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St Bernard’s College 2011 Yearbook


St Bernard’s College 2011

Isaac Fuimaono (Y12)

Aidan Spooner (Y11)

2011 Acknowledgements


e would like to express our thanks to the many people who have assisted in the production of the 2011 St Bernard’s College Yearbook.

In particular we wish to thank: Miss Felicity McDonnell for editing all the text. Ms Stephanie Kane for graphic editing. Photographers - Mr Christopher Hart, Cameron Gibson, Mr David Sefton, Mr Nick Wilson, Mr Hamish Sutherland, Mr Colin Frude and all others who contributed photographs, Mrs Suzanne McGuinness for Ball

Jerome McGuinness (Y11)


St Bernard’s College 2011

and Waterpolo photographs and Inphotography for the class, co-curricular and staff photographs.

– staff, students, coaches, managers, BOT, PFS, parents and friends.

Mr Panapa Lafoa’i for allowing us to use his artwork and to his art students for giving their permission to use their artwork.

Thank you to you all. Getting contributions from so many people adds variety and interest to the magazine. Without your work this would not have been possible.

The Marist Brothers for permission to use and adapt the Marist logo.

Mr David Sefton, Project co-ordinator

The submitters of articles, material and photos

Shalom Scrimshaw (Y11)

Vini Faatui (Y12)

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Year in Review


Principal’s Report


BOT Report


Parents and Friends of the School


Head Boy Valedictory


Staff Photo


BOT and Staff List



Staff Welcome


Staff Farewell


Academic Awards


Special Character


Religious Education


St Bernard’s Day


Te Reo Māori • Kapa Haka




Careers and Gateway


Junior Badge Ceremony


St Bernard’s Senior Ball


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Sports Award Ceremony


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Form Class Photos


St Bernard’s College 2011









Japanese Visit Rugby Premier One Finals Tutagata Polynesian Festival Parent Teacher Interviews Ignatius Feast Day and Saint Bernard’s Feast Day Staff Special Character Day Assumption of Mary Liturgy Senior Ball



Junior Badge Ceremony End of Term Liturgy Japan Trip League Final Labour Day Drama Production

St Bernard’s College 2011

Year 9 Art Trip Marcellin Feast Day Big Sing 40 Hour Famine Year 7 and 8 Retreat Year 7 and 8 Interschool Hockey Celebration of Music

Senior Exams CSW Football Grade Final Year 9 Parliament Trip Year 7 and 8 Rugby Tournament Year 7 and 8 Immunisations Saint Bernard’s Day Celebrations Year 7 and 8 Football Tournament ESOL Zoo Trip



Contributing School Visit Gateway Kiwihost Careers Science Fair End of Term Liturgy Catholic Cup Tournament

Ash Wednesday Liturgy Shibuya Makuhari Arrive Year 11 Retreat Senior Water Polo Trip Day’s Bay Picnic Year 7 and 8 School Swimming Sports Parent Teacher Interviews

O’Shea Shield, Garin College, Nelson Chanel Feast Day and Pompallier Feast Day Year 9 Retreat Workday Year 7 and 8 / interschool Cross-Country Francis Douglas Exchange Year 9 and 10 Samoan Trip Open Day


Marist Quadrangular Junior Badge Ceremony Lip Synch Early Easter Liturgy End of first term/holidays Anzac Day


MARCH Year 7-9 and 13 students start School Powhiri Waitangi Day Inaugural Mass Ss Peter and Paul Church Year 13 Retreat Year 12 Retreat Athletics Day



Marist Pillar for the Year - Family Spirit Koraunui Staff Powhiri




The Year in Review

All Saint’s Day Year 7 and 8 Touch Tournament Garage Sale Sport’s Awards Leaver’s Mass and Dinner Exams Junior Volleyball Tournament Year 7 and 8 Camp and Year 10 Amazing Race

Award Giving Ceremony YCL Camp EOTC Programme End of Year Mass

Principal’s Report quote: These (twenty five) faith-based secondary schools … are a selection of those identified … as strong performers within their decile, both for academic achievement and pastoral care. This accolade is a tremendous endorsement of our staff, students and parents, more so since we are the only boys’ school named from the Wellington region.

Kite ingoa o te Matua, o te Tamaiti, o te Wairua Tapu. Amene Nau mai, haere mai, mihi mai. O te whanau o te kura tuarua o Hato Perenara, tena koutou.


ga mihi Mrs Gordon, Vicar for Education; Old Boy David Hoffman; Chairperson of the Board, Mrs Baucke; trustees, distinguished guests, students, staff, parents and friends greetings and welcome to you all. Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Malo ni, Ni sa bula, Kia orana, Fakaloha lahi atu, Kumusta, Namaste, Tena koutou katoa. I am very pleased to be part of this important celebration and for the support your presence offers the College and our students. I acknowledge the hard work of all those who are here, not just the winners of the academic and special awards. Many of the students will have strived to do their best in order to be part of this ceremony and I believe they represent the true spirit of our college: Respice Stellam, Voca Mariam – Look to the Star, Call upon Mary. That motto also applies to the staff and parents to whom I am very grateful for their contribution. Their teaching and guidance of these boys has resulted in their well deserved academic successes. At St Bernard’s, we aim high. We are strongly driven by our Christian values. The dignity of work, in pursuit of excellence, reflects our enduring belief in Gospel teachings and Godgiven talents. Principal’s prize day speeches tend to be comprised of a litany of both student and school achievements. While it is really gratifying to do that, if I were to mention everything that we did well this year, we would be here until Christmas. I am certain that you have all received our colourful newsletters or perhaps have visited our school website to know of such successes. However, I would be remiss, if I did not mention the athletes who qualified for the North Island Championships. One of our swimmers made it into the finals of the North Island Championships and then collected six medals at the national champs. Winning the competition for regional Senior Badminton and Waterpolo was due to the commitment of our coaches and managers, supported by our hardworking sports coordinator, Mrs Catherine Brennan. We won the grade in Hockey; the 1st XV took the inaugural Hibernian Society Trophy, while the 2nd XV also won their grade. It was encouraging to make the finals in Rugby League (junior and seniors) and Football 1st and 2nd XI. It is not just about the players. Mr Higson received the College Sport Wellington award for ‘Distinguished Contribution to Football.’ The ‘Chunuk Bair’ drama performance was a timely reminder of the great acting talents which are waiting to be discovered. These


St Bernard’s College 2011

talents also saw Kapa Haka Roupu through to their second placing at the regional’s, securing a place at nationals next year. The vibrant display by the Polynesian Club at the Tu Tangata Festival is also memorable. What about the academic side? At my last count, 20 students gained distinctions or high distinctions in the ICAS examinations for Computing, Mathematics, English and Science. More awards were won at the regional Science Fair. Best of all were the NCEA results with 53% at Level 3; this is the highest we have ever achieved – and it is equally fantastic for a school like ours to be named and honoured in the November issue of the North & South magazine which highlighted why faith schools are ‘Hot.' I

Although we all know that taking part is a key element in team sports, school events and life in general, it is the high expectations and the aspiration to do well that are the strong motivators which make us push ourselves to achieve our full potential. The same applies for academic study. Completing school work, practising examples, fixing mistakes and revising for tests and exams makes all the difference. It is going that little bit further, the difference between an achieved and an excellence. On one hand, we need to get our boys to move away from the fear of failing, which causes embarrassment, or the fear of succeeding as this stops them from even trying. On the other hand, we have to be careful we do not become obsessed with the need to achieve at all costs as this also affects their performance. For some, ‘good’ is what they are capable of and one has to accept that. But it would be extremely disheartening and frustrating to see some students who, due to a poor attitude, an allergy to hard work, disorganisation, questionable decision making or having the wrong priorities end up settling for ‘achieved’ when ‘excellence’ is definitely within their grasp. Our Special Character Marist theme for this year was ‘Family Spirit.’ We fostered the values of respect, nurturing, inclusiveness, compassion, forgiveness, self-control and giving. Our boys talk openly and proudly that we are one school, one family, all brothers, irrespective of colour, creed or ability. Fraternity is something we must exploit more. If peer pressure is a fact, then we should use it as a strong counter-culture tool. An event like today should be inspirational. To those who are receiving the awards – I praise you. To the others, I encourage you – take the risk, rise to the challenge, do not be afraid to compete, do not settle on your first idea; work on developing your writing and expand your thinking skills. Next year, it may be you who walks up these steps to receive certificates and scholarships. If your aim is to make it as a top sportsman, then your other goal should be to gain merit and excellences in all your assessments. Do not settle for ‘good’ as good is never good enough. We are all in it together and next year’s Special Character theme ‘Love of Work’ could not come sooner. This means that we will be pushing the values of perseverance, responsibility, honesty and commitment –

Principal’s Report (ctnd) taking charge of our lives, doing what we say, and making success happen. When we make a mistake, we do not surrender to self-doubt. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn, to get it right the second time around. We will provide opportunities and set expectations to see our boys fostering the belief that what is worth doing is worth doing well; otherwise it is a waste of time. Boys tend to respond well to an ethos that encourages and stimulates high standards, that engages their interest and commitment and that insists on good behaviour and closer partnerships with parents. Boys perform better in schools which have a strong learning culture and a sense of community. Schools which demonstrably value all students by celebrating their achievements and by treating them with fairness and respect. Extra-curricular activities – sports, drama, music, debating, and cultural groups – all make a significant contribution to the boys’ views of our College. And we need to get as many as possible on board – without having to chase or plead. Finally, the importance of a clearly defined disciplinary framework is especially essential for our boys. They respond best when there is a consistent and fair-minded approach to discipline, backed up by an effective pastoral care system and learning support. The above sounds like a tall order and the beckoning question is how do we engage 585 boys, 50 staff and 1,000 parents to be on the same page, singing the same song? With difficulty! Yet, any task can be as easy or as difficult as one makes it to be. My Maths teacher

used to say that there are no easy or difficult problems – either you knew how to solve them, or you did not and his job was to help me think and work through the possible solutions and find the correct one. It did not just happen. It involved a love of work, a love of mathematics, tutorials after school and real graft. In the end it became easy. Now I ask you: Do you want to settle for a good education or do you aspire to receive an excellent one? In our minds and deep in our hearts we all know the answer. The next step is to go from ‘want’ to ‘do.’ We will be able to raise achievement, when we raise our ambitions. ‘Look to the Star, Call upon Mary.’ Do not settle for less. Hence we look forward to 2012 with excitement and an anticipation that our love of work will take us to new heights and successes. I need everyone to be with me if we are going to produce men of learning, men who care. It is only then that we can truly live the promise and show the pride of Bernard’s men! I close by thanking all those who have contributed and made St Bernard’s College the great school that it is. My gratitude goes to the diverse groups and the different people who make up our community and the help we receive from them; Marist Community Development Trust, our Parents, Friends and Supporters; the Samoan Parents’ Association and the Maori Whanau. I thank the Priests who regularly minister our spiritual needs. I appreciate the Trustees on the Board for their time, effort, support and ideas to improve the College – they help me stay grounded, yet challenge me to grasp the

future. My senior leadership team is an amazing group of committed and hard working people whose top priority is the interests of staff and students. The rest of the staff is fully aware that they are valued and their loyalty and hard work are never questioned. The ride is always going to be bumpy, yet together we have overcome many obstacles; we have grown; we have stretched ourselves. We farewell, with regret and much appreciation for their work, Miss McDonnell and Mr Rynne, who are leaving. Finally, my sincerest love goes to my wife who, day in and day out has had to put up with my passion for this College and my dedication to our boys. We pray for those who challenge us, for they remind us of doors we have closed, and doors we have yet to open. I ask that you promise me you will always remember this: you are braver than you believe; stronger than you seem; and smarter than you think. Together, we will make great things happen in 2012. Kia kaha; kia kotahi matou; kia kotahi tatou. E nga mana, e nga reo, e nga iwi. Kia noho te Ariki kia koutou Hato Perenara, pray for us. Hato Marcellin Champagnat, pray for us. Maria, Morning Star, pray for us. A blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all. Faafetai lava. Mr Peter Fava, Principal

Board of Trustees’ Report Kia Ora, Tena Koutou, good evening and welcome. • SPECIAL CHARACTER ur Special Character, as a Catholic and Marist Brothers College, is what makes St Bernard’s the special learning environment that it is. Every year, the College focuses on one of the five Marist pillars, and this year ‘Family Spirit’ has been the focus.


Last year, the Board initiated the process of adding a Fifth Schedule to St Bernard’s College Integration Agreement relating to the Marist Champagnat Charism. I am delighted to advise you that the Board has recently been informed by the Archdiocese of Wellington that the Ministry of Education has agreed to this Fifth Schedule being added. This is a special inclusion for the College in retaining its Marist Champagnat Charism. At the beginning of the year we were pleased to appoint Maria Fouhy as our new Director of Religious Studies. We have warmly welcomed her to St Bernard’s College. This year we have again appreciated the support of Fr Greally and Fr Elmer at the College. A special thank you for your presence at lunchtime visits, class retreats, end of term masses and the leaver’s mass.


St Bernard’s College 2011

Back: Front: Absent:

Mary Margaret Schuck, Paul Clausen, Brenten Higson, David White, Aneel Anthony Veronika Duthie-Jung, Kyle Viagedor, Stephanie Baucke, Peter Fava, Patricia Pynenburg, Kevin Brennan Br Doug Dawick, Sandra Niko, Paul Saggers

A highlight for the Marist Community and St Bernard’s College earlier in the year was our Deputy Chair, Br Doug Dawick, being awarded the Catholic Church of New Zealand’s Delargey Award for ‘Significant and Outstanding

Contributions to Catholic Youth.’ We were delighted for Br Doug and the Award could not have gone to a more deserving recipient. Br Doug is unable to be here this

Board of Trustees’ Report (ctnd) evening. He is currently on sabbatical in Rome. We have missed him these past few months, but look forward to his return, just prior to Christmas. • FINANCE The Finance Committee has been working with College Management and stakeholders, to update the strategic plan which will shape our costs and revenue over the next three to five years. This year we were pleased to purchase over $100,000 worth of new equipment to support our Information Technology, Music, and Science Departments as well as our Library. We were also comfortable using some of our financial reserves to fund the College’s operating deficit this year. We expect to fund an operating deficit again next year. This is a way we can release some of the large reserves that have accumulated after many years of operating with a surplus. Running this deficit means the College can deliver more teaching resources for our young men than is currently funded for. The Board has asked for increased reporting and follow-up on the collection of fees, which are low in comparison to neighbouring colleges. We are pleased to see positive results from these actions, and the Board will continue to support the College’s focus with the follow up of fees in 2012. The Board would like to thank our whanau and caregivers who invest in their boy’s education by paying the College fees every year. We also wish to thank you for making donations to the PFS and the Marist Community Development Trust. These independent groups are working exceptionally hard to fund improvements to our facilities and equipment that benefit our young men both today and in the future. • CURRICULUM POLICY AND PLANNING The Board has continued to use a three year review cycle. This ensures that we regularly find time at each board meeting to systematically review policies and planning. As part of the review process, a number of policies have been overhauled and updated, and the Board would particularly like to thank our Director of Curriculum, Mr David Sefton for the many hours he puts in behind the scenes, to ensure that these essential tasks are completed. • PROPERTY Our Property Committee has worked very hard. Repairs and maintenance continue to require large amounts of time and money, including ongoing issues for previously completed projects. Our new Champagnat Suite has had some finishing issues but these have now largely been resolved. Our new gym floor continues to show signs of deterioration, and we have engaged an independent consultant to report back on the current state of the floor. The Board and Senior Management are committed to resolving these issues and will continue to do so.


St Bernard’s College 2011

This year, our Rugby, Football and Rugby League teams made very good use of our College fields. However, with a particularly wet winter our fields were hit hard. This means we now have to repair the turf. It also means we are unable to prepare a cricket wicket for this season. Alternative arrangements have been made for our cricket teams. As we make the most use of our fields throughout winter, we will be ensuring stronger management of the field for next year.

Our new student trustee of 2012 is Kyle Viagedor. We welcomed Kyle to our Board at our November meeting. We are sure Kyle will also do his fellow students and peers proud.

On a more positive note, our gym changing room and shower block renovation gets underway this month and it is expected to be completed in time for winter sports next year. A number of short term projects coming up include converting an unused darkroom into a resource room, and classroom extension. We will also be painting large areas of the external school buildings.

The Board of Trustees is dedicated to ensuring that all board matters are in line and up to date with legal requirements. We are fortunate to have trustees with an excellent and qualified mix of skills and talents. They are instrumental in ensuring progress is made in all aspects of governance.

Financially, we will be receiving limited new funding from our proprietor over the next few years as a result of a large investment required for earthquake assessment in Christchurch. This affects all Catholic schools under the CSB arrangement. We thank our Business Manager, Mr Michael O’Flaherty, our Principal Mr Peter Fava, and our tireless caretaker, Mr Terry Davis, all of whom have put in large amounts of time and effort to ensure our school is well presented and maintained. • STUDENT ACTIVITIES It has been another busy year of student activities. This year, our sporting successes highlight the talents and skills within the school. In a number of cases these have been recognised on a regional and national stage. All sporting codes did exceptionally well this year, especially Rugby, Rugby League, Hockey, Football, Badminton and Waterpolo. The Kapa Haka group participated in the regional’s this year (along with Scared Heart College) held in Masterton. This confirmed a spot in the Kapa Haka national’s in Whangarei next year. Our Japanese class travelled to Japan during the year. There was a slight change of plans due to Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, but they eventually made it there and returned safely. 2012 is also looking to be a very busy year and work and planning is already underway by the Student Activities Committee. No school or college can participate in the range of activities on offer each year without the commitment and dedication of the many volunteers. We thank you all. • BOARD MEMBERS With the annual student trustee elections, held in September of this year, we farewelled Raymond Horua. Raymond was committed to his role as a student trustee and he has been a great role model for our future student trustees.

There were no changes this year with members on the Board of Trustees. The elected parent representatives, proprietor’s representatives, coopted trustees, and the role of chair all remained the same this current year as for the previous year.

• STAFF Thank you to all staff, for the huge contribution that you have made to the lives of our young men. The emails, phone calls and follow up communications often go way beyond what is expected or required. Your dedication is appreciated and noted by everyone in the wider community. • FAREWELL Unfortunately every year we must farewell much loved and respected staff members. It is a sad time for everyone but we can look on it as a growing and changing time. We wish all those staff members who are moving on the very best for your future. Farewell to our senior students who are also moving on to new life experiences. We hope you will always remember your years at St Bernard’s College with fondness and take the Special Marist Champagnat Charism message with you. • SENIOR LEADERSHIP TEAM and PRINCIPAL The Board would like to thank our Senior Leadership Team, David Sefton, Liz Thompson and David Housden for their invaluable contributions during what has been another especially hectic year. We must also thank our Principal, Mr Peter Fava. Being a Principal is a pivotal and demanding role. If I was asked to say one thing about Peter Fava’s leadership of the College, I would have to say that he always has the best interests of the students at heart. Whatever the decision, the spiritual, emotional, academic and ultimate benefit to the students is the most important part in his decision making. On behalf of the Board, I wish you all a Joyful and Holy Christmas. May your New Year season be filled with happy memories and special times spent with whanau and friends. Haere ra, Haera ra. Good evening and thank you. Mrs Stephanie Baucke, BOT Chair

PFS Report


hanks go out to the 2011 Parents and Friends of the College Committee (PFS); Diane Start, Karen Vanderlee, Virginia Dicken, Karen McAuliffe, Tania Dennis, Fiona Downs, Sharon Craig, Bex Ahearn and Elizabeth Josephson. Brenten Higson was the staff representative. An extensive range of fundraising activities were undertaken including: • Garage sale • Sale of Entertainment Books and running raffles • Movie nights and a Hypnotist night • Sausage sizzles (many) at Mitre 10 • Dances for Years 7 to 10 • Chamber of Music - selling refreshments at the interval. • Running the Second Hand Uniform Shop • Selling refreshments at the College Open Day Money raised allowed a contribution of $15,000 that went towards data projectors for classrooms - enabling more computer technology to be incorporated into lessons. Another generous donation enabled the remodelling of the gymnasium changing rooms.


St Bernard’s College 2011

Head Boy Valedictory The longer I live , the more I realise the impact that attitude has on life .


ttitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than money, than education, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past. We cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. The only thing that we can change is our attitude. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. We are in charge of our own attitudes. During my time at Saint Bernard’s, I have definitely seen a change in attitude. Every year we have progressed and moved forward leaps and bounds to become the great College we are today. Not only are we recognised in the Wellington region, we are also recognised nationally, mentioned in the North & South magazine, a nationwide magazine that recognises us for our academic achievement and pastoral care. The hard work of a community has paid off, well done. As you know, this year started off on a low note. On 22 February, during our College Athletics Day, we were told of a tragedy that had devastated a whole city. At 12.51pm, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake hit Christchurch, killing 181 people and injuring many more. Even though we were not directly hit by the earthquake, I’m sure we were all affected by it through one way or another. Please keep all the victims and those close to them in your prayers. The year, however, did improve and we have had many successes in our College: from the dramatic performance of Once on Chunuk Bair, by the Drama group, to the Rugby League heroics of our Sportsman of the Year - Ray Lesoa (who has since left us to join the Penrith Panthers). There have been many highlights and successes this year, and we congratulate you all. Congratulations to the Leaders of 2012: Tupou, Anthony and Jordan. Go hard and enjoy it. I wish you luck, but you won’t need it. You’ve been picked to lead, so lead. Just remember to stay true to yourself and most of all enjoy every second you have,


St Bernard’s College 2011

because it will go so fast. To accomplish great things you must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. Don’t be afraid to dream large, and be the change. I would like to thank our Principal, Mr Fava, Mr Sefton and Mrs Thomson, and the wonderful office staff. Without you all there would be no Saint Bernard’s for us to enjoy. I thank you all for the work you do and your dedication to the College. I would like to thank our beret-wearing Dean, Mr Wilson. You have been an awesome Dean. We will take with many fond memories of your unnecessary whistle blowing and pointless quotes. Thank you for always believing in our year group and giving us the support we needed. And even though you came to us from ‘Stream’, we forgive you. I would also like to thank the wonderful Mrs Uili who was our Dean for Years 9 - 11. You were the one who helped us make the transition from juniors to seniors. If it wasn’t for you we would probably still be playing handball in Marcellin Block every lunchtime, so thank you. I would like to thank all the teachers. You have a huge impact on our lives. You are the facilitators and agents of change in transforming us from little boys to Bernard’s men, and I can’t thank you all enough for that. You are greatly appreciated. Harry ‘Do a Skid’ Slade, thanks for everything this year. Even though you weren’t always around, when you were, you awesome and always managed to make everyone laugh. RayRay Horua, where would I be without you? If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have accomplished anything this year. You were the person I could always go to when I needed help getting anything done, time and time again, and for this I thank you. Thanks to the HBPU for protecting me this year. I’m still alive so I guess you did your job. Well done! I would like to thank my family for all the help and support they have given, not just this year but for the past seven years I have spent at Saint Bernard’s. To the Leavers, thank you for the five to seven years I have spent with you. This is it, the pinnacle of our time here at SBC. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. We have grown under each generation of leaders, from Fintan, to Jason, to Joseph, to Tyson, to Vaughan and to Jordan, the final

product is you. Be proud to know that you can walk out of here as a true Bernard’s man. And finally to the boys, thank you for letting me serve you this year. I want people to remember me not because I was Head Boy, but because I’ve done something worthwhile so that people can say to themselves I’m glad that guy came along. I don’t judge my success by the amount of trophies I have won or by the number of certificates I have received. I judge my success by the difference I have made and the lives I have touched. The measure of my success lies with those whom I have served, with you. To quote Robert Frost: In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on. So continue to ‘live the promise, grasp the future, show the pride of Bernard’s Men.’ Thank you for listening. God Bless, have a safe holiday, and good luck for the years to come. Terrill Anthony

Back Row: Fourth Row: Third Row: Second Row: Front Row: Absent:

Kay Hudson, Karen Kehela, Glenys Shkopiak, Jessica Christian, Catherine Brennan, Ripudaman Kanwal, Maria Fouhy, Felicity McDonnell Jill Tuau, Margaret Gardiner, Anna-Marie Dickinson, Manuhiri Corcoran, Nicola Grant, Christina Calcinai, Kerry Rubick, Jeanne Lomax Jacki Sheehan, Elsabie Prasad, Lynley Pawson, Clare Shill, Nila Uili, Rakesh Sejwal, Kent Pollard, Hamish Sutherland, William Daveis, Anna Langford, Annabelle Flood, Lyn Too Paulina Watson, Michelle Volk, Paul Cutler, Patrick Cassidy, Neville Watson, Brenten Higson, Te Wai Piripi, Panapa Lafoa’i, Sue McNab, Christopher Hart, Gerard McKay, Nick Wilson, Kathy Taylor Michael Fowler, Petra Jaeger-Letts, Neil Hayes, Tupu Williams, David Housden (Director of Studies), David Sefton (Director of Curriculum), Peter Fava (Principal), Elizabeth Thomson (Director of Pastoral Care), Dmitri Fedoulov, Declan Rynne, Stephen Davis, Colin Frude Jennifer Cousine, Terry Davis, Ann Garry, Kavita Gounder, May Lax, Chris McPadden, Michael O’Flaherty, Annemarie Peckston, Peter Wilkinson

2011 Staff Photo


St Bernard’s College 2011

St Bernard’s Board and Staff • BOARD OF TRUSTEES Parent Trustees Mr Aneel Anthony (Personnel)

Mr Kevin Brennan (Property/Personnel)

Mrs Mary Margaret Schuck (Curriculum/Policy/Strategic Planning/Personnel)

Mrs Sandra Niko (Personnel and Student Activities)

Mr Paul Saggers (Property and Student Activities)

Mr David White (Property and Student Activities)

Proprietor’s Trustees Mrs Stephanie Baucke (Chairperson)

Br Doug Dawick (Deputy Chairperson/Property and Special Character)

Mr Paul Clausen (Curriculum/Policy/Strategic Planning and Finance)

Mrs Veronika Duthie-Jung (Finance)

Staff Trustee

Kyle Viagedor (2011-2012)

Mr Brenten Higson

Student Trustee


Mr Peter Fava

MA, MEd (Hons), BA(Hons), Dip Couns, Dip Tchg

Director Curriculum

Mr David Sefton

BSc, Dip Tchg, Acting HOD Arts

BOT Secretary

Mrs Patricia Pynenburg


Director Pastoral Care

Mrs Elizabeth Thomson

Dip Tchg, Acting Dean Year 10

Director Studies

Mr David Housden

BSc(Hons), DipTchg, FNZIP, F Inst P, Acting HOD Maths

Director Religious Studies

Ms Maria Fouhy

MRE, BA, BTheol, Dip Tchg

Mr Luka Andic

BSc, BTchg

Ms Karen Kehela

BSc (Hons), Dip Tchg

Miss Christina Calcinai

BSc, BTchg

Mr Panapa Lafoa’i

BFA, Dip Tchg

Mr Patrick Cassidy

Dip Tchg, HoD Technology

Mrs Anna Langford

BSc (Hons), PGCE

Mrs Jessica Christian

BSc, Dip Tchg

Ms Jeanne Lomax

BA, DipTchg. HoD Careers

Miss Manuhiri Corcoran

BA, DipTchg, Dean Year 11, HoD Languages

Miss Felicity McDonnell

BA, Dip Tchg, Catechetical Certificate

Mr Paul Cutler

BA, Dip Guidance & Counselling, Dip Tchg, Guidance Counsellor

Mr Gerard McKay

BA (Hons), Dip Tchg, HoD Social Sciences

Mr Stephen Davis

BSc, Dip Tchg, HoD Mathematics, (Left Term 2)

Ms Sue McNab

BA, DipTchg, Specialist Classroom Teacher

Mr William Daveis

BA, Dip Tchg

Mr Te Wai Piripi

Dip PE (Otago), DipTchg. HoD Physical Education, Head of Sport

Mr Dmitri Fedoulov

MEng (equiv), Dip Tchg

Mr Kent Pollard

Dip PE (Otago), DipTchg

Ms Annabelle Flood

BMus, Dip Tchg

Mrs Elsabie Prasad

BA, Grad Cert Ed, T/T Fiji. Dean Year 9

Mr Michael Fowler

MPhil, BA (Hons), Dip Tchg, Dip Soc Sci.

