 / Non-Res $30

Tadpoles – Preschool 1

The goal of Tadpoles is to teach fun in the water. This class is geared for children with little to no “in water” experience. Tadpoles will learn to enter the water safely and become familiar with elementary aquatic skills. 211100B1 Jul 1-Jul 12 9:15-10:10am 211100C1 Jul 15-Jul 26 10:15-11:10am 211100D1 Jul 29-Aug 9 10:15-11:10am

Guppies – Preschool 2

The goal of Guppies is to build on skills learned in Tadpoles. Children take part in guided practice sessions to learn water skills including water entries, front kicking, back floating, underwater exploration and more. 211100B2 Jul 1-Jul 12 10:15-11:10am 211100C2 J ul 15-Jul 26 9:15-10:10am 211100D2 Jul 29-Aug 9 9:15-10:10am

The goals of Tigerfish are to combine basic swimming skills to form defined strokes. Students will focus on developing the ability to properly swim the Front Crawl and Back Crawl for a minimum of 25 yards. 211102A1 Jun 17-Jun 28 9:15-10:10am 211102A2 Jun 17-Jun 28 10:15-11:10am 211102B1 Jul 1-Jul 12 9:15-10:10am 211102B2 Jul 1-Jul 12 10:15-11:10am 211102C1 Jul 15-Jul 26 9:15-10:10am 211102C2 Jul 15-Jul 26 10:15-11:10am 211102D1 Jul 29-Aug 9 9:15-10:10am 211102D2 Jul 29-Aug 9 10:15-11:10am

Dolphin – LEVEL 3

The goals of Dolphins is to fully develop the Breaststroke, Sidestroke, Elementary Backstroke, to continue to increase the student's swimming endurance, and to begin learning to dive safely. 211103A1 Jun 17-Jun 28 9:15-10:10am 211103A2 Jun 17-Jun 28 10:15-11:10am 211103B1 Jul 1-Jul 12 9:15-10:10am 211103C1 Jul 15-Jul 26 9:15-10:10am 211103D1 Jul 29-Aug 9 9:15-10:10am

Swordfish – LEVEL 4

The goals of Swordfish are to develop strong confidence in the strokes learned thus far, including: Front Crawl, Back Crawl, Breaststroke, Sidestroke, and the Elementary Backstroke. Students will further develop the Butterfly stroke, learn to dive, and improve upon other aquatic skills. 211104A1 Jun 17-Jun 28 9:15-10:10am 211104B1 Jul 1-Jul 12 10:15-11:10am 211104C1 Jul 15-Jul 26 10:15-11:10am 211104D1 Jul 29-Aug 9 10:15-11:10am

Parent and Child Swimming Lessons

Parent and child swimming lessons are open to children 6 months to 3 years old with a parent. These lessons will be about introducing children to swimming in a fun environment with their parent in the water with them. There will be singing, lots of games, and plenty of water toys. City Res $40 / Non-Res $50 231105A1 Ages 6 mon-3 yrs Pool Fri Jun 21-Jul 12 11:15am-12 231105B1 Ages 6 mon-3 yrs Pool Fri Jul 19-Aug 9 11:15am-12

Aquatic fitness

Fees: Preschool: Levels 1-4:

Tigerfish – LEVEL 2

Sharks - Level 5

The goals of the Sharks is to improve and refine proper techniques to a high level of competence in the strokes learned thus far: Front Crawl, Back Crawl, Breaststroke, Side stroke, Elementary Back stroke, and Butterfly. Students will also increase the distance that they are able to properly perform each stroke thereby increasing and will improve upon other aquatic skills. 211105C1 Jul 15-Jul 26 10:15-11:10am 211105D1 Jul 29-Aug 9 10:15-11:10am


Students must be tested for their appropriate swim level prior to registering for a swim class, unless they have successfully completed a swim lesson course at this facility since April 2013. Registration and testing for swim classes will begin at the pool office starting Monday Jun 3, 2013 for City Residents and Tuesday Jun 4, 2013 for Non-Residents. Registration will continue until 7:00pm the day before the first day of the class or until the class is filled, whichever occurs first. If the student cannot attend one of these testing dates, please call during normal operating hours to have your child tested. Upon successfully completing a swim test, you may sign up your child for the appropriate swim class. Feel free to call us with any questions at (540) 434-0571.

The goals of Goldfish are to help students feel comfortable in the water, to enjoy the water safely, and to begin introducing basic aquatic skills. Goldfish will work to master the following skills; floating, walking in chest deep water, and swimming on front. 211101A1 Jun 17-Jun 28 9:15-10:10am 211101A2 Jun 17-Jun 28 10:15-11:10am 211101A3 Jun 17-Jun 28 10:15-11:10am 211101B1 Jul 1-Jul 12 9:15-10:10am 211101B2 Jul 1-Jul 12 10:15-11:10am 211101C1 Jul 15-Jul 26 9:15-10:10am 211101C2 Jul 15-Jul 26 10:15-11:10am 211101D1 Jul 29-Aug 9 9:15-10:10am 211101D2 Jul 29-Aug 9 10:15-11:10am

50 and Wiser Aqua Aerobics

The performance of aerobic exercise and resistance training in chest deep to shallow water. Beginners are welcome! City Res $35 / Non-Res $42 240508A1 Ages 50+ Pool Mon/Wed Jun 17-Jul 10 9:30-10:30a

Aqua Zumba® Fitness Class

Instructor: Morina Lamb, Licensed Aqua Instructor Take the Zumba party to the pool. Aqua Zumba combines the Zumba formula and traditional aqua fitness to create a one-of-a-kind class. Class features a water-based work out of cardio conditioning, body toning and FUN. City Res $40 / Non-Res $50 231108A1 Ages 15+ Pool Tue/Thu Jun 18-Jul 11 11:15am-12

Simple Fitness Swimming

Have you ever thought about trying fitness swimming, but don’t know where to start. Contact Noelle to learn how to set-up a swimming fitness plan and try out some of our premade swimming workouts. NO FEE!

Registration will begin Monday, June 3 for City Residents and Tuesday, June 4 for Non-Residents.


Classes and Programs

Registration begins: Monday, Apr 1 for City Residents Tuesday, Apr 2 for Non-Residents Class Locations: Simms Center - Lucy F. Simms Continuing Education Center (540)437-9213 CFG/CAC - Cecil F. Gilkerson Community Activities Center (540)433-9168

Mom Arrangement 220980A Ages 18+ Simms Music Rm Thu May 9 6-7:30pm Peanut Basket 220980B Ages 18+ Simms Art Rm Thu June 13 6-8pm

YOU Can Learn to Draw!

Registration Available Online

Arts & crafts

Classes & Programs




Instructor: Christina Christian Learn the basics of crocheting. You’ll start by learning how to make a scarf and then possibly move onto working on a blanket. The first 2 skeins and hook will be provided in the cost. No class June 22. City Res $28 / Non-Res $33 220970A Ages 18+ CFG/CAC Sat Apr 6-27 2-3pm 220970B Ages 18+ CFG/CAC Sat May 4-25 2-3pm 220970C Ages 18+ CFG/CAC Sat Jun 1-29 2-3pm 220970D Ages 18+ CFG/CAC Sat Jul 6-27 2-3pm



Instructor: Ellen Golaschevsky In this hands on workshop participants will learn the skill of floral design influenced by current trends, designs and flowers. Participants will gain the knowledge and skill to use proper equipment and tools as well as proper technique for caring for, cutting, identifying and arranging flowers for any occasion. Each participant will leave with a beautiful unique arrangement. Fees include all supplies and fresh flowers. City Res $35 / Non-Res $40


Instructor: Phill Ungar Learn the basics of beginning pottery. City Res $67 / Non-Res $80 120919A5 Ages 18+ CFG/CAC Mon Apr 8-May 13 6-8pm 120919B4 Ages 18+ CFG/CAC Thu Apr 11-May 16 6-8pm

Instructor: Maribeth Nolde Drawing objects involves learning basic techniques such as types of lines, shapes, and forms. Once you learn these basics, which are presented in a step-by-step format, you will be able to draw objects that are part of a still life. Yes, you can learn to draw! Even if you have little to no experience with drawing. With gentle encouragement from the instructor, you will be able to draw still life objects and have fun doing it! City Res $65 / Non-Res $70 220967F Ages 18+ Simms Art Rm Thu Apr 11-May 16 6-8:30pm


This book club is about the enjoyment of reading, whether you are an occasional or avid reader. Books are chosen democratically by the members of the club. No one in this book club should feel obligated to read EVERY book, EVERY month. You do not have to read any or all the books to attend or enjoy the conversation. Please join us to laugh, share wisdom, gain insight and make new friends. We will meet the third Saturday of the month. Light refreshments provided. FREE, registration required. 220954E Ages 18+ Simms Music Rm Sat Apr 20, May 18, Jun 15, Jul 20 11–1pm


Instructor: Julie Haushalter Participants will learn about essential oils, how they are extracted and how they can be helpful for daily living. Each participant will make an aromatherapy product to take home. Lavender will be the featured scent but other essential oils will be used. This experience will be “scent-sational!” City Res $20/ Non-Res $25 220778A Ages 18+ Simms 101 Thu Apr 25 6:30-8pm

Instructor: Julie Haushalter Learn how to care for and grow this lovely shrub. Participants will receive step by step demonstration for planting in the ground or in a container. Each participant will leave with a lavender planter. Classes meet at White Oak Lavender Farm. City Res $20 / Non-Res $20 220970C Ages 18+ Wed May 8 11am–1pm 220970C1 Ages 18+ Sat May 11 11am–1pm


Instructor: Julie Haushalter This colonial art is one you will love to learn. Learn to weave the lavender with ribbon in a step by step lesson. This “wand” is a delightful sachet that you will own for years to come. It can only be made while the lavender is in bloom. Once you learn this craft, you can pick your own lavender and make gifts for your friends. Class meets at White Oak Lavender Farm. City Res $20 / Non-Res $20 220980E Ages 18+ Tue Jun 11 1-2pm


Instructor: Julie Haushalter The halo is a lavender hairpiece that can be dried and used as a beautiful decoration. These are fun to learn to make for flower girls, bridal or baby showers, vow renewals and other special occasions for lavender lovers. Class meets at White Oak Lavender Farm. City Res $20 / Non-Res $20 220980F Ages 18+ Thu Jun 20 10-11am


Instructor: Julie Haushalter Have you ever thought about how you might share your story as a legacy for your family? You will have reflection time at the lavender farms and with a small group will practice several techniques to record and share your life story. Class meets at White Oak Lavender Farm. City Res $35 / Non-Res $35 220980H Ages 18+ Wed July 24 10-11am

Registration will begin Monday, April 1st for City Residents and Tuesday, April 2nd for Non-Residents.



