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Month two, and we’re already delayed. Honestly, I can only apologise! Basically, I moved house and didn’t have internet for TWO WEEKS. Now, if you don’t know me that well, you probably don’t know how big a deal that is to me. I almost went mad. The most annoying part was getting Tapatalk notifications about you lovely people sending in articles and NOT BEING ABLE TO DOWNLOAD THEM AND DESIGN AND UPLOAD THIS ISSUE. I hope the caps lock there really shows you how passionately I feel about this. I digress... Now I’m back I’ve noticed that some of this content is a little bit out of date. Sorry, but this was the quickest I could get it out! Please forgive me :( This issue is a little... bare because of it but I didn’t want too much out of date! While I was off as well, so much happened. You know, I was reading some PMs and STILL came back to 87 notifications? Exciting stuff. And it’s only got more exciting since I’ve been back too, but that’s for next issue! ;) Anyway, enjoy this one as much as you can, and keep an eye out for news about next month’s edition!

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Birthday Celebrations Chit Chat with Rachel Habbox Roundup Behind the Box Past, Present & Future with Calum

Oh yes, ladies and jellyspoons, it’s a very special month, June! It’s the ten year birthday of the Forum. Without it, we’d all... well probably have lives to be honest ;)

Habbox was founded by Mizki in 2003, but things really kicked off when I got involved and we opened the forum in 2004! Now we have almost 70,000 members and posts every single day... wow! The creation of the forum led to pretty much every other department being founded... I hope you’re all in a good place now!

We’re cracking out the party hats down at management HQ, and departments are raring to get their plans out, some are even giving out thrones! There are tons of retro style competitions lined up, a smorgasbord (I’ve always wanted to use that word) of quizzes, giveaways, events... pretty much everything your little pixel hearts could ever desire! Every department has pulled together to make this day special so don’t forget to mark the 22nd on your diary!

Interesting tidbit of the Month get thinking with the-don

The Hedonic Treadmill Can money buy happiness? Only temporarily, according to The Hedonic Treadmill. That’s the supposed tendency of humans to quickly return to a stable level of happiness regardless of life changes. As people make more money, their expectations and desires also increase which results in no permanent gain of happiness. So the phrase money can’t buy happiness may have some truth to it after all.

Chit Chat

with odedfehr

Every month, I’ll be interviewing someone at Habbox: a manager, an owner, even some well-known members! Keep an eye out because I’ll be looking for my next victim interesting guest soon! For the first one though, I interviewed the HxHD manager (sorry it’s a bit out of date now-laura), Zebbadi! Here’s what he had to say...

Hey there Sam, hows it going? How’s the HxHD department doing so far? Its going OK. I am still learning the ropes, but I am getting there. I don’t doubt I will make a few mistakes from time to time, its how I will learn from them is the important thing. Were you surprised you were chosen for HxHD Manager? My hands were shaking, I could not believe what had just happened. It was just a complete shock. If you were to pick an assistant, who would it be? Remember this is just for fun it could be anyone on the team, not necessarily a senior and why. I don’t know who I would pick. If the international side was to grow a bit more, I would probably go for someone to help run that. What are your plans for the HxHD department? The first thing I did as manager was increase the number of staff we have. The next step is to open up international applications and try to appoint 10 to 15 non-BST staff. If think we can do this the help desk will stay active, morning day and night. Hopefully, it will increase the chances of having an international community to go with the UK one that we have. I am taking things step by step and not making changes all at once. What do you like about the department? I love the fact everyday that, I can come in the room and be welcomed by my friends. We have some people who come in, day in day out, and that makes me feel good inside. What 3 things would you change? 1. Bring more of a community feel to the place. 2. Magically make the room change to a new design without any issues. 3. Build a fun zone. Who do you think should be next? PM me today!

Quote of the month... xxMATTGxx : “Chris, you know what to do with that big fat butt of yours” It’s okay though... Chris: IM WIGGLIN

Entries for next month are already looking hilarious but do send any good ones into laura today, - just pm lawrawrrr

There are a lot of up and coming projects from all sorts of different departments in June! World Cup fever will be hitting loads of different departments, and the flurry of new managers are sure to bring in new and exciting changes all over Habbox! To the left, you can see a sneak peak of a banner... but what do you think it could be?


want to

win 10

I think it’s safe to say that the biggest News of the month was the News department! After months of feedback & planning, we finally launched the rens? formed department. There was a lot of specue k Just send the lation, but Drewar got to the task of leading name of the person it! Thanks to evewho created this alt ryone’s comments, to HabboxComps! there are so many ideas and possibilities, so good luck with it, guys! Remember There is a

handy archive somewhere to help you out....


Behind the box ardan K ith w

The biggest change was News changing to Articles, with Drewar as manager. Him and lRhyss rescued the department from all-time lows of staff!

Despect resigned from all departments, and Yuxin takes over as HxL manager. CrazyLemurs becomes senior HxHD staff. Generally, staff numbers are about the same!

The good: Events overtakes HxHD in staff numbers! The bad: Content reaches new low :( The ugly: Only 8 trialists!

Co-owners General Manager Assistant GMs Departments Managers Assistants Senior Staff Ordinary Staff Trialists

Desp..air? That’s what he were doing when we found out James had resigned! It came as a massive shock to so many people.

Back from the dead Maybe dead is too much... but May saw a lot of old staff returning! lRhyss to News/articles, Jurv to Graphics, and Intersocial to competitions, to name a few! Nice to see the old staff returning, bring the age of the golden oldies!


Those golden oldies will remember the times of JamesOYES, how long he’s been around (since 2009 as staff!) and how much effort he’s put into everything. Thank you so much for all your dedication and work James, you will be missed massively!

May’s been a bit quiet in the past but I did find some cool news! 2005 – Sierk becomes owner of and reached 3 million hits! 2006 – :Jin: resigns from Habbox 2007 – ---MAD--- becomes AGM and ,Jess, becomes Head DJ 2008 – Habbox becomes an Official UK Fansite 2009 – MattGarner is forum manager 2010 – Gemx,x is now Assistant HxL Manager 2011 – -fire-girl- resigns as Assistant Comps Manager 2012 – Brandon becomes forum manager 2013 – Skandair no longer Habbox Staff

Habbox is gearing up for World Cup themed competitions and events, as well as getting ready for the huge Habbox-wide birthday celebrations, later this month! All the managers are chipping in somehow and there are tons of prizes (including thrones) to be won, so keep your eyes peeled! While writing this I noticed the new Habbox Twitter header as well, made by Drew and lawrawrrr! Isn’t it cute. There’s loads of members on there, can you spot yourself?

For this month’s Future feature, we’re reflecting on the Article change-up! Laura’s exclusively let me know that she’ll be turning her attention to another one of her departments to look at reforming that too! I wonder what it could be...


The Box - May 2014  

Habbox, a Habbo fansite. The May edition of the monthly magazine!

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