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March 2014

Achieve @ St Bernard’s from the Principal Kia ora tatou. Nau mai, haere mai, mihi mai. Greetings to everyone.


our Reality is a Reflection of What You Believe You Deserve!

Y13 Retreat

If you believe you have a chance at success, then this is possible. If you believe that failure or losing is on the cards then you have already predicted the result. Time flies and it waits for no one. We need to get on with the things that are worth doing. Many last year took up the challenge to DREAM BIG, THINK BIGGER and achieved beyond their own expectations. They believed in themselves, they were confident and aspired (with a dose of hard work) to gain the success they deserved in the end.

On 11 and 12 February, the Y13’s had their annual Retreat which is the final stage of “THE MOUNTAIN!” This year we were at the peak! After all those years of working our way up we had made it to the top (become the leaders in the school) and this retreat prepared us as a group for the challenges we will face this year. Based at the Silverstream Retreat Centre this retreat was like no other we had experienced before. Our focus as a year group was to learn about Presence (our Marist pillar for this year) and Brotherhood. It was all about how we were going to incorporate this in all year groups so that it would make us as a stronger student body. This was demonstrated in many of the activities that we participated in. These activities included sessions with our teachers, outdoor activities and free time for us to increase our sense of true brotherhood with one another. As a whole we learnt about how not only to be present to one another, but present also to the younger generations of Bernard’s men coming through, ideas on how we can participate in social justice events at school and creating events and projects that would allow Y13’s to mix with Y7’s and inspire them to be the best possible versions of themselves. I have to say some really great ideas were produced at the Retreat and a lot of people unlocked their potential as leaders of our school; “A badge doesn’t make you a leader but more your attitude in doing better for others” Really proud of all the boys that went and I hope that positive attitude remains. SHOW THE PRIDE OF BERNARD’S MEN. We would like to thank all the teachers and staff that made this retreat possible, especially Mr Sutherland for the overall organisation of this amazing retreat. -Nate Lindstrom and Benjamin Duthie-Jung

“We believe if you can dream it, you can do it” and “Make. Believe” are slogans from two Japanese mega-corporates, Toyota and Sony. They seem to be onto something that we as Catholics have had for hundreds of years. Our major statement of faith and doctrine starts with “I believe ….” And that is what we need to nurture in our staff, students and community – that WE BELIEVE everything is possible with God’s help. Where do we start? We start with checking how confident we are in what we want to do. This introspection helps us, given that we are all made in the image of God, to realise that we have dignity and we deserve better. Not ‘deserve’ as an entitlement – that others owe us anything, but that we believe in our own ability to change things for ourselves and get the outcomes we want for ourselves. That is what focusing, time-management, goal setting, decision making is all about – bringing everything to bear in unison to improve our life. It is us who take the first step to make things happen. This belief and faith will help our young men look for better opportunities which they know are available and motivate them to pursue them. Clearly, we have to discover that we all have do our part, and then trust that, God willing, the highest good would manifest. Confidence grows with trying something different and achieving a positive result. This makes us want to do better – e.g. achieving the next standard, high jumping an extra 5cm, solving quadratic equations. The magic in this is to quit the old thinking, where one undervalued oneself even before they had started. This does involve risk taking and letting go of our failing comfort zone which was wearing us down to something unknown. Yet, we have to trust that all our hard work would manifest a new opportunity. It is not like one day we wake up and everything is perfect. In reality, it is common to wake up some days questioning our value, feeling down, and finding ourselves in less than ideal situations. Staying positive and staying the distance is the magic key. Negative thinking holds us back. Once we are aware of this, we can change it. Once we can see that we are sabotaging ourselves, we can choose to deepen our spiritual practices. This will energise us and increase our faith, helping us take action, which always leads to a more fulfilling reality. It starts with BELIEF, it ends with accomplishment. (adapted from T Payne,

“I believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible.” Peter Fava

St Bernard’s College

Open Day Saturday 24 May

Arts Festival

Languages Department Welcomes This year we welcomed Miss Ellen Gallagher as the new Year 9 French teacher. students are already learning lots and having fun with French.


We would also like to welcome the students and teacher from Shibuya Makuhari Junior High School who are being hosted by St Bernard’s College for two weeks during their spring break. We hope they enjoy practising their English and learning about life and school in New Zealand.