Mr Declan Rynne

BA (Hons), PGDE

Mr Colin Frude

BCA, Dip Tchg

Mr Rakesh Sejwal

BSc, BEd, MA (Hist), LLB, DISM

Ms Ann Garry

BA, Dip Bus Admin, Dip Tchg, Adv Cert Journ, Acting HoD Learning Support

Mr Hamish Sutherland

BEd, Catechetical Diploma QTS (UK)

Miss Kavita Gounder

BSc, BA, Dip Tchg

Mrs Clare Shill

BA (Hons), Dip Tchg

Mr Matt Harrison

BA (Hons), PGCE (ICT)

Ms Kathy Taylor

DipTchg, Dean Y7/8

Mr Christopher Hart

BA, Dip Tchg Dean Y11

Miss Lyn Too

BSc, Dip Tchg

Mr Neil Hayes

BSc (Hons), PGCE, (Left Term 2)

Mrs Nila Uili

BEd Tchg, HOD Junior Studies

Mr Brenten Higson

BSc, Dip Tchg, HoD Science

Mr Tupu Williams

MBS (Hons), Dip Bilingual Ed, Dip Bus Admin, Adv Dip Tchg, Dip PE, Dir of Maori Achievement, HoD Maori

Ms Petra Jaeger-Letts

BA (Hons), Dip Tchg

Mr Neville Watson

BA, Dip Tchg, HoD English

Mrs Ripudaman Kanwal

BHSc (Food & Nutrition), BEd

Mr Nick Wilson

BEd (Tchg) Catechetical Certificate, Cert Duty of Care (ACU), Dean Y13

• Support Staff Ms Anna-Marie Dickinson


Mrs Catherine Hudson

Auxiliary Teacher Assistant

Mr Michael O’Flaherty

A.T. Business Manager

Mrs Annemarie Peckston

Office Assistant

Mr Terry Davis

Maintenance Officer

Mrs Lynley Pawson

BSc, Science Technician

Mrs Catherine Brennan

Sport Fit Co-ordinator

Mrs Kerry Rubick

RLIANZA, Dip Info & Lib St L5 & L6, Cert Lit & Lib Svces Children & Young People, Librarian

Mrs May Lax

Gateway Broker

Miss Jackie Sheehan

Library Assistant

Mrs Margaret Gardiner

School Secretary

Mrs Michele Volk

BBS. Accounts Office Assistant

Mrs Nicola Grant

Careers Assistant, Photocopying, Uniform Shop

• Learning Support


Ms Anna-Marie Dickinson

Teacher Aide

Mrs Chris McPadden

Teacher Aide

Mrs Glenys Shkopiak

Teacher Aide

Mrs Jill Tuau

Teacher Aide

Mrs Jennifer Cousine

Teacher Aide

Mr Peter Wilkinson

Teacher Aide

St Bernard’s College 2011

Welcome to our New Staff

Luka Andic

Dmitri Fedoulov


ew to the Science Department, Mr Luka Andic has really been impressed by a hard working staff, friendly students and, overall, our school spirit. It’s been really fun teaching all my Science and Biology classes, and getting to know my form class, 10HY. Originally from Serbia, (former Yugoslavia), Mr Andic came here when he was ten-years-old knowing barely any English. Since then, he’s lost the accent, finished Naenae College and graduated from Victoria University. A lover of music and karate, he also loves to travel, having taught in London, England. Since Serbia has no rugby team, I’m 100% behind the All Blacks for the Rugby World Cup this year! Russian expat Mr Dmitri Fedoulov taught mathematics at Wainuiomata High and Newlands College until he decided to experience the Catholic approach to education. Academic expectations of my colleagues here at SBC are very high and boys work hard to meet them. I also enjoy the diversity of cultures here at the College. Mr Fedoulov has been involved in small

Maria Fouhy

Anna Langford

bore rifle shooting for some years, and one of his goals is to organise a school team. I hope my knowledge and experience will help boys to achieve well and succeed. Ms Maria Fouhy comes from a family background seeped in the Marist tradition; in fact her father was Senior Master at St Bernard’s many moons ago. Mrs Fouhy taught at Marist College in Auckland and De La Salle College in South Auckland before moving to Wellington I enjoy teaching Religious Education and am one of seven in my family who teach in Catholic Schools in New Zealand. I enjoy travelling and I try to see a new country every year. I think both the students and staff are wonderful and I am so pleased to be teaching in a Marist school again. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first term at St. Bernard’s. I’ve the pleasure of teaching some lush classes the awesome subject of Science and better still Chemistry! Ms Anna Langford is originally from Ireland but was brought up in

Tupu Williams Wales. When Ms Langford graduated from the University of Nottingham, she worked for the Danish Bacon Company as a quality assurer and microbiologist. Even though her love of food is great the teaching call proved too strong. I love it here but I do miss my folks, friends, the six nations’ rugby and curries. Mr Tupu Williams comes to us from Wainuiomata High School where he taught for the past seven years. When I first came to St Bernard’s I was really impressed with how well behaved and polite the boys were. Mr Williams previously taught in two other boys’ schools, Whangarei Boys’ High in Whangarei and St Patrick’s College in Wellington. Teaching at St Patrick’s College helped him to appreciate the special character of Catholic schools. Being HOD Māori and Director of Māori Achievement allows me to work closely with Māori students to help them to achieve their dreams and aspirations at school and beyond.

It’s Good to be Back...


r William Daveis graduated from Victoria University’s Faculty of Education in 2007 with secondary teaching majors in French and History/Social Studies. He opted to go directly into relief teaching at St Bernard’s College, It was my way of coming to grips with the frontline teaching environment. The SBC French trip to New Caledonia in July 2010 was a highly challenging yet immensely satisfying experience for Mr Daveis. Annabelle William Ann Being a well known figure around the Daveis Garry Flood school, he accepted the challenge of coming on board this year as both a teacher of French (Years 10 & 11) ESOL Teacher, Ms Ann Garry returns to us as the new HoD of and Director of International Students. These Learning Support. Ms Watson and Ms Garry are positions allow me the freedom to engage even playing what seems like musical chairs and have further with my passion for people, languages basically swapped roles! The Learning Support and cultures. team have loved having Ann on board, the boys have also appreciated a familiar and very friendly It has to be the great nature and character of the face. boys that bring me back to St Bernard’s College, Ms Annabelle Flood concludes. In short, I missed We welcome back Mr Matt Harrison from a year the place and was over the moon when I had long return to England. He is pleased to be back the opportunity to come back. Now I’m in it for and has settled into SBC routines and classes the long haul and am committed to making a comfortably. An I.C.T specialist, we welcome his difference in the Music Department. expertise and English wit once again!


St Bernard’s College 2011

Matt Harrison

Paulina Watson

Ms Paulina Watson, now a resident of the genteel world of Martinborough, was a dearly loved HoD of learning support who was fare welled this year, only to return to us in a relieving capacity! She has been warmly welcomed to the Marcellin block and will be taking Mr Sutherland’s classes one day a week. It is fantastic to have her back on staff, her enthusiasm and popularity with students is plain to see.

Staff Farewells

and Farewell to those leaving.

Steve Davis

Neil Hayes


or the last seven years, Mr Steve Davis, HoD of Maths, Badminton convenor and coach, has contributed a great deal to the spirit and academic success of our College. Long hours were spent running maths tutorials. He has taken a position at Wairarapa College. He will be missed greatly by his department and especially his students. Science and Biology teacher, Mr Neil Hayes departed for Bangladesh to accept a position at an international school. He enjoyed his time in New Zealand, especially his time spent at SBC. He hopes to return to New Zealand in the future. The over paid, over rated, spray tanned, taut and tight skinned, mastermind of motivation, Mr Tony Robbins, once said If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. This is actually quite true. Miss Felicity McDonnell wishes to travel and go on a little adventure, to meet new people and try new things. My time

Felicity McDonnell

Declan Rynne

at Saint Bernard’s has been truly wonderful. The staff at this College is unbelievably hard working and they pour their heart and soul into teaching our boys to think and learn, the Marcellin way. I am biased I know, but my home in the Marcellin Block these past four years has been fantastic. The laughter, tears, tantrums and cups of tea and coffee have kept us all going. Year 7 and 8 boys truly do have a special start at the College, the talent and dedication of the Marcellin team is always heart warming. Thank you to you all. I will miss you. Miss McDonnell will start a Term One Maternity Leave position at Saint Margaret’s College in Christchurch. Saint Bernard’s, I hope to pick up another North and South mag, or even a South Island local rag and read about your continued success at a later date - I am sure I will. Mr Declan Rynne is leaving us for a quick step

Peter Wilkinson and a jump over the road to Chilton Saint James and will be sorely missed by both the Maths Department and the staff as a whole. His Irish charm and winning streak (scooped staff pools for the Football World Cup and a few others) was hard not to be around. We wish you all the best! Éirinn go brách! Mr Peter Wilkinson, an Old Boy of the College was snapped up by Learning Support to be a teacher aide after finishing school here. Peter has worked since 2010 and has been a member of St John’s Ambulance Service for many years. He has provided superb first aid cover for the Sports Department. Peter leaves us to take up a position as a 111 Emergency call taker and to continue his ambulance training. Peter’s goal is to become an Intensive Care Paramedic. I have enjoyed my time here at SBC and have loved working with the team in Learning Support. We wish him the best of luck for the future.

Staff in Action

Congratulations! Brenten Higson, recipient of the CSW Award for Distinguished Contribution to College Sport.


St Bernard’s College 2011

Academic Awards

Jayden Hamilton

Saifuddin Ahmed

Daniel Campbell

Raymond Horua

• SPECIAL AWARDS Hugh Graham Memorial Trophy for Contribution to the Special Character of the College

Raymond Horua

HV Marist Old Boys Cup for DUX Margaret Hindmarsh Cup for First in Economics Mr & Mrs Mullen Cup for First in English Mr & Mrs Bingley Cup for First in Mathematics with Calculus Br Cyprian Cup for First in Mathematics with Statistics Physics Cup for First in Physics GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Daniel Campbell

St Bernard’s College Cup – Proxime Accessit to the DUX Fr Daly Memorial Cup for first in Religious Education Br Bernard Cup for First in Biology The Shivanandan Cup for Industry in Mathematics GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Saifuddin Ahmed

Geoffrey Collin Memorial Cup for Achievement and All Round Qualities GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum 1972 Prefects Cup for Generosity and Service

Jayden Hamilton

St Bernard’s College Cup – Proxime Accessit to the DUX Barbara Mullin Cup for Good Conduct and Leadership Prendergast Family Cup for First in Graphics St Bernard Cup for First in Chemistry GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Terrill Anthony

House Shield 2011 Jay Singh and Timothy Graham (House Captains)

• YEAR 13 AWARDS Physical Education Cup for First equal in Physical Education

Andrew Pasene & Jordan Heketa

Philip Prendergast Cup for First in Senior Computing SBC Performing Arts Cup for Services to Sound and Lighting GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Raymond Horua

David Beckett Memorial Cup for Commitment to Study GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Nineb Haddad

GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum NZ Institute of Physics Prize for Experimental Physics

Kenton Su

Murray Robinson Cup for First in History MERIT across the Curriculum Tom Mahoney Cup for Senior Instrumental Music in Yr 12/13 First in Pacific Studies in Year 12 GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Terrill Anthony

MERIT across the Curriculum

St Bernard’s College 2011

Timothy Josephs Matthew O’Flaherty Sione Likio Michael Hagarty Alvin Pascual Peter Su Liam Cropp Callum Dickinson Timothy Graham Joshua Guerra Ricky Situ Norman Vasquez

• SPECIAL EXTERNAL AWARDS Suzanne Aubert Tertiary Scholarship

Raymond Horua

Suzanne Aubert Tertiary Scholarship

Thang Pau Sing

Tu Tangata Poly Club Leadership Award



Sione Likio

Academic Awards • YEAR 12 AWARDS T J McCosker Cup for First Aggregate at Year 12 First in Chemistry Director of Religious Studies Cup for first equal in Religious Education Br Ralph Kane Memorial Trophy for First equal in English (trophy) First in Economics First in Physics GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Yuxuan Zhou

Krohn Memorial Trophy for Second Aggregate at Year 12 Director of Religious Studies Cup for first equal in Religious Education Br Ambrose Trophy for Commitment to Study in Year 12 First in History GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Jordan Lamond

Br Arnold Cup for First Aggregate at Year 11 Commander Fairfax Cup for First in Religious Education First in Accounting First in English GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Ethan McAuliffe

Second Aggregate at Year 11 2011 First in History GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Matthew Jacobs

Third Aggregate at Year 11 2011 Lees Landscaping Cup for First in Science First in Economics First equal in Mathematics GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Christopher Sims

Br Magella Cup for Third Aggregate at Year 12 GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Dipak Ranchhod

MERIT across the Curriculum First equal in Mathematics

GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum Director of Religious Studies Cup for first equal in Religious Education (trophy) Br Ralph Kane Memorial Trophy for First = in English St Bernard’s Cup for Generosity and Service in Year 12

Cameron Adams

GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum First in Japanese First in Physical Education

Matthew Dicken

MERIT across the Curriculum First in Technology Catering and Hospitality

Matthew Logan

GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum Redwood Prichard Cup for Senior Music Br Ralph Kane Memorial Trophy for First = in English

Damon Hutley

First in Graphics First in Visual Art General GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Tony Su

First in Accounting GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Matthew Boivin

First in Science GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Jahnn Cerezo

First in Visual Art Senior Art Cup for Senior Art GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Kevin Satur

Zane Baker

First in French First in Graphics MERIT across the Curriculum

Thomas Mair

First in Geography First in Music Peterson Family Cup for Excellence in Musical Performance

Ashleigh Sales

First in Mathematics MERIT across the Curriculum

Arwin Sinnathambi

Ko te ‘Whakatipuranga o tea o’ (Senior Maori Cup) for Senior Maori GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Hosea Tapuai

First in Drama The Thomas Dewar Sziranyi Letts Cup for Excellence in Senior Drama MERIT across the Curriculum

Daeshan Wichman

Senior Japanese Cup for Senior Japanese

Antonio Puka

First in Biology First in General Studies First in Physical Education GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

MERIT across the Curriculum



St Bernard’s College 2011

Junaid Ahmed Anthony Van Ooyen Tupou Sanerivi Hoani Hotene Jakob Lee Anthony Lim Talaivi Asovale Jerome Chan Timothy Nield Peter Daniel Ocampo Thomas Searancke Kyle Viagedor

Wellington Certificate in Science Trophy for Most Improved in Year 11 Science

David Anthony Smith

GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum Crook Family Cup for Commitment to Study in Year 11

Miguel Oreville

Brown Family Cup for Generosity and Service in Year 11

Jack Imray

GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

MERIT across the Curriculum

Benjamin Wallis Shavin Senanayake Tyler Saggers Harrison Royle Joshua Logan Brettelemani Manaia Trei Mu Jesse Narvasa Cameron Piper Moroati Stretch-Swan

Academic Awards • YEAR 10 AWARDS


First Aggregate at Year 10 GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Andy Su

Second Aggregate at Year 10 First equal the Music Cup for Year 10 Music GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Benjamin Van Woerkom

Third Aggregate at Year 10 2011 GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Nathan O’Riley

GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum McGuinness Family Cup for Commitment to Study GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum Ko te “E tipu, e rea” (Junior Maori Trophy) for Junior Maori Michael Sherry Memorial Trophy for Generosity & Service MERIT across the Curriculum Japanese Cup for Junior Japanese First equal Music Cup for Year 10 Music Art Cup for Junior Art GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

MERIT across the Curriculum

Second Aggregate at Year 8 General Excellence across the Curriculum Third Aggregate at Year 8 Merit across the Curriculum SBC Old Boy’s Jubilee Trophy for Generosity and Service in Year 8 Lesley Duncan Prize for Improved English by a Maori speaker or speaker of another language Merit across the Curriculum David Peters Memorial Cup for Speech in Year 8 SBC Trophy for Bible Reading in Year 8 GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

MERIT across the Curriculum


St Bernard’s College 2011

Second Aggregate at Year 9 2011 Merit across the Curriculum Third Aggregate at Year 9 2011 Merit across the Curriculum

Jayden Grant Arama Pou

Jacob Netzler

Bayley Bouzaid Stephen Clark Joseph Divinagracia Keegan Molenaar Blake Owers Alexander Vaaulu Jozef Van Hout Joshua Williams

Seth Trocio

Salvador Jr Lacsamana Jordan Taylor Samuelu Vaofusi

Anthony Heffernan Memorial Trophy for Commitment to Study in Year 9 General Excellence across the Curriculum

Edward Wilcock

George Flett Memorial Cup for Generosity and Service General Excellence across the Curriculum

Salemona Mafile’o- Tuala

GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

Liam McAuliffe Gabriel Balauag Michael Brennan Lee Bush Nathan Dicken Benjamin Duthie-Jung Kham Za Heh Cherbel Khouchaba Joseph Schuchmann Tama Te Kawa

Christopher Cunningham

SBC College Music Trophy for Year 9 Music General Excellence across the Curriculum

Benjamin Van Ooyen

• YEAR 8 AWARDS First Aggregate at Year 8 SBC Old Boy’s Jubilee Trophy for Commitment to Study in Year 8 General Excellence across the Curriculum

First Aggregate at Year 9 2011 General Excellence across the Curriculum

MERIT across the Curriculum

Jacob Egan Marcus Kah Ang Goh Jonathan Kung Kyle Lamond Jackson Leitch Aaron Marshall Nicky McCleery Daniel Nield Victor Taase John Ulu Jesse Cseh Jamie Curtis Karl Hofsteede Lianne Arbie Hong Terence Jiang Terry Lynch Sean Marshall Taylor Garnett Norton-Brown Anthony Parshot Michael Start Poata-Ezra Tuisamoa Jordan Umaga-Kelemete

• YEAR 7 AWARDS First Aggregate at Year 7 First equal the SBC Old Boy’s Jubilee Trophy for Commitment to Study in Year 7 General Excellence across the Curriculum Second Aggregate at Year 7 General Excellence across the Curriculum

Jack Marra

Charlie Penman

Third Aggregate at Year 7 Form 1 & 2 Music Trophy for Music in Years 7 & 8 General Excellence across the Curriculum

Matthew Elder

Bradley Searle

Generosity and Service in Year 7 the SBC Old Boy’s Jubilee Trophy General Excellence across the Curriculum

Cameron Grant

Matthew Rothwell

First equal the SBC Old Boy’s Jubilee Trophy for Commitment to Study in Year 7 General Excellence across the Curriculum

Jonathan Nield

SBC Trophy for Bible Reading Merit across the Curriculum

Steven Pereira

Nicholas Ibrahim

David Nanai

Caleb Dominikovich Aidan Almand Luke Pynenburg Dylan Samuel Daniel Satur Ramon Tala Jack Baucke Guy Hogan Alexander Ingram Ethan Moore Anthony Pan Ethan Smith Joshua Tainui Robin Walker

Moohan Cup for Speech in Year 7 GENERAL EXCELLENCE across the Curriculum

MERIT across the Curriculum

Finlay Anderson Noah Jaeger-Letts Johannes Duthie-Jung Pelikani Peaua Samuel Taylor Brendan Highman-Sofeni Elijah Afoa Jacob Hawkins Taran John Jackson Locke Aisea Mafile’o Joseph Mamea-Hind Marcus Manning Michael McLean James Missen Jordan Moh Max Siemonek Elliot Thorn

Special Character


hat does the title ‘Special Character Leader’ mean exactly? That was one question which played in my mind over the past few years. However, I eventually learned that the role was for a student be in charge of all the religious and ceremonial duties at the school. I thought, what a fun title, I want it! – Not. Now, before you write me off, I did change my tune. I started here at SBC in 2007 and, I must admit, I was very nervous. A new environment, a new school, many people I did not know and lots of hard work that I knew had to be done. I enjoyed my first year and, at the end of that year, I found myself (by accident) part of the lighting and sound technical crew. This is where my participation in the masses and the liturgies in the school began.

I would now like to take the opportunity to thank several people. First I must thank the guys who have helped out with all the masses and liturgies – Terrill, Harry, Tim, Kenton, Jayden, Nathan and the other tech boys and everyone else who has played a part this year. One very important person I would have to thank would have to be Cameron Gibson, my co-special character leader. He always made sure everything for the masses and liturgies was perfect and definitely kept those stressful moments to a minimum. Thank you, Cameron.

In December 2010, I was given the privilege of attending a camp in Palm Grove called YCL (Young Catholic Leaders). It was one of the best and definitely most eye-opening experiences I have had. I would definitely recommend it to any

On staff, I would like to thank Mr Fava, Mr Sefton, Mrs Thomson and Ms Fouhy. Most importantly I would like to thank Mrs Dickinson. I have worked with her over the past few years to organise liturgies and masses along with Cameron, and I will definitely miss her guidance

student who wishes to do anything in the school.

and support she has given me. Thank you, Mrs Dickinson.

At the beginning of the year, the Year 13’s went up to Palm Grove in Paraparaumu for our inaugural retreat. On this retreat, it was so awesome to see all the boys participating in all the events that this retreat had to offer to us all. One particular event was where we were all competing against each other to see which group could make the tallest structure out of straws (without it falling over!). I have to say that no-one got any more than five hours sleep during the whole retreat!

All staff have to be thanked for the contribution you have made to the lives of the guys at the College. You may not notice this but your influences, whether academic or spiritual, have shaped us into the men that we will become when we move on from SBC. We school leavers will definitely miss you.

St Bernard’s Day was definitely a highlight this year. The day started with a liturgy in the morning. This was good because it meant that we could all start the day off spiritually together, as part of a fraternity. The guys must be congratulated because, sitting on the gym floor at 9.30am, can be difficult. The most emotional mass this year however would have to be the leaver’s


mass. It is definitely hard to leave behind many fond memories I have had here. SBC has somewhat been a second home to me and will forever hold a special place in my heart.

St Bernard’s College 2011

To current and future Bernard’s men; the Special Character Leader role is something I would recommend if you particularly enjoy behind the scenes work. To the guys just starting out at SBC, on your first day you may walk in and want to leave, but on your last day I can guarantee that you will walk out and never want to leave. As our school crest says: Respice Stellam, Voca Mariam (Look to the star, call upon Mary). Always remember this. Raymond Horua

Special Character • O’Shea Shield


anagement’s Summary: An outstanding competition! The boys did their very best to compete against bigger schools boasting a strong and successful O’Shea Shield tradition. We were competitive in two events, Religious Drama and Religious Questions where we were awarded Distinction grades! Overall we maintained a good average in all other events where we gained Merit. Supporters: We very much appreciate the effort, expertise and time volunteered by our coaches; Father John Greally (volunteer Scripture Reading coach), Brother Kieran Fenn (volunteer Religious Questions coach) and Mrs Jean Howell (volunteer Drama coach) for their ongoing support and assistance. They have sacrificed valuable work time to help get the team ready to compete at Garin. It was also good to see Mr Hamilton (Jayden’s father) fly to Nelson to support both the team and his own son. St Bernard’s College staff put in a lot of time and effort during the initial preparation and in the intense two week lead up to the event-this was appreciated. Students were released from classes in the two weeks prior to the competition to attend practices and perform in front of other groups. This required a lot of effort on both the teachers and their behalf which paid off in their fine performance at Garin College. The Team: St Bernard’s College O’Shea Shield team was very well led by Terrill Anthony (Head Boy) and Harry Slade (Deputy Head Boy). The team atmosphere was always one of inclusiveness – not of prima donnas and exclusivity, the communication between each other was supportive and always encouraging. It enabled everyone to give their best performance. The participants were present for each other’s events and were a closely knit group. Our younger participants also tried their best and would have learnt from this experience. Similarly, the four extra boys who accompanied the team (as supporters and future team members) have seen first-hand what O’Shea Shield is all about and the high standard of preparation that is required to perform well. This, it is hoped, will stand them in good stead for the future. Final Summary: The group of younger boys have the potential to go a long way in future competitions. Unfortunately, several capable boys from Year 13 will be moving on, which leaves a gap that needs to be filled. In order to gain award recognition (cups and/or the Shield), we need a culture shift within the College. We need to engage more teachers to include O’Shea Shield events in their classroom activities. We must identify and start coaching potential participants even a year ahead of the competition. Team Objective: The Team objective was to be competitive, to improve on our usual placing by aiming to finish in the top ten.