Instructor: Julie Thurnau, RD, CNSC Participants will gain knowledge and an overall better understanding on how to plan diets, read labels and behavior modification tips for prevention and management of Diabetes. Instructor is a Registered Dietitian with 20 years in the field. City Res $15 / Non-Res $17 220778C Ages 18+ Simms 101 Thu May 9 4–5pm


Instructor: Julie Thurnau, RD, CNSC Participants will gain knowledge and an overall better understanding on how to plan diets, read labels and behavior modification tips to promote better health. Instructor is a Registered Dietitian with 20 years in the field. City Res $15 / Non-Res $17 220778B Ages 18+ Simms 101 Thu May 23 4-5pm

natural childbirth education

Instructor: Kristina Keck Born Again Birth Services provides a unique childbirth education class geared towards natural childbirth. The class will cover ways to stay healthy during your pregnancy. As well as what to expect during labor, delivery, and post-partum. The class will brush upon breast feeding and newborn care. Born Again Birth Services strongly believes that every woman deserves a positive birth experience. City Res $55 / Non-Res $60 - Per Couple

All Ages Apr 14 All Ages Apr 28 All Ages May 5 All Ages May 19 All Ages Jun 9 All Ages Jun 23 All Ages Jul 14 All Ages Jul 28

CFG/CAC 1:30–5:30pm CFG/CAC 1:30–5:30pm CFG/CAC 1:30–5:30pm CFG/CAC 1:30–5:30pm CFG/CAC 1:30–5:30pm CFG/CAC 1:30–5:30pm CFG/CAC 1:30–5:30pm CFG/CAC 1:30–5:30pm


Instructor: Ellen Golaschevsky Get creative in this class by reviving old items and creating inspiring items out of recycled materials. Participants will leave with new beloved treasures. Fees include all materials. City Res $35 / Non-Res $37 220980J Ages 18+ Simms Art Rm Mon Apr 22-29 6–8:30pm 220980J1 Ages 18+ Simms Art Rm Thu Jun 13-20 6–8:30pm


Instructors: Ragtime Fabrics Join other parents who are learning to reduce, reuse, and recycle by making comfortable cloth diapers. Participants will need to purchase our $25 diaper kit which includes instructions; pattern and fabric for one diaper, and also bring a spool of polyester thread. For more information contact Nakish Jordan. City Res $20 / Non-Res $20 220981E Ages 18+ Ragtime Fabrics Wed July 17 10–2pm 220981F Ages 18+ Ragtime Fabrics Sat July 24 10-2pm


Instructors: Ragtime Fabrics Learn to sew with knits and make a dress that can be worn 25 different ways. All skill levels welcomed. Participants will need to purchase their own fabric, cording, stitch-witchery and matching thread. For more information contact Nakish. City Res $37 / Non-Res $37 220981A Ages 18+ Ragtime Fabrics Wed May 15 10-2pm 220981B Ages 18+ Ragtime Fabrics Sat May 18 10-2pm


Instructors: Ragtime Fabrics Create a grab and go re-usable bag that is perfect for multiple uses. This bag is ideal for the kids, market, beach or anything in between. All experience and skill level welcome. Participants will need to purchase their own fabric, trim, pattern and thread. Contact Nakish for more information. City Res $27 / Non-Res $27 220981C Ages 18+ Ragtime Fabrics Wed Jun 26 10-2pm 220981D Ages 18+ Ragtime Fabrics Sat Jun 29 10–2pm


Instructors: Ragtime Fabrics Save money when you learn to make your own alterations and repairs at home. You can choose to attend one or all four of these brown bag sessions. All skill levels welcome.

Classes & Programs

Instructor: Michelle Carter, Leader of the Pack Dog Training Teach your dog manners while building a deeper bond. Learn to communicate successfully, create a well behaved and responsive dog. Obedience commands taught and practiced each class, as well as nutrition and grooming tips. All methods used are positive and effective. All breeds, all ages. S.T.A.R. puppy and Canine Good Citizen certification offered. Instructor has over 10 years training experience. Please note: Dogs that have shown aggression are not appropriate for this class. Vaccination records will be checked at the first meeting. City Res $112 / Non-Res $124 230979A Ages 13+ Simms Sat Apr 27-Jun 8 2:30–3:30pm

Walk-Ins $75 220954B1 Sun 220954B2 Sun 220954B3 Sun 220954B4 Sun 220954B5 Sun 220954B6 Sun 220954B7 Sun 220954B8 Sun


Learn to professionally adjust the hem on a sleeve, the bottom of a garment or home décor project. City Res $12 / Non-Res $15 220981G Ages 18+ Simms 101 Wed Apr 10 12-1pm


Learn creative ways to close your garments with buttons, snaps, frogs and more. Also, learn how to sew buttons so they will stay. City Res $12 / Non-Res $15 220981H Ages 18+ Simms 101 Wed Apr 17 12-1pm


Bring new life to damaged garments. Learn to repair holes, snags, and frayed hems. Includes tips on unique ways to embellish and hide worn areas, stains and more. City Res $12 / Non-Res $15 220981I Ages 18+ Simms 101 Wed Apr 24 12-1pm


Learn to adjust ready-to-wear fashions to more suit your style. Add straps to the strapless, fill in the “gap” in front, and lengthen the hem and more. City Res $12 / Non-Res $15 220981J Ages 18+ Simms 101 Wed May 1 12-1pm

Registration will begin Monday, April 1st for City Residents and Tuesday, April 2nd for Non-Residents.


Classes & Programs


Instructors: Ani Nguyen and Praserth Saesow A series of classes that teaches the basics of South East Asian food. These classes are taught by Ani Nguyen and Praserth Saesow, owner and Chef at Beyond Restaurant. Participants will be able to eat the foods they make in class, leave with recipes, techniques, tips and ideas. The newly acquired skills can be applied to special parties or events. Contact Nakish for a list of necessary supplies.


City Res $25 / Non-Res $27 220954G1 Ages 18+ Simms Kitchen Sat Apr 13 11-2pm


City Res $30 / Non-Res $32 220954G2 Ages 18+ Simms Kitchen Sat Apr 27 11-2pm


City Res $40 / Non-Res $42 220954G3 Ages 18+ Simms Kitchen Sat May 4 11-2pm


City Res $25 / Non-Res $27 220954G4 Ages 18+ Simms Kitchen Sat May 11 11-2pm


Are you interested in gardening, but do not have the space? Harrisonburg’s Community Garden is set aside for members of the City to enjoy the benefits of organically growing quality plants in a designated area that they may not have space for in their neighborhood. For more information email Scott at



Instructors: Patrick Peason, Certified Independent Financial Advisor Participants will learn what the pros know about financial security. Instructor will give an authoritative behind the scenes look at Wall Street and teach participants how to build a market proven income generating portfolio. Class fees include a copy of David Scranton’s groundbreaking book, “Stop the Financial Insanity”, and an accompanying workbook. City Res $35 / Non-Res $45 220954I Ages 18+ Simms 101 Mon Apr 8-22 6-8pm




Take Shape For Life with the 7 A’s

Instructor: Oli Oldaker White Lotus Tea Club presents a series of classes about Tea Culture. Join us to learn about the second most popular drink in the world after water; the legends of its discovery and mystery behind its name. Participants will taste teas prepared accordingly with the ancient technique of the 8th century which was recorded in the first book about tea, “Classics of Tea” in China. Fees include tea tasting of high quality, exclusive teas. City Res $25 / Non-Res $25 220982A Ages 18+ Earth & Tea Cafe Sun Apr 21 5–7pm 220982A1 Ages 18+ Earth & Tea Cafe Sun Jun 9 5-7pm

Instructor: Oli Oldaker White Lotus Tea Club continues the series about Tea Culture. Learn about the terroir of tea and the introduction of 5 major types of tea. Discover ways to keep the body and mind healthy and happy with the use of Tea. Participants will taste some of the finest teas and learn how to properly prepare them. City Res $20 / Non-Res $25 220982B Ages 18+ Earth & Tea Cafe Sun Apr 28 5-7pm 220982B1 Ages 18+ Earth & Tea Cafe Sun Jun 16 5–7pm


Instructor: Oli Oldaker Continue the exploration of Tea Culture presented by White Lotus Tea Club, discover Black Tea and the reasons why other flavors are mixed with Tea, learn the different ways other countries and cultures drink tea and discover the meaning of tea ceremonies. Fees include tea tasting of high quality, exclusive teas. City Res $25 / Non-Res $25 220982C Ages 18+ Earth & Tea Cafe Sun May 5 5–7pm 220982C1 Ages 18+ Earth & Tea Cafe Sun Jun 23 5–7pm

Instructor: Bob Bersson Enjoy learning how to play acoustic or electric guitar from a master teacher and practicing musician in this multi-level class featuring small group and individualized instruction for teenagers and adults. We will learn how to tune the guitar and to play basic chords, bass lines, and melody lines, plus learn to play songs in a variety of styles, including pop, rock, country, blues, and gospel. Each participant should bring his or her guitar and tuner to class. City Res $65 / Non-Res $78 230929K Ages 12+ CFG/CAC Tue Apr 2-May 7 5:30-6:30pm 230929L Ages 12+ CFG/CAC Tue May 14-Jun 18 5:30-6:30pm 230929M Ages 12+ CFG/CAC Tue Jun 25-Jul 30 5:30-6:30pm

Instructor: Emma Jean Yoder, LPC Re-think ways to live your life in balance through alternative approaches to mental, physical and emotional health. Awareness, Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Action will change the way you look at diet, exercise, personal and family patterns. City Res $60 / Non-Res $72 220978A Ages 18+ CFG/CAC Tue Apr 16-May 21 6:30-8pm 220978B Ages 18+ CFG/CAC Wed Apr 17-May 22 9:30-11am


Instructor: Roger Rae Learn the basics of beginning sign language from the alphabet to simple sentences. Book fee $17 payable to instructor at first class. City Res $30 / Non-Res $36 220926A Ages 9+ CFG/CAC Tue Apr 9-May 14 7-8:30pm


Instructor: Debra Fischer Genealogy, aka Family History, is the second most popular hobby in America. Join us as we learn the basic foundation needed to begin searching for your ancestors. Add some leaves to your tree that you never knew about. Beginners will learn proper research, records and record keeping. Text book options available will be discussed upon registration. City Res $48 / Non-Res $60 220954A2 Ages 18+ Simms 101

Registration will begin Monday, April 1st for City Residents and Tuesday, April 2nd for Non-Residents.