SBC has sent out over 100 students to 9 different events at the Arts festival this year. We have attended the Opera rehearsal, musical and dramatic performances, as well as a particularly inspiring acrobatic show at the Opera House. The tickets are offered to the school at greatly reduced prices which allows our students to enjoy these world class shows. Many thanks to all the teachers who took groups out and to the parents who waited so patiently to collect their sons from school when we returned at night. It makes a huge difference to teachers when we don’t have to wait around for students to be picked up. Ms Lomax

Year 9 Languages Rotation The Year 9 students (excluding those in 9AEN) are currently involved in the Languages Rotation. This is a set of 6 lessons each in French, Japanese, Maori and Samoan. At the conclusion of the rotation students will decide which one of these 4 languages they will continue in for the remainder of the year. We are nearly at the end of the rotation and we, the teachers, have enjoyed being able to meet, greet and interact with the students in the different languages. At the end of the term, once students are in their language class, invoices will be sent out. Language Perfect All the French, Japanese, Sāmoan and Māori students now have access to Language Perfect - an online learning resource to assist in learning vocabulary Students should aim to spend about 20 minutes a day learning vocabulary and this is a fun way to do it. Once again this year the students will have the opportunity to compete against other students in NZ and around the world in the Language Championships. Good luck to all and let’s get vocabulary learning.

Celebrating Language – Language Weeks Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa May 26-30 Te Wiki o te Reo Māori July 21-27 International Languages Week August 17-23

Term one Whānau Support hui – Tuesday 4 March

Homework Club

40 parents and the families of our Māori students met for the school’s first Whānau Support hui for the year. The main messages given at the hui were:

An Opportunity to get your homework done Year 7/8 students

 Maori students achieve as well as, than the whole school average and always better than the national average.  Target early with goal setting and interventions the Y11, Y12 and Y13 Maori students who are at risk of not achieving L1, L2 and L3.  Ensure Maori students are encouraged and given leadership opportunities.  Bring the attendance of Y11, 12 and Y13 Maori students to the level of the whole school average (92%)

 Tuesdays 3.30pm-4:30pm  Room M4  Milo will be available in Terms 2&3  BYO snacks  Internet access to get those assignments researched  Computers available to publish any written work  All welcome  Free of charge but a smile would go a long way

Debating News We have five teams this year, Junior Certificate, Junior Premier, with a bulge of two teams at the Senior Certificate level and finally a Premier A team. A number of Year 10 debaters have been promoted to the Senior Certificate level so that everyone can get as many debating opportunities as possible. These two teams, despite being up against older, more experienced teams both had wins in the first round. Well done Declan, Steven, Conrad, Nathan, Jack and Zac. Many thanks to the coaches and managers of teams who give up a lot of their time for their teams. - Sue McNab, Debating Convenor

It was proposed that in 6-8 weeks’ time a noho marae will be held to support the continued achievement of Maori students at St Bernard’s College . Y7/8’s “Ki-O-Rahi” day – “On 28 February, I arrived at school prepared to play six solid hours of Ki-O-Rahi. When I first got to school I went into 8CL to find people getting changed, so I got my PE gear out of my bag and put it on. For the next 20 minutes I hung around Marcellin until the bell went and I had to go to class. When I was back in 8CL Miss Calcinai did morning registration. After that we were split into two teams - A and B. I was in B. These were our teams for Ki-O-Rahi. When the bell rang at nine, we trooped outside and sat in our team lines. After expectations were explained by Mr Williams, Mr Rangiwhetu, Mr Nicol and Ms Taylor, we were ready to start play. Rory, our captain, lead us over to field one. When we got there we set up to play the other CL team, A. After 15 minutes of hard-core pace and throwing, we lined up by the “tupu” to hear the final result. As it turned out we'd won, though narrowly. After that we played an 8RA team but lost. After morning interval we played three more games and won them all. Then after lunch there were two more round robin games and we won one and lost one. We qualified for the semis with a record of six wins and two losses. We won our first semi and moved onto the final against 8RA (a team that had beaten us). I was nervous when we kicked off but got more confident as we started to score points. We cancelled the other team out pretty well in the second half, so I was confident but nervous before the announcement of the final score

In the end, we won 17-12 so I cheered along with my team as we claimed our Ki-O-Rahi balls, as the prize for winning the tournament outright. What an amazing day!” By Hunter Locke 8CL

Sport Athletics Championships On Tuesday 25 February the annual SBC Athletics Championships were once again held at the Hutt Rec, as usual participation was high and competition was fierce. Ignatius narrowly came out on top with only 7 points difference between 1st and 3rd position. Five records were broken on the day. St Bernard’s College took 55 students to the Hutt Zone Championships on Friday 7 March where we finished 3rd behind HIBS and HVHS. From there 16 competitors qualified for the College Sport Wellington Regional Championships. Nathan Dicken broke the Hutt Zone record in the Triple Jump which had stood since 1992 Students who competed at the CSW Regional Event on 13 March were — N Stirling, S Tatafu, U Faafoa, D Tuhaka, A Tupu, B Wilson, L Finau, P Tuisamoa, F Keil, N Dicken, D