St Bernard’s College 2011

Back: Middle: Front: Absent:

Nick Wilson, Anna-Marie Dickinson (Assistant Coordinator), Felicity McDonnell, Ann Garry Ethan McAuliffe, Simon Garlick, Nineb Haddad, Daniel Campbell, Peter Fava (Coordinator) Jerome Chan, Terrill Anthony (Team Captain), Josh Logan, Ben Van Woerkom, Tim Graham, Raymond Horua Harry Slade, Nathan O’Riley, Mona Ahelemo, Simon Garlick, Ciaran Hogben, Kenton Su, Bernie Taulealo, Jayden Hamilton, Raymond Lesoa, Ben Duthie-Jung, Hosea Tapuai

Events: St Bernard’s flew/sailed to the O’Shea Shield and improved upon the placing of previous years. The events were generally made up of two pools, of eight schools competing for a cup/trophy for each of the seven events. The school that gained the highest points (each event scored from one to six) won the O’Shea Shield. DAY 1 • 14 May Debating

SBC 4 points

SBC vs. St Catherine’s – Debate won by St Catherine’s. Team: Daniel Campbell, Simon Garlick and Ethan McAuliffe. Coached by Mrs Sue McNab. Religious Questions

SBC 5 points

Team: Terrill Anthony, Tim Graham, Raymond Horua. Coached by Br Kieran and supported by Ms Maria Fouhy and Jerome Chan (Year 12 student). Impromptu Speech

SBC 4 points

Ciaran Hogben. Coached by Miss Felicity McDonnell Junior Prepared Speech

SBC 4 points

Nathan O’Riley. Coached by Mrs Ann Garry and supported by Mrs Anna-Marie Dickinson Religious Drama

SBC 5 points

Team: Kenton Su, Bernie Taulealo, Nineb Haddad, Jayden Hamilton, Raymond Lesoa and Harry Slade (techie). Coached by Mrs Jean Howell supported by Mrs Petra Jaeger-Letts. DAY 2 • 15 May Scripture Reading

SBC 4 points

Ben Van Woerkom. Coached by Fr John Greally, supported by Mr Nick Wilson Oratory

SBC 4 points

Mona Ahelemo. Coached by Peter Fava supported by Mrs Nila Uili and Miss Felicity McDonnell. The participants have grown tremendously, with motivation to do well, knowing what the standard

of O’Shea Shield is. The team of teachers and chaplain, who pitched in and travelled to Garin College, while tired, had a great time working collegially and pitching in to encourage the boys do their best. The administrative work and logistical planning of getting the team to Nelson and back was efficiently executed voluntarily by Mrs Dickinson. The coaches (especially those who did not travel to Richmond) have to be commended for their commitment to prepare the boys. We were possibly a week underdone in our preparation and will look to have things underway earlier next year to enable our students the best possible opportunity to succeed at O’Shea shield. We were also aware that we had a young team and it is hoped that the target of achieving in the top ten next year is realistic and achievable. An achievement ethos - that of gaining recognition at O’Shea has been instilled in the participants. However, there is much work that needs to be done with identifying and grooming candidates as early as the start of term one, Year 9. Given the high academic standard that we are attracting into Year 9, these boys need to be given an early opportunity to excel. The Religious Education department and the English department have a huge integrated role to play so that teachers from both departments commit themselves to set up these opportunities. Finally to all those who supported the team in any way, your support is much appreciated – teachers, chaplain, parents and caregivers, and trustees. Thank You. Mr Nick Wilson

Special Character • O’Shea Shield (ctnd)


hat was it like to participate in the O’Shea Shield 2011?

What does this participation mean for the schools, students and dioceses? The 2011 O’Shea Shield was hosted by Garin college in Nelson on the 14th and 15th of May. It is an annual public speaking competition for all the Catholic Colleges of the Wellington and Pamerston North dioceses. Students come together to compete in a variety of events ranging from the challenging religious questions event, to scripture reading, impromptu speaking and oratory. However, ‘O’Shea’ is more than just a competition. Yes, it is a chance for schools to test their wit and creative skills against one another, but, greater still, it is an opportunity for the two dioceses to come together to celebrate the talents and immeasurable potential of the youth in our church. Coaches and students spent weeks and months of tireless study and preparation for just one weekend of competition. Here we finally had our chance to demonstrate our abilities and show what we had learned. As is the case every year, the calibre of talent on display was impressive, and all the events were contested with the enthusiasm and passion that typifies the spirit of the O’Shea Shield. The Religious Questions event always tests students’ grasp of tricky and comprehensive encyclicals. The creativity, originality and humour in the Dramas and Impromptu Speaking are always worth witnessing. The Oratory is always

supposed to move an audience and, the topics this year, did just that. To sum it up, it is an extremely competitive event and this year, this was demonstrated in the closeness of the final placing. Congratulations must go to St Patrick’s College of Wellington on a well deserved win. For the younger members and first time participants it was a great challenge and learning experience. The talents on show are something to aspire to. For me in my final year, O’Shea has been a fantastic, worthwhile and truly unforgettable experience. Aside from competing, it was a chance for us all to meet new and amazing people

from other schools, bond with our own team members and develop a greater awareness of just how brilliant and close our dioceses really are. Over the course of the weekend we all learned more about ourselves and each other and by the end of it all it almost didn’t matter that we were all from different schools competing against each other. What was important was that we were all there to celebrate our talents and, in the end, we were all united as one very close group. A great deal of credit must go to Garin College for the way in which they hosted all fifteen schools. Everything ran perfectly, from the powhiri at the beginning, right through to the concluding mass. Ray Horua

Religious Education


his year the Religious Education Department has been a part of a series of important developments. Religious Education as a subject has finally become University approved and the Bishops’ Conference sent out a letter earlier this year to all Catholic Schools enforcing an increase in the hours we teach Religious Education per week. These two significant developments have helped emphasise the importance of Religious Education as a subject. They are a definite advantage to our senior students who have achieved well in Religious Education and are planning on furthering their education at University. The Department has grown in strength this year, and the quality of the student work, teaching and standard of achievement in both the Junior and Senior school is thanks to the efforts of the RE staff and the students themselves. I would like to acknowledge the fine work of the RE staff and thank them for their many efforts this year. The RE staff for 2011 are as follows; Ms Maria Fouhy, Mr Nick Wilson, Mr Michael Fowler, Mrs Petra Jaeger-Letts, Mr Hamish Sutherland, Ms Kathy Taylor and Miss Felicity McDonnell. My sincere and grateful thanks to you all for making this year so successful. It is with sadness that we farewell Miss Felicity McDonnell this year. She has been an important and valued member of our Department and we shall miss her bubbly personality, excellent teaching and generous involvement in a wide range of activities. The boys have benefitted greatly from being in her classes and we thank her for all that she has given to St Bernard’s College. As a new staff member to St Bernard’s College, I am particularly grateful for the welcoming atmosphere that is such a unique aspect of our


St Bernard’s College 2011

College’s Marist charism. I look forward to 2012 and the developments that we, as a Department, will be putting into place to ensure the continued success of our students in Religious Education. In the words of our founder, Marcellin Champagnat, what a privileged vocation we have as Marist educators, Brothers and Laypeople, women and men, young and old, called to be Champagnats for this younger generation. The hope for the Religious Education Department is that we continue to thrive in our role as educators, ‘making Christ known and loved’ by all of our students. Ms Maria Fouhy

Special Character • Retreats


he retreats this year were all centred on the Marist Pillar of Family Spirit-God’s Love in Action!

Due to the reconfiguration of the academic year to accommodate the Rugby World Cup, we were restricted in our choice of venue, but all year groups made the most of their opportunity to spend and share time reflecting on how we come together as a community, and what Family Spirit looks like at our college. Components from the retreats were used in some of our end of term masses to further enhance our ‘being gathered round the same table’ mantra. Father John Greally and Mrs Dickinson compiled and facilitated the retreat programme, and our senior students, with our Special Character Leaders - Cameron and Ray to the fore - led and participated in small group activities. Father John and I wish to thank the Deans/ form teachers and senior students who helped and supported the retreats. Anna Marie Dickinson


St Bernard’s College 2011

St Bernard’s Day


St Bernard’s College 2011


Te Reo Maori


e Reo Māori is taught from Y7 - Y13, it is compulsory for Y7 – Y8 (one period a week) but optional for Y9 - Y13 (three periods for Y9 - 10: five periods for Y11 - Y13) per week. The Director of Māori Achievement monitors the achievement of Māori students across all areas of the curriculum. Strengths of Education for Māori at St Bernard’s College include: • Goal setting with regular monitoring of student progress throughout the year. • HOD’s and staff are committed to helping targeted senior Māori students pass NCEA external examinations at the end of the year. • Matariki and Māori Language week have a high profile in the College. • The Māori achievement plan and recommendations from Ka Hikitea are being implemented with strong attendance at ‘He Kākano’ workshops by Senior Management. • Māori students acknowledge the College as their tūrangawaewae through their involvement in Māori initiatives such as Kapa Haka regionals in Masterton, Matariki commemoration at Government House, performing at the Indonesian Embassy along with trips to the Wellington City Art Gallery, Te Papa, Arohanui and Matiu-Somes. • The use of Te Reo Māori in and around the College is evident. • Māori students have participated with distinction in Kapa Haka (Made nationals for the first time) and Ngā Manu Kōrero speech contests (Arama Pou was first equal in the Junior English section). Chris Cunningham, our top Y9 student, has volunteered to contest the Junior English and Junior Māori sections next year.

Kapa Haka Regionals


tudents from St Bernard’s College, Sacred Heart College, and Hutt Valley High School made up ‘Te Huatai Katorika’ to represent the three schools at the Kapa Haka regional competition in Masterton late in Term 2. The competition was held in the new auditorium at Wairarapa College.

The St Bernard’s College students in the group included Orban Waitaki-Messenger (8KT); Josiah Martin (9LA); Tobias Julius-Donnelly (10HI); Arama Pou (10JA); Paasi Fine (11RY); Trey Ryder (12RY); Tamati Whaanga-Gibb (12KA); and Jay Singh (13KA). Although Orban wasn’t able to perform on the day due to a technicality in the rules, he still accompanied the group to Masterton and attended all practices. The group left Waiwhetu Marae early Thursday morning and arrived to a warm welcome at Te Rangimarie Marae. The wharenui and wharekai both suited the needs of the group very well. Most of Friday, was used to stream-line the performance. The emphasis was more on the boys’ needing to perfect the ‘words and actions’ to the haka. The Sacred Heart girls had always maintained high performance standards but the boys for various reasons hadn’t been able to achieve those same standards. ‘Te Huatai Katorika’ performed flawlessly (the boys too) to take second place behind Wainuiomata High School (who have now won the last three regional finals in a row) and ahead of Naenae College (placed second in 2009) who were placed third. All three groups qualify to attend the National finals in Whangarei in August 2012. This will be the first time ‘Te Huatai Katorika’ has qualified to represent the Lower/Upper Hutt/ Wairarapa region. Four of the female tutors and I accompanied Te Huatai Katorika to a dance especially organised for competitors. The dance was very well organised and policed and a credit to the organisers. The dance was a perfect end to a perfect day.


St Bernard’s College 2011

Future Direction: • We need to establish a marae facility in the school so that Māori students can identify with it. • Māori cultural artifacts need to be displayed prominently around the College. Two meetings have been held with Terry Puketapu and Master-carver Rangi Hetet of the Waiwhetu Marae to discuss the possibility of a feature carving for the main foyer in the administration block. The carving (pictured to the left) was used as a basis for what is envisaged in the feature carving. • Kapa Haka scheduled in one period a week and made available to all students (pending the availability of a suitable tutor); particularly with St Bernard’s and Sacred Heart qualifying for the Nationals in Whangarei next year. Trends or patterns both Past and Present: Trends or patterns revealed in historical data sadly show a gradual decline in those students opting to learn Te Reo Māori. A more aggressive approach is needed to encourage Māori and non Māori students to learn the language Pleasingly achievement levels for Māori students in the College are improving in relation to those of other students. This has been helped by the continued focus on goal setting and involving HODs and other teachers in monitoring students. Mr Tupu Williams HOD Māori, Director of Māori Achievement


Tokelau Culture


he SBC Tokelau Cultural Group was active again in 2011. Henio Perez – Koloi from Vibe led the group once more, putting in a huge effort to teach songs and have good fun sessions each lunchtime. He prepared the group for a performance at “Leo O Te Alofa”, the inaugural Tokelau Community Educational Expo that focused on Careers and Tertiary training. We took a large group over to perform and a sizeable number of parents came to support us. The performance was very well received. SBC is grateful to Vibe for letting Henio come during working hours and proud of the group developing such a high standard of performing skills.


St Bernard’s College 2011

Tu Tangata Festival


his year the Poly Club took part in the Tu Tangata Festival held at the Opera House on Monday 8th August. The Poly Club, led by Sione Likio, Bernie Taulealo, Tulisese Tagataese, Lokeni Alesana and other members of the Year 13 leadership team, were absolutely spectacular. They stood out in sharp and stylish uniforms designed by Bernie Taulealo and made by the amazing Michelle Nyberg. The white tauvae’s were made by Josie Netzler and her family. The performance was a combination of Tongan, Samoan and Tokelauan songs and dances. A Zumba workout was also included to shake things up and get the crowd going. The night was a success because of the hard work and the many hours that the leaders and poly club put into learning their items. A huge FAAFETAI to the leaders, the Poly Club, to parents and teachers for all your hard work! MALO LAVA!

Careers and Gateway Programme


011 has proved to be a challenging year for our Gateway Programme. The downturn in the current economic climate has meant that many employers have not been so keen to take on the extra responsibility of training a student. However, despite the barriers, we still managed to place our 40 students. As usual, we covered a wide range of industries with students enjoying placements in event management, a radio station, the arborist industry, even construction and building sites. We have had mechanics, engineering students, youth workers on holiday camps for disadvantaged children, a painter and decorator and some hospitality students. Other students were in retail, IT and we had one student at the city library and one at a fitness centre. Most of the students did well, some were outstanding. One student, Cameron Gibson, obtained an apprenticeship from his placement with builder Ray Watkins. Cameron also has to thank his previous employer, Willie McLennan of Sycove Builders for recognising his potential and encouraging him to move on to a bigger company.


St Bernard’s College 2011

Luke McGuiness was applauded by his employer as an excellent worker and a great employee who would have been offered an apprenticeship if the company had more work. Special mention must be made of Max de Maat, Kerehoma Molineux and Lee Waldman. All three of them were excellent Gateway students; they looked forward to going to work and enjoyed their Gateway experience. Finally, our greatest success story (in my opinion) was Thang Sing Pau. Thang wanted to be a painter and his placement with Trustworks proved to be perfect for him. Roy and Sue Cox took Thang under their wing and with their guidance he has learnt so much. He is enrolled in a Painting and Decorating course at Welltec. The Trustworks will be his ‘on the job’ employer throughout the course and will continue to mentor him. Considering that Thang came to St Bernard’s as a refugee speaking no English, he has made amazing progress, thanks in no small part to Jill Taau his learning support teacher. Mrs Jeanne Lomax

Junior Badge Ceremony


he Term Three Year 7-10 Badge Ceremony started off with the waiata E toru na mea where the Year 7 and 8’s lead and the Year 9 and 10’s echo. This song was followed by the entrance of Mr Fava and Sister Trish. Anxiously awaiting the badge winner’s names being called, we started with the Year 7 badge winners followed by the other year groups.

We were lucky enough to have Sister Trish with us to bless and give out the badges. When my name was called out I got a surprise as I hadn’t been told by my parents. All in all, we were recognised well by our peers. Ethan Smith (8MD) BADGE WINNERS • APRIL 2011 8CL • YEAR 7 8CL • YEAR 8 8KT • YEAR 7 8KT • YEAR 8 8MD • YEAR 7 8MD • YEAR 8 8SU • YEAR 7 8SU • YEAR 8 8UI • YEAR 7 8UI • YEAR 8 9CH 9LA 9MN 9SJ 10HI 10HY 10JA 10MC


St Bernard’s College 2011

Jordan Moh Charlie Penman Samual Tane Robin Walker Sam Taylor Pelikani Peaua Daniel Satur Seth Trocio Jonathan Nield Conrad Weatherall Nicholas Ibrahim Bevan Angus Jack Marra Max Loveranes Bradley Searle Reilly Edwards Cameron Grant Noah Jaegar- Letts Dylan Samuel Matthew Rothwell Wei-Ming Lim Chris Cunningham Arbie Hong John Ulu Talosaga Tanu Daniel Nield Salemona Tufile o’ Tuala Jackson Leitch Cameron Judd Justin Wilson Gabriel Balauag Brendon Morgan-Reddy Josh Sinnathambi Arama Pou Joshua Williams Alexander Vaaulu

8CL • YEAR 7 8CL • YEAR 8 8KT • YEAR 7 8KT • YEAR 8 8MD • YEAR 7 8MD • YEAR 8 8SU • YEAR 7 8SU • YEAR 8 8UI • YEAR 7 8UI • YEAR 8 9CH 9LA 9MN 9SJ 10HI 10HY 10JA 10MC

BADGE WINNERS • SEPTEMBER 2011 Tupoki Wairau- Hunter Taran John Sherwin Peat Scott Travis Johannes Duthie-Jung Joseph Dalton Raphael Nicol Jack Baucke Andrew Roberts Juan Lopez Jacob Kavinta Ethan Smith Steven Pereira Joseph Mamea–Hind Anthony Pan Joshua Hewson Michael Mclean Jackson Locke Sam Gorham Luke Pynenburg Jesse Cseh JR Lacsamana Talents Mvere Victor Taase Eddie Asovale Shaun de Roo Thomas Josephson Nicholas Wong Cherbel Khouchba Liam McGill John Tefoto Joseph Divinagracia Michael Brennan Steven Clark Angelo Bonita Benji Van Ooyen

St Bernard’s Senior Ball


St Bernard’s College 2011

St Bernard’s Senior Ball


St Bernard’s College 2011

Year 13 Profiles a) Nickname • b) Where you will be in ten year’s time • c) Saying


Fotahi Ahelemo

Saifuddin Ahmed

Lokeni Alesana

Benjamin Anderson

a) Teddy Bear b) Design c) That’s what she said.

a) Red-1 b) Doctor c) Say ahhhhhhhh

a) Keni b) Dad of 10 c) Help me!

a) Craig Bell Amy b) Managing Man City and Ben F’s business partner c) Oh nah it’s at home

Terrill Anthony

Lewis Baucke

Jeremy Cains

Daniel Campbell

a) HB b) Rule the world c) Wooooah

a) Loowiz b) Gamer c) Neop

a) Skux b) Married to Dave Grohl c) Foo fighters 4eva

a) Dux b) Educated and broke c) Something intelligent

Jordan Clout

Liam Cropp

Conor Culhane

Max de Maat

a) JC b) Owning Moby Dick’s c) Neop Gootz Ace “Insert name”

a) Ginga b) In the army c) Anyone for Nintendo?

b) Soldier c) Hmmmmmmmm

a) Barry Crump b) Living in Wainuiomata c) Mate

Callum Dickinson

Brent Duggan

Noel Dycoco

a) Ichiban b) Software Engineer c) I’ll do it eventually

a) Duggy b) Nothing c) Would I lie to you?

a) Nowee b) Pizza Delivery c) Checkout the babes

Cameron Gibson

Timothy Graham

Joshua Guerra

Nineb Haddad

a) Cam b) Builder c) I’ll have that work Monday

a) Ben b) Stalking Marco Rojas c) Yarp

a) Hojs b) Builder c) Nek Minnett!!

a) Maneb, Dazza b) Coooool c) What? Girls like hairy boys!

Michael Hagarty

Jayden Hamilton

Hayden Haughey

Jordan Heketa

a) Zyzz b) YMCMB c) Nek Minit

a) Over-Jesus b) Swinging from trees c) What is the secret of your power?

a) Vin Diesel b) Vin Diesel c) Oiya

a) J-DOGG b) Ray Lesoa personal trainer c) Yallah brah!

Ciaran Hogben

Raymond Horua

Timothy Josephs

Yateshay Lal

a) Zidane b) Neutering Cats c) It’s really funny…

a) Sefty b) Deputy Principal of SBC c) Move the van Terry

a) Timberlina b) Librarian c) Ragal Flagga

a) Yoda c) Oh bro you’re skuxx oi

Andrew Lamkam a) K Locke, lammy, Barba b) Policeman c) Nah yeah, smash that box!

Raymond Lesoa

Sione Likio

Hosea Mano

a) Rayzor, Israel Dagg, Ray, Rexona b) Still convincing Bernie to come to gym c) Doggies!

a) Mahe b) Butcher c) Yeah buddy

a) Sayni b) CEO of Facebook c) Get dem ratahs

St Bernard’s College 2011

Benjamin Fairbrother a) Fairbolo b) Owner of a nightclub c) Straight corrupt, Alternatively!

Year 13 Profiles a) Nickname • b) Where you will be in ten year’s time • c) Saying Tyrone Martin

Luke McGuinness

Callum Meehan

Rydell Mita

a) T - Borge b) Selling his stuff c) Kark you up

a) Coach b) Still climbing trees c) Can’t spell Fluke without Luke

a) Meehan b) Organising RWC 2023 c) Doggies!

a) Riddle b) Directing Boy 2 c) Far in deah, aww da bomb

Ndabezinhle Mkandla

Jeremy Moananu

Vicente III Montero

Atini Mulitalo

a) Phoolish b) President of USA c) Yes, I can!

a) Jerry b) Munching Saveloys c) I’m whipped

a) Caveman b) Father to Vicente IV c) I still got it

a) Gallen #7 b) Petone c) My razor broke Mr!

Vikesh Naidu-Patterson

Matthew O’Flaherty

Alvin Pascual

Andrew Pasene

c) I’m saying nothing.

a) Matt b) Session musician c) Sohh

Aashchaykumar Patel

Thang Sing Pau

John Perez-Koloi

Lorenzo Pili

b) Painter

a) PK b) Be with Jose c) Ah Yip

a) Pili – Rili c) Atini!!!

Angelo Ritossa

Nazareth Savelio

Anu Singe

Jay Singh

a) Ange b) King of COD c) Bloody campers!!

a) Jesus b) Dux 2021 c) Woolah!

a) Footy b) Managing football c) Time to play black ops!!

a) Big boy Jay c) Bro, what do you do if….

Ricky Situ

Harry Slade

Kenton Su

a) Wei Hong c) You’re G hey

a) Oh Harry! b) NZ Premier DJ c) Guys, I don’t know why the girls are attracted to me…

a) Kentank b) Coooool c) Nah, my guns are real!

Peter Su a) Pewa c) Fush and chups That’s awesome! Mumble….

Andre Sukroo

Tuliese Tagataese

Tyler Tane

Bernie Taulealo

a) Dre b) Still trying to make NRL c) Bro you’re playing up

a) TAEZ b) Playing League c) Bolo o Lemoki

b) League player

a) Bee! b) Cop c) It is what it is

Kade Tiatia

Nicholas Tran

Norman Vasquez

a) Real Risk b) Sumo wrestling c) Sad to me!!

a) Boss b) Doctor c) Is rich!!

a) Ash b) Basketball pro c) Yep


St Bernard’s College 2011

a) Sasulee, Jin, Alvin (and the chipmunks) b) Cutting up people – legally c) What do you want?

a) Pasene b) Preaching c) Light weight

Class of 2011

Student Content

Day’s Bay Picnic


St Bernard’s College 2011

Student Content

Year 7 & 8 H20 Extreme Fun Day


n the 22nd of September 2011, the Year 7 and 8’s bussed into Upper Hutt for a FUN day at H20 Extreme Pool. This was a special treat for completing the DARE program with Constable Julie. We had an AWESOME time there in the pool playing, or having a go on the water slides. Some people bought their own lunch from the café there too. Overall, that day was probably an EXTREME day for everyone!! Jacob Hawkins 8MD

Year 7 & 8 Speech & Bible Reading


he calibre of our Speech and Bible Reading competition was a great surprise to the teachers and judges alike. Every student had a great deal of talent to offer. Everyone exceeded the standard the teachers set, but only the best from every class went through to the finals. There, they battled it out to determine the winner of the 2011 Speech and Bible Reading Competition.

I came fourth in the finals for the Speech section but, I’m happy with what I got. I was even lucky to get to the finals. In the end Caleb Dominicovich won the Year 8 Speech Competition; Finn Anderson won the Year 7 Speech Competition; Aidan Almand won the Year 8 Bible Reading Competition and Steven Perez won the Year 7 Bible Reading Competition. As I will be a Year 9 next year I encourage the Year 7 and 8’s of next year to try their best and aim for the top. Nicholas Ibrahim 8MD


St Bernard’s College 2011

Student Content SBC JUNIOR CAMP Splish splashing in the water Speaking, talking in the night Riding fast on massive objects Shooting, aiming at a target So much fun Struggling, failing oh well! Finding, gliding in the sun Falling, crawlingThat’s sliding in the mud. Oscar Hanlin 8MD

My Camp Experience Camp was excellent. I enjoyed it more than last year’s at my primary school. I enjoyed kayaking the most because we got to capsize and flip people out of their kayaks. The disappointing thing was that Easton flipped me out of my kayak and the lake was slimy and gooey and sticky! I quickly scrammed back into my kayak and got away! The activity I did not really like was horse-riding as I do not really like horses. I led one instead of riding one. My favourite food served to us was Macaroni Cheese. I really did have a magnificent time! • Dario Dellabarca 8MD Hutt Old Boys vs. Petone From the kick off, Hutt Old Boys were in control. I made the tackle, turnover! We gave it off to our second five eight and he whizzed round the Petone wings to score the opening try. Five tries followed that afterwards and four conversions were kicked too. It was almost half time, our centre broke away but he was tackled by the Petone first five then our number eight picked up the ball and made a ruck. I saw the opportunity, so, picked up the ball and dived for the line. I scored! The referee blew the whistle…it was half time. When we came back on after half time we scored three quick tries, on the third try my coach said “Andrew you can have this conversion!” I got passed the ball and my assistant coach gave me the tee. I planted the ball down on it and took three steps back and two steps to the side. I looked up at the posts like Dan Carter. I slowly walked to the ball…..then I RAN to the ball……OVER! Three tries followed that afterwards. Then the full time whistle. The end score? 94 to nil.


Andrew Roberts 8MD

St Bernard’s College 2011

Camp in a Nutshell Endless fun Sleepless nights So much to do so little time One hour for an activity So you beg for more You feel so sad when you see… The bus to go home. You hope next time will be twice as fun! Jesse Graham 8MD

The Royal Wedding On a bright sunny day outside a palace, on a patterned porch, stood standing Kate Middleton and William Wales waving to a giant crowd of people waiting for the moment to happen. Roaring from the crowd, people from England were waiting for the kiss. A young girl covering her ears from the noise of the extreme crowd yelling, crying and sharing in their moment. William was whispering to Kate, telling her something to unleash excitement from the crowd. Letting them see what they were waiting for so that they could share and keep that memory forever. Finally the moment everyone was waiting for, the one thing that they all wanted to see. Wooooooo oooooooooooh aaaaaaahhhhh! The crowd screamed. It finally happened. The kiss happened. Everyone wanted that moment to arrive. And, they got to see it. Easton Cairns 8MD



St Bernard’s College 2011

Learning Support here were some glum faces around the school in May when the wonderful Paulina Watson, HOD Learning Support, waved farewell - and the saddest faces were in Room 29 – home of Learning Support, which had been her domain for ten years.


Glenys Shkopiak (Ms G) and Chris McPadden. We are always grateful when members of the Mathematics and Science departments come in to offer assistance and we quickly put the kettle on to show our thanks…and to stop them leaving!

In true Ms Watson fashion - bright and bubbly her last day was a full-on affair. Cakes, sweets, a gratuitous amount of glitter, balloons and funny signs marked her departure. The camera was on overdrive as everyone clambered to get their pictures taken with her.

The ‘dream team’ is also a dab hand at making and finding resources for teachers and students and their creativity is second to none.

So it was with some trepidation that I turned the key in the lock on Monday, 16 May. Thankfully the ‘dream team’ - the wonderful people who are the core of Learning Support - guided me gently through the process of getting established in this multifaceted department.

