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November 2012

Achieve @ St Bernard’s from the principal Kia ora tatou. Greetings to all, Namaste, Konnichiwa, Kia orana, Bula vinaka, Malo e lelei, Kumusta, Talofa lava, Malo Ni, Kudual, Taloha, Merhba.

New Student Trustee

In the last two newsletters, I have been pointing out the challenges we face to engage our students and one of the aspects that affects such engagement (the determination to learn) has to do with a school ethos or climate conducive to students' academic success. A school with a good school ethos is characterised by student and teacher cohesion, a strong academic emphasis, positive teacher expectations of students, positive teacher attitudes toward students, a stress on positive rewards, and consistent and shared values and standards. We aim to create students who perform well academically, have good discipline and have high attendance records. Schools with a poor ethos create the opposite student behaviours.

Student Participation Research evidence suggests that behavioural and academic outcomes were higher in schools where a high proportion of students were given active roles and positions of responsibility, and where teachers and students shared extra-curricular activities. This is something we have been working on and hopefully we will see more boys and teachers taking part. The effectiveness of empowering students - allowing them to tutor other students, to assist adults in planning, and to join school improvement task forces—in creating a good school ethos and an effective school is well documented. Student voice is something we need to listen to a bit more.

Components of a Good School Ethos

The Board would like to congratulate and welcome Shavin Senanayake as the new Student Trustee to the College’s Board of Trustees. The Board also wishes to thank Kyle Viagedor for generously committing his time and energy to his fellow students and the College as the past Student Trustee. We wish Kyle every success for his future. Patricia Pynenburg, Board Secretary

A good school ethos, according to a number of studies, is created by a strongly academic atmosphere, high expectations for student success and a stress on positive rewards. One common feature of effective schools is teachers who believe that ALL students (not just the bright ones) can learn and who have an instructional orientation reflecting this belief. When teachers are hopeful and optimistic, the students become more confident in their own ability to do well. Our teachers have a philosophy of “no student left behind” and the number of opportunities that students are offered to catch up is just amazing. There are other components that characterise a positive school ethos: vigorous lesson plans that allow little wasted time and that elicit high performance standards; regular and consistent homework; high grading standards (with grades not being used for disciplinary purposes); and immediate and positive feedback on students' performance. Punishment, especially if it humiliates the student, usually results in poor attendance and anti-social behaviour. This does not mean that students who misbehave do not have to face disciplinary action and consequences. They do.

Consistent and Shared Values and Standards Increasingly, studies of city secondary schooling note the importance to a school's effectiveness of consistent and shared values and standards of both academic excellence and discipline. It is argued that, although it is particularly difficult in a secular society for a state school to act with confidence on issues of values and standards, the success of St Bernard’s College shows that there are no substitute for personal attention and clear and strong beliefs and values. On this we stand strongly! Kia Kaha. Peter Fava

Academic Awards Ceremony Monday 3 December 7pm Horticultural Hall Laings Road, Lower Hutt Compulsory for all students Full school uniform required

Blood Sports

In his directorial debut, Kyle Viagedor (year 13) produced this year’s SBC Production of “Blood Sports” a comedy about the All Blacks playing Dracula’s ghouls.

The actors did a superb job bringing their characters “to life” after months of rehearsals including weekends and the holidays. Their dedication resulted in an enjoyable evening of laughter for an appreciative audience. The cast would like to thank everyone who came to the show, Mr Sefton for his help with sound and lights and Mr Cassidy for his help with building the sets.

Science Thanks The science department wish to thank all Y13 students for their contribution to science over their time at SBC. Your enthusiasm has allowed the staff to offer a wide range of activities which we hope you took advantage of. Best wishes We wish all the senior students the very best for the upcoming NCEA exams. You have been well prepared so it is now up to you to make the most of the opportunities that you were offered. We now ask you to go all out and achieve the merits and excellences that you deserve. Remember stay in the examinations for the entire exam duration. ie for 3 hour exams stay in for 3 hours. Tutorials These are available every day after school, up to when the students are released. When on exam leave the science teachers will be available during the times that the class would normally occur. Make appointments with the staff. Study regime The rule is that you do the following: 10 minutes revision of yesterday/last week/last months work, 35 minutes revision, 10 minute break, 35 minute study, 10 minute break, 35 minute study. You need to study a totally different subject during each study session. The 10 minute break means you go for a walk DO NOT watch TV, etc.