Thu 220954A1 Thu 220954A3 Thu 220954A4 Thu

May 9-30 Grades 4-8 Jun 6-27 Grades 4-8 Jul 18-Aug 8 Ages 18+ Jul 18-Aug 8

6:30-7:30pm Simms 101 10-11am Simms 101 5:30-6:30pm Simms 101 6:30-7:30pm




Instructors: Kimberly Torres and Rocket Tired of hitting the wrong button on your Smart Phone? Are you constantly making accidental phone calls? Enjoy learning the ins and outs of your Android (Samsung and HTC) and Apple devices during this detailed one on one device workshop for all carriers! You will learn email setup, use of the app store, unique device features and more! All participants will be eligible for up to 50% off of select accessories for their devices. You will only need to provide one of the smartphones listed above for the class. Registration required. FREE 220963F Ages 18+ Simms Conf Rm Thu May 2-16 6-7:30pm


Instructor: Debra Fischer Learn some of the ins and outs of searching for your ancestors on the internet. What sites might be free and what sites need your credit card. Can I find my ancestors who were living in the old country without having to book a flight there? You will work at a computer station during this workshop. Learn the art of saving and printing the documents that you find. Bring along a USB flash drive. City Res $30 / Non-Res $35 120954C Ages 18+ Simms Comp. Lab Thu Jul 11 5:30-7:30pm


Instructor: Julie Haushalter This special day is to celebrate MotherDaughter or Grandmother-Granddaughter relationships! You will receive a special tour of the lavender farm, pick lavender bouquets and make a lavender craft for a keepsake of your special outing. Fee includes entrance to the farm and participants may stay as long as they like after the event. Brown bag lunch is welcomed. Class meets at White Oak Lavender Farm. City Res $20 / Non-Res $20 230980A All ages Fri Jul 12 10-11am


Community Events MUSIC IN THE PARK

Join us for FREE music in the park. Local performers and DJs will perform every 4th Sunday at the pavilion. Bring a friend, family, a blanket, chair, or picnic and prepare to have a good time. FREE. Co-sponsored by Northeast Neighborhood Association. All ages Ralph Sampson Park Sun Jul 28, Aug 25 2–4pm


Instructor: Joy Loving Want to learn how to use a computer in a hands-on environment? This is a very basic introductory class. Topics will include: the hardware, the software, keyboarding, the mouse , Windows. We will also spend some time exploring the internet. NO prior experience necessary. Plenty of time for practice during class. Registration required. FREE 220963D Ages 18+ Simms Comp Lab Mon/Fri Apr 15-May 3 9:30-11:30am

Instructor: Jennie Carr This class is an introduction to blogging using Wordpress. Participants will learn to create, design, and develop posts within their individual blog. Participants will leave with the understanding and ability to independently maintain a personal blog. City Res $20 / Non-Res $22 220963E Ages 18+ Simms Comp Lab Thu Apr 18-25 6:30-8pm

Join Shenandoah Mountain Touring for a week of mountain bike adventures. Each day you will be taken to one of a variety of local mountain bike destinations geared toward beginner and intermediate mountain bikers. You will also be taught basic mountain bike skills and bike maintenance. Bring a bathing suit for stops along the way at swimming holes. Lunch not provided. Bikes and helmets will be

The Northeast Neighborhood Association is hosting a clean-up day on Saturday, April 13. Volunteers needed, bring your rakes, hedge cutters, tree trimmers or any lawn tools you may have to help make the community even more beautiful. For more information contact The Northeast Neighborhood Association at 540-434-6060 ext. 114. All ages Front steps of Simms Center Sat Apr 13 9am-2pm


The Northeast Neighborhood Association is hosting a Community Yard Sale at The Lucy F. Simms Center. Tables are $15.00, reserve yours today by contacting The Northeast Neighborhood Association at 540-434-6060 ext. 114 or on facebook . Reserve early to get the best spots. Make your old treasures someone else’s new treasure. For more information contact The Northeast Neighborhood Association. All ages Simms Center Sat Aug 3 2-4pm

Classes & Programs

Instructor: Jennie Carr Want to create a scrapbook of your summer vacation? Or other memorable moments? It’s not as hard as you may think. Discover and explore free scrapbooking software and learn to incorporate personal pictures onto a page toward building your own scrapbook. Participants should bring 15-20 pictures stored on a USB drive. For more detailed information contact Nakish. City Res $25 / Non-Res $27 220970B1 Ages 18+ Simms Comp. Lab Thu Aug 8 6-8pm



Who has the skills to call themselves the best spades card playing team around? Join us for an evening of playing spades. This tournament is not for the faint of heart. Showoff your skills by becoming The Simms Center Champions! Contact Stephanie Howard for more information and official rules. All residents $10 per team. 220938A Ages 18+ Simms Auditorium Fri Jun 21 6-10pm


Come join us for the kick-off to Summer! Meet new people, bring your neighbors, friends and family. Enjoy free food and music. Open to all. Co-sponsored by Akeem Jordan of the Philadelphia Eagles & Northeast Neighborhood Association. FREE All ages Ralph Sampson Park Sat Jun 15 (Rain date: Jun 29) 1-5pm

Registration will begin Monday, April 1st for City Residents and Tuesday, April 2nd for Non-Residents.


Classes & Programs


Instructors: Daniel Fudala & Ryan Fawley This class is designed to teach basic mountain bike skills. The majority of riding will be on off-road single track trails ranging from beginner to intermediate levels located at the Rocktown Trails in Hillandale Park. Kids will learn the basic skills used for trail riding, as well as trail side bike repair, and general bike maintenance. Required equipment will be a helmet and a multi-speed mountain bike with minimum tire width of 1.75” in good, safe working order. We are now providing a limited number and sizes of bicycles for participants to use. Please specify if you will need a bike provided as there are limited numbers available. Contact Dan Fudala. Meet at Shelter #12. 511369A Ages 9-11 Hillandale Park Wed Jul 3-31 4:30-6:00pm

Water Adventure Week


Instructor: Derek Young & Staff This daylong course is designed to be a great introduction to some of the water related adventure activities that are a part of the “sampler” class. You will participate in the following trips (weather and water levels permitting): a raft float trip on one of the area’s scenic rivers; a waterfall hike & swim day; a river-tubing day of floating on individual fabric covered tubes and group play on a giant tube while floating down an area river; a swimming hole day of old-fashioned playing in the water at one or two area swimming holes; and on the last day a trip to an area lake to relax, paddle the kayaks, play on a giant inner-tube, or have fun participating in different water and beach games. All necessary equipment and personal flotation devices will be provided each day. You must bring a bag lunch and drinks in plastic screw-top bottles each day. City Res $260 / Non-Res $300 311369A Ages 9-11 CFG/CAC Mon-Fri Aug 5-9 8:30-4:30pm 311369B Ages 12-14 CFG/CAC Mon-Fri Aug 5-9 8:30-4:30pm

Adventure Sports Sampler

Instructor: Derek Young & Staff This daylong course will offer introductory experiences in four of today’s most popular outdoor adventure sports: top-rope rock climbing, wild cave exploration, recreational kayaking, and river tubing. Students will participate in day trips doing all four of these activities (weather and water levels permitting) the first four days of the course. The last day of the course will be a lake trip to relax, paddle the kayaks, or have fun playing on a giant inner-tube and participating in different water and beach games. To keep this course fun for repeat participants, each year we select different caves and climbing areas on a three year cycle. All technical and safety equipment is provided. You must bring a bag lunch and drinks in plastic screw-top bottles each day. City Res $250 / Non-Res $290 311369C Ages 9-11 CFG/CAC Mon-Fri Aug 12-18 8:30-4:30pm 311369D Ages 12-14 CFG/CAC Mon-Fri Aug 12-18 8:30-4:30pm

summer childcare

Open Registration for our summer childcare program will begin on Monday, April 8, 2013. Children who are 5 years old, and have completed kindergarten, through 12 years old will be accepted. The fee will be $45 per child per week. This program operates from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm. Space is limited. Registration is limited to City Residents Only.


Open Registration for our 2013-2014 after school childcare program will begin July 22, 2013. Children who are 5 years old, and are attending kindergarten, through 12 years old will be accepted. The fee will be $45 per child, per month. There is also a non-refundable registration fee of $25. Operating hours are school release to 5:30 pm, and include a variety of active and passive games, arts and crafts, movies, and more. Space is limited and restricted to City Residents Only. Call 433-2474 for more details.


provided. Dress appropriately, tennis shoes and shorts. Please contact Dan Fudala for additional details. City Res $250 / Non-Res $300 211369A Ages 12–16 CFG/CAC Mon-Fri Jun 10-14 9am-4:30pm


Instructors: Thanh Dang & Tasha Walsh This class is led by League of American Bicyclists certified instructors and follows the League’s Traffic Skills 101 course by giving cyclists the confidence they need to ride safely and legally in traffic and on the trail. This course covers bicycle safety checks, fixing a flat, on-bike skills, and crash avoidance techniques, and includes a student manual. Students ages 14-17 must be accompanied by an adult who is also taking the course. Students of all skill levels are welcome and will find the course beneficial. A bicycle in good working order and a bicycle helmet are required for the Saturday session. Students who successfully complete the course will receive a League Traffic Skills 101 certificate of completion. Must attend both sessions. Contact Dan Fudala. All Residents $24 221047A Ages 14+ CFG/CAC Fri Apr 26 6-10pm Sat Apr 27 9am-3pm


Get your friends and family together and join Shenandoah Mountain Touring for a one day mountain bike adventure. You will be taken to a local mountain bike destination geared toward your groups ability and experience levels. Your group will also review mountain bike skills and bike maintenance. Bring a bathing suit for stops along the way at swimming holes. Lunch not provided. Bikes and helmets will be provided. Dress appropriately, tennis shoes and shorts. Please contact Dan Fudala for additional details. City Res $55 / Non-Res $60 231347A Ages 12+ CFG/CAC Wed Jun 12 9am-4:30pm


All classes are taught by certified shooting instructors. The instructor will cover the different types of shotguns, shotgun safety, shooting etiquette, the correct way to shoulder, point and fire a shotgun, and a description of each game thrown. The instructor will work with each student to get them started breaking

Registration will begin Monday, April 1st for City Residents and Tuesday, April 2nd for Non-Residents.

