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Treat yourself to the ultimate movie experience – Gold Class at Event Cinemas Kawana and see the latest blockbusters including;

Downtown Abbey

Ride Like a Girl

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

12 September

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17 October






Charlies Angels 14 November

*Not valid for special events. Valid at Event Cinemas Kawana only. Valid Monday to Friday before 5pm, must be a Cinebuzz member. Valid until November 28, 2019.

Event Cinemas Kawana, Kawana Shoppingworld, 119 Point Cartwright Dr, Buddina QLD 4575


Welcome to the Spring Issue of Matters Magazine, themed SPRING INTO ACTION. We have certainly done that here at Matters HQ. I am pretty excited to share with you that we have launched our fashion pages in this issue. We sincerely hope you love our LOCALS WITH A PASSION FOR FASHION PAGES; we aim to find local Sunshine Coast businesses for you to support within these pages. If you are one or know one, let them know - we would love for them to be part of this brand-new feature. The last 12 weeks have been pretty life-changing for me, in more ways than one, but suffice to say, my transformation is at its peak and I am most definitely on track for its completion by the end of the year. I most definitely have sprung into action and can report that at the time of writing I am currently 20.5 kilos down. We can say, “I’ve done everything I can”, but until we have actually done EVERYTHING, we know in our hearts that’s just not true, so I took action in a way that I have never done before and I am very happy to report that I am reaping the benefits. How about you? Is there something you have been trying to do for years, and no matter what just haven’t been able to? Is it time that you took a DIFFERENT ACTION? Is it time that you found a solution? We haven’t TRIED EVERYTHING until we have TRIED EVERYTHING. So, I challenge you to think about it, to have a serious BRAINSTORM with yourself (or your team) or depending what it is that you REALLY WANT, maybe your partner, friends or family. Think outside the square and TAKE THE ACTION you need to take to GET YOU THE RESULTS YOU WANT. TWO PRIZE GIVEAWAYS: Thank you once again to each and every one of you reading this issue; we would love to hear your feedback about the magazine. Send your thoughts to vmagic@bmmag.com.au What do you love? What would you like more of? What could we do better? As a thank you, two lucky winners will be selected to win either this beautiful Renee Blackwell Design jewellery piece or two Event Cinema movie tickets.


g a M e i k c Vi

, e g d u f s u io c li e d d n a Decadent

HANDMADE ON THE SUNSHINE COAST Spoil your clients or staff with the gift of Fudge this Christmas. Corporate branding available, let us put your logo on our gift boxed fudge. Ask us how we can make fudge in flavours and colours to suit your brand. Owner Kim Durant says, “We believe our fudge is the best in the world, it’s smooth and creamy, made with the finest Belgian chocolate and Dutch cocoa!”

p: 07 5492 1157 e: kim@gourmetfudge.com.au

gourmetfudge.com.au www.mattersmagazine.com.au 3

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Fit in 20 with Roelie Schmidt


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Bentleys with Brendon Murray


Fresh Meat Recipe with Jack Bailey


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Your Move Fitness with Rod Jones & Jodi Marriott


Steps Employment Solutions with Carmel Crouch


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Mayoral Business with Mark Jamieson


Total Fitouts with Beau Small


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iJetSki; Astute Financial; The Cat Retreat Café


Home Care Matters with Home Care


Education Matters with St Andrew’s Anglican College


I.T. Matters with Secure Access


Investment Matters with Small is the New Big


Legal Matters with Chomley Family Law


Solar Matters with Wholesale Solar


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Holmans Accounting and Taxation


Locals in Business and Life


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Climbing for Cancer, Ben O’Conner


Meet the 2019 Business Women’s Network Award Winners


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SPRING INTO ACTION FEATURE: What are you waiting for?




