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matthewgiesting graphic & interactive designer



personal & contact 7502 Secret Creek Ct. West Chester, OH 45069


Winter Co-op Interactive Designer


Design Co-op Channel & Retail


education 09/07-06/12

University of Cincinnati | clifton, oh College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning B.S. Graphic Design, Class of 2012 GPA 3.651 Dean’s list

09/03-06/07 St. Xavier High | finneytown, oh

GED | Class of 2007 | GPA 4.2 | Graduated with Honors


Design Co-op Env. Graphics Dept


Summer Intern Graphic Designer

07/07-09/07 Summer Intern Graphic Designer

other experience 09/11-12/11 Teaching Assistant | uc

Was a Teaching Assistant for a freshmen design studio focusing on basic design skills.

summer-10 Berlin Study Trip | uc spring-09 Hablamos Juntos | design project

Designed iconography for hospitals wayfinding

sele 09-12 08-11 2012

phic & interactive designer work experience Union Design | new york, ny Designed print pieces, websites and touch screen interfaces for marketing property developments.

Apple, Inc | cupertino, ca Was part of the graphic design team responsible for worldwide marketing. Participated in launches of the iPad 2, iPhone 4s, and new iPods along with in house research and marketing.

Sasaki Associates | boston, ma Designed print material to promote Sasaki to gain prospective clients. I designed and produced environmental signage systems.

Cincinnati Museum Center | oh

skills Analog Sketching Illustration



Adobe CS Illustrator Indesign Photoshop After Effects Flash Other Sketch-up HTML & CSS

Assisted the transition to new branding, designed print collateral along with items for the gift shop.

Fisher Design | cincinnati, oh Assisted the office with various print presentations and concepting for clients.

ected freelancing experience Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation I designed various print pieces for invitations and bookets.

Collegiate Ministries | print design Kara Huber, Pilgramige | cd design

interests Music Listening to Guitar Sports Running Baseball Church Art



it 's a zoo! Children's Learning Toys Designed tactile toy utilizing paper as the primary medium. A child interactes (through folding and cutting) with the paper to create the family of animals by discovering them in the negative space.

Flat Rectangular Paper with dielines

Children Investigation & Interaction

the animals birds eagle

ice polar bear penguin

american black bear manatee alligator

jungle lemur monkey white tiger gorilla

safari girafee elephant rhino lion cheetah

Process All animals start as a rectangle and relate to each other in size and proportion. They are created by the movement of the bended paper.


the places you'll go I have always enjoyed photography as a medium and did this photo series based off of Dr. Suess’ “Oh’ the Places You’ll Go.” These photos were taken around my high school alma mater, St. Xavier.

finished medium 4 x 5” photos laid out in a bound book

other images Outdoor sculpture & Track Numbers

ludicrous speed! go! This motion study of Mel Brook’s ‘Spaceballs’ illustrates the scene where the main characters have escaped from evil to the safety of lightspeed. The design conveys space by viewing the type in forced perspective and uses rapid motion. Iconography appears to complement the humor.

sample screens

to view in full To see this and any other of my motion designs please email me at to obtain a link.

the boards

Kôr – Ride Free or Die – skateboard decks with artwork inspired by the fundamentals of design. The pronunciation spelling of the brand’s name refers back to this fundamentalist approach, the basics of riding a skateboard.

close ups

audience profile The brand is aimed at reaching the young professional who moonlights as a sophisticated artist.

boy scout invite Expressive type and iconography highlights unique achievements for this Eagle Scout Ceremony invitation. The illustration and icons were used to make tis card unique and personal, and to simplify communication. client Giesting Family when 2012

Initial Sketches

Close Ups


mountain west



This identity concept was designed specifically for the Mountain West Football conference, referencing the mountainous region with the harsh angles. The logo creates an identity holder, allowing for textures, photos, and different color fields to make the logo more versatile in applications and showcase different teams and regions within the conference. The logo also has an ability to be rotated 180째, allowing for more versatility and use with the texture that comes out of the logo. The angles become a predominate graphic for the rest of the branding.

Brand Standards

Color Palette

Mountain West Logo Logotype – Din Bold Italic Main Color – R 125 G 106 B 85

Neutral Colors

A 25% B 30% C 18% D 18% of – M –



W 140% H 35% S 18% of – M –





daap poster This poster announced the first ever college of DAAP Formal at UC. It was printed and posted around the college building in advance. client DAAP Tribunal when Freelance, 2008






Sample Office Signs 1/4� polymer signs ADA compliant 3.5'' x 5''

Main Sonos Sign 1'' White Vinyl, Laser Cut Raised off the wall

sonos signage Sonos, Inc. – a company specializing in home music entertainment – requested environmental branding and signage for their new office space. Sound waves were used to reflect their specialization. client Sonos, Inc when Sasaki Associates, 2010

Sound Waves Clear Vinyl on Glass

project venturer As a collaborative project with an industrial designer, Project Venturer is an ode to your grandpa’s pocket watch yet translated to an innovative gadget for the modern outdoors man so you can—

Conquer the Mountain.

The Interface Design The design utilizes concentric circles to display the most important data: time, date, and direction. The simple touch screen allows for easy access to other essential data.

Sample Screens For the Settings, Maps, Distance & Severe Weather Warning.

True North Flashlight Hour Center Display includes compass stop watch elevation tracker humidity distance maps weather warnings

Minute Hand Date & Moon Phase

University of Texas at Austin Qualifications Booklet

Edmonton City Center Qualifications Booklet

print collection This compilation of print collateral was created during my time at Sasaki Associates (Boston, MA). I was the graphic designer for a variety of internal Sasaki design teams, including: landscape architects, planners, interior designers, and marketers.

Sasaki Environme Graphics promo


University of Missiouri Climate Action Plan

Peavey Plaza Qualifications Booklet

Sasaki Urban Wayfinding promo

Main Screens the Main screens of the application, the 3D rotation, floor plans, and floor views.

touch interface This touch screen interface was designed for retail giant Brookfield Properties to showcase the avaliablities and specifications of their office buildings. It will be used inside private showrooms to help sell the property. client Brookfield Properties when Union Design, 2012

Process Sketches

the seal This seal is stamped on the interior of every backpack made.

the bags We created two backpacks that draw inspiration from Central America. Both use a locking method utilizing a carabiner.

the logo A donkey symbolizes the lessening of burdens. A male is a Jack –a female a Jenny, and thus became the name.

jack & jenny's Jack & Jenny’s was born out of a vision to use the power of creative capital for social change. There is power in a basic education, and everyone should have access to it. In our own hemisphere, education can still be unattainable. Jack & Jenny’s – give with what you buy – is a potential start-up company that sells backpacks to help support education in rural Honduras. It is about creating vessels so people can carry what is important to them. The business model is for every backpack sold, Jack & Jenny’s will donate the value of another backpack to help charities focused on education.


Interaction Elements

Community & Blog Page

Partners & Team

The website The website was designed to work without scrolling and highlights user interaction, revealing information when rolling over images. The design team is currently looking for developers to build the idea.


or you consideration


T (513)256.2794 E

Matthew Giesting's Portfolio  

I am a senior enrolled in the graphic design program at the University of Cincinnati and participating in the professional practice program....

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