Rock Climbing

Instructor: Derek Young For this experience, we will travel to some beginner friendly cliffs for a chance to experience climbing with the security of a top-rope. Experienced staff will do all belaying of participants. Bring a packed lunch, comfortable clothes, and appropriate shoes for hiking. We’ll provide climbing shoes, harnesses, helmets and all other technical gear needed for a great day in the woods. City Res $45 / Non-Res $54 231469A Ages 8+ CFG/CAC Sat May 11 9am-5pm

Paddle Boarding 101

Instructor: Derek Young Learn basic Stand Up Paddle Boarding fundamentals in this fun two hour introductory course. We will provide the equipment you’ll need; from the actual board to life-jackets and helmets. Dress to get wet, and closed toed footwear is required. City Res $20 / Non-Res $24 231469B1 Ages 16+ Wildwood Park Sat Jun 1 10am-12pm 231469B2 Ages 16+ Wildwood Park Sat Jun 1 1-3pm

Half-Day Paddle Boarding Adventure

Instructor: Derek Young Originating in Hawaii, Stand Up Paddle boarding has been a long time surfing culture activity. Now, it’s your turn to try this quickly emerging global sport right here in the Valley. During this half day experience, we’ll teach you the fundamentals to set you up for a great day on the river. We will provide boards, life-jackets and helmets. Closed toed footwear is required. Bring a packed lunch, and get ready for some excitement. City Res $35 / Non-Res $42 231469B3 Ages 16+ CFG/CAC Sat Jun 22 10am-3pm

Family Raft Trip

Instructor: Derek Young Looking for something different to do with the family this July 4th weekend? Bring the whole family for a fun-filled day of leisure rafting. During our journey we’ll take plenty of time to relax, swim in the rapids, and jump off a rope swing. Pack a delicious lunch, but leave glass bottles and containers at home please. You don’t want miss this experience! City Res $30/ Non-Res $36 231469C Ages 4+ CFG/CAC Sat Jul 6 9am-5pm

Classes & Programs

targets. A guardian is required for those under 18. One hour class times available from 11am to 4pm. Please contact Dan Fudala (433-2474) to schedule your class time. Class is located at the Flying Rabbit on Rt. 11 south. All Residents $32 220969A Ages 12+ Flying Rabbit Sat May 18 11am-4pm 220969B Ages 12+ Flying Rabbit Sat Jun 1 11am-4pm 220969C Ages 12+ Flying Rabbit Sat Jul 13 11am-4pm

Recreational Kayaking

Instructor: Derek Young Cool off this summer with a scenic float down the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. Participants will be provided boats, paddles, life jackets, and dry bags (to take personal items down the river in). A packed lunch with a screw-top plastic water bottle, appropriate river clothing, and closed toes shoes are required. This trip is designed for the novice paddler. City Res $45 / Non-Res $54 231469D Ages 14+ CFG/CAC Sat Jul 20 9am-5pm

Harrisonburg Disc Golf Club We are committed to the advancement of Disc Golf in Harrisonburg. Through programs offered throughout the year, local players of any level can enjoy competition on a weekly basis. Tournaments are scheduled at Westover Disc Golf Course to bring disc golfers from throughout the region to test our skills against a broader level of competition. For more information on weekly play, tournaments, and club membership, contact Ed Steele at 433-2474.

disc golf EVENTS Event

Dates and Times



Bag Tag Challenge Random Doubles Roctowne Classic

Mon. 5:30 pm; Sat. 10:30 am Wednesdays at 6 pm Saturday, June 29 at 9 am

H’Burg Disc Golf Club Members $10/year Any Disc Golfer No Fee PDGA C Tier Event Jr’s & Rec $20, Adv. $35

Discraft Ace Race HDGC Championship

Saturday, Sep 28 at 11 am Saturday, Nov 9 at 9 am

Any Disc Golfer $25 includes 2 discs & more H’burg Disc Golf Club Members No Fee


Registration will begin Monday, April 1st for City Residents and Tuesday, April 2nd for Non-Residents.

Class Name

Activity #




Zumba Sentao



Apr 8- May 13


Zumba Fitness



Apr 8- May 13



Apr 8- May 13

Zumba Sentao



#May 20-Jul 1

Zumba Fitness



#May 20-Jul 1

221433 E1


May 7-Jun 11




Apr 3-Apr 24






Jazzercise Intro to Tai Chi

Yoga Inter. Vinyasa Flow

Classes & Programs

fitness Programs

Zumba Fitness Early Bird

Yoga Multi-Level Hatha

Zumba Fitness Early Bird

Yoga Multi-Level Vinyasa

Zumba Fitness

Ages Instructor

Fees City / Non



Morina Lamb

$24 / $30

Simms Center


Morina Lamb

$24 / $30

Simms Center


Sue George



Morina Lamb

$24 / $30

Simms Center


Morina Lamb

$24 / $30

Simms Center


Gina Ann Aicardi

$20 / $24




Besty Dean / Nicole Yoder



May 1-May 29



Besty Dean / Nicole Yoder




Jun 5-Jun 26



Besty Dean / Nicole Yoder





Jul 3-Jul 31



Besty Dean / Nicole Yoder





May 1-Jun 5



Jared Jay Featherstone

$45 / $50

Simms Center



Apr 11-May 16


Sue George


221433 E2


May 9-Jun 13


Gina Ann Aicardi

$20 / 24



Apr 12-May 17


Jason Nichols



Gina Ann Aicardi

$24 / $30



Apr 14-May 19

6:307:30pm 7:158:45pm 5:15-6pm 6:307:30pm 6:457:30am

7:158:45pm 6:457:30am 9:1510:45am 3-4pm

Shenandoah Yoga (135 S. Main St)

Shenandoah Yoga (135 S. Main St)

CFG/CAC Shenandoah Yoga (135 S. Main St)


* Complete course descriptions can be found online. # Class will not meet on May 27

Pre-Registration Only!

If you are a kid between 9 and 14 who loves to run, jump, and throw, these games are for you! Come on out and join in the fun by competing in basic track and field events. Open to City Residents only. Contact Matt or Dan. 433-2474.


Saturday, May 18, 2013 Thomas Harrison Middle School Check In - 2:30pm Start Time - 3:30pm Registration will begin Monday, April 1st for City Residents and Tuesday, April 2nd for Non-Residents.

Summer 2013 Dance Schedule Exciting Ballet and Pointe Workshop!

Come and enjoy a 4-day intensive in Ballet and Pointe. The workshop will be held Tuesday through Friday, May 14 to May 17 from 6:00 – 8:45 pm daily. This workshop is open to Advanced and Adult Pointe dancers who would like to excel in their technique. Activity #220315B1, Fee: $50 city resident, $60 non-resident.

Exciting Summer Dance Camps!

activity# claSs



210315J1 210315J2

6-9yrs. 10-18yrs.

9:00am-12:00noon 1:00-4:00pm

Dance Camp I Dance Camp II



3/17 3/17

Cynthia/Jimmy Cynthia/Jimmy

Fun Summer Dance Classes!!

Classes & Programs

Come enjoy an exciting weeklong educational experience in dance! Students will be introduced to various dance forms including ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and musical theatre in a family oriented atmosphere. Students will be challenged at their individual level in each discipline to encourage self-esteem. Through crafts and coloring sheets, students will be exposed to costume designing and dance technique, which will provide students with the opportunity to create their own artistic work, challenging student creativity and critical thinking skills. On Friday, during the last 45 minutes of the camp, parents and friends are invited for refreshments and an informal performance showcasing skills discovered in camp. This is a great opportunity to be with old friends and meet new ones in a positive and nurturing environment! Fee: $75 city resident, $90 non-resident. $10 discount for siblings. Dance Camps run for 1 week: Monday through Friday-June 10 through June 14

Instructors: Cynthia Marafino and Jimmy Marafino Classes run 5 weeks- Monday - Friday classes May 20 through June 24. No classes Monday, May 27 (Memorial Day) Fee: $25 city residents, $30 for non-residents, $5 discount for siblings. activity# claSs

Monday May 20 – June 24


210315B1 Introduction to Dance (5½ -6½ yrs) 210315H3 Intermediate Ballet (8-12 yrs) 210315C1 Irish Step (8-12 yrs) 210315F4 Lyrical/Modern (10-18 yrs) Tuesday-May 21 – June 18 210315D1 Discovering Dance I (3½ -4½ yrs) 210315B2 Introduction to Dance (5½ -6½ yrs) 210315H1 Beg. Child Ballet/Tap (6-8 yrs) 220315A3 Adult Ballet (18+ yrs) 220315A2 Adult Tap (18+ yrs) Wednesday-May 22 – June 19 210315A3 Discovering Dance II (4½ -5½ yrs) 210315D2 Discovering Dance I (3½ -4½ yrs) 210315H2 Ballet/Tap II/III (8-10 yrs) 210315G1 Advanced Jazz (hip hop) (11-18 yrs) 210315F3 Musical Stage Dance (10-18 yrs) Thursday-May 23 – June 20 210315D3 Discovering Dance I (3½ -4½ yrs) 210315A4 Discovering Dance II (4½ -5½ yrs) 210315H4 Advanced Ballet (10-18 yrs) 210315C4 Inter./Advanced Irish Step (10-18 yrs) Friday-May 24 – June 21 210315G2 Beg. Child Jazz/Hip-Hop I/II(6-8 yrs) 210315G4 Inter. Jazz/Hip-Hop (8-12 yrs) 220315A4 Adult Irish (18 + yrs)




4:15-5:00pm 5:00-5:45pm 5:45-6:30pm 6:30-7:15pm

3/15 3/15 3/15 3/15

Cynthia Cynthia/Jimmy Cynthia Cynthia

4:15-5:00pm 5:15:-6:00pm 6:00-6:45pm 6:45-7:30pm 7:30-8:15pm

3/14 3/15 3/15 3/15 3/15

Cynthia Cynthia Cynthia/Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy

4:15-5:00pm 5:15-6:00pm 6:00-6:45pm 6:45-7:30pm 7:30-8:15pm

3/15 3/14 3/15 3/15 3/15

4:15-5:00pm 5:15-6:00pm 6:00-6:45pm 6:45-7:30pm

3/14 3/15 3/15 3/15

Cynthia Cynthia Cynthia Cynthia/Jimmy

4:15-5:00pm 5:00-5:45pm 5:45-6:30pm

3/15 3/15 3/15

Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy

Cynthia Cynthia Cynthia/Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy


Registration will begin Monday, April 1st for City Residents and Tuesday, April 2nd for Non-Residents.