So, what is Learning Support exactly and where is it? It’s a range of services delivered by educational professionals to students whose main need is academic. Learning Support focuses on helping students gather the skills they need to become active learners. The classroom itself is at the southern end of the building. One door opens to the corridor and one opens onto the courtyard by the canteen (how well planned is that!). However, Learning Support is really about people and so the wonderful teacher aides will be found all around the school assisting in classes across the curriculum. From English to Maths, Science to Technology, it’s most likely that a teacher aide will be working alongside students who need that additional help to make the most of lesson time.

What happens in Learning Support? Room 29 is used in a number of ways. It’s used for lessons – currently an English class and a French class hold lessons there. ESOL students (English as a second language) also come in for four-five lessons a week to increase their English communication skills. We also have students attending Lexia classes. Lexia is a computer literacy programme. There are five levels from word recognition and basic sentences and paragraphs to understanding multi-syllable words, prefixes, suffixes and root words. We have been very impressed with the students who have learnt to diary their allocated times and arrive ready and prepared to work. There are the occasional whoops of joy when a student manages to successfully complete a level. The homework centre for ESOL students runs throughout the year on a Wednesday evening. It is an opportunity for students to catch up on literacy and to complete homework and research projects in a well-resourced room with the guidance and assistance of Jill Tuau (Miss Jill),


St Bernard’s College 2011

• Events: One of the highlights this year was taking the ESOL students on a field trip to Wellington Zoo on 30 September. For most of the students it was their first trip to a zoo. We had planned to have a quick tour of Te Papa but when we got to the city we saw that the Royal New Zealand Navy was in Wellington getting ready to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the formation of the Navy in 1941. After talking to a few crew members we were lucky to be invited on a private tour of HMNZS Te Kaha. Wellington was also in the middle of Rugby World Cup fever and we had a wander around the fanzone to soak up some of the atmosphere. As well as seeing Malayan sun bears, chimpanzees, gibbons, cheetahs, red pandas and giraffes we went into the Living classroom to find out more about how the zoo is run, where the animals come from and to hold a rat and a hedgehog. A BIG thank you to Miss Jill for organising such a great day and for picking probably the sunniest day in Wellington for months!

with a baby to coo over! Please come and visit. You will be warmly welcome here! Finally – a BIG thank you to the staff and students who make this a special place to be. And lastly, special thanks to a team who are hardworking, dedicated, kind, professional and caring. Learning Support Team 2011 Glenys Shkopiak, Jill Tuau, Christine McPadden, Peter Wilkinson, Anna-Marie Dickinson, Jennifer Cousine The word: MIS(S) cellaneous The definition: Having a variety of characteristics, abilities, or appearances. Presents as: Miss…

have you got…?


can I borrow…?


can you fix…?


can you sew my shorts/t-shirt/ jumper?


where is…..?


how do you…?


when is …?


can I study in here?


I forgot my lunch...


can I sharpen my pencil?






I wish I could have stayed longer! • December: Suddenly we find ourselves at the end of the academic year and we wonder where Miss… thanks...thanks...thanks...thanks! eleven months have gone. The World Cup flags and posters are packed away, the desks have been cleaned and stacked and the Christmas decorations are displayed. It’s a time of reflection on a year that has brought change. Hello my name is Michael Yenge. I am fourteen years We’ve said our farewells not only old. I love doing wh at I do best: playin g sport. But not to Paulina Watson but also to Peter any kind of sport, I love playing footba ll. Wilkinson, Old Boy, ambulance officer and compassionate teacher When my family ca me to this country two years ago it aide. Farewell and many thanks to was tremendous, no t only did it feel re ally good flying Steve Davies, HOD of Mathematics on an airplane, we were on our way to another country. who helped out enormously at the I was on a great ad venture. I had neve r heard of a place Homework Centre. Farewell also call New Zealand be fore. I learned mo re about it but to two dear students; Thang Sing our reason for comi ng to this country was not to learn Pau is off to Weltec after four years more about it, but to live there for ou r family’s safety. here and Hideki Toi, a Japanese However, before ou exchange student who has r family left Ugan da we were so happy, we enjoyed impressed us immensely with his playing football. It has been my favourite sport sin ability to understand the vagaries ce childhood. I have never given up playing this sport un of the English language and the til now. dreaded apostrophe! I think playing spor t for school is not working for me; I have too much to Every time the door of Learning do. Through playin g football I have had some unforge Support opens we look up with ttable moments. I met great friends and learned a lot ab a smile for it’s a time to greet out them. People we play with say I am talented but I a student, a colleague, an exdon’t think so beca use I don’t take credit for what peop student, a parent, a board le say about me! member, a Marist Brother, a Michael Yenge prospective student, a whanau member – sometimes someone

What I love doing


Learning Support My year at St Bernard’s College I am Hideki Toi from Japan. I came to St Bernard’s College to learn English. I was so nervous, on the first day of school I could not even understand English properly. I thought I could get lots of friends as time went by, and also that my English would be better. I talk with my friends in the lunch time, and we do silly things sometimes. It is fun. One day I got a detention unfortunately. I went to get fish and chips with my friends at lunch time. It was yummy, but I got a detention for it. It was a good Kiwi experience for me though. I like Geography. I learned the process of earthquakes and other stuff. I live in Woburn with my host family. They help me to live here. I am sure that I could not have lived here without them. 2011 was a fantastic year for me. I have made lots of friends. I learned many things and my English will be awesome. I love New Zealand and will never forget this year. Thank you. Hideki Toi 12FE

My Gateway Placement I am glad I have a Gateway placement. I am really enjoying my job. I am painting. The first day of my Gateway placement was a Wednesday morning. My boss’s wife picked me up from home and we went to my boss’s house. I saw a very big house and asked the boss if we were going to paint that house. He answered Yes. He told me what to do. Before you paint you have to prepare the surface properly, then paint and re-paint. When he gave me a paint brush I started painting by myself. Later his wife came back from work, and when she saw the work I had done she said You are doing very well, nice work. Next Wednesday my boss’s wife picked me up from home. We went to the church and put out books and toys for the kids, we cleaned up inside first. After that we went back to the house to finish painting. When the boss dropped me home they said they would pick me up from school from now on as there were two other people from Gateway who also needed a ride. The next Wednesday his wife picked me from school and we went to another church. I had never been in that church before. When I work alone I listen to music and do my work. Sometimes my boss comes to see me whether I am alright or not. It is good for me to see my boss and he knows how to look after me. Next week I worked in a church on Jackson Street in Petone. My boss’ wife dropped me there, and she said I can’t take you home today. I said It’s okay. She told me how to catch the bus but I hadn’t brought any money. I started texting my brother to pick me up at 3.00pm. I wanted him to leave home early at 2.30pm so he would arrive at 3.00 pm. My brother came and picked me up and I told the other workers that I was going home. They said Okay, thank you for helping us. I have enjoyed my Gateway Placement. Thang Sing Pau

The Wellington Trip We went to Wellington Zoo with Ms Garry and six students in the school van. First, we went to Oriental Bay beach and took some photos of ourselves. Then, we walked along Queen’s Wharf and saw the big navy ship which we were able to go on board and look around. Then we got into the van and went to the Zoo. It was a great day for me because I had never been to the Zoo before. I saw many different animals – chimps, monkeys, lions and summer bears. We took many photos. Ms Garry asked us how we felt about our day and I said it was great fun. Pau Sian Pau


St Bernard’s College 2011

Above: Artwork by Thang Sing • Below: Lokecha and Pau San with their Woodwork



very subject in the curriculum offers students an opportunity to show their God given strengths and gifts. And, if they are fortunate enough, they can use their knowledge to improve their own lives and that of others. In a time where good, sound and accurate science education is paramount, I believe that we are giving all students an opportunity to not only gain information about what is happening around them but also to prompt them to ask the question: what am I doing to contribute to the changes in our world and most importantly what can I do to make life better for the next generation? The science department has been busy with department-wide initiatives resulting in some great achievements. • 2010 NCEA academic successes: Daniel Campbell, Year 12 gained a scholarship in science. Year 10 students who sat NCEA papers: 81% passed astronomy and 58% passed geology (both externals) and 79% passed the internal research topic. From Year 10 Ethan McAuliffe and David Smith both gained excellences in their two external papers. At Year 11 Dipak Ranchhod gained three excellences in his three externals, while Arwin Sinnatyhambi and Damon Huxley gained two excellences and a merit in their three externals. • Continuation of the horticultural club, which kept the horticulture plots and environs tidy and useable. • Our Astronomy Club met once a month at College.

• ICAS. International competition in assessment in schools: The science competition had 81 entrants and congratulations to: Jozef van Hout (Yr 10) gained High Distinction (Top 1% in NZ), Daniel Campbell (yr 13), Yuxuan Zhou (yr 12), Tom Mair (yr 11), Michael Brennan, Joseph Divinagracia (yr 10), Aaron Marshall, Dylan Fa’atui (yr 9), Nathan Chan (yr 8) and Chenchen Huang and Jackson Locke (r 7) all gained Distinction (top 10% in NZ) and Ridhwan Ahmed (yr 13), Simon Garlick, Jakob Lee (Yr 12), Ethan McAuliffe, Chris Sims, David Smith (yr 11),Ben Duthie-Jung, Jayden Grant, Andy Su, Luke Vallance, Ben Van Woerkom (yr 10), Connor Bliss, Chris Cunningham, Jacob Egan, Karl Hofsteede, Nicky McCleery, Alex Nelson, Anthony Parshot, David Woodman Smith (Yr 9), Asher Hanley, Luke Pynenburg, Aidan Watson (Yr 8), Jack Marra, Charlie Penman, Steven Pereira (yr 7) all gained credit (top 25% of NZ


St Bernard’s College 2011

The remaining candidates gained participation certificates and 9 of these students were placed in the 50% of NZ. This means that 54% of students were in the top 50% of NZ. • International Year of Chemistry. Lyn and Anna involved our students in a number of events including a visit to the Michael Fowler Centre to hear a number of eminent chemists outline their research. • Field Trips: Year 12 and Year 13 Biology had field trips as part of their ecological studies. The 12 Science trip to Carter Observatory looked at the nature of stars. Our Year 10 NCEA students as well as the two 11 applied classes went to Harcourt Park to witness firsthand the Wellington fault line and effect of its movement. We were very grateful to have the assistance of Mr Julian Thompson, educational officer at GNS as an expert on the topic. • Visiting speakers: As part of our Year 7 and 8 topic ‘Time in Ice’ which looks at the Antarctic subcontinent, we were very fortunate to have Dr Arnott of GNS’s Geology Department come in and demonstrate and discuss his experience on the ice. He gave the students a real appreciation of what life is like on the coldest and driest continent on Earth. • Otago University senior student science competition: Six students participated in this competition which covers all areas of science. • Auckland University in association with neurological foundation of Australia and New Zealand ran a competition for Year 11 students who gained much knowledge of brain function and disorders. • We were again asked to visit Saint’s Peter and Paul Junior School where we worked with them on chemical reactions, electricity, electronics and light. Our expert demonstrators were students from 9CH.

• At our Open Days, students acted as demonstrators assisting the visitors and prospective students showing that Science is fun and rewarding. • Science Fair: Our college Science Fair programme went very well. A very special thanks to the parents who allowed their homes to become mini laboratories! Thanks to Dr Laurie Christian, principal scientist at IRL who was our guest judge.

•Wellington Regional Science Fair: 17 students displayed and had their exhibits marked by a series of judges. Special Congratulations to Regan Gilmour who picked up a special prize worth $200 from the Royal Aeronautical Society for his exhibit titled Mayday Mayday. Christopher Cunningham picked up a special prize from the NZ Statistical Association valued at $25. • Senior chemistry quiz: Two teams competed in the Wellington Chemistry Association quiz at Victoria University acquitting themselves very well. • Visits to Victoria University: Senior Chemistry and Physics students spent a day involved in a series of practical investigations organised by the physical science faculty. Five Year 10 students spent a day being involved with nanotechnology. • Future Intec brings in young graduates who are working in any area of technology to speak with young students. The idea is to show that there are great careers available for those with science backgrounds. • Old Boys visit: Marcus Bentley (Dux 2010) spoke to 12 Biology about life at Otago University and what is required to be successful. Marcus is looking at a career in Medicine. Stephen Salter, 2010, spoke to Year 11 Science about what he is doing at Victoria University and what was expected of students to be successful. • Paper Recycling: Over the Year we recycled 42 wool bales of paper and cardboard

Science from the College, in return for tree seedlings. Thanks to EERST ‘Environmental Education for Resource Sustainability’ or ‘Trees for Paper.’ We were featured in the Hutt News on our involvement in the project. • Staff: We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated and enthusiastic staff. At the start of the year, we warmly welcomed Mrs Anna Langford as our chemistry and Science teacher. Anna has a wealth of teaching experience having taught in Wales for ten Years. Anna’s enthusiasm for teaching is very contagious. At the end of term two we sadly farewelled Mr Neil Hayes, who left to teach in an International school in Bangladesh. He will be teaching Environmental Science as well as Biology. Neil contributed greatly to the development of the department in his four years here. This year, we also bid farewell to Ms Lyn Too. Lyn is taking a year’s study leave to look at furthering her Chemistry knowledge. Lyn is also looking at doing some science education papers which look at how students best learn Science.

• Year 10 NCEA Classes: Two classes took one internal and two external standards. This is seen as a good opportunity, to both extend the students and show them that success at this

St Bernards’ Astronomy Club

We warmly welcomed Mr Luka Andic into the

Science Department as Mr Hayes’ replacement. Mr Andic brings in a wealth of current biological and scientific philosophies. He has settled in very quickly and brings a youthful vitality to the department. Mrs Jess Christian introduced a new NCEA L1 Applied Science course which is based on the new curriculum and involves only internal Achievement Standards. Jess is an ICT leader on the staff and is helping all staff introduce new teaching strategies to further enhance their teaching skills. Mr David Housden’s abilities in the physics world are outstanding and his abilities are recognised by MOE where he has contributed greatly to curriculum development of both the new Physics and Science curricula. Mrs Lynley Pawson, our Science Technician, is the glue that keeps the Science Department together. Every class she has equipment and materials available to ensure that science is fun and enjoyable. Lynley ensures that we have all the essential equipment available so that science concepts can be explained through practical work.


his year, we have been meeting monthly on Thursday nights at both Carter Observatory and our school (fortnight apart). Why you might ask? Well, we have been making use of the school’s new 10inch Dobsonian telescope to observe a large number of planets and star constellations. Last term we were lucky enough to be invited to visit Gifford Observatory in Wellington and we plan to return next year to use this excellent resource. To read about the history of this amazing observatory, please see Our group is managed by Mr Higson from the science department and also Anthony Gomez who is president of the Phoenix Astronomical Society in Wellington. We have big plans for next year, including a trip to Stonehenge Aotearoa (Wairarapa) and even plans to make our own telescope! If you are interested in Space and learning about astronomy, this is the group for you, we would love to have you join us. Please speak to Mr. Higson about when our next meeting is. Edward Wilcock (9CH)


St Bernard’s College 2011

level is achievable if you work hard and study thoroughly. • Study Skill Seminar: Thanks to Mrs Lomax who looks after Careers and STAR funding. She arranged for an international presenter to come in and take the Year 12 Biology, Year 12 Science and Year 11 Science classes through the procedures of how to study and revise effectively and efficiently. This seminar was very well received by the students and many suggestions were taken on board. The Science staff congratulate all the students on their 2011 successes and we wish you all the very best for whatever lies ahead of you. Jess Christian, Anna Langford, Luka Andic, Brenten Higson, David Housden, Lynley Pawson, Lyn Too. Mr Brenten Higson

Science • College Science Fair Results Student


Paolo Lopez Chris Cunningham Jack Marra Elliot Thorn Sherwin Peat Jared Peterson Alex McCloy Aidan Watson Bevan Angus Joshua Hewson Benjamin Scully Hamish Tustin Seth Trocio Callum Arnot Regan Gilmour Jackson Locke Robin Walker Cayden Howes Hayden Flood Jayden Plumb Samuel Taylor Tyler Eagle Nicholas Ibrahim Yannis Norris Noah Jaeger-Letts Sean Marshall Hamish Clausen Deng Makoii Wei-min Ling Mitchell Statham Troy Rose Jordan Wilson Nicky McCleery EliaTa’Anoa Shaun de Roo Kelly Higgins & Lloyd Villaver Edward Wilcock Daniel Nield Cherbel Khouchaba & Liam McGill Liam Francis & John Michael Ramierz & Antonio Ritossa Lee Bush & Joshua Williams Maxim Hey & Keegan Molenaar AvitoAlefosio & Benjamin van Ooyyen Tafu-Mac Paipa & InokeTufele

7/8MD 9CH 7/8SU 7/8KT 7/8 CL 7/8UI 7/8CL 7/8KT 7/8 MD 7/8 SU 7/8 UI 7/8 CL 7/8KT 7/8MD 7/8 SU 7/8 UI 7/8CL 7/8CL 7/8CL 7/8CL 7/8KT 7/8KT 7/8 MD 7/8 UI 7/8UIU 9LA 9 MN 9 SJ 9 CH 9 LA 9 MN 9 SJ 9 CH 9 LA 9MN 9 SJ 9CH 9MN 10HI 10HI

1st Overall. 1st year 7/8 2nd Overall, 1st yr 9 3rd Overall,2ndYr 7/8 3rdYr 7/8 1st 7/8KT 1st 7/8CL 1st 7/8 UI 2nd 7/8 CL 2nd 7/8 KT 2nd 7/8 MD 2nd 7/8 SU 2nd 7/8 UI 3rd 7/8 CL 3rd 7/8 KT 3rd 7/8MD 3rd 7/8 SU 3rd 7/8 UI Highly commended in CL Highly commended in CL Highly commended in CL Highly commended in CL Highly commended in KT Highly commended in KT Highly Commended in MD Highly commended in UI Highly commended in UI 1stYr 9 LA, 1st 9 MN 1st 9SJ 2nd 9CH 2nd 9LA 2nd 9MN 2nd 9SJ 3rd 9CH 3rd 9LA 3rd 9MN 3rd 9SJ Highly commended in 9CH Highly commended in 9MN 1st Yr10, 1st 10HI 2ndYr 10, 2nd 10HI


Investigating colour preference of birds in food You must remember this Stop the Rot Glucose testing on dirty v clean fingers Which material combusts the fastest? Which bread is the best? The volatility and smoke colour of flammable liquids Algae Killers Warmest hand warmer Hot or not How much sugar is really in our drink? Ramp angles Aspirin absorption in humans? Chicken Brains Mayday, Mayday The great explosion Smoke bombs? Mould The stroop task. Does practice make perfect? How long does milk take to go sour? Wind generator Effect of acid, coke and water on chicken egg Which gum keeps its flavour longest? Ways to chop onions without crying The great chicken nugget experiment? Does chewing gum improve your memory? Plant experiment What movie genre raises your pulse rate the most? Wood burns What ingredients react with baking soda to make the best confectionary? Pepsi max and mentos The spit take Which nail would rust the most? Chemistry of baking ingredients Paper planers Sound wave absorption What weed killer, kills the best? Burning fabrics Seed germination

10MC 10MC 10MC 10HI

3rd Yr10, 1st 10MC 2nd 10MC 3rd 10MC 3rd 10HI

How far can bottles go? Does tinfoil and glad wrap affect the formation of mould? How wet can you get? Hardest concrete

Paolo Lopez, 7/8MD• 1st Overall. 1st year 7/8 Investigating colour preference of birds in food


St Bernard’s College 2011


Chris Cunningham, 9CH 2nd Overall, 1st Y9 ‘You must remember this’

Jack Marra, 7/8SU 3rd Overall,2ndYr 7/8 ‘Stop the Rot’

Excellence in Sport These awards are for excellence in sport at the highest senior secondary school level TERRILL ANTHONY Football

NZU17 Extended Training Squad Lower Hutt Men’s 1st XI Team

MICHAEL Hagarty Football


Hurricanes Schools’ Training Camp


Wei-Ming Lim Badminton

NZU15 Runner-up Doubles Cricket NZU15 Semi-Finalist Singles and Mixed Doubles CSW Runner-up Junior Champs Central Region Training Squad Hutt Valley U19 Team Wellington Team for North Island Secondary Schools’

Wellington Team for North Island Secondary Schools’ Championships


Wellington Orcas’ U17

Wellington Team at Central Region Champs Rugby Runner-up CSW Singles Championship


U16 Wellington Future Firebirds Training Gym Sports Wellington Team to National Squad Gym sports Championships, placing 2nd in level 6 Nathan Dicken

3rd National Sec Schools U18 Open weight Athletics Kumite Jerome McGuinness


Hurricanes Schools’ Training Camp Daniel Nield

Lee Waldman

Saita Tuaoi Athletics


Jack Imray

Kenton Su Badminton

Team Wellington Youth Team Stop Out men’s 1st XI Team National U19 Tournament Team


NZ Youth Men’s (born ‘94) Silver Team

Wellington Team for North Island Secondary Schools’ Tui Oloapu


NZ 15s Merit Team

Sp rtsman of the Year

Ray Lesoa Athletics: Wellington Team to North Island Secondary Schools’ Championships Wellington Secondary Schools Championships Hutt Valley Secondary Schools Championships SBC Senior Athletics Champion Rugby League: Wellington Orcas U17 Team Captain St Bernard’s College 1st XIII Rugby: Hurricanes Schools Training Camp St Bernard’s College 1st XV Touch: St Bernard’s College Senior A Touch Volleyball: St Bernard’s College Senior A Volleyball


St Bernard’s College 2011

Sports Awards Ceremony














Fair Play Awards are awarded to students who display the qualities of sportsmanship, fair play and leadership on and off the sporting field.

ATHLETICS SBC Trophy • Year 7 Champion SBC Trophy • Year 8 Champion Marist Old Boys’ Cup • Junior Champion JS Fulton Cup • Youth Champion Coltman Cup • Intermediate Athletic Champion Casey Cup • Senior Athletic Champion

Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy


Medal Medal Medal Medal Trophy Medal Medal Medal Medal Trophy

Matthew CLARK Michael BRENNAN Joshua LIM and Thomas JOSEPHSON Joshua Lim Joshua Lim Miguel OREVILLO Joshua LIM Not awarded Kenton SU Kenton SU

Medal Medal

Jayden PLUMB Yannis NORRIS

BADMINTON Fair Play Award • Junior Most Improved Player • Junior SBC Doubles Champions • Junior SBC Singles Championship • Junior Player of the Year • Junior Fair Play Award • Senior Most Improved Player • Senior SBC Doubles Champions • Senior SBC Singles Championship • Senior Watson Family Cup Player of the Year • Senior

BASKETBALL Fair Play Award • Y7 Most Improved Player • Y7


St Bernard’s College 2011

Sports Awards Ceremony BASKETBALL Continued Player of the Year • Y7 Fair Play Award • Y8 Most Improved Player • Y8 Player of the Year • Y8 Fair Play Award • Junior Most Improved Player • Junior Player of the Year • Junior Fair Play Award • Senior A SBC Cup for Most Promising Player Maidstone Engravers Trophy for Most Valuable Player • Senior A Bryan Kora Trophy for Oustanding Player

Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Trophy Trophy Trophy


Medal Medal Medal

Arama POU Jozef van HOUT Michael BRENNAN

Trophy Trophy


Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Trophy Trophy Trophy


Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy

Logan HOARE Hamish TUSTIN Alexander NELSON Jack IMRAY Taban MAKOII Michael HAGARTY

Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Trophy


Medal Medal Trophy

Michael BRENNAN Lincoln CRAIG Manuele PEREIRA

BOWLS Fair Play Award Most Improved Player Most Valuable Player

CHESS The Boyack Cup Junior Champion Senior Champion

CRICKET Fair Play Award • Junior Most Improved Player Player of the Year • Junior Fair Player Award • 1st XI Most Improved Player • 1st XI Outstanding Bowler of the Season • 1st XI Hansen Trophy for Outstanding Fielding for Season • 1st XI Bernard Cup for Cricketer of the Year • 1st XI

CROSS-COUNTRY Year 7 Champion Year 8 Champion Junior Champion Youth Champion Intermediate Champion Peters Cup Senior Champion

FOOTBALL Fair Play Award • 13th Grade Most Improved Player • 13th Grade Player of the Year • 13th Grade Fair Play Award • Junior 2 Most Improved Player • Junior 2 Player of the Year • Junior 2 Fair Play Award • Junior 1 Most Improved Player • Junior 1 Player of the Year • Junior 1 Fair Play Award • 3rd XI Most Improved Player • 3rd XI Player of the Year • 3rd XI Fair Play Award • 2nd XI Most Improved Player • 2nd XI Player of the Year • 2nd XI Fair Play Award • 1st XI Most Improved Player • 1st XI BCI Cup Most Valuable • 1st XI

GOLF Fair Play Award Most Improved Player Kyle Family Trophy for Most Valuable Player


St Bernard’s College 2011

Sports Awards Ceremony HOCKEY Fair Play Award 1st XI Hockey Cup for Most Improved McIntyre Family Hockey Trophy for Player of the Year

Medal Trophy Trophy

Peter SU Deepak PATEL Christian DAVIS

Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Trophy Trophy

Marcus VAAULU Brandon VA’A Lavou KAUONE Lorenzo PILI Tuliese TAGATAESE Bernie TAULEALO Raymond LESOA

Medal Medal Trophy Medal Medal Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy Medal Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy

Jordi REID-FERRIS Brandon VA’A Poata-Ezra TUISAMOA Fredrich KEIL Fraser McMILLAN Justin WILSON Chadley BRIANT Hosea MANO Jacob KATOA Lokeni ALESANA Jeremy MOANANU Andrew MAMEA-LEMALU Lorenzo PILI Jason MONTIN

Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy


Trophy Trophy


Medal Medal Medal Medal

Connor McLEOD Samuel GORHAM Fredrich KEIL Andre SUKROO

Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal


Medal Medal Trophy Medal Medal Trophy Medal Medal Trophy


RUGBY LEAGUE Fair Play Award • Junior Most Improved • Junior Player of the Year • Junior Fair Play Award Most Improved Player Bike Biz Trophy for Most Dedicated Player Randwick Rugby League Club Kingfisher Trophy Most Valuable Player

RUGBY Fair Play Award • Under 14 Most Improved Player • Under 14 HOBM Rugby Club Most Meritorious Player • Under 14 Fair Play Award • Under 15 Most Improved Player • Under 15 HOBM Rugby Club Most Meritorious Player • Under 15 Van Musscher Cup most dedicated player Fair Play Award Senior Shield for Most Outstanding Player HOBM Rugby Club Most Meritorious (praiseworthy) Player Fair Play Award • 1st XV Jonathan Collins Memorial Cup for Greatest Contribution to Team • 1st XV The Riordan Cup Most Promising Player • 1st XV HOBM Rugby Club Most Meritorious Player • 1st XV Stemp Family Cup for Most Outstanding Player Overall