Run a marathon at work with a free-standing desk


Sunshine Coast Ninja, Matt Filippi


Facebook, a community boost





Dear Vickie www.mattersmagazine.com.au 5





What are you waiting for? I hear it every day of my life: I will be happy… When I get this degree When I get this much money When I get the business on the straight and narrow When I lose weight When I find love When I get married When I have a baby When the kids leave home When I leave this toxic relationship When I get a new car A new dress A new bit of jewellery You insert yours: I will be happy when I

Maybe there is more than one thing that you think has to happen before you can MAKE YOUR MOVE. 6 ISSUE 93

This issue of the magazine is all about inspiring you to SPRING INTO ACTION; to STOP WAITING for things to be perfect, stop waiting for all of the above and just DO IT. Nike seriously has it right! We often let perfection get in the way of progress. We are all the same; we all do it sometimes. I bet there is something you have on hold right now that you will do when? Not to be morbid whatsoever, but what if ‘when’ doesn’t come? Wouldn’t we be better off to live our lives right now, in this moment? It’s something that took me a fair while to learn; however, now that I have, I truly feel that it is my responsibility to be the light, to share joy, to share some tools to inspire others to live their best life and to enjoy each and every moment and to STOP WAITING FOR SOMETHING BEFORE SOMETHING ELSE IS POSSIBLE, LIKE HAPPINESS, because the reality is that happiness is possible RIGHT NOW. You see, while you are waiting for this, that or the other thing, life is passing you by. And the truth is, you have no idea just how much of that precious life you have left. Neither do I. But losing Mum in November last year taught me that life is even more precious and even more unknown than I even thought. She was too young, she was too beautiful, and she was my mum and now she’s gone, in a flash, in a moment. We must, must, must, must, must live our life NOW. So, if there is something you are putting off until… I truly encourage you to think again.

IS IT TIME TO SHINE THE LIGHT ON YOU OR YOUR BUSINESS? TIME TO TELL YOUR COMPANY’S STORY? Share your success? Share your history? Celebrate a milestone? Share the story of your business and your team in a beautifully made and written

I truly encourage you to SPRING INTO ACTION right now and choose NOW to play full out. We often watch from the sidelines, dictating what others SHOULD or SHOULDN’T do. We are not down there on the court playing our best game, but we are very good at pointing out when others are passing the ball wrong or slacking off in some way. I say, “Stay in your own lane, play your own game. Don’t worry about what people think of you, because the absolute truth of it all is, that WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF YOU IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.” When you learn that, when you live that, when you believe that, EVERYTHING CHANGES FOR YOU in a way that you will never want to go back. You get to LIVE YOUR LIFE. You get to be YOU. And you get to LOVE you. And much more than that, you get to love NOW. You truly don’t have to wait for anything to happen; it’s the journey that is life, not the destination. Sure, sometimes what you think of you shows its head to you; listen to that, but when it’s others, JUST OPEN YOUR HEART and SHUT YOUR EARS. You do not need it. Worse still, DON’T MAKE UP WHAT YOU THINK THEY ARE THINKING, holy crapomoly! WHAT IS WRONG WITH US? I do it, too. Are we crazy? Yep, in a way. We are human and sometimes human incorporates a little bit of crazy, but when you know that, and when you simply can sit back and say, “Yep I’m a little crazy, that’s because I’m human”, it gives you permission to SPRING INTO ACTION RIGHT NOW.

Coffee k oo B Table Let your story come alive on the pages of this beautiful book.

Allow us to put everything together for you. We DO ALL THE WORK, we write it, we edit it, we take all the photos, we design it, we print it.

YOU RELAX Ask us about more information and pricing details. Email vmagic@bmmag.com.au

Do not put off your happiness for another moment, not another second. Stop waiting for ANYTHING IN THE FUTURE TO HAPPEN, remind yourself over and over that LIFE IS NOW. The journey, the process, the road you are on right now towards… IS LIFE.