Fifty and Wiser (540)433-9168

50 and Wiser provides recreation opportunities for those baby boomer age and beyond! For more information contact: Gail Ham -

Classes & Programs


Instructor: Christina Presnell This class teaches familiarity with types of yarn, patterns, types and sizes of needles, and basic knitting skills. Pattern suggestions will be made upon completion of the course, based on individual skill level. All supplies are furnished. City Res $36 / Non-Res $43 240570A Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Wed Apr 10-24 9-11am


Instructor: Lorraine Young Learn the basics for a useful hobby. Participants will complete two projects; a dishcloth and a scarf, and learn to read patterns. Individual attention will ensure a fun and satisfying experience. Section E3 will include more advanced techniques. All supplies will be provided. City Res $28 / Non-Res $33 240570E1 Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Mon Apr 1-22 9-11am 240570E2 Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Mon Apr 1-22 5:30-7:30pm 240570E3 Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Mon Apr 29-May 20 9-11am


Instructor: Diane Ricketson Enjoy an opportunity to paint a Wilson Bickford design picture to enhance your home or give as a gift. The instructor is a Dorothy Dent certified instructor and a Wilson Bickford partner. These pictures, one of lilacs and one a lavender sunset, are painted with an oil paint which allows easy correction of mistakes yet cleans up with soap and water, and no turpentine odor. All supplies are included for this fun opportunity. City Res $18 /Non-Res $21 240570H1 Ages 50 + CFG/CAC Wed Jun 12 9-11am 240570H2 Ages 50 + CFG/CAC Wed Jun 19 9-11am



Instructors: Layna Erney, Mindy Schwartz, Lindsay Snyder Stretch, strengthen, and get fit! This class works the heart, muscles, and more. Variety and fun guaranteed and all fitness levels welcome. No Class July 4. City Res $36 / Non-Res $43 240523A Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Tue/Thu Apr 30-Jun 13 5:30-6:15p 240523A1 Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Tue/Thu Jun 25-Aug13 5:30-6:15p


Instructor: Patricia Kearney Yoga is a happy medium for those who need balance strength, flexibility and relaxation. Beginners and intermediate students welcome, modifications will be provided. City Res $31 / Non-Res $37 240525A Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Mon Apr 15-May 20 5:30-6:30p City Res $15 / Non-Res $18 240525A1 Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Mon Jun 3-Jun 17 5:30-6:30p


Instructor: Patricia Kearney Participation in yoga benefits stress reduction, muscular endurance, flexibility and balance. In this class seated poses can be done using chairs rather than sitting on the floor, and standing poses are done with additional support for balance. Participants can choose a fully chair-based approach to the class, or combine standing, chair and floor poses according to their needs. The instructor has experience in teaching gentle and chair-based yoga classes, and is certified in Integrative Yoga Therapy. City Res $31 / Non-Res $37 240525B1 Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Wed Apr 17-May 22 5:30-6:30p City Res $15 / Non-Res $18 240525B2 Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Wed Jun 5-Jun 19 5:30-6:30p

Watch for the new 50 & Wiser NewsLetter! Coming soon 50-and-wiser


Instructor: Morina Lamb, Licensed Zumba Gold Instructor This Zumba Gold class is especially designed for active older adults, especially those who want a lower impact class. This class uses more instruction and verbal cues as well as slower music. Improve your fitness level with this great Latin and internationally inspired dance fitness workout. Join the party! No class July 4. City Res $48 / Non-Res $58 240523B Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Tue/Thu Apr 23-Jun 6 6:30-7:30p 240523B1 Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Tue/Thu Jun 11-Jul 30 6:30-7:30p


Instructor: Mario Estevez The performance of aerobic exercise and resistance training in chest-deep to shallow water levels. Beginners are welcome. City Res $35 / Non-Res $42 240508-A1 Ages 50+ Pool Mon/Wed Jun 17-Jul 10 9:30-10:30a


Instructor: Jennifer Hensley Originally developed for self-defense, Tai Chi has evolved into a graceful form of exercise that is used for stress reduction and aides a variety of other health conditions. Often described as meditation in motion, it promotes serenity through gentle, flowing movements. Tai Chi is low impact and puts minimal stress on muscles and joints, making it generally safe for all ages and fitness levels, and is especially suitable for older adults (Mayo Clinic Health Information). City Res $19 / Non-Res $22 240523E Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Wed Jun 19 11am-1pm


Instructor: Jennifer Hensley For those interested in developing skills this class is designed to incorporate the art of Tai Chi into your lifestyle. The benefits of Tai Chi include improved balance, flexibility, circulation and stamina as well as mental focus and a stronger immune system, all demonstrated by research studies. No Class July 3. City Res $60 / Non-Res $71 240523E1 Ages50+ CFG/CAC Wed Jun 26-Jul 24 11am-1pm

Registration will begin Monday, April 1st for City Residents and Tuesday, April 2nd for Non-Residents.



Instructors: Jeremy Harold, Certified Arborist, Gail Ham Be part of a community effort to create a group of people who can care for the Harrisonburg urban forest. Participate in a training program to develop expertise as tree steward, able to support the environment in meaningful ways while at the same time having fun. This training program is based on the Trees Virginia training manual, and incorporates expert guest speakers with outdoor experiences. A Saturday outdoor workshop and picnic is included. At the conclusion, participants will receive certification, and become part of an ongoing program to maintain and improve our natural surroundings. City Res $50 / Non-Res $60 240554D All ages CFG/CAC Wed Apr 10-May 29 5-7pm Sat May 18 9am-12pm


Join our new Pinochle Club, which meets at the Community Activities Center. Join us even if you are new to the game, or need a refresher. Please call 540-433-9168 for additional details. FREE. Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Tue Ongoing 1-3pm

Instructor: Erin Stehle, Dottie Furrow The first Friday of every month this summer with the exception of April (2nd Friday), Erin Stehle of the Harrisonburg Fire Department will be offering information that can save your life! There will be prizes and games as well as loads of valuable information on things you probably never think much about. This series can demonstrate how to prevent fires, what to do if a fire occurs, and how to prevent falls. As you grow older, your abilities change, and this will help you adapt and stay safe. FREE. 240554E Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Fri Apr 12 9-11am 240554E1 Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Fri May 3 9-11am 240554E2 Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Fri Jun 7 9-11am 240554E3 Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Fri Jul 5 9-11am


Instructor: Roger Thomas Participants learn defensive driving techniques, new traffic laws and rules of the road to safely adjust driving to compensate for age related changes. For individuals 55+ in Virginia, it is a state law that all insurance companies must offer a discount for anyone who completes the course. Classroom only instruction, no driving or other “in-car” time involved. Bring your driver’s license and make checks payable to AARP on the first day of class. Must attend both classes. AARP members $12/Non-members $14 240554A Ages 55+ CFG/CAC Tue/Wed Apr 23 & 24 1-5pm


Enjoy bowling in a cool, relaxed atmosphere where fun is the name of the game. Experienced or non-experienced bowlers are welcome. Bowl for 16 weeks, with a party on the 17th week where prizes are awarded for a number of categories. $8 per person includes 3 games, shoes and ball. No registration necessary. Ages 50+ Valley Lanes Thu Apr 25- Aug 8 1- 3pm


Join us the last Wed of each month at Harrisonburg Chick-Fil-A. Participants receive a free drink with purchase and play bingo for prizes and fun. No purchase or registration necessary to play. FREE. Ages 50+ Harrisonburg Chick-Fil-A Wed Apr 24-Jul 31 9-10am


Enjoy a classic movie from the archives in a comfortable environment the third Friday of each month. Movies are selected from the best of the classics and are projected on a large screen for excellent viewing. Bring a brown bag lunch. Check website for movie of the month. Please call 540-433-9168 at least one week in advance. Movies will be cancelled if no calls are received. FREE. Fri Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Apr 19, May 17, Jun 21, Jul 19 11am-2pm

Classes & Programs

Instructor: Jonathan Price Head Instructor JMU Tae Kwon Do, 15 years experience teaching a variety of Defensive Tactics courses for civilians as well as law enforcement. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you or someone close to you were attacked? Would you like to know realistic and proven strategies you can trust to help you stay safe? This class will explore how to be more aware of a situation before it goes beyond your control, and realistic ways to respond to best protect yourself. No experience necessary, but any experience welcomed and able to be incorporated. This class does not require physical exertion. City Res $12 / Non-Res $14 240554G1 Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Sat May 11 9:30-11:30am City Res $36 / Non-Res $43 240554G2 Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Tue/Thu May 14-30 5:30-6:30pm



This is a social group for 50+ who like to knit and crochet. Items are donated to area nursing homes, hospitals, ARC, and other service organizations. We also accept donations of materials such as yarn, crochet hooks, needles, etc. FREE. Ages 50+ CFG/CAC Tue/Thu Ongoing 9-11am

Registration will begin Monday, April 1st for City Residents and Tuesday, April 2nd for Non-Residents.