SWIMMING SBC Trophy Year 7 Champion SBC Trophy Year 8 Champion The Barry, Craig & Mark McGuiness Cup for Junior Swimming Champion McGuiness Cup Youth Swimming Champion John Manning Cup for Intermediate Swimming Champion Bernard Tanner Memorial Cup for Senior Swimming Champion

TENNIS SBC Singles Championships SBC Singles Championship

TOUCH RUGBY Player of the Year • Year 7 Player of the Year • Year 8 Player of the Year • Junior Player of the Year • Senior

VOLLEYBALL Fair Play Award • Junior Most Improved Player • Junior Player of the Year • Junior Fair Play Award • Senior Most Improved • Senior Player of the Year • Senior

WATERPOLO Fair Play Award • Y7 & 8 Most Improved Player • Y7 & 8 Water polo Cup Most Promising Player • Y7 & 8 Fair Play Award • Junior Most Improved Player • Junior Para Trophy Most Promising Player • Y9 & 10 Fair Play Award • Senior Most Improved Player • Senior Maidstone Engravers Shield Most Valuable Player • Senior


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Athletics: Champions Left to Right: Logan Hoare, Raymond Lesoa, Taban Makoii, Nathan Dicken Absent: Hamish Tustin, Tui Oloapu

Athletics Squad Back Row: Misi Rimoni, Andrew Mamea, Sione Likio, Hosea Mano, Tupou Sanerivi, Sam Su Middle Row: Catherine Brennan, Andrew Pasene, Michael Hagarty, Lorenzo Pili, Saita Tuaoi, Bernie Taulealo, Ash Patel, Nathan Dicken Front Row: Stephen Clark, Callum Meehan, Raymond Lesoa, Andrew Lamkam, Jordan Heketa, Francis Vaaua, Brandon Lynch

Badminton: Senior 1 Left to Right: Stephen Davis (Convenor), Andy Su, Miguel Orevillo, Kenton Su Absent: Wei-Ming Lim


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Badminton: Senior 2 Left to Right: Stephen Davis (Convenor), Julian Murphy, Matt Boivin, Joshua Ebert, Cole Goddard

Badminton: Senior 3 Back Row: Stephen Davis (Convenor), Jordan Lamond, Andrew Pasene, Andrew Barnett-Olsen Front Row: Jahnn Cerezo, Callum Meehan, Jordan Heketa Absent: Daniel McIntyre

Badminton: Senior 4 Left to Right: Stephen Davis (Convenor), Joshua Gomez, Cameron Piper, Brandon Lynch, Sam Ward, Cormac Wyllie


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Badminton: Junior 1 Left to Right: Stephen Davis (Convenor), Gabriel Balauag, Adrien Tavite, Michael Brennan Absent: Thomas Josephson

Badminton: Junior 2 Left to Right: Stephen Davis (Convenor), Matthew Clark, Martin Markwitz, Nicholas Lunn, Terence Jiang, Jozef Van Hout Absent: Joseph Divinagracia

Badminton: Junior 3 Left to Right: Stephen Davis (Convenor), JR Lacsamana, Jordi Reid-Ferris, BJ Gibbons, Neville McFarlane


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Badminton: Junior 4 Left to Right: Stephen Davis (Convenor), Elisha Alasdair Day, Chenchen Huang, Alexander Ingram Absent: Taran John, Jordan Moh, Robin Walker

Barbershop Quartet Left to Right: Lokeni Alesana, Sione Likio, Marc Soloa Absent: Ash Patel

Basketball: Senior A Back Row: Keanu Te Kawa, Anthony Lim, Aashchaykuma Patel Front Row: Jahnn Cerezo, Aaron Teiri, Norman Vasquez, Tyler Tane Absent: Isaac Fuimaono, Paul Villaver


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Basketball: Junior Back Row: Jacob Netzler, Liam McGill, Angelo Bonita Middle Row: Brendon Morgan Reddy, Nathan O’Riley, Pablo Monteverde-Young, Junior Lauofo Front Row: Gabriel Balauag, Michael Brennan, Michael Ramirez, Mark Capinpin, Arbie Hong, Josiah Martin

Basketball: Year 8 Back Row: Caleb Nicolle, Brendan Sofeni, Thomas Downs Front Row: Caleb Dominikovich, Robin Walker, Bradley Searle, Jacob Marriner

Basketball: Year 7 Back Row: Rafael Ligeralde, Dave Plumb (Coach), Orban Waitaiki-Messenger Front Row: Max Loveranes, Eli Afoa, Yannis Norris


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Choir Back Row: Noel Dycoco, Hosea Mano, John Tufele, Daeshan Wichman, Sam Vaofusi, Sesilili Ahokovi,Lokeni Alesana Front Row: Kainaki Lemisio, Ash Patel, Ryan Perez, Sione Likio, Harry Slade, Norman Vasquez Absent: Marc Soloa, Junior Fetoai

Civil Defence Back Row: Rakesh Sejwal (Staff), Keanu Te Kawa, Yuxuan Zhou, Aaron Teiri Front Row: Tupou Sanerivi, Hoani Hotene, Lee Waldman, Jordan Lamond, Cameron Adams

Cricket: 1st XI Back Row: Lokeni Alesana, Jack Imray, Cameron Williams, Tupou Sanerivi, Te Wai Piripi (Coach) Front Row: Matthew Jacobs, Thomas Mair, Jordan Clout, Connor Bliss, David Smith Absent: Harrison Bramwell, Benjamin Brooking, Brandon Lynch, Tuliese Tagataese, Saita Tuaoi


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Cricket: Junior Back Row: Terry Lynch, Chris Cunningham, Thomas Benseman, Aaron Marshall, Jason Taylor (Coach) Front Row: Kelly Higgins, Tim Moulton-Harris, Connor Bliss, Jesse Reid Rowley, Daymond King Absent: Andre Canderle, Lincoln Craig, Sean Marshall, Scott Travis

Cross-Country: Back Row: Kieran Owers, Kozmo Zawada, Andrew Roberts, Logan Hoare, Oscar Hanlin, Aidan Almand, Bevan Angus, Brad Mumford Front Row: Jake Epplett, Zech Julius-Donnelly, Danny Ward, Daymond King, Alex Hart, Johannes Duthie-Jung Absent: Noah Lindstrom, Charlie Penman, Hamish Tustin

Cross-Country: Left to Right: Troy McGuinness, Nathan Dicken, Jack Imray, Stephen Clark, Brandon Lynch, Tavonga Mahowa Absent: Blake Owers, TJ Jackson, Joshua Montague, Alex Nelson, Daniel Nield


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Cross-Country: Left to Right: Alex Nelson, Jack Imray, Taban Makoii, Michael Hagarty, Logan Hoare Absent: Hamish Tustin

Debating: Senior Certificate Left to Right: Josh Logan, Ethan McAuliffe, Matt Logan, Daniel Campbell (Coach)

Debating: Premier B Left to Right: Petra Jaeger-Letts (Coach), Jordan Lamond, Jerome Chan, Simon Garlick, Lee Waldman


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Debating: Junior Premier Left to Right: Luke Vallance, Arama Pou, Liam McAuliffe, Joe Schuchmann, Ben Van Woerkom

Debating: Junior Back Row Coaches: Matt Logan, Ethan McAuliffe, Josh Logan Front Row: Aaron Marshall, Kyle Lamond, Itai Mumwiro Absent: Nicky McCleery

Drama Production Back Row: Sesilili Ahokovi, David Filipo, Daeshan Wichman, Hosea Mano, Anthony Van Ooyen Middle Row: Petra Jaeger-Letts (Director), Kenneth Grech-Zammit, Ashton McGuinness, Jayden Hamilton, Ryan Perez, Francis Vaaua Front Row: Raymond Horua, Kyle Viagedor, Manuele Pereria, Vini Fa’atui, Alex GaluvaaTangatapoto, Simon Garlick, Kainaki Lemisio


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Football: 1st XI Back Row: Tim Graham, Nineb Haddad, Harry Slade, Jordan Clout, Tavonga Mahowa Middle Row: Wayne Ebert (Coach), Joshua Ebert, Ben Anderson, Taban Makoii, Jack Imray (Manager), Brenten Higson (Coach) Front Row: Pau Sian Pau, Anu Singe, Yateshay Lal, Angelo Ritossa, Terrill Anthony, Pau Sian Mung Mantuang, Thang Sing Pau Absent: Michael Hagarty

Football: 2nd XI Back Row: David Lokecha, Cole Goddard, Tyler Saggers, David Smith Middle Row: Mr Dicken (Coach), Joshua Gomez, Jarom Guillonta, Cameron Williams, Jacob Lillyston, Brandon Lynch Front Row: Matthew Dicken, Jordan Lamond, Hoani Hotene, Julian Murphy, Arwin Sinnathambi

Football: 3rd XI Back Row: Jordan Garrow, Thomas Fitzsimmon, Ethan McAuliffe Middle Row: Brenten Higson (Coach), Alex Nelson, Farayi Kaisa, Matt Logan, Buay James, Chris Sims Front Row: Ndabe Mkandla, Liam Gorham, Sam Ward, Dominic Volk, Joshua Logan Absent: Hamish Campbell, Zac Little, Timothy Nield, Moroati Stretch-Swan, Aidan Spooner, Norman Vasquez


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Football: 15th Grade A Back Row: Jordan Hall, Jack Imray, Pablo MonteverdeYoung, Harrison Royle Middle Row: Keegan Molenaar, John Graham, Stephen Clark, Jayden Grant, Luke Vallance Front Row: Antonio Puka, Benjamin Duthie-Jung, Matthew Jacobs, Michael Yenge, Kham Za Heh Absent: Liam Francis, Joshua Williams, Mr Imray (Coach)

Football: 15th Grade B Back Row: Deng Manyang Makoii, Hamish Clausen, Terence Jiang, Daniel Raju Middle Row: Chris Gibbons (Coach), BJ Gibbons, Anthony Parshot, Michael Start, Jayden Ioata, Troy McGuinness, Derek Higgins (Coach) Front Row: Kyle Lamond, Tim Moulton-Harris, TJ Jackson, Kelly Higgins, Tatenda Mvere, Mitchell Statham Absent: Itai Mumwiro

Football: 13th Grade Back Row: Salam Malkonyan (Coach), Nicholas Ibrahim, Raphael Nicol,Guy Hogan, Polo Lacanienta, Tino Mahowa Front Row: Paolo Lopez, Jack Baucke, Daniel Satur, Ethan Smith, Conrad Weatherall Absent: Hayden Flood, Josh Hewson, Jordan Moh, Aidan Watson


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Football: Year 7/8 Back Row: Aisea Mafile’o, Ramon Tala, Matthew Rothwell Middle Row: Jacob Lillyston (Coach), Joshua Hewson, Hamish Tustin, Bernard Devine, Patric Godfrey, Jack Imray (Coach) Front Row: Lincoln Craig, Scott Travis, Noah Lindstrom, Samuel Gorham, Jared Peterson, Cameron Grant Absent: Luke Pynenburg, Amitesh Lal, Jordan Moh, Charlie Penman, Logan Hoare

Golf Left to Right: Hamish Tustin, Michael Brennan, Lincoln Craig, Panapa Lafoa’i (Manager) Absent: Manuele Pereira

Hockey: 1st XI Back Row: Christian Davis, Depak patel, Peter Su, Dipak Ranchhod Middle Row: Winnell Hamilton (Manager), Ciaran Hogben, Matthew Gupwell, Tom Mair, Jayden Hamilton (Asst. Coach) Front Row: Maxim Hey, Jerome Chan, Connor Bliss, Terry Watkins, Kenton Su Absent: Karl Hofsteede, Orban Waitaiki-Messenger, David Woodman-Smith, Steve Davis (Coach)


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Hockey: Year 7/8 Back Row: Josh Hewson, Orban Waitaiki-Messenger, Robin Walker, Hamish Tustin, Bradley Searle Front Row: Jack Marra, Sam Gorham, Scott Travis, Lincoln Craig, Ethan Moore Absent: Flynn McLean, Taran John, Charlie Penman, Sam Tane, Jayden Plumb, Bailey Neemia, Jordan Moh, Zach Ahearn, Alex McCloy, Tupoki Wairau-Hunter

Japan Trip Back Row: Jessica Christian (Teacher), Rachel Murrell (Parent Helper), Manu Corcoran (Teacher), Anna-Marie Dickinson (Parent Helper) Front Row: Hamish Campbell, Kevin Satur, Ryan Perez, Callum Dickinson, Brett Manaia Absent: Allen Murrell

Kapa Haka Back Row: Trey Ryder, Paasi Fine, Tamati Whaanga Gibb, Tupu Williams (Teacher) Front Row: Tobias Julius-Donnelly, Josiah Martin, Arama Pou Absent: Orban Waitaiki-Messenger


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Lawn Bowls Back Row: Jayden Grant, Moroati Stretch-Swan, Fraser McMillan, Isaac Fuimaono, Matthew Jacobs, Jozef Van Hout Front Row: Colin Frude (Teacher), Benjamin DuthieJung, Michael Brennan, Dominic Volk, Arama Pou, Hamish Campbell, Tom Mair

Librarians Back Row: Jacki Sheehan (Library Assistant), Raymond Horua, Tim Josephs, Liam Cropp, Kerry Rubick (Library Manager) Front Row: Connor Barkess, Arama Pou, Callum Dickinson, Tyrone Martin, Ben Scully Absent: Ben Wallis, Blake Owers

Monetary Policy Left to Right: Gerry McKay (Convenor), Jerome Chan, Yuxuan Zhou, Cameron Adams


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos O’Shea Shield Back Row: Joshua Logan, Ethan McAuliffe, Nineb Haddad, Ciaran Hogben, Bernie Taulealo, Timothy Graham Third Row: Nathan O’Riley, Raymond Horua, Raymond Lesoa, Mona Ahelemo, Jayden Hamilton, Simon Garlick Second Row: Peter Fava, Maria Fouhy, Ann Garry, Anne-Marie Dickinson, Felicity McDonnell, Nick Wilson Front Row: Benjamin Duthie-Jung, Terrill Anthony, Jerome Chan, Harry Slade, Daniel Campbell, Kenton Su, Ben Van Woerkom

Pacifika Beats Band Back Row: Andrew Mamea, Marc Soloa, Anthony Mamea Front Row: Lokeni Alesana, Sione Likio, Jacob Katoa

Pacifika Studies Back Row: Hosea Mano, Japan Soanai, Andrew Mamea, Sione Likio, Marc Soloa, Raymond Lesoa Second Row: Jeanne Lomax, Atini Mulitalo, Tyler Tane, Vitale Rimoni, Bernie Taulealo, Lokeni Alesana, Lorenzo Pili Front Row: Andre Sukroo, Tuliese Tagataese, Anthony Mamea, Andrew Lamkam, Francis Vaaua, John Perez-Koloi, Saita Tuaoi


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Philosophy Back Row: Scott Staples, Hosea Tapuai, Tyrone Martin, Mrs Prasad (Convenor) Front Row: Simon Garlick, Jerome Chan, Dominic Volk Absent: Allen Murrell (Chairperson), Joseph Divinagracia

Poly Club Back Row: Japan Soanai, Andrew Mamea, Sione Likio, Marc Soloa, Raymond Lesoa, Hosea Mano, Tupou Sanerivi Third Row: David Filipo, Thomas Nanai, Hosea Tapuai, Mona Ahelemo, Brett Manaia, Ash Patel, Ryan Perez, Kainaki Lemisio Second Row: Andrew Pasene, Atini Mulitalo, Tyler Tane, Vitale Rimoni, Bernie Taulealo, Lokeni Alesana, Lorenzo Pili, Richard Perez Front Row: Andre Sukroo, Tuliese Tagataese, Anthony Mamea, Andrew Lamkam, Francis Vaaua, John Perez-Koloi, Saita Tuaoi, Reuben Pusa

Road Patrol Back Row: Ethan Smith, Matthew Rothwell, Guy Hogan, Tyler Eagle, Adam Armstrong Front Row: Bevan Angus, Johannes Duthie-Jung, Cameron Travis, Alex Hart, James Missen, Jackson Locke Absent: Josh Hewson, Aidan Watson, Caleb Nicolle


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Rugby: 1st XV Back Row: Callum Meehan, Atini Mulitalo, Andre Sukroo Third Row: Mark Keating (Coach), Jonathan McMillan, Ryan Perez, Andrew Pasene, Jordan Heketa, Ben Perenise (Coach) Second Row: Lokeni Alesana, David Filipo, Marc Soloa, Francis Vaaua, Anthony Mamea, Tupou Sanerivi Front Row: Jeremy Moananu, Sione Likio, Lorenzo Pili, Bernie Taulealo (Captain), Ray Lesoa, John Tufele, Andrew Mamea Absent: John Peaua, Jason Montin, Andrew Lamkam

Rugby: 2nd XV Back Row: Kainaki Lemisio-Cameron, Jahn Vaelei, Dakota Nuku, Ryan Perez Middle Row: Kotoni Katoa (Coach), Jacob Katoa, Zane Baker, Eden Maka, Patrick Duffy, Ruben Pusa, Andre Knox (Manager) Front Row: Thomas Nanai, Cedric Aiulu, Sione Likio, Hosea Mano (Captain), Chad Briant, Brett Manaia, Jermaine Moa Absent: Ponifasio Atani, , Patrick Leota, Rydell Mita, John Peaua, Andrew Pasene, Jose Situlia, Richard Perez, Nicholas Alofi, Bernie Seufale, Jonathan McMillan, John Perez-Koloi, Saita Lasini

Rugby: Under 15 Back Row: Fredrich Keil, Nathan Lindstrom, Avito Alefosio, Tafu-mac Paipa, Fraser McMillan Middle Row: Errol Weston (Coach), Justin Wilson, Tim Lologa, Chris Ene, Paasi Fine, John Tefoto, Inia Wright, Lanu Pili (Manager) Front Row: Keegan Levien, DJ Pereira, Ata Lui, Sioape Likio, Joseph Afoa, Francis Tauauvea, Lavou Kauone Absent: Mavaega Maiava, Logan Ngtatuere-Ongley, Benjamin Van Ooyen, Patrick Duffy, Inoke Tufele


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Rugby: Year 7/8 Back Row: Ramon Tala, Afiafi Finau, Venasio Tuifao, Aisea Mafile’o Third Row: Bernard Devine, Patric Godfrey, Jared Peterson, Puna Manaia, Robin Walker, David Nanai Second Row: Oscar Hanlin, Aloysius Duffy, Noah Lintstrom, Brandyn Wilson, Jacob Hawkins, Bevan Angus, Jakob McGuinness Front Row: Thomas Downs, Rielly Edwards, Samuel Gorham, Jacob Marriner, Ehtan Moore, Andrew Roberts, Mitchell Hays Absent: Zachary Ahearn, Sydney Chimvinga, Scott Travis, Charlie Penman

Rugby League: Senior Back Row: Andre Sukroo, Ryan Perez, Atini Mulitalo, Francis Vaaua, Kainaki Lemisio-Cameron, John Perez-Koloi, Dalsia Pereira (Ball Boy) Middle Row: Lorenzo Pili, Nazareth Savelio, Marc Soloa, Hosea Mano, Lokeni Alesana, Jacob Katoa, Kamuta Kamuta-Anae (Coach) Front Row: Bernie Taulealo, Jeremy Moananu, Sione Likio, Raymond Lesoa (Captain), Andrew Mamea-Lemalu, Cedric Aiulu, Anthony Mamea-Lamalu Absent: Nehemaia Pomale, Andrew Pasene, David Filipo, John Tufele, Tui Oloapu, Jason Montin, Andrew Lamkam

Rugby League: Junior Back Row: Brandon Va’a, Jordan Uini-Paulo, Tee Paipa, Jordan Molineux, Lanuto’o Pili, Joseph Afoa, Dalsia Pereira (Ball Boy) Middle Row: Inia Wright, Francis Tauauvea’a, Sioape Likio, Marcus Vaaulu, Fredrich Keil, Ben Brooking, Kamuta Kamuta-Anae (Coach) Front Row: Niko Patelesio, Chris Ene, Ata Lui, Lavou Kauone (Captain), DJ Pereira, Jaydon Turara, Alex Vaaulu Absent: Poata-Ezra Tuisamoa, Elia Ta’anoa, Willie Fine, Logan Ngatuere-Ongley, Jesse Gilbert, Talosaga Tanu, Issac Kava, John Tefoto, Ben Meafou, David Sia


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Senior Student Leaders Back Row: Michael Hagarty, Nineb Haddad, Benjamin Anderson, Jordan Clout, Jordan Heketa Front Row: Timothy Graham, Raymond Horua, Terrill Anthony, Harry Slade, Jayden Hamilton, Rydell Mita, Callum Meehan

Sons of Old Boys Back Row: Jozef Van Hout, Jayden Grant, Luke McGuinness, Ryan Perez, Michael Brennan Front Row: Cameron Grant, Kozmo Zawada, Joseph Hanson, Bevan Angus, Kane Hailwood-Tunbridge

Student Council Back Row: Sam Taylor, Luke Pynenburg, Lloyd Villaver Middle Row: Stephen Clark, Sam Su, Matt Logan, Harry Slade Front Row: Conrad Weatherall, Raymond Horua, Terrill Anthony, Daniel Campbell, Chenchen Huang


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Swimming Champions Back Row: Tyler Saggers, Luke McGuinness, Mataio Pou Front Row: Bevan Angus, Stephen Clark, Noah Jaegar-Letts

Swimming: Year 7/8 Left to Right: Bevan Angus, Noah Jaeger-Letts, Dylan Samuel, Liam Win, Matthew Elder Absent: Hoani Hotene, Noah Lindstrom, Ethan Moore, Aaron Teiri, Orban Waitaiki-Messenger

Technical Crew Back Row: Liam Win, David Sefton (Staff), Liam Gorham Front Row: Raymond Horua, Nathan O’Riley, Harry Slade Absent: Cameron Gibson, Jesse Graham, Nicholas Lunn


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Tennis: Senior Left to Right: Julian Murphy, Joshua Ebert, Norman Vasquez, Cole Goddard Absent: Zachary Little

Tennis: Junior 1 Left to Right: Felicity McDonnell (Convenor), Nicholas Wong, Bradley Kitt, Jake Epplett Absent: Thomas Josephson

Tennis: Junior 2 Left to Right: Felicity McDonnell (Convenor), Bernard Devine, Harvey Dawaton, Alexander Nelson, Tinomuda Mahowa


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Tennis: Junior 3 Left to Right: Felicity McDonnell (Convenor), Bradley Ebert, Elliott Ferris, Connor Bliss, Dylan Goddard

Tennis: Junior 4 Left to Right: Felicity McDonnell (Convenor), Edgar Mallari, Jayden Grant, Stephen Clark, Nicco Gonzalez Absent: Michael Start

Tokelau Cultural Group Back Row: Sam Su, Saita Tuaoi, Chayde Perez, Christopher Kesomi Vatikani Middle Row: Jeanne Lomax, Lokeni Alesana, Mona Ahelemo, Vitale Rimoni, Loteliko Rimoni Front Row: Kainaki Lemisio, John Perez-Koloi, Richard Perez, David Sia, Ryan Perez


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Touch: Senior 1 Back Row: Kent Pollard (Manager), Lorenzo Pili, Tyler Tane Middle Row: Ryan Perez, Andrew Pasene, Rydell Mita, Ray Lesoa Front Row: Jordan Heketa, Callum Meehan, Andre Sukroo, Andrew Lamkam, Kainaki Lemisio

Touch: Senior 2 Back Row: Anne-Marie Dickinson (Coach), Paasi Fine, Jason Montin, Bernie Taulealo, Nicky Alofi Front Row: Lokeni Alesana, Sione Likio, Hosea Mano, Tupou Sanerivi, Jacob Katoa

Touch: Junior 1 Back Row: Alex Vaaulu, Marcus Vaaulu, Chris Ene Front Row: Logan Ngatuere-Ongley, Michael Brennan, Nathan Dicken, Francis Tauauve’a, Fredrich Keil


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Touch: Year 7/8 Blue Back Row: Jacob Carroll, Brendan Highnam-Sofeni, Cameron Palmer-McGruer, Aloysius Duffy Front Row: Jacob Marriner, Jakob McGuinness, Yannis Norris, Connor McLeod Absent: Noah Lindstrom, Tupoki Wairau-Hunter, Orban Waitaiki-Messenger, Robin Walker

Touch: Year 7/8 Gold Back Row: Rielly Edwards, Seth Trocio, Andrew Roberts Front Row: Dario Dellabarca, Logan Hoare, Oscar Hanlin, Jacob Hawkins Absent: Patric Godfrey, Samuel Gorham, Brandyn Wilson

Triathlon Back Row: Hamish Sutherland (Coach), Julian Murphy, Jerome McGuinness, Brandon Lynch, Nathan Dicken Front Row: Troy McGuinness, Tom Mair, Joshua Ebert, Stephen Clark, Matthew Boivin


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Volleyball: Senior Back Row: Lokeni Alesana, Bernie Taulealo, Sione Likio, Lorenzo Pili, Tui Oloapu Front Row: Andrew Lamkam, Hosea Mano, Marc Soloa, Raymond Lesoa, Tuliese Tagataese Absent: Jeremy Moananu

Volleyball: Junior Back Row: Hamish Sutherland (Coach), Inoke Tufele, Nathan O’Riley, Samuelu Vaofusi, Jordan Uini-Paulo, David Lefaoseu Front Row: Francis Tauauve’a, Chris Ene, Tafu-mac Paipa, Pablo Monteverde-Young, Ben Meafou

Waterpolo: Senior Back Row: Ashton McGuinness, Jonathan McMillan, Kade Tiatia, Tyler Saggers, Suzanne McGuinness (Asst. Coach) Middle Row: Craig McGuinness (Coach), Rydell Mita, Jerome McGuinness, Jacob Lillyston, Mataio Pou, Max de Maat, Karen Saggers (Manager) Front Row: Antonio Puka, Trei Mu, Luke McGuinness, Callum Meehan, Kerwyn Meehan


St Bernard’s College 2011

Co-Curricular Photos Waterpolo: Junior Back Row: Suzanne McGuinness (Coach), Jesse Cseh, Chris Cunningham, Mataio Pou, Jamie Curtis, Luke McGuinness (Coach) Front Row: Arama Pou, William Matheson, Troy McGuinness, Ben Van Woerkom

Waterpolo: Year 7/8 A Back Row: Luke McGuinness (Coach), Liam Win, Jakob McGuinness, Elizabeth Elder (Manager) Front Row: Bevan Angus, Matthew Elder, Logan Hoare Absent: Zach Ahearn, Ethan Moore, Charlie Penman

Waterpolo: Year 7/8 B Back Row: Elizabeth Elder (Manager), Jerome McGuinness (Coach), Luke Pynenburg, Ramon Tala, Sam Taylor, Tyler Saggers (Coach) Front Row: Michael McLean, Chenchen Huang, Josh Tainui


St Bernard’s College 2011



his has been another ' full on' year with a large number of students needing counselling. To assist with this, we have had the services of student Trainee counsellors Rachel Barber (all year) and Fiona McCracken (Term Four). They will both be returning next year and have been a pleasure to supervise. They have been so eager to learn and improve their delivery and skills. They are also quick to seek help when they are uncertain and have fitted in well with both staff and students. The ‘theme’ of counselling this year seemed to be reconstituted families and building better relationships. Child, Youth and Family Service have also played their part. My message this year is, no matter how infuriating your young man gets, do not threaten to throw him out of the home as this can be taken too literally and it


St Bernard’s College 2011

causes problems restoring the family. Cooling off is a far better option. Boys also need the stability of knowing that their home is their haven and that those there support them. I have taken over the Guidance Portfolio for NZAC in the latter part of this year and have been involved in the upcoming conference in Palmerston North in 2012. I also attended the NZAC Conference in Whangarei and there were a number of very interesting presenters. I was also on the local Wellington Guidance Counsellors Professional Development Committee which provided two stimulating development days. We have again, appreciated the work done by our outside counsellors who offer specialist service, namely Adrian Stoneham from Welltrust and Tiria from Kokiri Marae. We also have had an

individual anger management specialist and our social worker, Trish Hewart, from Catholic Social Services. ‘Attitude’ again offered programmes to all levels and they will be back next year. Thanks to all of you. I offered support to colleagues whose schools had suffered tragic deaths. It brings it home that, in these hard times, students lack resilience and need support to deal with problems (often with relationships). Year 13 students worked hard during Term 1 in the peer support programme. Their role in helping new students to transition successfully to secondary school continues to be important in developing the young Bernard’s men. Paul B Cutler - Guidance Counsellor

EOTC • Y13 Ski Trip


he Year 13 Physical Education ‘team’: Ben Anderson, Jordan Clout, Michael Hagarty, Ray Lesoa, Callum Meehan, Rydell Mita and Andrew Pasene, along with teachers, Te Wai Piripi and David Sefton. The Year 13 Ski trip is what all students look forward to experiencing, while studying Physical Education at Saint Bernard’s College. We arrived in Turangi late afternoon, after a long drive from Lower Hutt. All of the boys were excited about what was planned for the next few days together. The place we stayed at was nice and cozy and the food that we prepared was very satisfying!