www.mydestinydesigner.com.au www.mattersmagazine.com.au 7



One of the Sunshine Coast’s quiet achievers BY ALIESHA SMIT

Sharee Webster, the owner and manager of Holmans Accounting and Taxation, is most definitely one of the quiet achievers here on the Sunshine Coast. Although accounting is Sharee’s great love, she didn’t plan to make a career of it. In Grade 11, Sharee undertook work experience as a nurse, driven by her desire to help people and have an internationally-recognised degree to take travelling. However, Sharee soon discovered this wasn’t her calling: “I did the work experience, but nursing was not for me.” So, picking up on her interest in a high school accounting subject, she decided to make accounting a career. After completing a Bachelor of Commerce through the University of Queensland, she moved to Sydney and began working as a graduate tax accountant. The work was challenging and rewarding and established Sharee’s love of tax accounting. After 20 years in Sydney, Sharee returned to the Sunshine Coast and joined the Holmans Noosa office in 2008. Holmans was originally formed to provide trusted advice and innovative solutions to their clients. They give advice on private and business matters, always taking that extra step to ensure client satisfaction. In 2010, Sharee and her two partners, Wayne Staal and Tony Rossiter, bought the business, establishing Holmans as an accountant-owned firm. Sharee now manages the Holmans Maroochydore office. Even with such extraordinary business success, Sharee’s focus is on being her clients’ trusted advisor. In a world where jargon and client-confusion run rampant, Sharee offers simplified accounting advice which a layperson can clearly understand. By educating herself on exactly what the client needs, Sharee is able to navigate the complicated financial world and present them with simple solutions. By applying the appropriate tax rules, she provides strategic business advice and tax savings. 8 ISSUE 93

“Over the years, we have saved our clients paying thousands in extra tax, by knowing and applying the tax legislation to the clients’ advantage,” she said. Specialising in business structures, taxation advice and superannuation, specifically Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF), Sharee is focused on building wealth for her clients. She says that at Holmans, “We spend the time to understand the client and offer personalised service tailored to that client for their business and taxation needs.” There have been major developments in the accounting industry over the last five years, with the primary change being the development and utilisation of cloud-based accounting software. Sharee says this is a positive change: “It has meant people have access to their business data all the time. It’s a great outcome.” Having been in the accounting sector for over 30 years, Sharee has seen many changes to the tax system. This experience has taught her to respond quickly to change and to have a professional approach to problem-solving – skills which have given her an edge in this competitive industry. Although much has changed over the years, Sharee says moving the industry into cloud-based accounting software is just the beginning. She predicts the continued development of automated bookkeeping, which in turn will effect accounting software. This will allow clients and accountants to see live financial data, allowing for more specific and current business analysis and advice. But the best news of all? Sharee still loves it! When asked what she considered a business success, her reply was, “Success is when clients refer clients to me and it’s super-cool when clients’ kids come to you for assistance and advice.” Sharee says she still has clients from her first year working at Holmans. That’s over 10 years! This attitude to defining success places Holmans at the foundation of the Sunshine Coast community. Sharee’s desire to build a trusted accounting firm and serve her community is the basis for all she does.

Sharee is passionate about being part of the Sunshine Coast community and about giving back to the community. In June 2017, Sharee was appointed to the Board of ComLink Ltd, a large not-for -profit whose main office is located on the Sunshine Coast. ComLink provides home care and community services across Queensland. She loves being involved with this organisation – whose goal is for all people to age well. She was the treasurer of the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network for 6 years, stepping down in early 2018. As a Buderim local, she was on the board of directors of the Buderim Community Enterprises Limited, trading as the Buderim Community Bank ® Branch of Bendigo Bank for six years, stepping down from that role in 2018 too. When looking for a new accountant, Sharee suggests keeping it local. She says have a face-to-face meeting before setting anything up officially to ensure they can provide the services required. Furthermore, this will help to build a great working relationship which is essential when moving forward. She also stresses the need to ask questions on what services the accountant is able to provide, because they probably cover many more services than most people imagine.

Good things do come in small packages

Noosa Valley Design

Studios from $90,000 on your land Contemporary lines, timber floors and quality finishes make our homes both sophisticated and relaxed

An accounting tip from Sharee: get organised. The plethora of cloud-based bookkeeping systems ensures there is no excuse for cluttered books. Keeping organised and on top of accounting and tax commitments will enable both an individual and their accountant to make informed financial decisions.