Athletics (540)433-9168


Registration for all youth football leagues including Flag (ages 5&6), Pee Wee (ages 7-9), and Junior (ages 10-12) are currently taking place. The weight limit for Pee Wee will be 125 lbs. and Junior will be 155 lbs. Registration forms will be delivered to schools in May. Forms can also be found at the Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation Office or



This will be a 7 vs. 7, no-contact league with many rules similar to those established by the Men’s Harrisonburg Flag Football League. Teams will be assigned based on a random draw. Coaches needed. Deadline is Mar 29. Contact Erik. Ages 10-12 TBA Wed Apr 24-May 22 6-9pm


Instructors: Akeem Jordan / Chris Thurman Learn the fundaments of all aspects of football including offensive and defensive drills and skills. This camp is for all skill levels. Professional players and college coaches will be in attendance to speak to campers. Contact Tommy. City Res $45 / Non-Res $50 211041A Ages 7-15 HHS Football Field Wed-Fri Jun 26-28 9am-12pm


Instructor: Mark Mace Campers will be given instruction in the fundamentals of baseball including throwing mechanics, fielding mechanics, and hitting mechanics. Campers will also receive specialized instruction required for each position including catcher, pitcher, infielder, and outfielder. Campers will be put in competitive game situations and learn how to train to be successful high school players. Contact Tommy. City Res $40 / Non-Res $45 211042A Ages 8-13 HHS Baseball Field Mon-Thu Jun 17-20 9am-12pm



Instructor: Seymour Solomon Learn the basic fundamentals and all aspects of fast pitch softball. Learn the basic

skills of throwing, hitting, fielding, and knowledge of the game. This camp is designed for all skill levels. Contact Tommy. City Res $25 / Non-Res $30 211035A Ages 8-14 HHS Softball Field Wed-Fri Jun 19-21 9am-12pm


Instructor: Scott Joyner-Boy’s Varsity Coach Develop your skills and learn the fundamentals of basketball in a fun environment. This camp is designed for all skill levels. Contact Tommy. City Res $30 / Non-Res $35 211036B Rising Grade 2-5 HHS Gym Mon-Thu Jun 24-27 9-11:30am 211036B1 Rising Grade 6-9 HHS Gym Mon-Thu Jun 24-27 1-3:30pm


Instructor: Bill Bayer-Girl’s Varsity Coach Develop your skills and have fun learning the game of basketball. This camp covers all skill levels. Contact Tommy. City Res $30 / Non-Res $35 211036A Rising Grade 1-3 HHS Gym Mon-Wed Jun 24-26 5-6:30pm 211036A1 Rising Grade 4-6 HHS Gym Mon-Wed Jun 24-26 6:30-8:30pm


Instructor: Anita Adjetey Participants will learn fundamental skills of track and field including rules, running, and jumping. They will also learn and develop basic skills of conditioning, speed, strength and character in team building. This will allow participants to enjoy fitness activities and apply skills in Hershey’s Track & Field Event on May 18. Contact Tommy. City Res $35 / Non-Res $40 211018A Ages 9-14 EMU Indoor Track Sun May 5-Jul 28 3-5pm


Instructor: Dan Long Learn the fundamental soccer skills through fun drills and games. Contact Tommy. City Res $40 / Non-Res $45 211052A Rising Grades 1-5 Stone Spring Mon -Fri Jun 10-14 8:30-10:30am


Instructor: Laurie Kraus This is a beginner camp for players to learn and improve their skills. The skills introduced will include underhand/ overhand serving, forearm passing, setting, hitting, digging, and diving. There will also be instruction in serve receiving with transitions of offense and defense. Registration deadline is the Wednesday prior to the start of the camp. City Res $55 / Non-Res $60 210144A Grades 5-8 HHS Gym Mon-Fri Jul 15-Jul 19 9am-12:30pm


Instructor: Brad Fiala There is nothing more exciting than taking aim and hitting the bullseye! This program is designed for all skill levels. All sessions will meet at the HHS Activity Field beside the tennis courts. Contact Tommy. City Res $50 / Non-Res $55 Session 1 211053A Ages 8-12 HHS Activity Field Tue/Thu Jun 4-20 5-6pm 231053A Ages 13+ HHS Activity Field Tue/Thu Jun 4-20 6:15-7:15pm Session 2 211053B Ages 8-12 HHS Activity Field Tue/Thu Jul 23-Aug 8 5-6pm 231053B Ages 13+ HHS Activity Field Tue/Thu Jul 23-Aug 8 6:15-7:15pm


Instructors: Wes Runion and Jeremy Harold Learn the skills it takes to become a great fisherman. Enjoy the outdoors while fishing from a fresh water stream. Equipment will be provided, or bring your own. City Res $20 / Non-Res $25 211069A Ages 7-14 Riven Rock Park Sat/Sun May 4&5 9-11:30am


Instructor: Teri Trick Have fun learning all levels of jumping rope. Some of the types of jumping will include Double Dutch, Speed Rope jumping, long ropes and short ropes. This camp is designed for all skill levels. Contact Tommy. City Res $20 / Non-Res $25 211075A Ages 8-15 Armory Tue/Wed Jun 18&19 10am-12pm

Registration will begin Monday, April 1st for City Residents and Tuesday, April 2nd for Non-Residents.


Instructor: Jason Rooney This is a fun introduction to running through games, drills, and exercise that is designed to teach proper form and technique. The students will also learn about the different types of training runs and races as well as overall fitness and wellness including nutrition, stretching, and rest. City Res $35 / Non-Res $40 211074A Ages 6-9 Skyline Middle Mon, Wed, Fri Jun 17, 19, 21 8:30-11:30am


Instructor: Jason Rooney These camps are designed to help runners effectively train and prepare for the fall cross country season. Building on the fitness levels established during the spring track season the first week of camp in June will jump start the summer training, while setting up a summer detailed training program to follow. The campers will learn about all facets of endurance training. The second week of camp in August, the campers will fine tune their running form and technique while focusing on sharpening their training for the upcoming fall cross country season. Both weeks will be full of fun games and drills focused on improving overall fitness. City Res $50/ Non-Res $55 for 1 week 211074B Ages 10+ Skyline Middle Mon-Thu Jun 10-13 8:30-11:30am 211074C Ages 10+ Skyline Middle Mon-Thu Aug 5-8 8:30-11:30am City Res $75/ Non-Res $80 for 2 weeks 211074D Ages 10+ Skyline Middle Mon-Thu Both Sessions 8:30-11:30am


Rink is located at the National Guard Armory Hockey Rink located on Willow Street. Contact Tommy. Tue/Thu 5:30-8:30pm Sat 1-4pm


Reliving a kid’s game…in an adult manner. This is a co-ed league, 15-26 players per team, must have at least 4 females playing the field at all times. 16 team max, registration deadline is Aug 23. $100 per team. 331020A Ages 16+ Purcell Park Tue/Wed Aug 20-Oct 30 6-9pm


We are gathering interest for any man 40 years or older who is interested in joining a basketball league. Each participant must be at least 40 years old by Dec. 31 of the league year. If you do not have an entire team, sign up as an individual and a team can be created. This is a new league, so interest level will depend on the league occurring. For additional information or to submit your name please contact Erik.


Facilitated by Wonder Skate Shop Daily lessons for each camp are designed for any skill level. Learn how to cruise on flat ground and transitions, learn how to drop-in, or step it up and learn everything from lip tricks to flip tricks. Pizza Skate Jam provided on final day of each camp. Pads and helmets required and provided. The deadline for each camp is the Wednesday prior to the start of the camp. Participants must supply their own skateboard. City Res $55 / Non-Res $60 9am-12pm Ages 7-15 Westover Skate Park 211021A Mon-Fri Jun 10-14 211021B Mon-Fri Jul 8-12 311021A Mon-Fri Aug 5-9


SHENANDOAH VALLEY UNITED “The preferred Soccer Organization of the Central Valley”

Recreation Academy

At SVU, our aim is to prepare today for tomorrow. We believe that the collective strength of any team or club is only as good as the individual competency of its players. The academy is a special program for U9 and U10 players.

The Recreational League is open to ages 3–18, regardless of ability. The intent is to maximize player enjoyment and promote player development through smaller-sided games, more contact with the ball and greater time on the field. SVU recreation program is not about winning! SVU has a program that is perfect for your child.

2013 TALENT IDENTIFICATION DAYS Academy: Under 10 – Under 9 Boys and Girls (8/1/04 – 7/31/06) nd


Sunday June 2 & Sunday June 9 1:00 – 3:00pm GIRLS nd th Sunday June 2 & Sunday June 9 3:30 – 5:30pm BOYS Talent identification days location to be determined = check website for details


FALL 2013: REGISTRATION OPENS MAY 1st 2013 Fall 2013 Season: September to November Spring 2014 Season: March to June SVU RECREATION SUMMER SERIES World Cup Camp: June 24th – June 28th 9:00 – 12:00pm 5–13 yrs @ Smithland Soccer Complex

The Shenandoah Valley United Travel program provides the opportunity for boys and girls to participate in a competitive youth soccer environment that promotes excellence and sportsmanship

2013 TRAVEL TRYOUT SCHEDULE TRAVEL: Under 14 - Under 11 Boys and Girls (8/1/99 –7/31/03) th


Monday May 6 & Monday May 13 th th Tuesday May 7 & Tuesday May 14

5:30 – 7:30pm GIRLS 5:30 – 7:30pmBOYS

TRAVEL: Under 19 - Under 15 Boys and Girls (8/1/94 –7/31/98) th


Sunday May 5 & Sunday May 19 th th Sunday May 5 & Sunday May 19

1:00 – 3:00pm 3:30 – 5:30pm




OR 540 383 6341


Join our Nationally Awarded City Tennis Program where players have FUN achieving results. • PTR PTRCertified CertifiedInstructional InstructionalTENNIS TENNISSTAFF STAFFisisled ledby byJohn JohnRaker, Raker,PTR PTR MasterProfessional Professional(1 (1of of32 32worldwide). worldwide).Our Ourcustom customprograms programsand and Master teachingmethods methodshave haveresulted resultedin inTIA TIA&&USTA USTAnational nationalawards. awards. teaching • Our OurCity CityTennis TennisProgram Programisisoffered offeredatatMULTIPLE MULTIPLELOCATIONS LOCATIONS throughoutHarrisonburg Harrisonburgwith with9-seasons 9-seasonsofofpositive positiveplayer playerresults. results. throughout • Linked LinkedPLAY PLAY&&INSTRUCTIONAL INSTRUCTIONALcurriculums curriculumsallow allowplayers playerstoto developtheir theirgames gamesquickly quicklywithout withoutlimits limits––from fromplaying playingwith withfriends friends develop family,making makingthe theteam teamor orcompeting competingatatstate stateor oron oncollege collegeteams. teams. &&family,

Sport for a Lifetime!