Be a Trail Blazer for your College!

Kapa Haka Nationals St Bernard’s boys’ who attended this year’s Nationals in Whāngārei were Tamati Whaanga-Gibb, Arama Pou, Joseph Afoa, Vini Fa’atui, Dakota Nuku, Trey Ryder, Julius Tobias, and our non-competing Y8 student, Orban Waitaki-Messenger. The boys’ were involved in many fundraising activities around the town, including the usual carwashes on Waterloo Rd, raffles, and kapa haka performances to raise the money needed to fund the trip. After 6 months preparation, students from St Bernard’s College (8), Hutt Valley High School (6), and Sacred Heart College (20) travelled to Whāngārei where they competed in this very prestigious National event. Notably, this was the group’s first appearance at the Nationals after winning the right to represent Te Awa Kairangi at the regionals last year in Masterton for the first time too. Wainuiomata High School and Naenae College were the other two Secondary Schools representing the region in Whāngārei. 42 other groups competed in this year’s competition. Making the Nationals was the group’s overall objective for the 2011-2012 seasons. Realising this objective was the culmination of hard work from everyone involved including students, tutors, parents and teachers. Countless afterschool and weekend practises resulted in Te Hua Tai Katoriki finally taking their place on the National stage and being judged amongst the countries best Secondary School kapa haka exponents for 2012. What an honour. St Bernard’s College boys, along with the rest of the group, gave a very credible performance, and one they can all justifiably be proud of. All students represented their respective schools to the best of their ability and can now say with pride, “that they have performed on the National stage at a National Kapa Haka Secondary School Competition.” Te Hua Tai Katorika placed 32nd which was impressive considering the quality and standard of the groups at the competition. Victory was sweet, beating old rivals Wainuiomata High School, who managed a 38th placing. However, the stars for the Te Awa Kairangi region were Naenae College who gained a deserved 18 th placing. They thoroughly earned their place with a passionate and very polished performance. Overall, competition was fierce and to an extremely high standard, and the experience was unforgettable for those in the group.

Nga Mahi-a-te-Rehia noho marae

Wouldn’t it be great if all our senior students had College blazers? Come to one of the Uniform Shop special fitting days during November and save $50.00 on a College blazer!

       

Blazers set off the College uniform and set the seniors especially apart! Blazers are Smart Blazers are Cool Come for a fitting during the November uniform specials and receive a $50.00 discount off the normal blazer price! Special offer on all blazers just $150.00 each Lay-bys are welcome Be in the draw for a $50.00 REBEL SPORT VOUCHER November dates to be advised soon

A noho marae was organised for 31 Y9 through to Y13 students learning te reo Māori at St Bernard’s College. The focus for the noho marae was Ngā Mahi-a-teRēhia or games and pastimes of the Māori. The noho started 5pm at Koraunui marae on Thursday evening with a traditional pōwhiri. At the conclusion of the formal welcome, students were treated to a history of the wharenui by Shane, the resident kaumātua. Following his remarks, the boys’ were taken to the wharekai and treated to a light snack, supplemented with chocolate biscuits or home baking supplied by parents of the boys. The following morning started early with karakia followed by a hearty breakfast of hot porridge and toast. After a thorough clean-up of the whole facility, the boys were treated to their third and final session of kapa haka which tested some because of the aches and pains they were suffering from the previous night’s workout. Kapa haka now finally over for the noho, the boys’ were briefed on the remainder of the morning’s program. Boys were divided into three groups of about 7 or 8 students and they were expected to do a 45-50 minute rotation of (1) “Whai or string games” taken by Joe; (2) Hei tama – tū tama/Ti rākau by Tamati; and a session on how the game Ki-O-Rahi originated and developed into what it is today. Everyone enjoyed the more sedate/passive pastimes of the Māori. Following a hearty lunch of 3 Frankfurters per student, orange cordial, and copious amounts of bread, buns, tomato sauce and/or mustard, the boys’ prepared themselves for an afternoon of outdoor games on the sodden Tui Glen Primary School field. The field backed onto the marae. Peter Noanoa, the National Training Project coordinator, based at the Kōkiri Hauora PTO in Seaview, took the boys through a wide range of challenging games culminating in Ki-O-Rahi. Ki-O-Rahi is a very exciting game with quite complicated rules. The game is a mixture of rugby, netball, and touch. In 2011, 15 teams competed in a National Secondary Schools Ki-O-Rahi tournament in Gisborne where Gisborne Boy’s and Girl’s High Schools ran-out the eventual winners.