And a bonus tip: understand the figures. Whilst an array of colourful reports may look impressive, understanding them is even more useful. Being educated on exactly what the figures mean will enable discerning conversation with an accountant and considered decision-making. Moving to the Sunshine Coast has been a positive experience for Sharee. She says it’s a wonderful place to live, both for work and personal lifestyle. With her family flourishing and the business thriving, Sharee says she is lucky to have found Holmans, and she looks forward to many years of giving back to the community. e

• • • • • • • • •

Architectural designs (studios to 4 bedrooms) Flexibility in site suitability – suits sloping blocks Potential for income producing (2nd dwelling) Less site disruption – less impact on neighbours Energy Efficient Low Maintenance Sustainability ‘join the small house movement’ Innovative designs and construction HIA Building ‘Innovation in Housing’ Award Winner 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018


PH: 0491 072 140


www.mattersmagazine.com.au 9

Chimu’s 15th Birthday

Celebration For 15 Years, Chimu have been inspired by the incredible places we visit, the travellers we meet and the communities that welcome us on our travels. Based right here in the Sunshine coast, offering tailor-made journeys and small ship cruises to Latin America and the Polar regions, travel literally runs through our veins. Whet your apetite for a Chimu Adventure with our staff’s top picks. Choose one of these journeys or call us and let us tailor something to suit your budget and style.

most popular


most popular

South America Circle

Antarctica Empowered

Highlights of Peru

Begin in Buenos Aires, then to Iguazu Falls and Rio de Janeiro, before flying to Peru. Here you will travel from Lima to Puno to see the islands of Lake Titicaca, before exploring Cusco. Visit iconic Machu Picchu, Lost City of the Incas, and enjoy an unforgettable Amazon lodge stay before ending your trip in Chile’s capital, Santiago.

DEPARTS 21 FEBRUARY 2020 Join us on this once-in-a lifetime journey to Antarctica with one of Australia’s greats, Kurt Fearnley AO, as our special guest. This exclusive journey will explore the wilderness and landscapes of the enigmatic Antarctic Peninsula.

Packed with experiences, this nine-day trip lets you see all the best that Peru has to offer, starting in the country’s capital city, Lima, you will travel to Puno then spend a day out on the waters of Lake Titicaca. Next, take a tour of Cusco before travelling into the Sacred Valley to discover the ruins of the ancient Incan Empire at Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu.

21 days from $7,689 pp

11 days from $13,135 pp

Live for today... For more information or to book, visit www.chimuadventures.com, speak to one of our Destination Specialists on 1300 678 909 or visit our office at 402/45 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba Terms & conditions. Prices correct at the time of printing. Contact us for full terms and conditions. 10 ISSUE 91

9 days from $2,905 pp


Do you repeatedly check that you locked the back door before you go out? Do you have more trouble finding the right word? We use our memory constantly and it lets us down, it adds stress and confusion to our lives. Your memory and your cognitive health, in general, affect your ability to live independently and safely at home in your later years. Here are some proven tips to help you protect your memory as you age and to assist your loved ones who may be facing memory challenges. FEED YOUR BRAIN Your brain needs a regular supply of omega-3 fatty acids, especially DHA. In older adults, lower levels of DHA in the blood have been associated with smaller brain size, a sign of accelerated brain ageing (Neurology, 2012). You get DHA from seafood, salmon, tuna, sardines and herring. If this doesn’t appeal to you, consider taking a supplement. CHOOSE WATER AND TEA OVER SUGARY DRINKS Start the day with two glasses of water to replace the fluids you lost in the night. Forget the soft drinks. A study of over 4 000 people found that individuals who often drank sugary drinks and fruit juices were more likely to have poorer memories and smaller overall brain volumes (Alzheimer’s & Dementia, 2017). There’s good news about tea. A Singapore-based study of 950 mentally healthy people found those who drank tea regularly had a 50 % lower risk of cognitive decline than those who rarely drank tea. All teas had this positive effect as long as they were brewed from tea leaves (The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, 2016). BUILD IN SOME STRESS BREAKERS Add a simple stress breaker to your day, such as listening to music, sitting in a park or calling a friend for a chat.