These popular summer-only classes emphasis FUN court activities while learning “real tennis shots.” Group games provide motor & socialization skills. City Res $39 / Non-Res $44 210134E Ages 4-6 Eastover Park Mon-Fri June 10-14 8:30-9:00am 210134F Ages 4-6 HHS Mon-Fri June 17-21 8:30-9:00am 210134G Ages 4-6 Eastover Park Mon-Fri July 15-19 8:30-9:00am 210134H Ages 4-6 Purcell Park Mon-Fri July 22-26 8:30-9:00am


NEW USTA Kid’s Club Tennis

Our Kid’s Club Tennis allows kids to sample tennis through supervised rally play & interactive activities. Scheduled after “Quickstart Star” classes to allow players to combine to extend court time and gain rally point confidence. First 2 classes at Eastover Park with next week at new site to offer 4 total hours on-court. City Res $49 / Non-Res $55 211034P Ages 7-11 Eastover/*HHS M/W Jun 10, 12 *17 ,*19 10-11:00am 211034Q Ages 7-11 Eastover/*Purcell M/W Jul 15, 17, *22 ,*24 10-11:00am

NEW USTA Jr. Team Play

This program takes play up a notch compared to our USTA Kid’s Club Tennis. Players enjoy team play with program staff teammates. Each date offers a different format to challenge players while keeping activities fun. Immediately after “Quickstart Star” classes so players may do both to extend court time & gain point play confidence. 1st two at Eastover Park. City Res $49 / Non-Res $55 211034M Ages 7-13 Eastover/*HHS Tue/Thu Jun 11, 13 *18, *20 10-11:15am 211034N Ages 7-13 Eastover/*Purcell Tue/Thu Jul 16, 18, *23, *25 10-11:15am


These 4-day camps have a FUN mix of instructional games, individual skill work, snack break & safe play where kids also enjoy new friendships! Last years most popular program! Participants receive staff card comments and fun camp gift. All player levels welcome! City Res $109 / Non-Res $119 211034F Ages 8-15 Morrison Mon-Thu Jun 24-27 9am-noon 211034G Ages 8-15 Morrison Mon-Thu Jul 8-11 9am-noon 211034H Ages 8-15 Morrison Mon-Thu Jul 29-Aug 1 9am-noon

• Message from Program Director •

These classes develop rally skills quickly using successful age/size methodology. Add our NEW “Kids Club or Jr. Team ” for more rally play and added court time. Most popular program in our last 9 years! Our work helped shape USTA’s new national junior initiatives. City Res $59 / Non-Res $69 210134J Ages 7-13 Eastover Park Mon-Fri Jun 10-14 9-10am 210134K Ages 7-13 HHS Mon-Fri Jun 17-21 9-10am 210134L Ages 7-13 Eastover Park Mon-Fri Jul 15-19 9-10am 210134M Ages 7-13 Purcell Park Mon-Fri Jul 22-26 9-10am


summer tennis

We continue to grow and modify our City Tennis Program. When combined, these programs offer dramatic improvement in a short period of time. Please consider dual enrollment in Quickstart & Play offerings for more FUN and best results!

16 Registration will begin Monday, April 1st for City Residents and Tuesday, April 2nd for Non-Residents.

Harrisonburg City Tennis Program Online Tennis Registration:

2013 Virginia Professional Tennis Instructional Staff & Services John Raker begins his 16th season of leading tennis programs in the Harrisonburg area. He has introduced tennis to over 1,000 area players, is Tennis Magazine published and nationally active in the tennis industry. His area high school players have won district titles with several going onto varsity and club programs most recently at: Bridgewater, Hollins, JMU, Radford, UVA and Virginia Tech. In addition to leading his 10th consecutive City Tennis Program year, this year John began a term as President of USTA Mid-Atlantic Section and will be awarded PTR’s International Master Tennis Professional status in May – joining notable members such as Arthur Ashe, Billie Jean King and his Hilton Head Island mentor Dennis Van der Meer. 2013 VPT Returning Staff Members include: Elizabeth Hunter (Radford Club player and former SHS State competitor), Megan Hunter (VA Tech Club Player and former SHS State competitor) Sam Churchill (Varsity Junior player at Bridgewater ) & Sarah McCormick (Varsity Sophomore player at Hollins University). In addition to our full menu of programs, camps and group lessons, PRIVATE LESSONS are available by appointment from VPT Staff Members and John Raker. For Program Updates, Photos and Pro Shop Services please visit our website at


Please see full description on left page. Great to combine with After-School QST. City Res $45 / Non-Res $49 211034O Ages 7-11 Purcell Park Mon/Wed May 20-29 5-6pm 311034A Ages 7-11 Eastover Park Mon/Wed Sep 9-18 5-6pm

NEW USTA Jr. Team Play

Please see full description on left page. Great to combine with After-School QST. City Res $45 / Non-Res $49 211034L Ages 7+ Purcell Park Tue/Thu May 21-30 5-6pm 311034B Ages 7+ Eastover Park Tue/Thu Sep 10-19 5-6pm

Coach Raker travels with players for FUN team matches with Charlottesville, Fishersville and Staunton teams. Players High School Tennis Camp receive cool Team Shirt and valuable For players in High School season. Camp summer match play. *Participation required work in successful doubles, competitive in 2013 City Tennis Program. Season tactics, court mobility and competitive secrets from Coach Raker’s Collegiate Team comprised of 4 or more Team Matches & 1 Team workout. and HS Player experiences. Camp & 1 Play Team Workout - $59 Night = 9 total hours. 211034I Jun 22 HHS City Res $99 / Non-Res $109 18 player limit 10a-noon 211034R Ages 14-18 HHS Mon-Wed Apr 1-3 10am-12:30pm


adult programs


For players preparing for High School & tournament play. Active drills, coaching and play combine to further competitive skills. Excellent summer groups! City Res $59 / Non-Res $69 211034A Ages 12-18 Eastover Park Mon-Fri June 10-14 12:15-1:15pm 211034B Ages 12-18 Eastover Park Mon-Fri July 15-19 12:15-1:15pm

High School Intensive Camp

For players preparing for High School & tournament play. Active drills, coaching and play combine to further competitive skills. Great preparation for local summer tournaments! Camp+ 2 Play Nights = 12 total hours. City Res $109 / Non-Res $119 211034J Ages 12-18 HHS Mon-Wed Jun 17-19 noon-3pm



NEW USTA Kid’s Club Tennis

15th Annual Jr. Travel Team

Our fun classes combine instruction, drills and play to help players gain tennis foundation skills quickly. These classes combined with the play programs that immediately follow offer a “head start” to development and summer placement. *Players will be placed into “court groups” given their ages and tennis skills. City Res $59 / Non-Res $69 210134A Ages 7+ Purcell Park Mon-Fri May 20-24 4-5pm 210134B Ages 7+ Purcell Park Mon-Fri May 27-31 4-5pm 310134A Ages 7+ Eastover Park Mon-Fri Sep 9-13 4-5pm 310134B Ages 7+ Eastover Park Mon-Fri Sep 16-20 4-5pm

Jr. High Performance

Spring & Fall tennis

Fun curriculum to help rally skills develop quickly and those starting or “coming back” to tennis. Make new tennis friends and move towards social play like the local Tennis United Sunday program. GREAT opportunity to start a lifetime sport.
 City Res $59 / Non-Res $69 220134B Ages 18+ Purcell Park Tue/Thu May 7-21 6:30-7:45pm 320134A Ages 18+ Purcell Park Tue/Thu Sep 10-24 6:30-7:45pm


We offer these popular classes to all player levels to provide FUN group on-court aerobic workouts to music with various drills and games. City Res $59 / Non-Res $69 220134A Ages 18+ Purcell Park Mon/Wed May 15-29 6:30-7:45pm 220134D Ages 18+ Purcell Park Mon/Wed Jun 10-24 6:30-7:45pm 320134B Ages 18+ Purcell Park Mon/Wed Sep 18-Oct 2 6:30-7:45pm


Registration will begin Monday, April 1st for City Residents and Tuesday, April 2nd for Non-Residents.

Community Center Information 305 S. Dogwood Drive 540-433-2474

Hours of Operation

Mon–Fri 6:30am-9:00pm Sat 9:00am-5:00pm Sun 1:00pm-6:00pm Daily Gym schedule available online


$2/person/hour $1/person/hour $10/court/hour


CFG/CAC members may purchase Racquetball Cards for convenience. Fourteen plays per card. Adult card: $24

Community Centers


Come check out our racquetball courts. Current annual pass holders may reserve courts up to 2 days in advance by calling 433-2474.


Get in shape with a full body workout in our Exercise Room. We feature five treadmills, four elliptical machines, two recumbent bicycles, seated leg press, abdominal and back extension, shoulder press, seated calf machine, rotary torso machine, seated triceps extension, and more. Access to the Exercise Room is limited to adults and pre-approved youth only.


Local residents ages 12 and over may enjoy the facilities of the Cecil F. Gilkerson Community Activities Center & the Lucy F. Simms Continuing Education Center by purchasing an annual ID pass. Passes are available to City Residents and Non-Residents. The pass will serve as general admission to the Center, and allow pass holders to make Racquetball court reservations in advance. Daily guest fees now available for the weight room.


City Resident Adult. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $30 Non-Resident Adult. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$60 City Resident Senior (55 and over). . . $15 Non-Resident Senior (55 and over). . .$30 City Resident Teen (12-17 years). . . . .. $5 Non-Resident Teen (12-17 years). . . . $15 Youth Daily Guest Fee. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$2 Adult Daily Guest Fee*. . . . . . . . . . . . . ..$3 * Must show photo identification to enter.


Are you planning an event? Our Recreation Centers have many options if you’re looking for space. We’d be happy to accommodate your next birthday party, baby shower, business meeting, conference, or workshop. See community center websites for room layout options & fees specific to each building.

620 Simms Avenue 540-437-9213


8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday

COMPUTER LAB HOURS (Free) Monday-Friday 8:30am-11:30am - 2:00pm-5:00pm Monday & Wednesday 6:30pm-9:00pm FITNESS ROOM HOURS

(Annual Pass or Guest Fee) 8:00am-12pm Mon/Wed 6:30pm-9pm Mon/Wed 7:30am-2pm Tue/Thur


One of the easiest and best ways to lose or maintain weight is by simply walking. This is a self guided walking program that you can do with a friend or family member. Walk the trail in Ralph Sampson Park (the trail is .5 miles (2 laps = 1 mile) long) or create your own throughout the neighborhood.