Entering the “Year of Faith” in the Catholic Church


Pope Benedict XVI has proclaimed 11 October 2012 to 24 November 2013 as the ‘Year of Faith.’ This is an opportunity for all to rediscover their faith and the Church. The following prayer is said as a reminder of the great love God has for us, and our own call to put our trust in God and live our lives to the potential we are all capable of. I invite you to say this prayer with your families at home.

THE WILL OF GOD Remember, the will of God will never take you…. Where the arms of God cannot support you, Where the power of God cannot strengthen you, Where the wisdom of God cannot teach you. The will of God will never take you…. Where the spirit of God cannot work through you, Where the love of God cannot touch you, Where the mercy of God cannot sustain you. The will of God will never take you…. Where the Word of God cannot feed you, Where the comfort of God cannot dry your tears, Where the peace of God cannot calm your fears.


The Year 10 Retreat was another roaring success with the feedback being very positive about this day out. We went to Camp Wellesley in the Akatarawa Valley and looked at the Year 10 theme of Navigation. We spent some time reflecting on the direction of our lives, we examined our moral compass which tells us whether or not we are being true to ourselves. We had the practical application of doing orienteering, getting lost and finding our way with markers along the path. We did some practical team building exercises on the confidence course and this reinforced the idea that we need to rely on each other on our life journeys as peers are the ones that our adolescent boys turn to first.

Congratulations Luke Pynenburg who was very successful at the New Zealand Judo Championships. He won a God Medal in his weight division and a Bronze Medal in the open weight competition. This is a massive achievement .

Football College futsal competition This has now finished for 2012. There were 10 junior teams with the final between Voutose Fever and Zontix. The winning team was Voutose Fever, winning 3-2 Team members were: K Higgins, B Gibbons, A Parshot, S de Roo, C Walker, B Kitt, M Statham, R Gonzalez, A Hong. The senior futsal finished 2 weeks ago also had 10 teams with the final between Team Unknown and Refugee Warriors. 1st placing went to Refugee Warriors , winning 5-2. Team members were T Makoii, B James, T Mahowa, P Fine, P Mantuang, Pau Sian T Pau, H Paraniki-Nuku.

Preseason training There will be kick arounds in January. Keep a look out on face book. There will be trials for the 1st XI and the Junior 1 team at the end of February. Be prepared and get fit.

Fundraising The 1st XI is looking at attending a national tournament in September 2013. They are looking for fundraising activities. If you know of any please contact Mr Higson on 560 9250 ext 868.

Year 9 Retreat is the 14 November Please get the permissions back promptly. All parents need to get their material to Nick Wilson by the 9 November. This can be emailed to Retreats are a compulsory part of the school programme and therefore all boys are expected to attend and participate. The cost of the retreat is automatically added to your school account. If you have any questions about what we do in our new Retreat programme, please don’t hesitate to email Nick Wilson

Spirit of New Zealand

Maths - ICAS Earlier this year 63 students from Years 7 to 11 participated in the 2012 Mathematic ICAS competition. It is pleasing to report that the following students gained a Credit award (roughly placing them in the top 30% of all NZ candidates). Y7 G Cigaral, S Hannaford, T Mingins, Y8 C Huang, P Lopez, J Missen, Y9 A Almand, J Baucke, G Hogan, D Satur, R Walker, D Ward The following students produced an outstanding performance in the examination and gained a Distinction grade (after his name is his position against all other NZ candidates).

A huge thanks to the Year 10 Dean and form teachers, our chaplain and DRS and Old Boy Harry Slade for supervising this investment into our young emerging men.

Charlie Penman Year 8 (Top 8%) Stephen Pereira Year 8 (Top 8%) Bradley Searle Year 9 (Top 9%) Aaron Marshall Year 10 (Top 10%) Andy Su Year 11 (Top 8%)

From 2013, any Year 11 boys who wish to participate as a crew on the Spirit of New Zealand will be eligible. See Mr Wilson if you are interested in this opportunity of a lifetime!

