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132 Ashdale Avenue,, Toronto Ontario, M4L 2Y9 416-875-5683

FALL 2020 APPLICANT’S STATEMENT OF AUTHORSHIP ( M u s t be c o m p le t e d b y t h e A p p l i c a n t)

Matthew Chong I _________________________________, hereby certify that the work submitted in (Print your name)

my portfolio, and the essay and sketches for review are entirely of my own creation and hand. N / A Ryerson Student Number (nine digits): ________________________

Applicant’s Email Address: Applicant’s Phone/Cell Number:

________________________ 416-875-5683 ________________________

My signature below indicates that all aspects and submissions are true and accurate and have been prepared by me. Further, no relevant information, academic or otherwise has been withheld, otherwise my admission to or registration at Ryerson University may be revoked. January 15 2020 _____________________________________ _______________________ Applicant’s Signature Date

GUARANTOR’S* STATEMENT OF AUTHENTICITY ( M u s t be c o m p l et e d b y t h e G ua r a n to r )

*Guarantor may be a teacher, employer, lawyer, physician or religious leader who is familiar with the applicant and with the applicant’s creative work. A family member cannot be a guarantor.

Wayne Barrett I _________________________________, guarantee that the work submitted by this (Print your name)

applicant is entirely of her/his own creation and hand. Principal Architect, Barrett Architect Inc. Guarantor’s Position & Organization: _____________________________________ 416-587-1415 Guarantor’s Phone Number: _________________________ Guarantor’s Email: ________________________________ 8yrs How long have you known the applicant? ______________ months/years _____________________________________ Guarantor’s Signature

January 15 2020 ________________________ Date

Admissions Fall 2019 Statements of Authorship & Authenticity Last Revised: October 2019

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