St Bernard’s College 2011

On the first morning we organised all our essential gear for our tramp to the Lower Tama Lake. This 16km tramp took five hours, but it was worth it. The different landscapes along the way were amazing, like the Taranaki Waterfall. Once we arrived back from the tramp, all of the boys were tired yet still excited about what awaited us the next day, SKIING!

think it was our lucky day because it was one of the best days on the mountain all year. We spent a solid six hours skiing and boarding. Everyone got the hang of things, and in no time we were coming down from the top.

Alas we were disappointed the next day with miserable weather and a closed mountain. Unable to go skiing, we attempted indoor rock climbing which was a lot of fun. We also ended the day by visiting the trout hatchery down the road.

The ski trip was a very good learning experience. Not only because of the skiing but because everything else we did, from the tramp to our stay at the backpackers. Each and every one of us learnt something from this trip, whether it was skiing for the first time or cleaning the dishes for the first time. We all had tremendous fun and enjoyed each other’s company.

We finally went skiing the next and last day. I

Michael Hagarty 13PI

EOTC • End-of-Year Activities


St Bernard’s College 2011

Japanese Trip


t 5.00am, the five student and five adult participants of the trip and their families met at St Bernard's College for a quick talk over the arrangements. We then we headed to Wellington Airport, where we checked in. We had spent the last 15 months fundraising, having meetings, planning, attending haka practices and going to tutorials to get to this point and we were all very excited.

list. We also travelled to Himeji to see the Himeji Castle, one of the largest and most famous castles in Japan.

Saturday morning we embarked on the scariest part of the trip – the home stay. Our students always find this the most daunting but ultimately the most enjoyable part of the trip. Having to live immersed in the Japanese lifestyle is an incredible experience and allows our At 7.00am, our hour long flight departed for Auckland. We were students to use their Japanese in everyday situations. constantly on the move once we arrived there, walking to the International Terminal, going through customs, having a quick snack After arriving at Hatsushiba Hashimoto Junior and Senior High School, before boarding our 11-hour flight to Tokyo. The in-flight entertainment we were welcomed with a short speech and gifts from Mr Uesato, system made the trip go very quickly. We arrived in Tokyo at 5.00pm the Principal. We had lunch and a tour of the school then we went local time where we had to disembark, go through security and back to our separate ways for the next few days. Staying with a host family is a lounge so we could re-board the plane we just got off. About an hour nothing short of amazing, even if you have communication problems! later we were on our way to Osaka. Over the weekend we were all able to do different things such as visiting local historical sites, eating lots of yummy Japanese food, shopping and After arriving at the Kansai airport, clearing customs in the muggy heat, exploring life in Japan. On three of the four days we were at school we getting baggage and train tickets, we finally had a chance to relax and visited many different classes and joined in lessons, including English, enjoy being immersed in Japanese culture while travelling on an air- Judo, Maths, Calligraphy and Physical Education. The lessons were fun conditioned train! The train ride took about 90 minutes and, luckily for and the students made a lot of new friends. In most classes our students us, the hotel was only an eight minute walk from the station. We all got performed the haka “Ka Mate”, to the delight of the sometimes startled to our rooms feeling quite tired as it was nearly 24 hours since we had audience. We also had the opportunity to try on kimono and join in woken! After some initial confusion about how to turn the lights on we many club activities including the tea ceremony, flower arranging, relaxed into our first night in Japan. kendo, judo, soccer, naginata and brass band clubs. It was full on and a lot of fun. It is amazing to see the long hours that Japanese students The next morning after a wee sleep-in, we were able to experience a spend at school on their academic and extra-curricular activities. On Japanese Business Hotel breakfast – an interesting mix of traditional the Tuesday we travelled to Mount Koya, a UNESCO World Heritage and Western food. Next up we headed to the station where we explored Site and learned about Kobo Daishi, the father of esoteric Buddhism in and got to hear the sounds, smell the smells and see the sights of a busy Japan, and the founder of the community built on the mountain. central train station at peak time. Luckily Miss Corcoran organised our travel passes and entry tickets for the day. Then we headed off on the On our last morning we had to farewell our hosts. Our students posed subway to the Aquarium. What an awesome building – eight floors for many pictures and did a stirring and heartfelt haka as a thank you of displays from all around the world it finished off with a shark and for all the hospitality we had received during our stay. We travelled stingray petting pool. Some of us went on the massive Ferris wheel by train back to Kansai Airport where we were seen off by a few of the while others decided to hit the 100 yen shop. We hit the 100 yen shops host families. It was heart-warming to have them wave us off until we a LOT during the trip! boarded the shuttle train to the boarding gates. This was the beginning of our overnight journey back to New Zealand. We arrived in Auckland We finished off the day with a visit to the Osaka Castle where we met at 8.00am then headed straight to the domestic terminal to get the up with Yasuyo Sudo and Minobu Ohno, who had both been language flight home. By now the boys had become seasoned travellers and it assistants at St Bernard’s. They stayed with us a few days and travelled was great to see the support they gave each other. to Hiroshima with us. Having them along added another dimension to the trip and allowed everyone to ask questions and engage with I really want to give a huge vote of thanks to everyone involved with the Japanese people and culture that they otherwise may not have been trip, especially to Anna-Marie Dickinson, Jessica Christian, Matthew able to do so. Christian and Rachael Murrell for their support and assistance before the trip and for helping get us all to, through and home from Japan Next we headed to Hiroshima. Travelling on the Bullet Train was quite safely. We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the staff, families the experience, in 90 minutes we travelled a distance of 350kms. When and students of Hatsushiba Hashimoto Junior and Senior High Schools we arrived in Hiroshima, we travelled by streetcar to the Ikawa Ryokan for their wonderful hospitality of hosting us and for experiences none to drop off our luggage and then we got lunch and ate in the Hiroshima of us will ever forget. Thanks to Mr Piripi and Mr Sefton for their help Memorial Peace Park. Before exploring the park further, we left some with preparation prior to the trip. paper cranes and visited the museum. It was a humbling place to be, learning about the history of the incident in the museum and seeing Special thanks have to go to our families for their support and the many the Atomic Bomb Dome in person was very sad but it gave us a better hours they put into fundraising and preparing for this experience. I also understanding of Japan and Hiroshima. That night we went out for need to pass on our thanks to the following people and organisations Hiroshima style okonomiyaki, we tried to eat as many local delicacies as that helped in many ways – Shane Cockayne at ETI, as well as Minobu we could during the trip. The next morning, we travelled by train and and Yasuyo for their time and help while we were in Japan. Thank you ferry to Miyajima Island, where we visited the famous temple in the also to the Lower Hutt and St Bernard’s College communities, New water and saw a Japanese wedding – one of four we were honoured World Lower Hutt, Mitre 10 Mega Petone, Hutt Minoh Friendship to encounter during our trip. After the temple we travelled by two House Trust and the Sasakawa Fellowship Fund for Japanese Language cableways to the top of the island. We concluded the visit to the island Education for assisting our fundraising efforts. Without fundraising with some sightseeing and shopping on our own before heading to these trips can never happen. Iwakune to see the arched bridge and famous white snakes. Minasan, doumo arigatou gozaimashita. Thank you so much everyone. The next morning, we travelled by Shinkansen to Kyoto. The first thing I look forward to the next Japan Trip, and hope it will be just as much we did was check in to the Kyoka Inn and drop off our luggage. We set fun. off to explore the local area. We visited a LOT of temples, shrines, castles and places of interest over the next three days, many too numerous to Ms Manuhiri Corcoran, HOD Languages


St Bernard’s College 2011

Japanese Trip


St Bernard’s College 2011

Languages Department


t has been a busy year with many changes in the way we deliver and assess in Languages.

The Languages Department welcomed Felicity McDonnell and William Daveis (French), who joined Nila Uili (Samoan) and Manu Corcoran (Japanese) in the Department. Felicity McDonnell took over teaching Year 9 French and William Daveis took charge of Year 10-13 French. It is great to have these talented teachers working in the department and supporting the students. The year started out a little differently for Year 9. Instead of choosing a language from the start of the year we offered a rotation of four languages during Term One. Students did six lessons each of Japanese, Samoan, French and Te Reo Maori. At the conclusion of the rotation, students chose their target language to study for the remainder of the year. This was highly successful and gave students a taste of all four languages. The student evaluation of this programme was very complimentary and we will continue to introduce Year 9 students to Languages in this way in the future. In March, we were once again lucky to have a number of boys host students from Shibuya Makuhari Junior and Senior High School in Chiba. The group were scheduled to leave Japan the day after the massive earthquake and tsunami. They arrived a day late and we welcomed them into our arms with a powhiri, giving them their first taste of New Zealand. The Shibuya Makuhari group was deeply appreciative of the love and care they were shown by our host families during this time while so much was going on back in Japan. Immediately after the Christchurch earthquake, our students started folding paper cranes to show our sympathy for those affected by that disaster. It was quickly followed by the Japan earthquake. As we folded paper cranes we decided that we wanted to give the cranes to the visiting group as a show of solidarity between New Zealand and Japan in this time of dual grief. Just before the group returned to Japan we presented the cranes to the head teacher during a school assembly. The head teacher gave a speech after the presentation and expressed the entire group’s heartfelt thanks for the care and thoughtfulness shown to them by our students, families and staff. It was a very reverent and touching moment where we remembered the victims of both earthquakes. We look forward to continuing this inter-school relationship in 2012. In August we had a couple of things going on – it was International Languages Week and three students represented the school at the Hiroshima Day Commemorations held at the Wellington Botanical Gardens. This was a very thought provoking occasion reminding us of the destruction that is caused by the use of nuclear weapons. International Languages Week was once again a success with the Year 10-11 students


St Bernard’s College 2011

working with the Year 7 and 8 classes to deliverIn November, the Year 9 and 10 Japanese 20 minute mini language lessons in French,students went on their EOTC field trip to the Japanese and Samoan. It was great to see theJapan Information and Cultural Centre in the enthusiasm that the lead students took, inMajestic Building in Wellington. This year preparing and teaching the Year 7 and 8 students.we were given an educational presentation All lessons were very enjoyable for all involved. including a quiz, a short video presentation and an explanation about current Japanese trends Our students once again joined the Languageand life. After the film clips we went down to Olympics Competition and our students didFujiyama Teppanyaki on Taranaki St, where, we exceptionally well with many getting certificatesonce again, had a mouth watering teppanyaki and medals which were presented in assembly.meal. I was impressed that all the students Our students have improved every year in thistried the different dishes and played games like competition which is important, as vocabularycatching raw eggs and fried rice in bowls! It was learning should be a daily learning activity thatthe first time that everyone gave chopsticks a go your son embraces, no matter what language hewithout asking for a fork – well done!! It was is studying. In 2012 all Language students willquite amusing when some of us dropped egg or start using the Language Perfect online resourcerice on ourselves. A great time was had by all. to support their ongoing language learning. WeMany thanks to the parents who supported us encourage parents to go online and see what– without you we couldn’t organise these types your son is doing – and maybe have a go learningof trips. a new language yourself! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank In October a group of Year 11-13 Japaneseall the members of the department this year students went to Japan. It was an awesome– they have worked hard in a changing NCEA experience with no unexpected hiccups this yearenvironment to deliver high quality programmes of work. Unfortunately we have – check out the report. to farewell Felicity McDonnell as she ventures south. Many thanks for the enthusiasm you showed in your French teaching – it was very much appreciated. I would also like to thank our parents and students, for their support and assistance in the various activities undertaken by the Languages department during the year. Your help support and commitment to our students is very much appreciated. Ms Manuhiri Corcoran Head of Languages

International Languages Week


he International Languages Week (held in mid-August), activities continue to be an institution at St Bernard’s College. This year, we continued to use international greetings on the daily notices and in our daily interactions in the staffroom and classroom. The Language teachers gave a reflection in their target language during staff briefings. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Talofa Bonjour Guten Tag Konnichiwa Buenos Dias

Samoan French German Japanese Spanish

Once again this year, the Year 10 and 11 Japanese, French and Samoan students were given the opportunity of organising mini lessons with the


St Bernard’s College 2011

Year 7 and 8 students, teaching the basics of communication in these languages. It is pleasing to see that a number of our students arrive at St Bernard’s with very good second (and sometimes even third) language skills. There were Japanese, French and Samoan themed activities held during lunch hours. Also the whole school was asked to participate in making a welcome to St Bernard’s College banner which says “welcome” in most of the languages represented at our college. It was exciting to see the high level of involvement at all levels. We hope that next year our students will be as motivated and contribute to language based activities.

The Library


ow, what a busy time we have had in the library this year!

The Library’s booking sheet has been fully booked throughout the year with only a couple of spare slots during the week. We have had classes from all of the different curriculum areas coming in for research using encyclopedias, computers and books. Books are still extremely popular as ever, with over 5000 being issued this year. Lunch time in the Library is a very popular place to be with up to 120 students coming in to read books and magazines, play card games, work on assignments, catch up with mates and watch TV. The Library was able to purchase an Internet TV through the Student Council. It has been a great success, we can now show book trailers to the Year 7 and 8 students during class time, entertain with YouTube video clips of Top Gear and SBC Polyfest, as well as peruse other Library viewing material. So, a big thanks to the Student Council and the BOT. Library Statistics from February to October 2011 Most Popular Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days by Jeff Kinney Most Popular Book to date: The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket Most Popular Author: Robert Muchamore Most Active Borrower: Jonathan Nield Most Active Class: 8KT Acknowledgements I would like to thank Jacki Sheehan who has been a volunteer assistant here at the College for eleven years. Jacki helps out in the Library with processing books, shelving and issuing books, as well as covering departmental text books. Jacki also does an amazing job keeping the staffroom clean and tidy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Student’s Library Assistants who have helped out in the


hat a terrific group of young men we had in the debating club this year! At all levels, they were committed to their teams, met deadlines and performed to the best of their ability, often winning best speakers as individuals. One team made it through to the quarter finals – the Senior Certificate team of Josh and Matt Logan and Ethan McAuliffe. They were unfortunately pipped at the post by a very able Sacred Heart team.

Library this year. It will be sad to see Raymond, Tim, Callum, Brent, and Liam go this year as they have been my student librarians since 2007. What an awesome team you have been! I wish you all well in your future endeavours. Mrs Kerry Rubick, Library Manager Student Librarian Report I have been a student librarian since 2007, when I started at St Bernard’s College. While the job may take up one or more lunchtimes during the week, I have definitely enjoyed the whole experience. When I first joined the Library team, I didn’t quite know what to expect. All I knew was that I would have to issue and return books and spend nearly a whole lunchtime sitting at the issues desk in the Library. In fact, this was only the start of the job. I was taught how to use the Dewey decimal system and, my personal favourite, the photocopier. I remember coming in over the space of a week, standing at the photocopier during the whole of lunchtime and copying all these inserts from a book. It seemed as though it would never end but it eventually did. From this I have now learnt how to use everything in the Library from books to the new TV. Now almost five years on, I have become one of the leading student librarians and have helped to train new librarians. I would now like to thank my fellow library teammates who have been helping in the Library and I want to wish those of us leaving the very best of luck for the future. However, the student Library team and, in fact, the whole Library would not be able to function without the hard work of Mrs Rubick and our library assistant Miss Sheehan. Without them, SBC would not have a Library. Those of us leaving the Library team will definitely miss you two and the support you have both provided us over the past few years. Raymond Horua, Yr 13 Student Librarian

We were also blessed with committed coaches. Special thanks go to the students who gave up their time to coach this year. Matt, Josh and Ethan coached the junior team with real professionalism and Daniel Campbell, a Year 13 debater, coached the Senior Certificate team. Petra Jaeger-Letts ably coached the Premier B team guiding them through the demanding competition at this level. They are well prepared for the Premier A level next year. Sue McNab, Debating Convener


St Bernard’s College 2011



n writing about History at St Bernard’s in 2010, I opened with this statement: ‘What do Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Hitler, and Osama bin Laden have in common? The first three were passionate students of History, and the fourth still is’. Well the fourth is now several hundred metres down in the Indian Ocean, courtesy of US Navy SEALS, which indicates that the serious study of History can have lethal consequences if you engage at the deepest level and give practical effect to what you have learned. Osama bin Laden so engaged; so did Hitler, and so did Stalin. Appalling though the consequences of their historical study were, they were nevertheless serious self taught students of History who changed the world. What does this mean for the study of History at St. Bernard’s? It means business as usual in terms of topic selection, but with additional relevance and (hopefully) flair. The old syllabus gave History teachers a great amount of scope in the choice of topics that they chose to teach. What it did not do was tie that more explicitly to a statement of intention as to how this should reflect what students of History in New Zealand, in the twentieth century, should know of history that is of significance to New Zealanders? The new curriculum for the twenty first century requires that this is made explicit. New Zealand’s size and extreme geographical isolation mean that constantly, from the early nineteenth century, we have been enmeshed in whatever the

current expression of globalisation was. Pretty much any global historical development over the past two centuries has been grist for the New Zealand historical interpretative mill. James Belich has built his professional reputation demonstrating this. The History requirement statements of the new curriculum simply reinforce it. As a history teacher I am revelling in the opportunities that it gives me to better practice my trade. ‘Someone once said that unless or until peace is assured in the Middle East, the world itself will never know peace... Twice in the 20th century tentacles of conflict from within the region extended to remote New Zealand… The prowess of New Zealand’s combat efforts in the Middle East in two world wars subsequently played a part in fashioning a New Zealand sense of identity. Paradoxically the Middle East occupies therefore, a place in the modern mythology of Kiwi nation building.’ This statement appears in a recent article in the New Zealand Journal of International Affairs by Terence O’Brian, formerly NZ Ambassador to the United Nations and presently a senior fellow in the Institute of Strategic Studies at Victoria University. It perfectly reflects the perspective that we endeavour to convey in History at St Bernard’s-it will be issued to each level in 2012 as a statement of what we are doing. I am amazed that I am actually being paid to do this job. Mr Michael Fowler

Social Sciences


ocial Sciences offer varied courses catering for and appealing to students from a wide range of backgrounds, interests and abilities. We seek to celebrate difference as the fabric of life. This gives balance to students’ academic courses by offering subjects and skills that complement, not compete with Mathematics and Sciences to help students develop the habits of questioning and reasoning. These skills are, more and more, being looked for in students when they apply for positions in firms. It is a constant struggle to persuade students not to over specialise and to keep their options open by studying a social science subject in the senior school.

developed to encourage students to take more responsibility for their learning. Students have examined current issues relating to the Treaty of Waitangi, immigration and government. The Parliament trips were timed to coincide with parliamentary question time to give students a real life experience of the government unit they were studying. Unit assessments are being micro-managed to see how students are developing their social studies skills. Next year this will turn into individual portfolios of student work and assessment.

• Social Studies 2011 has been a year of change in Social Sciences. With the help of Victoria University, faculty teachers have trialled new teaching strategies designed to improve and monitor student literacy skills. This has meant many hours of professional development and teacher’s own time creating cooperative learning strategies and new units of work.

Year 10 • In Year 10, two new units have been developed. The Middle East unit aims to give student an awareness of current issues using a case study approach. Students have to investigate an issue involving social change and present the issue using a PowerPoint presentation. The other topic is Vietnam. This is another aspect of human rights in a New Zealand context, a controversial issue that has left a lasting impression on New Zealand society. The technologies used in social studies are not limited to the use of information and communication technology, but also the technology involved in learning thinking skills. The presentations involved use a SOLO approach to developing the project. Students practiced the questioning skills needed to gain achieved, merit and excellence in line with NCEA.

Year 9 • The emphasis has been on inquiry learning and preparing students to ‘think’ about thinking. An inquiry approach is being

Accelerated Learning • Students were given the opportunity to apply these SOLO achievement standard questioning techniques in the Tokelau

The approach to social studies has, as its content, important concepts and essential questions, and the community of inquiry as its process. Towards Effective Social Studies. P. Benson and R. Openshaw.


St Bernard’s College 2011

topic which was used as the background for the Level One Social Studies Achievement Standard ‘Describe How Cultures Change.’ In the 2010 NCEA Examination, 33 students gained achieved or better. 62 students sat this year’s NCEA exam with most students leaving the examination feeling positive about their experience. • NEW ZEALAND BUSINESS CHALLLENGE Year 10 also embarked on the New Zealand Business Challenge run by Young Enterprise Trust. Students really enjoyed the experience and created many novel ideas. Most of the year 10 students went on the Business challenge held at the horticultural hall. The reason for the New Zealand Business challenge, which was held over a period of 3 days, was to give us students a fair idea of what it’s like in the business world; we learnt all the different jobs that are to be done with many businesses. During the three days we were put into groups and then had to come up with a business concept that we would go on to develop. We had to try selling our idea to the judges who came around on the third day to see our sales ideas. The three days were a really good experience, we learned a lot from a business decision making point of view, and we really got a good insight into the business world. The challenge was used as the basis for the internal NCEA Achievement Standard 1.4 ‘Applying the Marketing Mix.’

Social Sciences (Continued) most students have coped well. Year 12/13 Economics • An exciting year for the senior Economics students. They had the opportunity to meet and exchange viewpoints with the Minister of Finance and representatives from the Reserve Bank.

• AMAZING JOURNEY In late November, all Year 10 students were given the opportunity to experience the ‘Amazing Journey.’ This was a trip of awareness, travelling to Wellington to experience some of our region’s rich cultural, geographical, economic and historical assets. There were eight different destinations. Starting from the Museum of City and Sea, students had to follow a map to find their allocated destinations and answer the worksheet questions in only four hours. We had to keep to a strict timetable or else we would not complete the journey in time for the final event; a historical presentation by Alex Burton from the New Zealand Film Archives. Mr McKay’s (who organised the whole thing) group came late and held us all up. Who does that? I thought that the journey was a great idea. We got to visit the landmarks in Wellington as well as challenge ourselves to see who would come first. It was a very well planned trip to show off Wellington’s central city. It was also educational at the same time. • Lee Bush

Victoria University Question and Answer Session with the Honourable Bill English, Minister of Finance. • Mr McKay organised an interview opportunity with the Minister of Finance, Hon. Bill English, for senior economics students in the Wellington region. Year 13 Economics student Tim Graham and Year 12 student Sunia Kamakorewa welcomed Mr English and chatted with him as they accompanied him to the lecture theatre. Mr English was quizzed not only on his newly released budget, but also on other matters by scholarship students from schools in the Wellington region. This was an opportunity for St Bernard’s College students to engage with the architect of economic policy for New Zealand. The questions were thoughtful and asked respectfully of the Minister. The session concluded with a thank you from Yuxuan Zhou, a Year 12 students at St Bernard’s. Mr English was most impressed with the manner and presentation of St Bernard’s College students. Monetary Policy Challenge • On 5 August, a team of three Year 12 Economics students (Cameron Adams, Yuxuan Zhou, and Jerome Chan) went to the Reserve Bank on The Terrace for the Monetary Policy Challenge. This competition was divided into multiple stages, the first stage involving a 1000 word submission about recommendations and reasoning for the Official Cash Rate. Our team, with invaluable help from Mr McKay, did well enough in this stage to progress to the regional finals at the Reserve Bank. In the regional finals, we competed against ten Wellington Colleges for a place in the national finals.


St Bernard’s College 2011

We spent the first part of Term One brushing up on the skills topic of mapping, graphing and interpreting data. Then we started our next topic of cultural processes. In this topic we studied the cultural process of tourism. We had to do two case studies, one in New Zealand (Queenstown) and the other in an overseas setting (Bali), both very popular destinations for tourists. We then began the research internal. This year we had to research the ‘variations in the use of space by males and females in a public setting’. In other words, we had to study the way that males and females use a public area. For this we utilised the Lower Hutt City Library and presented the library users with a survey. We discovered that more females than males tend to use the library. Also that more students than anyone else tend to use the library during 4.00-5.00pm. Our last topic of the year was about Human Trafficking. This was a strong topic that really spoke about the harsh truths behind this illegal business and the lengths that some people go to in order to make a huge profit. 2011 is my last year of Geography. I have enjoyed Geography classes at SBC as there are usually small class sizes which provide more opportunities for one-on-one learning. Thanks to Miss Gounder for pushing us over the past three years to do our best in this subject. I am sure Year 13 guys will miss you as we move on next year. Raymond Horua

• ECONOMICS Year 11 • Our Year 11 students had a hard act to follow. The NCEA results for 2010 were exemplary, in two of the Achievement standards students had an 88% pass rate and in two others, 75% and 71 % respectively. McDonalds Visit • It is not often that an internal assessment can be described as an enjoyable experience, but this was the case for this year’s Economics class. NCEA 1.2 saw us ‘Demonstrate an understanding of Decisions about Production.’ Year 11 student trip was centred on a visit to McDonalds. Mr Norton, the owner of the franchise, gave his time and resources (as well as a discount on meals and a free drink!) to the students as they quizzed him for the research information required for their internal. This is the first year through the new standards and

had to be completed, our teacher Miss Gounder had to juggle teaching the Level One Geography guys as well as us in the same class. However, this taught the three of us who decided to do Geography this year (Max de Maat, Tyrone Martin and I) to learn independently, which is crucial for future studying.