Lefaoseu, W Fine. The senior relay team C Ene, F Tauauvea, F Keil, P Tuisamoa came 2nd in the 4x100m relay. Summer Sports At the recent College Sport Regional Volleyball Tournament our Senior team finished a creditable 5th= out of 18 teams. All other summer sports teams are in full swing and have had mixed results, all teams entered in the College Sport Wellington competitions will have their final games in the week beginning 24 March. Coming Up: NISS Water Polo 26-30 April Swimming Sports 24 March Marist Quadrangular 3-5 April CSW Golf Champs 3 April Y7/8 Interschool swimming 14 April

SBC Individual Champions Year 7

Khya Wilson

Year 8

Cameron Tustin


Nathan Stirling


Bree Henderson, Bradley McEwan


Scott Travis


Nathan Dicken


1st Ignatius, 2nd Marcellin, 3rd Pompallier, 4th Chanel


Nathan Dicken—Snr High Jump 1.76m, Open Triple Jump 12.60m, Nathan Stirling—Jnr High Jump 1.59m, Jnr discus 34.28m. Khya Wilson—Y7 High Jump 1.32m

Wellington team to compete at the North Island Secondary School Champs in April

Poata Tuisamoa—Senior boys 100m Nathan Stirling—Junior Boys Discus Nathan Dicken—Senior boy7s triple jump Uso Faafoa—Junior Boys shot put


2014 Term Dates Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4

28 January to 17 April 5 May to 4 July 21 July to 26 September 13 October to 5 December

Doctor’s consultation at St Bernard’s College

Diary Notes March 24 SBC Swimming Sports 25 Class Photos April 3 Marist Quadrangular tournament 7 CSW Phillips Cup Golf 11 Y11 PED Trip 14 Y7-10 Badge Ceremony Y7/8 Swimming Champs 17 Easter Liturgy—Last Day for Term 1

Plan to be as fit and healthy as you can be!!

May 5 Term 2 commences 14 Hato Paora trip 16 Careers Expo Y11 17 O’Shea Shield 20 Workchoice Day, ICAS competition 22 Cross Country 23 Work Day (TBC) 24 Open Day

PFS News



ovie Night

Clinic Open Thursday 10 — 3pm Alex Ferrier-Kerr is our school health nurse. Dr Beena Hegde will be in attendance at the Thursday Clinic  570-0883 or 560-9250 (College office)

Free Dental Treatment offered by Graeme Yee Dental Care, 66 Bloomfield Terrace, Lower Hutt,  566-1119 This free treatment is available to all secondary students until their 18th birthday. All new patients, students and parents are welcome. If you have any questions please feel free to call on the above number.

ntertainment Books

will be issued to Year 7 and 8 boys the Come join us for an entertaining evening week of 7 April. watching the comedy movie Other families in the school may purchase a book from the school office. These are $60. “The Budapest Hotel” starring Ralph Fienes and Owen Wilson. The Lighthouse Theatre, Petone @ 6.30pm Thursday 10 April.

Uniform Shop Normal Opening Hours Monday 8.15 to 9.00am Wednesday 10.30 to11am Thursday 12.30 to 1.30pm

Uniform on AP Uniform purchases may be charged to your AP with the consent of the college on a case -by-case basis. Boys need to bring a signed note from parents. Please email or phone the accounts office ext 861.

Spot prizes and pre movie nibbles from 6pm. Tickets $20 available from the office or  Felicity 021 369748.

Board News

Second Hand Uniform

Stephanie Baucke has been re-elected as Chairperson and Br Doug Dawick re-elected Deputy Chairperson at the first Board meeting of 2014. She thanked the Trustees for her re-election and commented that the Board is a committed group which looks forward to continuing to support the great work that St Bernard’s College staff, students, parents, caregivers and wider Whanu are doing. The College’s 2014 Board consists of Tapu Alaifatu, Natasha Gilmour, Kath McGuinness, Jim Nicolle, Sandra Niko, Mary Margaret Shuck (Parent Trustees); Stephanie Baucke, Br Doug Dawick, Kate Dominikovich, Stephen Hewson (Proprietor’s Trustees); Peter Fava (Principal); Brenten Higson (Staff Trustee); Daniel Raju (Student Trustee) and Patricia Pynenburg (Board Secretary).

If your son has grown out of some uniform items that are in good condition please consider donating them to the school or we can sell on your behalf less a commission. All proceeds from second hand school uniforms go to the library to purchase new books. If you have items to donate or sell, please leave them at the school office or if you have any queries, please contact Tania on 587-0024.

Patricia Pynenburg (Board Secretary) Preferred method of payment school fees The school prefers all school fees to be paid directly to our bank account. This is a safer means of payment that provides a reliable trail. Our bank account is ASB Queensgate 12-3142-0164653-00. Please include your son’s first name and surname, and your phone number in the reference fields. Receipts are issued for all payments and given to students in class. If you are facing financial difficulties please see the Principal. Thank you.

Contact Details p f e w

04 560 9250 04 560 9251

Sponsors of the St Bernard’s College Newsletter

Physical/Postal Address 183 Waterloo Road Lower Hutt 5010 New Zealand

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