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A Sales Firm Focused on Representation in National Retail Chains

about us

iSource is a leading sales and marketing firm exclusively focused on distributing our clientele’s product lines to national retail chains. iSource has unsurpassed expertise, experience, and efficiency in representation services which enables iSource to position our exclusive lines to an established network of retailers. iSource is selective in the lines we represent which has cultivated a reputation for high quality pristine products among our partnered buyers. Our experience ranges the gamut of categories which include, but are not limited to home dÊcor, housewares, electronics, health and beauty, giftables, consumables, and grocery. iSource has developed long standing relationships with all buying departments of the nation’s largest retail chains.

our retail relationships

our services Our reputation for providing unrivaled results with the nation’s largest mass-market retailers has allowed iSource to garner exclusive representation agreements with many of the most respected lines in the world. iSource offers our client’s first-class services in the following areas of expertise: SALES iSource excels in the representation of lines on a national scale to mass-market retailers. Our team is adept at developing and implementing a sales strategy for our exclusive clients that is designed to blanket the market in the most expeditious and efficient manner. iSource is solely focused on full placement of each line within every appropriate retailer with coast to coast breadth. Through the direct utilization of high-level executive channels, iSource has built a reputation in the industry as the principal resource in the national placement of lines spanning all major product categories. iSource provides our clients with a full array of sales services including: • • • • • •

Merchandising Guidance Line Analysis Pricing Review Buyer Presentations Performance of Meetings New Vendor Training

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT Management of each retail account is a vital component of iSource’s services. Each line requires unique oversight, as does each national retail chain. Our experience in account management alleviates potential account tribulations before they metastasize. iSource provides the following management administration: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Vendor Set-up and Support Factory Evaluations Compliance Regulation Process Oversight Supply Chain Efficiencies Logistics Expertise Sales Analysis and Management Inventory Management Chargeback Reconciliations End of Program Closings Season Recaps Forecasting Services

CREATIVE SERVICES iSource offers inventive creative services aimed at increasing the sales potential of every line we represent. Our team advises our client’s in a variety of areas including: • • • • • • • •

Innovative Business Directions Product Development Trend Research (Macro and Micro) Marketplace Analysis Comp Shop Analysis Product Displays Packaging Design Merchandising Concepts

CATEGORY MANAGEMENT iSource is adept at managing product categories as business units and customizing them individually to meet the needs of our retailers. Through the understanding of each retailers category performances, iSource can align our client’s products to match the need of each sales source. This creates maximum collaboration with each retailers and fosters the most profitable business relationships between them and our exclusive clients. iSource uses an 8-step process to provide category management services for any retail outlet. 1. Define the Category 2. Define the Role of the Category Within the Retailer 3. Asses the Current Performance 4. Define the Retailers Objectives and Targets 5. Devise an Overall Strategy 6. Develop Specific Tactics and Steps 7. Implement the Plan 8. Review the Results

product categories iSource has vast experience in representing a wide variety of product categories. Throughout our history, we have placed lines within national retail chains in the following categories: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Home Decor Housewares Electronics Garden Health and Beauty Consumables Baby Pet Care Sporting Goods Toys Stationary and Office Storage and Organization Grocery Giftables

PRIVATE LABEL iSource has private label talent ranging all product categories and product types. We bring customized programs to our retailers through our exclusive client lines to ensure maximum profitability for our clientele. This private label expertise scopes both traditional retail settings as well as online strategies. iSource’s ambition is to expand a client’s retail traction by developing private label markets specific to our retailers’ needs and wants. Our executive team consults with each client to develop and promote the private label side of every line.

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