As a result of the competition, a lot of pre-exam practice was gained along with a more rounded understanding of monetary policy. This is a competition I would recommend all Economics students participate in as it gives you motivation to learn and better understand the intriguing world of economics. • Yuxuan Zhou • GEOGRAPHY This year was my final year studying Geography at SBC and it has been a learning and rewarding experience. With the high amount of work that

• Conclusion The Social Sciences programme is fluid and changes with the changing needs of our students and, to this end, we will be using ‘Moodle’ in 2012 as part of the delivery mechanism. Watch this space! Last, but not least, we have to farewell from the Department, Miss Felicity McDonnell who is leaving us for pastures new. Her contribution to the Social Studies programme has been immense. She will be missed by her colleagues and students. We wish her well for the future. Mr Gerard McKay, HOD Social Sciences

Drama 011 was an exciting year for Drama at SBC as we introduced the subject with the Year 12 class. As a subject, Drama requires a myriad of abilities and attributes from concentration, confidence, creativity and the ability to understand and realise the playwright’s intention.


the students’ efforts culminated in a public performance of the play, Once on Chunuk Bair. Guns roared and grenades blasted as the students brought the tragic battle to life in front of an appreciative audience in October. All last minute nerves evaporated as the first-time students of drama took the stage.

The Year 12 class certainly had all of that going for them as they launched out of their comfort zones up on to the stage. Along with hours of study in class and much hard work on weekends,

The year culminated with the Thomas Dewar Sziranyi Letts Award for Academic Achievement in Drama being awarded for the first time. Recipient Daeshan Wichman was presented


St Bernard’s College 2011

the cup for his consistently high achievement in NCEA Drama throughout the year. The class of 2011 had a very special role in helping to establish this new course at SBC. There was a lot of hard work, but there was also a tremendous amount of camaraderie and fun. Congratulations to all of the Drama students of 2011 for their successes this year and for bringing SBC’s theatrical talent into the spotlight. Mrs Petra Jaeger-Letts



id you know that learning music uses both side of the brain? Just because students are not moving their pencils or solving problems, doesn't mean they’re not learning. It has been proven that students who take music as a subject, actually do better academically than a student who does not take any music classes. That's because music helps develop the brain. Think about it, when you work out how do you feel afterwards? You are less stressed, you can think clearly and you are more relaxed-music is like a workout for the brain! Music is an important subject. Mass Band This year the Mass Band involved a key group of senior students. Ethan McAuliffe and Josh Dominikovich on guitar, Matthew Gupwell on Bass, Nathan Houpapa on Piano and Harry Slade on vocals. Unfortunately Harry will be leaving us so, in 2012, there will be an opportunity for all our budding musicians and singers to step up and contribute to our masses and liturgies. I want to say a huge thank you to these boys. Thank you for giving up your time to play at these events. Thank you for your reliability, commitment and hard work throughout the year. I could not have done it without you. – Ms Flood Celebration of Music This Concert wows me every year. Thanks to all the performers on the night. All your hard work paid off and it was a very enjoyable evening. The standard of performance was really high. The absolute stars of the night were behind the scenes – Mr Sefton, Raymond Horua, Harry Slade, Nathan O’Reilly, Nick Lunn, and Liam Gorham and a few others - you were fabulous! The lighting and sound was superb, thanks to our ‘techies.’ These guys worked day and night to get things ready. Harry Slade was our MC and did an amazing job. Thanks Harry. We will miss your character, your weird jokes and your abundant enthusiasm. Finally a huge thank you to the Itinerant Music Teachers; Clyde Clemmet, Cath Haley, Paul Mouncy, Frankie Curac and Ricky Boyd. SLAM – Barbershop Quartet What does SLAM stand for? It stands for some of the most beautiful voices at SBC. S – Sione Likio, L – Lokeni Alesana, A – Ash Patel and M – Marc Soloa. These boys competed at the Wellington Regional’s held at the Town Hall. As always they sang brilliantly and were placed sixth. Thanks for all your hard work boys.


St Bernard’s College 2011

We are losing three boys from the quartet soYear 7/8 choir we will be looking for a Tenor, Bass and Lead forThank you to Cath Haley for not only giving up her time to take these guys, but for providing 2012. these guys with the opportunity to get together and sing. It was obvious they had a fabulous time Choir This year, we decided to keep the Choir smallwith you. and focus on our vocal technique and overall sound. We sang three pieces. Non Nobis, DomineThese singers, mostly from 8UI, got together by William Byrd, Wade in the Water a Negroonce a week to have a sing song. They also spiritual piece and Verses from Isaiah by Ellacompeted in the SBC Talent Quest and had a load of fun. Buchanan Hanify. Judges comments were positive, describing ourWe are always looking for more singers, so you sound as ‘tight’ and confirming that we had aYear 7 and 8’s think about joining next year. lovely tone. People also commented on the stage performance of Wade in the Water. This is whereAcoustic Music Evening they showed off their cool side, prancing aroundThis was a new event for the St Bernard’s Music Department and I wasn’t sure if it would take off the stage in aviator glasses. or not. We also had two workshop days leading up to the competition where the choir worked on theThis evening took place in the staffroom, with a maximum of 45 tickets. All these tickets sold out sound. within a week! It was an evening for family and A big thank you to Cath Haley our lead musicalfriends to come along and see how talented their kids are, while enjoying a few glasses of wine and director – you rock! divine tasty nibbles. As many members are leaving this year, we are looking for upcoming singers for 2012. Watch outIt turned out that this show was a hit, and we will be continuing it in the future as a yearly event. for auditions advertised in the daily notices. A big thank you goes out to all the performers – you were brilliant. Thanks to Raymond Horua who was in charge of sound, Harry Slade our MC and Ben van Weorkom our stage hand. A very special thanks goes to Jessica Christian who was in the kitchen cleaning and Rose Gupwell for preparing the delicious food. Again, I could not have done this without your help – thank you so much! Ms Annabelle Flood

A Celebration of Music and The Aucostic Evening


St Bernard’s College 2011

Athletics Sports Day INDIVIIDUAL CHAMPIONS Year 7 Logan Hoare Pompallier Year 8 Hamish Tustin Pompallier Junior Nathan Dicken Marcellin Youth Tui Oloapu Marcellin Intermediate Taban Makoii Marcellin Senior Raymond Lesoa Pompallier House 1st Marcellin 2nd Pompallier 3rd Chanel 4th Ignatius


St Bernard’s College 2011

1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 504 473 398 344

Cross-Country INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONS YEAR 7 1. Logan Hoare 2. Johannes Duthie-Jung 3. Charlie Penman YEAR 8 1. Hamish Tustin 2. Bevan Angus 3. Zech Julius- Donnelly JUNIOR 1. Alex Nelson 2. Nathan Dicken 3 Troy McGuinness YOUTH 1. Jack Imray 2. Jayden Grant 3. Stephen Clark INTERMEDIATE 1 Taban Makoii 2. Brandon Lynch 3. Kerwyn Meehan SENIOR 1. Michael Hagarty 2. Callum Meehan 3. Anu Singe HOUSE CHAMPIONSHIP 1st Marcellin 2nd Pompallier 3rd Chanel 4th Ignatius

Pompallier Ignatius Pompallier

12min 28sec

Pompallier Marcellin Marcellin

11min 55sec

Ignatius Marcellin Marcellin

11min 43 sec

Chanel Marcellin Chanel

10 min 57 sec

Marcellin Marcellin Pompallier

17 min 31 sec (NR)

Pompallier Pompallier Ignatius

19 min 52 sec

477 410 349 284



he 2011 season was a tough one for the 1st XI. During most of the games we found ourselves short of players with only nine or ten players turning up! The people who did show up displayed total commitment. We had success with our bowling and fielding and a number of games were won because of progress made in this area. Memorable moments include Jack Imray scoring 50 and some brilliant bowling by Jordan Clout and Matthew Jacobs, resulting in games being won. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our coach Te Wai Piripi for all the hard work he has put in over the past few years. To the parents also, thank you for providing lunch each week and being there to show your support. Without the stories and laughing heard from the field it would have been a long day. To the players, thank you, it’s been a good year and I wish you all the best for next year. Jordan Clout


St Bernard’s College 2011



e have had another very successful year of Badminton and have attracted many players from every year level. With four junior teams and four senior teams, all teams performed extremely well with most finishing in the top half of their grade. For many, it was a first; however the boys were determined to win every shot. The Senior A team, after many years of trying, won the Hutt Valley Division One Championship securing the Richard Niven Shield, and went on to win the Wellington Regional Division One Championship. Another highlight of the year was the annual Francis Douglas exchange where the team won the tie overall. A huge thank you to Mr Piripi, Mrs Brennan, Mr Davis and Mr Fedoulov who helped with the organisation of our games, transport and ongoing support to make sure everything ran as smooth as possible. We said farewell to our convenor, Mr Davis half way through the year as he moved on to Wairarapa College. We thank him for his enthusiasm and constant support and guidance at every game and practice, over many years, and we wish him all the best for the future.


St Bernard’s College 2011

Rugby League


hat a thrilling year to have senior and junior Rugby League teams at St Bernard’s with both making finals for their grades. It’s obvious that the ‘Lower Valley’ sections of Senior and Junior College Rugby League are the strongest, with Taita College and ourselves playing in the final of the seniors, and junior teams playing in both the main and plate grand finals.

boys found their game in the second half against Hutt Valley High School. We scored 24 points before narrowly losing. From then it was a first up win against Taita College, then an even better one away to Aotea College to see the boys come back to play HVHS for the Orca's Cup. all four

The seniors made the final of the 16-team College Sport Wellington Steve Kearney Cup and with it came a lot of interest for the short seasoned competition. Media publicity both locally and regional, selectors for representative teams, and a couple of NRL clubs had a look in at the talent that continues to flow from our school. Although it’s hard to call the season successful when we failed to win the one that mattered, but when you add the competitions equivalent to the Ranfurly Shield, the Ross Whaanga Kumete Challenge, the Trax Tavern Challenge Trophy yet again defended against a favoured Wainuiomata High School, a win over St Patrick’s (Silverstream), three players who caught the eye of NRL clubs, and a handful of players off to play against the Warriors Development for the Wellington Secondary Schools, I'd say that we did very well! Putting the 2011 season into perspective, we only lost to one side, and that was to competition winners Taita College twice, agonisingly both by two points! Yet we gained a lot of support and interest for the school both internally and externally. But more satisfying was to see players make an important contribution in games with a play or a tackle that needed a lot of courage. Players who realised during the short rugby league season that while they may lack all the finesse of a star player, they did some incredible things that produced its own WOW factor and will stay in their minds for life. Thanks boys for a memorable time and putting your heart into everything from trainings, games and even those taken to hospital. It’s that spirit that will make you feel a proud Old Boy for many years to come. Both sides had some off field matters to deal with, but, if anything, they were dealt with promptly and the team’s spirits were better off for it. The 'finding' of 'not so' Old Boy Kam Kamuta to coach the side was significant. A former league player for the school, his senior and representative experience was shared with both teams. It was special sharing together the highs and lows of running sports teams with both himself and Sports Coordinator Mrs Catherine Brennan, who provided the backbone of our foray. Also thank you to Peter Fava and Chris Hart for their support and Mr Hart’s great photos. Having a junior team train with the seniors straight away brought in the 'younger-older brother' attitude and this was important coming into the semi finals. The juniors had 34 players register to play and it was tough not being able to give everyone adequate game time. They however took advantage of the top drills coached to them and it was a thrill to see some of the moves result in tries. After two big defeats against eventual championship finalists Naenae College and Wainuiomata High School, the


St Bernard’s College 2011

It was pleasing to see the efforts put in by both teams, especially with the long trainings. And, it was an absolute pleasure to witness so many boys discover the game of rugby league in 2011. Pat Knox SENIORS Fair Play Award Most Improved Player Bikebiz Trophy ‘Most Dedicated Player’ Randwick Rugby League Kingfishers Trophy ‘MVP’ JUNIORS Fair Play Award Most Improved Player MVP

Lorenzo Pili Tuiliese Tagataese Bernie Taulealo Ray Lesoa Marcus Vaaulu Brandon Va’a Lavou Kauone

Football: Overview Team 1st XI 2nd XI 3rd XI 15th grade(1) 15th Grade(2) 13th Grade

Played Won Drew Lost 15 10 1 4 13 5 9 1 8 2 0 6 12 6 2 4 9 5 1 3 9 2 0 7


For 49 61 24 43 32 18

Against Position 26 2nd 13 2nd 35 4th 33 4th 24 4th 41 7th

Captain Tim Graham Brandon Lynch Sam Ward Jordan Hall Kelly Higgins/BJ Gibbons Daniel Satur

he highlights of this season were:

• The brilliant support, encouragement and sponsorship we have received from Pak’n’Save Petone. • Fielding six Saturday teams, would be highest number for a number of years. • This has been a season of firsts. They are:  Having a permanent football field.  The 1st XI will play a start of season fixture against Newlands College for a place in Premier Youth Grade.  Having six teams.  Having 102 registered players.  Having two teams in the College sports finals. (1st and 2nd XI).  Having a team competing in the Junior Premier League.  Having four of the five college sport teams gaining promotion from the grading games.  From the tour we had our first victory against St Peter’s College 1st XI (PN).  Having Mr Paddy Breslin speak at our prize giving. Paddy represented NZ in 1967/68 and was NZ Footballer of the Year in 1968. Paddy is an Old Boy and our only NZ representative. He was the first player to score 100 goals in the Central League. • Our 13th grade team, which played in the Hutt Valley Junior Competition. • Our two College Sport finals teams both lost on penalties. The 1st XI lost 4 - 5 on penalties and the 2nd XI lost 6 - 7 on penalties. Both teams played very well and to lose in such a manner is very disappointing. • The 1st XI was the first team to win at home on our home ground. They had a number of firsts also. The beat St Patrick’s (Silverstream) 2nd XI, Upper Hutt College and St Patrick’s (Town) for the first time. • The 2nd XI was the best team in their league and beat Taita College twice before the finals. They can be proud of their very attractive style of play. • The 3rd XI struggled but they had victories in their last two games. • The Junior One team is the first team from the College to make it into a premier grade. • Having 14 nationalities involved in Football. This shows that Football is a global sport. • Having the Football Committee - parents who oversee the development of the game. To have such a dedicated group of parents whose vision is to have Football as the number one sport of choice for the boys at SBC. The committee included Mr David Graham, Mr Matt Christian, Mr Paul Dicken, Mr Herbert Nelson, Mr Chris Gibbons Mr Dale Imray, Mr Wayne Ebert and Mr Brenten Higson. • Our coaches. Their commitment, dedication, perseverance, and love of the game allowed us to have six teams but to also achieve beyond our expectations. Thanks to Mr Chris Gibbons Junior (2) Mr Dale Imray


St Bernard’s College 2011

• • • • •

(Junior ), Mr Paul Dicken 2nd XI, Mr Herbert Nelson 3rd XI, Mr Wayne Ebert 1st XI, Mr Salam Malkonyan (13th Grade) and Brenten Higson (part of the year). Having parental support - again, an excellent component of our success. Having a home ground certainly increased the number of supporters we had. Another (7th) very successful end of season of tour for the 1st XI and other selected players. Played five won five. The Lunchtime Futsal competition grows bigger each year. This year there were 12 junior and 11 senior teams. This has meant two divisions for each group. Thanks to Mr Piripi for allowing us to use the gym. Congratulations to the two Year 7 and 8 teams who played in the local one day tournament finishing second and fourth. Thanks to Jack Imray for coaching the teams. Player Farewells The end of each season we must farewell those players who have contributed to the development of football at SBC. Tim Graham. Tim has played 54 games and proved to be a very inspirational captain and a very strong and thoughtful central defender. Anu Singe. Anu has played 58 games. He arrived at SBC three years ago and was immediately placed onto the wing due to his exceptional pace and ability to shoot on the run. Angelo Ritossa. Angelo has played 53 games. Angelo has been in the 1st XI for three seasons and has been the first choice sweeper in those years. He is an exceptional reader of the game and always the unsung hero. Terrill Anthony. Terrill has played 58 games. He demonstrated magical ball skills which quickly turned defense into attack. Another player who can quickly turn a game on its head. Ben Anderson. Ben joined the 1st XI this year and developed as an attacking midfielder. Jordan Clout. Jordan has played three seasons for us and this season excelled as an attacking midfielder for the 1st’s. Controlled the midfield with determination and passion. Nineb Haddad. Nineb developed into a strong left back and proved that self-belief and a determination to succeed will always lead to success. Thang-Sing Pau. Thang Sing showed exceptional close ball skills. He loved to take players on and his ability to switch play gave us an attacking edge on numerous occasions. Scored a number of very memorable goals. Harry Slade. The total team member. Took over the goal keeper’s position in the 1st XI and proved to be an inspirational player by both word and action. Works very hard both on and off the field. Norman Vasquez. A strong and determined midfield player. A player who built up team spirit with his strong work ethic.

Football: Overview SBC Club Awards Each year, the St Bernard’s Football Club has their own awards ceremony, which is over and above the annual College Sports awards. The 2011 recipients were: Award

1st XI

2nd XI

Best and Fairest

Angelo Ritossa

Brandon Lynch

Most Consistent

Taban Makoii

Matthew Dicken

Most Improved

Jordan Clout

Exciting Prospect

Tavonga Mahowa

Fair Play

Tim Graham

Club Service

Harry Slade

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FOOTBALL TOUR Our seventh tour was another successful one and it met all of our expectations. We played five games over the three days scoring 58 goals and conceding four. Our first game was against Otaki College, always a very tight and competitive game. This year we were victorious with an 8-1 victory. Our second game on the Wednesday was against Rangitikei College with another victory of 16-1. It is important that we play these games because it gives country teams the opportunity to play city opposition. Our strength was all over the field but we played with humility. On Thursday morning we traveled to Taihape Area School where we won again, 18-1. This is another country school that enjoys playing us because it gives them the opportunity to play an inter


3rd XI

school fixture. They also play in the Manawatu league so, to play us, is something different. In the afternoon we travelled to Taumarunui High School to defend the ‘Friendship’ trophy. We stopped at the Tangiwai Memorial to say a prayer for the victims of the train disaster in 1952. We especially remembered the two young Saint Bernard’s boys who tragically died that day. Past games have always been very close and the wins and losses are equal between us. This year our strength across the field and, especially our commitment to control midfield, gave us a 10-1 victory. This game is always one that we take very seriously because of the closeness of our previous matches.

On Friday afternoon we played the only 1st XI team that we have not beaten. This was our year and we came away as 6-0 victors. We were very hungry for the win so we closed down their attack very quickly with our very well organized defense. We attacked wide on the wings which constantly spread out their defense. This gave us room to move freely up front. We were an unbeaten team who returned home very pleased with our three days work. Thanks to Mr Fava and the BOT for giving us permission to go on the tour. Mr Brenten Higson, Football Convenor

Football: Team Reports 1st XI


ur season started well with the pre-grading round seeing us into Division Two. By the end of the season we had won our way to the final but lost on penalties, with one loss, one draw and 31 goals scored, of which 20 were scored by one player. The team stuck together well and improved throughout the season, with the best part being the belief the boys had in each other, and the willingness to stick it out and get the result with gutsy determination. Some very nice goals scored both individually and as a team, which at the end of the day, got us to the final. Highlights would have to be the double we did against St Patrick’s (Town), also giving Upper Hutt College a lesson in teamwork with a 6 - 0 home win. A lowlight would have to be the final loss, and the broken leg sustained in the first Upper Hutt game. Overall, it was a very successful season and I look forward to the talent rising up to produce some even more successful SBC Football. I would also like to thank the boys for the time spent at practice, being on time to games and having the right attitude when it counted. My special thanks to Mr Brenten Higson, who, without him, SBC Football would not have the kudos it has today. Roll on 2012!! Mr Wayne Ebert, Coach


St Bernard’s College 2011


or the second season in a row, the 1st XI qualified for Division Two of the College Sport competition. A blend of hard work and talent saw us make the final, as was our goal when we set out. A truckload of goals from the strikers up front, mixed with industry and flair from the midfield and defence saw us finish second in the league with seven wins, one draw and just one loss. For the first time, the school gave us a football field and we turned our home ground (nicknamed ‘Asgard’) into a fortress, losing only once a t home all season. Unfortunately, despite dominating the game, we ended up losing the final – played at Rongotai College – to Wellington College on penalties. It was a cruel way to end what had been a very successful season, but that’s Football! On tour, we won all five of our games which saw us retain the Friendship trophy against Taumarunui and also saw us pick up our first win ever over St Peter’s College from Palmerston North. During the Francis Douglas sports exchange, we battled to a 2 - 2 draw having gone 2 - 1 behind after taking the lead. This was a credible result against a very strong side. 2011 was a hugely successful season for the 1st XI. As with any season there were highs and lows but seeing the way the team pulled together as the season wore on was very pleasing for me, as Captain. Making the final was a particular highlight. The squad would like to thank the Football committee and our coaches, Wayne Ebert and Mr Higson, for all the hard work that they’ve done for us. Without their help none of our success this season would have been possible. Mr Higson left as coach midway through the season and I feel it is important to acknowledge all the work he has done, and continues to do, for Football in the school. He has held the sport together in this school for years now. The successes of the teams this year would have been impossible without him. So, Sir, on behalf of College Football, thank you. To the 1st XI of next year; I wish you good luck and I hope that you can build on the work that has been done this year. Tim Graham (Captain)

Football: Team Reports 2nd XI


e were made up of Year 11 and 12 students who had a high calibre of skill. Our grading games were in division 8/9 and were comfortably won the first four but we lost 3 - 2 to Wellington College 10. We were still able to gain promotion to Div. 8 along with Taita College’s 1st XI and Wellington College 10. In Division 8, we were undefeated in our games, including 12 - 1 and 2 - 2 against close rivals Taita College. We also drew 0 - 0 against Paraparaumu College’s 2nd XI in round 1 and won 3 - 1 in the second round. All these games showed that we could play great attacking Football as well as defend strongly. At the end of the season we were second to Taita College’s 1st XI because we had played one game less but we made it into the final. This was our biggest game of the season and we were looking forward to it. As we were building up to the final, Mr Dicken, our coach had his father pass away. This was felt right through the team. As a team we decide to play the final for Mr Dicken. The final had what it takes to be a perfect game. There was a great crowd supporting both teams, the weather was great and the field perfect. The game was hard fought right from the first whistle with hard challenges, tough tackles and total commitment. At full time, the scores were even at 2 - 2 and we then went into penalties. The problem is that we lost on penalties 6-7 which has taken a great deal time to get over. The boys were gracious in defeat and we showed that we were really Saint Bernard’s men. All up we had a great season and we grew in friendships as well as greatly improving our footballing skills. We want to give Mr Paul Dicken a real big thank you for this time and effort. Thank you for giving up two afternoons during the week to coach us and then Saturday morning. We would not have done as well as we did without your enthusiasm, commitment and humour. I want to also thank the players for training hard and playing harder. Thank you also to all the parents who encouraged us and never doubted out abilities. We are looking forward to the 2012 season and we will win the final. Brandon Lynch, Captain

3rd XI


he season started with a lot of pre-season practices and a pre-season game against one of the junior teams. The team also had a lot of players which made it difficult to get everybody playing.

The first third of the season were the grading games. We did not do very well so we were not promoted. The championship section saw us in Division 11, where we started badly but always showed that we could win if we played as a team and wanted victory. We finished the season in fourth place out of six and only two wins away from the finals. We finished the season on a high, with two 8 - 1 wins against teams graded above us. It was very frustrating to have had so many games postponed as players lost interest in training because they were not available on Saturdays. We had six games postponed which was the most of any of the college teams. All those that lasted to the end of the season really enjoyed the games they played and especially those at the College. We were the first team to play at home. We want to thank Mr Herbert Nelson for coaching us and being patient while we learnt the skill of playing senior College Football. Thanks also to the parents who helped managing the team when Mr Nelson was absent. Sam Ward, Captain


St Bernard’s College 2011

15th Grade, Division 3


very big thank you to our coach Chris Gibbons and Mr Derek Higgins. They worked very hard to bring us together as a successful team and I think that everyone in the team has learnt new skills. We started the season really well and were undefeated in our grading games because we played very well as a team. The stand-out players were the defenders because they were great. After our grading games, we were promoted two divisions to Division Three which was a great feeling. We did not win every game but we fought very hard in all of our games. The game that we all enjoyed the most was our win against St Patrick’s (Silverstream). We would also like to thank the whole team who fought well. Special thanks to the parents for supporting us 100%. Finally to the coaches again, who were awesome at putting in so much time and effort into making us better players. Bradley Gibbons (Captain) and Kelly Higgins (Vice Captain)

13th Grade


e played in the Hutt Valley competition and although we did not win many games we really enjoyed playing. Our team was made up of Year 8 and Year 9 players, most of who had not played before. I want to thank our coach Mr Salam Malkonyan (a first XI player two years ago) for introducing us to new skills and making us improve as the year went along. All the games were very hard and in the first round, we only had one win and lots of big losses. In the second round, we improved and had two more wins which this put us in ninth place in the league. In the second round, even though we lost to the teams above us, the scores were a lot closer. This showed that as we practiced more we got better as players. What was less encouraging was that we had six games postponed because of the wet weather. All the players did really well and it was great to see all the parents come along and support us whenever we played. We are all looking forward to playing next year. We know that we can get better and we will get better. My comment about Football. Football challenges you, not only physically, but also mentally. It makes you think well I guess you could say outside the goal post. When playing, you need to calculate distance with speed. There are headers and throw ins and punts and kicks, all make it more interesting. You need to give passes and assist team members. More importantly, you need to score. I don’t watch Football as I’d rather play Football because you should not watch someone else have fun. Yes, Football really is the ideal sport. Guy Hogan (team member)

Rugby 1st XV


he 2011 season was one of the most successful in recent years for the 1st XV. We played 17 games, won eleven and lost a number by the narrowest of margins. The squad comprised a large base of experienced players who had competed in the Premier One grade and a mixture of highly talented new comers. Training started in early January concentrating on playing systems, skills, fitness and self belief. Pre-season started in promising fashion with a 5112 victory over HOBM U19’s. We then departed for Auckland to compete in the Marist Quadrangular going down to St Paul’s 13-19 in the first game. We held the strong Sacred Heart College to 9-15 at half time but eventually lost 9-43. Returning home we completed our pre season with victory over HIBS 36-26. We went through

our grading games unbeaten accounting for Tawa College 27-7, Naenae College 33-7 and Bishop Viard 34-0 to retain the Cardinal's Cup. Our first Hibernian Cup game was against traditional rivals Francis Douglas Memorial College from New Plymouth where we recorded our first victory over them in many years, 153. We then played our first Premier One game against St Patrick’s (Town), winning 21-13 recording our first victory over them since 2005 and regaining the Jonathan Collins Memorial Cup. One of the largest crowds in many years turned out to watch us host St. Patrick’s (Silverstream). It was a tremendous game, yet we lost 20-21. The following week we lost to Scots College 1934 and then lost a nail-biter to Rongotai College 12-15. Whilst we stayed in touch with Wellington College, we ultimately lost 8-25. Our last two games saw us beat HIBS 24-6

and Wainuiomata High 51-0. We missed out by the narrowest of margins to gain a top four spot. Scots defaulted the play-off game and we finished fifth in the Premier One competition. Having beaten FDMC, St Patrick’s (Town) and having the Hato Paora fixture abandoned (due to snow) we travelled to St John’s in Hastings to secure the Hibernian Cup – this was achieved with a convincing 43-17 victory. Stand out players were Andrew and Anthony Mamea, Atini Mulitalo, Jeremy Moananu, David Filipo, John Tufele, Jason Montin, Bernie Taulealo, Lorenzo Pili, Ray Lesoa and Lokeni Alesana. Thanks to all the parents and supporters, the College for their support of Rugby and the attitude of the players. The team was coached by Mark Keating and Ben Perenise and managed by Rod Meehan. Mr Mark Keating, Coach

Under 15

I want to congratulate all of the boys on your positive outlook, for turning up to training and most of all, for enjoying your rugby. It was no surprise to me to see the following players selected for the U14 and U15 Wellington Development squad: Joseph, Keegan, Fraser, Siaope, Inoke, Nate and Tee.

