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First Idea

Gang Of   Rebels   Achim   Lippoth  

Genera&on Being  a  younger  child  can  be  hard  as  you  are  in  a  rush  to  grow  up,  through   clothes,  lifestyle  or  a9tude.  This  can  mean  that  children  are  now  growing   up  a  lot  faster  nowadays  

Second Idea

Alan Herbert   The  body  

Bones-­‐ Hidden  underneath  the  skin,  No  one   knows  what  there  own  bones  look  like.    

Third Idea

Metamorphosis-­‐A change  of  the  form  or   nature  of  a  thing  or  person  into  a   completely  different  one,  by  natural  or   supernatural  means.  

Fourth Idea Scroll photography  

Fifth Idea 1950’s playing  cards  

Exam Theme 5 Ideas  
Exam Theme 5 Ideas  

Power point of ideas and artist insparation.