Year 9/10 News The top Year 9 and 10 students will be having a special day out to recognise their consistently great effort, later this term! More details to follow….. Many thanks to all the sponsors of the Year 9 Top Student Award. Please support our sponsors.

Pak’n’Save Lower Hutt Subway Wendy’s Queensgate McDonalds Lower Hutt

2013 Term Dates Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4


29 January to 19 April 6 May to 12 July 29 July to 27 September 14 October to 10 December

Doctor’s consultation at St Bernard’s College

Important Dates November 7 Last day Y11-13, Leavers Mass 4:45pm & Dinner 6:30pm 8-13 Junior Exams 10 NCEA Exams start 14 Y9 Retreat 15 Y9/10 Maori Trip

16 Y7-9 2013 Orientation Day 21 Y10 Amazing Journey Day December 3 Award Giving Ceremony 4&5 Alternatiave Programme 7 Last Day—end of year Mass Reports posted.

PFS News

Plan to be as fit and healthy as you can be!!

Clinic Open Tuesday 8.30—11.30am Thursday 12—3pm. Alex Ferrier-Kerr is our school health nurse. Dr Beena Hegde will be in attendance at the Thursday Clinic  570-0883 or 560-9250 (College office)

GARAGE SALE — this Saturday 8.30am in the SBC Canteen. Come along and support SBC TURBO WASHER FUND RAISER Turbo wash brushes for only $25. They make excellent birthday or Christmas gifts and you are helping the PFS raise funds for school improvements. Return the order form with payment to the school office and delivery within the week!

Free Dental Treatment

Free Dental Treatment offered by Graeme Yee Dental Care, 66 Bloomfield Terrace, Lower Hutt,  566-1119. This free treatment is available to all secondary students until their 18th birthday. All new patients, students and parents are welcome. If you have any questions please feel free to call on the above number.

Uniform Shop Normal Opening Hours

Recently Bee Healthy Dental Van visited our school. Children requiring on-going treatment will have received a slip advising this. This will be carried out at our hub clinic in Walters Street, Naenae. Please contact our 0800 TALK TEETH (0800 825 583) to book an appointment. Appointments are available Monday-Friday 8.20am- 3.00pm. We are also open in the school holidays.

The Tractor Factor A red letter day for St Bernard’s! After approximately 40 years of service the College Kubota Tractor gave up the ghost.

Monday 8:15 to 9:00am Thursday 12:30 to 1:30pm

Uniform on AP Uniform purchases may be charged to your AP with the consent of the college on a case by case basis. Boys need to bring a signed note from parents. Please email or phone the accounts office ext 861

Second Hand Uniform

However we are proud to introduce its replacement The John Deere 3038 It’s brand new and a really neat and versatile ‘Compact Utility Tractor’ to quote its official title. Terry has had a large smile on his face since we took delivery on 12 October. ”It’s a great tractor and a big improvement over the old Kubota” says Terry “It will enable us to do a lot more work around the grounds and especially in looking after our large fields courtesy of the state of the art Trimax mower that came with the tractor” Brother Doug came and blessed the tractor in a little ceremony and Terry should be safe and sound as he goes about his tasks. Special thanks to Mr Fava and the Board of Trustees for their support of this significant asset purchase.

If your child is not returning to St Bernard’s next year and has a uniform in good condition that they no longer require, please consider donating it to the school or we can sell on your behalf less a commission. All sales from second hand school uniforms go to the library to purchase new books. If you have items to donate or sell, please leave them at the school office or if you have any queries, please contact Tania on 587-0024.

Dominic Outtrim, Business Manager

Preferred method of payment school fees The school prefers all school fees to be paid directly to our bank account. This is a safer means of payment that provides a reliable trail. Our bank account is ASB Queensgate 12-3142-0164653-00. Please include your son’s first name and surname, and your phone number in the reference fields. Receipts are issued for all payments and given to students in class. If you are facing financial difficulties please see the Principal. Thank you.

Contact Details p f e w

04 560 9250 04 560 9251

Sponsors of the St Bernard’s College Newsletter

Physical/Postal Address 183 Waterloo Road Lower Hutt 5010 New Zealand


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