Our grading games earned us a place in the Division One section and this was a big accomplishment for the team. It would be fair to say that playing in this grade was a challenge and though we definitely improved a lot as the season went on, we also lost players through injury and illness more than we would have liked.

A key philosophy that surrounded our team this year was to increase the opportunities for our boys to spend time together and to spend time with other positive influences. Thanks to all of the dads, especially Alan, Jeremiah, Justin and Gus; for helping with trainings and transport and for making this team more like a whanau unit. Thanks also to the mums, particularly to Paula and Karen for providing a little bit of nurturing.


he U15 open team was a combination of boys from various teams in 2010, including a few boys playing college rugby for the first time.

I really believe the boys benefited from playing at this level in terms of their skill development. Despite our less than stellar win - loss ratio we had fantastic team spirit and we never gave up. We had a leadership team of Inoke (captain), Joseph (forwards captain) and Justin (backs captain), giving an opportunity for boys to learn about their own leadership capability.


St Bernard’s College 2011

Finally to the boys - keep fit over the summer and be training hard in 2012. Mr Errol Weston, Coach

ready to hit

Hockey: 1st XI


’m Steve Davis (Dinky), Coach of the St Bernard’s 1st XI Hockey who were unbeaten all season.

This season we chose to play in Reserve three as we had lost so many senior players. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we had several juniors playing hockey at College level for their first season. As usual, we had not enough players for two teams and too many for one, which means an imbalance of abilities. But, as the norm, no one thinking they were bigger or better than the team and generally one hundred percent turnout at training, the boys knuckled down and became a very successful team.

Our new Captain this season was Christian. Along with his skills and hunger for goals (22), meant he was our leading goal scorer. Hot on his heels was Tom with 14 goals. The senior players consisting of Cory, Kenton, Deepak, Ciaran, Peter, Jerome and Dipak (Vice Capt) were the guts of the team, in the sense that of they tackled hard, set up and scored goals and helped lead the team at trainings and round the field. Our goalie Matt, had another good season conceding only four goals. We won the R3 grade easily with a record of played five, won five, scoring 30 goals and conceding two. We were automatically promoted to R2. The junior players, Max and wings Terry and Connor (all new to hockey) all had good seasons and scored goals. Dave and Auburn (Y7) helped contribute to a good team environment.

The second round in R2 was harder hockey and the boys had to step up, which they did, playing eight games, winning six and drawing two, including winning the semi-final and grand final (Thanks to all parents and supporters who were very vocal and pushed the boys through the pain barrier at the final). A big thanks to Winnell (Manager), Murray (No.1 Umpire) and Anthony (No.2 Umpire) and Jayden for helping out with coaching and playing when required.

Junior Volleyball

tournament. Both teams were playing outstanding Volleyball and the boys were able to come from two sets down to win 3-2.

he Junior Volleyball team competed in the Hutt Valley Division One competition in 2011. The team was a youthful team with many making their volleyball debut. They finished top of the Hutt Valley Division One competition in 2011. They were undefeated in Term Four.


Congratulations to Tee Paipa, David Lefaoseu (Y10) and Mona MafileoTuala (Y9) who were selected in the Junior Boy’s Tournament Team. Congratulations also to Nathan O’Reilly, Pablo Monteverde-Young and Tee Paipa who have played in the junior team for two years and are now moving into the senior school.

During the Term Three holidays, the team completed two full days of training in preparation for the regional Volleyball tournament held at the beginning of November. They were also training two days a week plus competing in games at the beginning of Term Four. A big commitment was made in the hope of success at the regional tournament.

A big thank you to Brett Manaia (Y11). Brett was the team’s assistant coach and gave up his time to share his skills and volleyball knowledge with the junior boys. He has also qualified as an official referee. He is a major asset to Volleyball at SBC.

On the first day of the tournament, the boys qualified for the semifinals. Unfortunately, we did not play to our potential in the semi-final and lost to the eventual tournament winners, Newlands College. The team learnt from this defeat and this gave them the resolve and focus to step up in the third and fourth play off against Porirua College. This game was the best game of Volleyball played at the regional

Mr Hamish Sutherland (Coach)


Liang and Jan Otis for the seniors, Denise Russell for the juniors and Scott Marriner and David Plumb for the Year 7 and 8 teams.


A highlight of the year for the senior team, was the annual exchange with Francis Douglas Memorial College which hosted by SBC. It was a tense game as usual. However, this year it was the turn of FDMC to come out on top 67-63.

011 has been a year of improvement for SBC Basketball. Both the Senior and Junior teams have been training together to work on things which will help them in the game. This year we had two Year 7 and 8 teams. We’ve had great coaching staff in the form of Michael


Congratulations on your season boys. I know you are all disappointed that we weren’t the winners of the tournament but I know that you have gained valuable experiences for your future playing days at SBC and beyond. You are a great group of young men who I have enjoyed working with immensely.

St Bernard’s College 2011




Year 7 1st

Noah Jaegar-Letts


2 =

Matthew Elder


2 =

Noah Lindstrom



Bevan Angus



Ethan Moore


nd nd

Year 8

Junior 1st

Mataio Pou



Jamie Curtis



Stephen Clark



Antonio Puka



Tyler Saggers



Jerome McGuinness



Luke McGuinness



Callum Meehan


Youth nd

Intermediate nd



St Bernard’s College 2011

Pompallier Chanel Marcellin Ignatius

HOUSE CHAMPIONSHIP 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

296 256 246 198

Tennis • Senior and Junior Tennis Reports omeone once said Love is nothing in tennis, but in life it's everything. It is obviously better to love a game and play with passion rather than win and complain about the commitment you have signed up for.


There are some very keen Tennis players at SBC; it brings me great delight to watch them on the court, making great progress-especially by the end of the season. Our Junior Division One team, consisting of Thomas Josephson (Captain), Bradley Kitt, Nick Wong and Harvey Dawaton, claimed third place in their division in the first half of the season and then first place in their division in the second half of the season. Our Senior team, made up of Julian Murphy (Captain), Cole Goddard, Joshua Ebert, Zac Little and Norman Vasquez, did not fare too well with St Patrick’s (Silverstream) proving to be much stronger and therefore winning their division. However, they had a lot of fun and had smiles on their faces as they honed their skills on the court in very balmy weather! Our Junior Team Two and Team Three ended up in the same division and came a respective fourth and second place. Their commitment and enthusiasm was rewarding. Later in the year, our Senior tennis players withdrew to their studies so it was our two Junior teams who continued to make their mark every Tuesday afternoon. However, wet, drizzly and windy weather, plus a general disorganisation of some other schools and their nets not being up and ready, there was hardly any tennis played at all! Congratulations to Junior Team One team, you are forging a tight foursome and the rallies I watched were fantastic. Many thanks to Junior Teams Two and Three: Cameron Walker, Jake Eplett, Alex Nelson, Bernard Devine, Tino Mahowa, Connor Bliss, Elliot Ferris, Dylan Goddard, Raffy Gonzalez, Michael Start (filling in for us in the second half of the season so generously), Edgar Mallari, Jayden Grant and Stephen Clark.


I hang up my tennis clip board this year and say farewell and thank you to all the help both staff and parents/caregivers have provided over the last four seasons. I have convened Junior and Senior Tennis at Saint Bernard’s because I have wanted to try and promote this sport as a successful and credible option for the many players out there. And I know, there are many tennis players at this school, you only have to see the boys queuing for a court at lunchtimes in the summer!


St Bernard’s College 2011

Bon courage and keep playing boys! Huge thanks to Kent Pollard (Transport and co-management second half of season this year) Catherine Brennan, Te Wai Piripi, Dylan Goddard’s fantastic grandmother (Manager of Junior Team Two and sideline extraordinaire) and anyone else who watched and encouraged court side. Miss Felicity McDonnell Senior Tennis Champion

Matthew Dicken

Junior Tennis Champion


Division One April Junior Team One 3rd April Senior Team One 5th November Junior Team One 1st

Division Two Team Two 4th Team Two 4th

Division Two Team Three 2nd

Waterpolo Senior Competition • TERM ONE he team was led by Luke McGuinness and was overall a very young Senior team. Our objective was to raise our rankings and transition from a Division Two team up to a Division One and set the path for the Juniors to continue on. We improved our National rankings from 16th to 14th place and qualified for the National Premier Championships.


Hutt Valley Competition • TERM TWO and THREE A highly successful tournament with two teams in the Intermediate Grades. The Juniors gained the Silver in their grade and the Seniors won the Gold. Juniors Regional/National • TERM THREE Our Juniors gained Bronze place in the Wellington Regional Competition. Coaching and Managing Thank you to Craig and Suzanne McGuinness who coached both the Seniors and Juniors, also to Tyler Saggers, Jerome and Luke McGuinness for their commitment to coaching the younger players in the Hutt Valley Competition. Thank you also to our Managers: Elizabeth Elder, Karen Saggers and Raewyn Curtis in their supporting roles. National Selection Jerome McGuinness was selected to travel to Perth and represent New Zealand in the U18 Junior Men’s Team. Summary A year of some great results and a few upsets both ways. We achieved our goals and all the boys involved have put in an admirable amount of work to improve their fitness, skills and game discipline. The backing of families who are always ready to support their boys in their training and fundraising is also to be commended. As always, the boys are a credit to St Bernard’s and a pleasure to take away to competitions. St Bernard’s are now known as a formidable force in all year groups in Waterpolo in the Wellington Region. I look forward to another successful year with St Bernard’s Waterpolo. Mrs Suzanne McGuinness


St Bernard’s College 2011

TROPHY CABINET Senior Hutt Valley Schools’ Competition


Junior Hutt Valley Schools’ Competition


Junior Regionals Championship


Form Class Photos YEAR 8CL Back Row: Finlay Anderson, Brandyn Wilson, Samual Tane, Aengus McMillan, Taran John, Jacob Borich Third Row: Rei Siao, Jayden Plumb, Hamish Tustin, Robin Walker, Puna Manaia, Paul Speedy, Chenchen Huang Second Row: Miss Christina Calcinai (Teacher), Alexander Ingram, Lincoln Craig, Scott Travis, Tupoki Wairau-Hunter, Sydney Chimvinga, Bailey Neemia, Cayden Howes Front Row: Charlie Penman, Logan Hey, Sherwin Peat, Jordan Moh, Flynn McLean, Alex McCloy, Hayden Flood

YEAR 8KT Back Row: Matthew Henderson, Raphael Nicol, Tyler Eagle, Jack Baucke, Joseph Dalton, Lachlan Gillespie Third Row: Samuel Taylor, Orban Waitaiki-Messenger, Polo Lacanienta, Seth Trocio, Zachary Ahearn, Guy Hogan, Caleb Nicolle Second Row: Ms Kathy Taylor (Teacher), Daniel Satur, Matthew Elder, Elliot Thorn, Logan Hoare, Blake Robinson, Connor McLeod, Jacob Carroll Front Row: Alex Hart, Jayden Tamarua, Aidan Watson, Pelikani Peaua, Kieran Owers, Johannes Duthie-Jung, Cameron Travis

YEAR 8MD Back Row: Oscar Hanlin, Vineel Chandra, Nicholas Ibrahim, Aidan Almand, Aloysius Duffy, Andrew Roberts Third Row: Bevan Angus, Joshua Tainui, Jesse Graham, Liam Win, Easton Cairns, Callum Arnot, Adam Armstrong Second Row: Miss Felicity McDonnell (Teacher), James Missen, Joseph Hanson, Jacob Hawkins, Ethan Smith, Kane Hailwood-Tunbridge, Dario Dellabarca, Mitchell Hays Front Row: Jacob Kavinta, Sam Kong, Juan Lopez, Jonathan Nield, Jacob Marriner, Jake Epplett, Conrad Weatherall Absent: Kozmo Zawada


St Bernard’s College 2011

Form Class Photos YEAR 8SU Back Row: Elisha Alasdair Day, Asher Hanley, Joshua Hewson, Matthew Richards, David Nanai, Jakob McGuinness Third Row: Max Loveranes, Brendan Highnam-Sofeni, Venasio Tuifao, Rafael Ligeralde, Bradley Searle, Regan Gilmour, Cody Rodway Second Row, Mr Hamish Sutherland (Teacher), Jack Marra, Joseph Mamea-Hind, Rielly Edwards, Thomas Downs, Cameron Palmer-McGruer, Steven Pereira, Jovan Catampongan Front Row: Tinomuda Mahowa, Danny Ward, Caleb Dominikovich, Anthony Pan, Max Siemonek, Joshua Furjes-Crawshaw, Zechariah JuliusDonnelly Absent: Jared Andrews

YEAR 8UI Back Row: Luke Pynenburg, Amitesh Lal, Dylan Samuel, Ramon Tala, Afiafi Finau, Aisea Mafile’o, Patric Godfrey Third Row: Mrs Nila Uili (Teacher), Yannis Norris, Makya Te Kawa, Bernard Devine, Matthew Rothwell, Jared Peterson, Jackson Locke, Bradley Mumford Second Row: Damian Butawski, Noah Jaeger-Letts, Noah Lindstrom, Nathan Chan, Elijah Afoa, Samuel Gorham, Adam Hebbend Front Row: Marcus Manning, Daymond King, Benjamin Scully, Michael McLean, Ethan Moore, Jake Hastie, Cameron Grant

YEAR 9CH Back Row: Elliot Ferris, Dylan Fa’atui, Karl Hofsteede, Terry Lynch, Aaron Marshall, Daniel Raju Third Row: Jordan Taylor, Brandon Vaa, Jacob Egan, Mataio Pou, Moapi Mua’au, Christopher Cunningham, Joshua Lim Second Row: Mrs Jessica Christian (Teacher), Arbie Hong, Michael Start, Anthony Parshot, Connor Bliss, Edward Wilcock, Dylan Goddard, Alexander Nelson, Nicky McCleery Front Row: Jesse Cseh, Thomas Jackson, David Woodman-Smith, Kyle Lamond, Troy McGuinness, Salvador Jr Lacsamana, Timothy Moulton-Harris Absent: Harvey Dawaton


St Bernard’s College 2011

Form Class Photos YEAR 9LA Back Row: Viliami Fine, Victor Taase, David Sia, Jaydon Turara Third Row: Mrs Anna Langford (Teacher), Sam Su, Emelio Soane, Samuelu Vaofusi, Daikyn Nuku, Elia Ta’anoa Second Row: Christopher McDowell, Jesse Reid Rowley, Sean Marshall, Benjamin Meafou, Josiah Martin, Bradley Ebert, Michael McIntyre Front Row: John Ulu, Jordi Reid-Ferris, Campbell Bishop, Elama Atani, Jayden Ioata, Mitchell Statham, Tatenda Mvere

YEAR 9MN Back row: Wilson Lologa, Chayde Perez, Talosaga Tanu, Shaun de Roo Third Row: Ms Sue McNab (Teacher), Hamish Clausen, Jordan Uini-Paulo, Loteliko Rimoni, Jordan Molineux, Jamie Curtis Second Row: Nicco Gonzalez, Noaese Foaitua, Bradley Kitt, Eddie Asovale, Troy Rose, Brian Hogg, Neville McFarlane Front Row: Hamish Ram, Jordan Umaga-Kelemete, Bradley Gibbons, Daniel Nield, Anthony Leota, Itai Mumwiro, Joshua Montague

YEAR 9SJ Back Row: Jackson Leitch, Terence Jiang, William Matheson, Christopher Kesomi Vatikani Third Row: Mr Rakesh Sejwal (Teacher), Salemona Mafile’o-Tuala, Jesse Gilbert, Poata-Ezra Tuisamoa, Andre Canderle, Deng Manyang Makoii Second Row: Phoenix Schaafhausen, Jacob Moa, Kelly Higgins, Sio Petelo Avau, Thomas Josephson, Jordan Wilson, Toa Samoa Front Row: Bailey Willis, Cameron Walker, Edgar Mallari, Marcus Goh, Lloyd Villaver, Nicholas Wong, Jonathan Kung


St Bernard’s College 2011

Form Class Photos YEAR 10HI Back Row: Lavou Kauone, Tawhateata Lui, Liam Francis, Chetan Julius-Donnelly, Liam McGill, Inia Wright, David Lanigan Middle Row: Mr Brenten Higson (Teacher), Inoke Tufele, Cherbel Khouchaba, Tofiga Lualua-Aati, Terry Watkins, Justin Wilson, Michael Ramirez, Michael Yenge Front Row: Tyree Wilmer, Cameron Judd, Liam Kelly, Tafu-mac Paipa, Ashby Alexander, Antonio Ritossa, Joshua Howsan

YEAR 10HY Back Row: Logan Ngatuere-Ongley, Chris Ene, Nathan O’Riley, Brendon Morgan Reddy, Bayley Bouzaid, Lanuto’o Pili Third Row: Caleb Hamilton, Thomas Benseman, Seamus Lahood, Nathan Lindstrom, Pablo Monteverde-Young, John Tefoto, Jovi Henderson Second Row: Mr Neil Hayes (Teacher), Francis Tauauve’a, Jacob Netzler, Dominic Volk, Adrien Tavite, Kaleb Haftka-Schatilo, Tama Te Kawa, Nicholas Lunn, Gabriel Balauag Front Row: Jozef Van Hout, Joseph Schuchmann, Mark Capinpin, Codie Meehan, Niko Patelesio, Joseph Divinagracia, Matthew Clark

YEAR 10JA Back Row: Stephen Clark, Marcus Vaaulu, Isaac Kava, Harrison Bramwell, Martin Markwitz, John Graham Third Row: Fraser McMillan, Joseph Afoa, Jesse Murrell, Jordan Hall, Richard Awatere, Nathan Dicken, Liam McAuliffe Second Row: Mrs Petra Jaeger-Letts (Teacher), Indra Sinnathambi, Allister Tran, Jayden Grant, Michael Brennan, Dominic Jr Pereira, Blake Owers, Friedrich Keil, Benjamin Brooking Front Row: Jireh Aninon, Benjamin Duthie-Jung, Luke Vallance, Arama Pou, Benjamin Van Woerkom, Andy Su, Gian Leonor


St Bernard’s College 2011

Form Class Photos YEAR 10MC Back Row: Stuart Upton, Chance Robinson, Benjamin Van Ooyen, David Lefaoseu Third Row: Mr Gerard McKay (Teacher), Nicholas Robbie, Sioape Likio, Fanakena Piukana, Avito Alefosio, Junior Lauofo Second Row: Ali Koro, Angelo Bonita, Alexander Vaaulu, Soafa Lologa, Keegan Levien, Kham Za Heh Front Row: Maxim Hey, John Emsley, Keegan Molenaar, Lee Bush, Liam Dickinson, Connor Barkess, Joshua Williams

YEAR 11DI Back Row: Kevin Satur, Jonathan McMillan, Thomas Mair, Patrick Duffy Third Row: Mr Steve Davis (Teacher), Taban Makoii, Cameron Piper, Thomas Fitzsimons, Richard Perez Second Row: Dakota Nuku, Trei Mu, Patrick Leota, Matthew Logan, Tihei Kereopa-Rerekura, David Lokecha Front Row: Geoffrey Soe, Pau Sian Mung Mantuang, Kerwyn Meehan, Kirill Woodhouse, Matthew Tamarua, Patrick Lee, Pau Sian Pau

YEAR 11MF Back Row: Shalom Scrimshaw, Ashleigh Sales, Aidan Spooner, Mav Maiava Third Row: Andre Knox, Ethan McAuliffe, Jason Montin, Matthew Gupwell, Eden Maka Second Row: Mr Michael Fowler (Teacher), Benjamin Wallis, Christian Davis, Jacob Katoa, Michael Alofi Front Row: Joshua Logan, Bryden Smith, Tyler James, Bernie Seufale, Matthew Dicken, Matthew Jacobs, Antonio Puka Absent: Daniel McAlister, Campbell Dawson, Cedric Aiulu


St Bernard’s College 2011

Form Class Photos YEAR 11PO Back Row: Zane Baker, Harrison Royle, Cameron Williams, Brandon Lynch, Sam Ward, Chadley Briant, Joshua Gomez Second Row: Mr Kent Pollard (Teacher), Jermaine Moa, Jerome McGuinness, Hosea Tapuai, Jordan Rose, Ponifasio Atani, Jack Imray Front Row: Nicholas Alofi,Reuben Pusa, Buay James, Anthony Walters, Miguel Orevillo, Nathan Houpapa, Cormac Wyllie Absent: Jesse Narvasa, Shavin Senanayake, Johnny Vaelei

YEAR 11RY Back Row: Mr Declan Rynne (Teacher), Raymond Nunns, Tui Oloapu, Thomas Nanai, Jordan Garrow, Brettelemani Manaia Middle Row: David Manase, Liam Gorham, Tyler Saggers, Joshua Watts, Christopher Sims, Paasi Fine, Joshua Dominikovich Front Row: Moroati Stretch-Swan, Robert Walker, Toby Sirattana, David Smith, Trey Ryder, Farayi Kaisa, Hamish Campbell Absent: Damus Ogle, Jacob Lillyston

YEAR 12FE Back Row: Scott Staples, Yuxuan Zhou, Cameron Adams, Damon Hutley, Zachary Little Middle Row: Mr Dmitri Fedeulov (Teacher), Tupou Sanerivi, Kieran Robbie, Fraser Sewell, David Filipo, Talaivi Asovale, Tony Su Front Row: Dipak Ranchhod, Saita Tuaoi, Vini Fa’atui, Lee Waldman, Hideki Toi, Julian Murphy, Jerome Chan Absent: Karl Pelayo


St Bernard’s College 2011

Form Class Photos YEAR 12KE Back Row: Cole Goddard, Edward Soloa, John Tufele, Isaac Fuimaono, Anthony Van Ooyen, Keanu Te Kawa Middle Row: Mrs Karen Kehela (Teacher), Sunia Kamakorewa, Allen Murrell, Joshua Ebert, Ryan Perez, Jordan Burns, Tamati Whaanga-Gibb Front Row: Paul Villaver, Aaron Savelio, Andrew Barnett-Olsen, Jakob Lee, Arwin Sinnathambi, Manuele Pereira, Bryan Pascual Absent: Kieran McGruddy

YEAR 12LF Back Row: Daeshan Wichman, Harrison Godfrey, Aaron Teiri, Daniel McIntyre, Kyle Viagedor Middle Row: Mr Panapa Lafoa’i (Teacher), Matthew Boivin, Darcy Smith, Francis Vaaua, Hoani Hotene, Deepak Patel Front Row: Alex Galuvaa-Tangatapoto, Corey Soe, Kadeem Lemisio-Cameron, Thomas Searancke, Junaid Ahmed, Daniel Bramwell, Timothy Nield Absent: Gordon Higgins, Jean-Luc Knox, Vitale Rimoni, Andrew Mamea-Lemalu

YEAR 12TO Back Row: Eliapo Fetoai, Sesilili Ahokovi, Jarom Guillonta, John Peaua Middle Row: Miss Lyn Too (Teacher), Daniel Ocampo, Japan Soanai, Ashton McGuinness, Anthony Lim Front Row: Jahnn Cerezo, Tavonga Mahowa, Kenneth Grech-Zammit, Simon Garlick, Kerehoma Molineux, Ryan Van der Lee, Jordan Lamond Absent: Aaron Bouzaid, Anthony Mamea-Lemalu, Nehemaia Pomale


St Bernard’s College 2011

Form Class Photos YEAR 13KA Back Row: Mrs Ripudaman Kanwal (Teacher), Ciaran Hogben, Andre Sukroo, Benjamin Anderson, Jayden Hamilton, Timothy Graham Second Row: Kenton Su, Tyler Tane, Atini Mulitalo, Jay Singh, Callum Meehan, Yateshay Lal, Anu Singe Front Row: Alvin Pascual, Tuliese Tagataese, Joshua Guerra, Raymond Horua, Nineb Haddad, Matthew O’Flaherty, Thang Sing Pau Absent: Cameron Gibson

YEAR 13PI Back Row: Jordan Heketa, Aashchaykumar Patel, Conor Culhane, Hosea Mano, Raymond Lesoa, Ricky Situ Middle Row: John Perez-Koloi, Bernie Taulealo, Lewis Baucke, Benjamin Fairbrother, Lokeni Alesana, Michael Hagarty, Ndabezinhle Mkandla Front Row: Andrew Lamkam, Brent Duggan, Terrill Anthony, Norman Vasquez, Nicholas Tran, Ridhwan Ahmed, Andrew Pasene Absent: Mr Te Wai Piripi (Teacher)

YEAR 13SH Back Row: Jeremy Cains, Luke McGuinness, Sione Likio, Fotahi Ahelemo, Tim Josephs, Kade Tiatia Middle Row: Mrs Clare Shill (Teacher), Nazareth Savelio, Max de Maat, Hayden Haughey, Jordan Clout, Rydell Mita Front Row: Liam Cropp, Vicente III Montero, Daniel Campbell, Harry Slade, Peter Su, Callum Dickinson, Angelo Ritossa Absent: Tyrone Martin, Lorenzo Pili, Noel Dycoco, Jeremy Moananu, Jose Situlia


St Bernard’s College 2011


Tony Su (Y12)

Shalom Scrimshaw (Y11)

Aidan Spooner (Y11)

Vini Faatui (Y12)

Kainaki Lemisio (Y12)

Jerome MCGuinness (Y11)

Tui Olapu (Y11)

Adrian Spooner (Y11)

Mav Mavaega (Y11)

Vini Faatui (Y12)

Mav Mavaega (Y11(

Tony Su (Y12)

Vini Faatui (Y12)

Kainaki Lemisio (Y12)

Isaac Fuimano (Y12)

St Bernard’s College 2011

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