Pick-up games are run so come to the Gym and bring a friend. High School age through adults. Annual Pass or Guest Fee Required. Mon Tue Tue Wed Thu


6:30-9pm 11am-1pm 6-8:45pm 6:30-9pm 11am-1pm

Simms Simms CFG/CAC Simms Simms

Our gymnasium will be open for families and individuals to participate in open gym activities. No full court basketball or volleyball will be held during this time. Annual Pass or Guest Fee Required. Thu 6-8:45pm CFG/CAC Sat 9am-4:45pm CFG/CAC Sun 1-5:45pm CFG/CAC


Join us for pick-up games of volleyball in the C.A.C. Gym every Monday and Wednesday night. Children under High School age must be accompanied on the court by a parent. Mon/Wed 6-8:45 pm

Youth Volleyball Thu


Lucy F. Simms Continuing Education Center


Get out of bed early for some fast paced action. Every weekday morning the gym is available for full court basketball. Racquetball courts are available on a first come, first serve basis. Get your work out in before work in our Exercise Room. Showers are available, but you need to bring your own supplies. Mon-Fri 6:30-9am CFG/CAC Annual Pass or Guest Fee


Cecil F. Gilkerson Community Activities Center


To impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill lifeenhancing values, and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.

Advanced Clinics & Challenges

Little Legends

Interested in getting involved?

Attend one of our volunteer trainings to learn more about how you can help. Trainings last approximately one hour and help to provide a basic understanding of the program. Training Dates are as follows: April 23rd 5pm May 24th 5pm June 17th 4pm July 22nd 5pm

Don’t forget to practice this summer! Clinics and challenges are open for ages 10-17 and are free. Each clinic will focus on specific golf skills. Clinics Short Game – June 25 3pm, July 1 3pm, Aug. 6 3pm Irons – July 15 3pm, Aug. 13 2pm Driver/Long Range – July 30 3pm, Aug. 19 4pm Challenges Short Game – June 27 3pm, July 8 3pm, Aug. 8 3pm Irons – July 17 3pm, Aug. 15 2pm Driver/Long Range – July 31 3pm, Aug. 20 4pm

Little Legends is the beginner level for ages 5 & 6. At this level, we discuss basic golf principles, basic course etiquette, and class is based on fun. Apr. 8, 10, 15, 17 (Mon./Wed.) 4pm May 9, 16, 23, 30 (Thur.) 4pm June 17, 18, 19, 20 (Week) 1pm July 16, 17, 18, 19 (Week) 9am July 30 Aug. 1, 6, 8 (Tue./Thur.) 9am


PLAYer is the first level for ages 7 and older. Par is the second level for ages 9 and older. Par level Birdie is the third level for ages 10 and older. PLAYer level helps establish the foundation for covers life skills such as exploring the Game, Birdie level courses are more intensive, where young people to become life-long PLAYers of Respecting the Rules, Meeting and Greeting, golf skills become more advanced as the time the game. There are three levels of focus Play, Having Fun While You Learn, Staying Cool, and requirement to playing and practicing Learn, and Appreciate. Finding Your Personal Par. Participants must increases. Participants before being enrolled successfully complete PLAYer before moving to Par. in Birdie must successfully complete all Apr. 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18 (Tue./Thur.) 4pm phases of PAR. May 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22 (Mon./Wed.) 4pm June 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 (Wed./Thur./Fri.) 9am July 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 19 (Mon./Wed./Fri.) 1pm July 22, 24, 29, 31 Aug. 5, 7 (Mon./Wed.) 10am

Apr. 2, 24, 29 May 1, 6, 8 (Mon./Wed.) 4:15pm June 22, 29 July 13, 20, 27 Aug. 3 (Sat.) 10:30am July 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25 (Tue./Thur.) 2pm July 22, 24, 26, 29, 31 Aug. 2 (Mon./Wed./Fri.) 1pm




May 28, 30 June 4, 6, 11, 13 (Tue./Thur.) 4pm June 22, 29 July 13, 20, 27 Aug. 3 (Sat.) 9am July 23, 25, 30 Aug. 1, 6, 8 (Tue./Thur.) 10:15am

NEW SUMMER PRICING!!! Little Legends - $25 Certification Classes - $50 Refer-A-Friend Discount – Refer-A-Friend during registration and get a $10 discount on both your registration fees. If you have any further questions or would like more information regarding signing up, please call Colby Horne at The First Tee at 540.437.4239,, or visit We are located at: 690 Garbers Church Road, Harrisonburg, VA 22801


Experience the

Valley’s Best


“Best in the Valley” 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012 (Daily News Record Readers Pole)

680 Garbers Church Road Harrisonburg, VA 22801 540-442-6502

PRO SHOP HOURS Pro Shop Hours - Daily 7:00 am – 7:00 pm May – September

The food & beverage facility is open and ready to serve you.

YOU MAY NOW BOOK YOUR TEE TIME ON-LINE!! Visit To Reserve Your Time Today LEAGUE PLAY At Heritage Oaks, we offer league play for men, seniors, ladies, and juniors. To find out more or to sign up for one, contact the pro-shop. SEASON PASSES For those who are able to play more often, we have season passes available at affordable rates. ANNUAL PASSES Regular Adult: $875.00 Add Spouse: $375.00 Add Dependent Child: $175.00 Senior (Age 55 & over) $795.00 Add Spouse: $375.00 Junior (Age 12-17) $175.00 Family* $1300.00 (*Includes Father, Mother, Dependent Children @ home)

6-Month Pass – Regular 6-Month Pass – Senior

$475.00 $425.00

Note: 6-Month Passes Good January 1 to June 30 OR July 1 to December 31


Call Wild Woods to cater your next golf outing or special event 540-433-7888 or 540-828-2277


Interested in receiving specials, pro shop sales and announcements from Heritage Oaks?? Simply Email David at To Be Added To Our Email List.

ABOUT THE COURSE Scenic Heritage Oaks Golf Course offers a challenging yet fair golf experience for golfers of all abilities. Designed by William Love, this beautiful par 70 layout offers links-style holes along with traditional tree lined, park-land style holes and multiple sets of tees accommodate golfers of all skill levels.

Add an Annual Cart Pass to Your Season Pass Only $525 Additional (Per Person) OUTINGS/FUNDRAISERS Our golf tournament package rates are affordable and allow you to play golf and have a meal in one location. Heritage Oaks is ideal for tournaments, nonprofit fundraisers, corporate outings and other events. Please contact the pro shop for details on our golf outing & meal rates and availability.

Heritage Oaks Golf Course 2013 rates 18-Holes Walking (Per Person) Weekday $26 Weekend $30 18 Holes with Cart (Per Person) Weekday $42 Weekend $46 9 Holes Walking (Per Person) Weekday $16 Weekend $18 9 Holes with Cart (Per Person) Weekday $25 Weekend $27 Twilight Walking (Per Person) (Please call for twilight time)

Weekday $16 Weekend $18

Twilight with Cart (Per Person) Weekday $25 Weekend $27 Mid-Day Rates 1 pm – 4 pm daily Ride 18 holes for $35/person DRIVING RANGE RATES: Large bucket: $6.00 Small bucket: $4.00 Punch Card (10 Buckets): $45.00 UPCOMING EVENTS May 11 – Ladies Invitational May 25 – Par 3 Championship June 29 – 30 – Monger 2-player Championship (Heritage Oaks & Spotswood C.C.)

July 26 – 28 - Loudoun Mutual Valley Open

(Hosted by Heritage Oaks, Lakeview, Spotswood, Ingleside & Ironwood) Visit for details

Primary Householder (LAST) ______________________________________ (FIRST) ______________________________


Harrisonburg Parks & Recreation 305 S. Dogwood Drive Harrisonburg, VA 22801


Harrisonburg Parks & Recreation


Administrative Office Hours: 8am – 5pm Mon – Fri (540) 433-9168

Address ________________________________________________________________________________ City __________________________________________________ State ________ Zip


Home Phone____________________ Work Phone ______________________ Date of Birth __________ Male


Email Address __________________________________________________

Secondary Householder (LAST) __________________________________ (FIRST) ______________________________ Male


Email Address________________________________________ Date of Birth

Emergency Contact Person ________________________________ Phone __________________________ PARTICIPANT NAME (LAST, FIRST)







(540) 433-2474

Westover Pool (540) 434-0571

Lucy F. Simms Center (540) 437-9213

HARRISONBURG PARKS & REC CLASS REGISTRATION FORM Registration for City of Harrisonburg residents begins on Monday, April 1, 2013 at 8 a.m. Registration for non-city residents begins on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at 8 a.m. Program/activity refunds will be given until a program begins, minus a 10% administration charge.

No class registrations accepted after the second class has been held.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Questions or new ideas?

Contact: Lynn Turner at 433-9168 or

Registration Available Online

Theme Park Discount Tickets Busch Gardens Discount Days Valid March 22 – October 27 $52.00 $34.00 $41.00 $34.00

Movies Under The Stars AT WESTOVER PARK Bring your blanket and sit on the hill behind the Cecil F. Gilkerson Community Activities Center and enjoy the show. Anyone under the age of 16 needs to be with an adult. In case of rain, the movie will be cancelled. All movies start at 9:15pm. Movies are subject to change.

Special Events

Kings Dominion Valid Weekends thru May 27, 2013 Good Any Day Tickets Valid June 28 –August 4, 2013

Sat, June 1 THE SANDLOT PG Sat, June 15 GREASE PG Sat, August 17 THE HUNGER GAMES PG-13 (will begin at 8:30pm)

Questions: 540.433.2474


PRSRT STD U.S. Postage PAID Harrisonburg, VA Permit No. 75

305 S. Dogwood Dr. Harrisonburg, VA 22801 Phone: 540.433.9168 Fax: 540.433.9169



Westover Pool

June 15, 2013 12:00-3:00 EE


For more information (540)434-0571 / 433-9168

Rain Date/June 16

This has been printed o


Register your 3 or 4 yr. old for preschool. Must be 3 or 4 by September 30, 2013. Registration begins 6/3/2013 in the Administrative office of the Cecil F. Gilkerson Community Activities Center. $25 non refundable deposit due at registration. Cost: $200 mid-Sept through mid-May. M/W/F from 9:30am-12pm. City residents only. Call 433-9168 for more information.

Front Cover: Sam Wyse 2012 Bike Rodeo

Spring/Summer 2013 Activity Guide  
Spring/Summer 2013 Activity Guide  

Harrisonburg Parks & Recreation most recent activity guide.