WORK WITH YOUR MEMORY Set yourself a challenge to memorise something. You may want to learn the names of your medications, the street names of a major city, song lyrics or a favourite poem. Success breeds success, so start with something small and enjoyable. PRACTICE RECALLING INFORMATION Read a short article in the paper and write down three key facts. Check back that you are correct. Extend this to longer articles. Doing this regularly will build your mental muscles and give you conversation starters to share with your friends. BE ORGANISED Keeping your keys, phone, purse and other items in the same place will free up your memory for more important tasks. Many seniors already have these systems in place. If there are care workers coming into the home, make sure they don’t upset the system by ‘tidying up’. So, with these simple tips, I hope you can feel more positive about your memory as you age and take some steps to help yourself and your family members prevent and slow down any cognitive changes. m www.homecareassistsunshinecoast.com.au

KENDALL MORTON Home Care Assistance

Kendall Morton is the Director of Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast to Wide Bay. Kendall is on a mission to make the world a better place; the Caloundra mother-of-four and Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast director was recently named the region’s Outstanding Business Woman of the Year.

You can have the same carer each week who knows... • How to make your tea just right! • What plants you planted last month! Helping you live well at home: • Cosistent carers • Choice and control for your care services • Low fees with o lock in contracts • 24/7 availability • Free in-home consultation

Contact us for a free copy of our information booklet 5491 6888 | www.homecareassistancessunshinecoast.com.au www.mattersmagazine.com.au 11




Welcome to our first ever FASHION pages, we plan to find and share all things FASHION with you, so please let us know if you would like to be involved.

Diamond 0.54ct and Morganite 1.27ct 18k rose & white gold ring

Fashion is what you buy… style is what you do with it!

To Hold & To Have, Buderim www.toholdandtohave.com

Michele O’Flanagan Onyx Poppy Boutique

Iconic Reneé Blackwell Design sterling silver two drop earrings, original design Renee Blackwell Design www.reneeblackwelldesign.com

WEDNESDAY LULU Floral linen and cotton shift dress Onyx Poppy Boutique, Sippy Downs 12 ISSUE 93

ROMANCE BY HONEY & BEAU Full length, maxi, black lined red and white thread floral dress, $50. Available in store. Closet Confidential, Cooroy Karen 0405 754 542

Large enamel heart with “floating� fresh water pearl, set in sterling silver Renee Blackwell Design www.reneeblackwelldesign.com

Dee Jumpsuit, 100% linen, $149 Eumundi Emporium www.kelseycollective.com.au

FACEAFACE glasses, Paris Hammond Optometry, Nambour www.hammondoptometry.com.au

TO LOVE TO REMEMBER TO HOLD AND T O H AV E FOREVER 07 5477 0561 Multi Award Winning Manufacturing Jewellers


MR. SMITH. The Foundation. A blend of organic Australian natives nourishes and protects the hair, while enhancing and maintaining style Suite three hair, Buderim www.suitethree.com.au

www.mattersmagazine.com.au 13


HANDMADE, checkered number designed to be worn as an open jacket but can also be buttoned and belted, with the tie, and doubles up as a dress. Pleated detailing, pockets, drop sleeve and a collared neck line, unlined jacket. The Travelling Kimono www.thetravellingkimono.com.au @thetravellingkimono

Aurora diamond solitaire, 18k white gold stud earrings with detachable diamond halo jackets To Hold & To Have, Buderim www.toholdandtohave.com

My favourite thing in my wardrobe is my jewellery Jo Saxelby To Hold & To Have

RYY Calcutta Khaki shirt and Destiny pant Onyx Poppy Boutique, Sippy Downs

WEDNESDAY LULU Linen blouse with lace detail Onyx Poppy Boutique, Sippy Downs

14 ISSUE 93

MR. SMITH. Sea Salt Spray. a transformative styling product that delivers added heat and UV protection Suite Three Hair, Buderim www.suitethree.com.au

Stunning, vintage crystals, three drop earrings by Renee, set in sterling silver Renee Blackwell Design www.reneeblackwelldesign.com

Leopard box handbag, faux black and leopard fur with removable chain strap. 19cm x 16cm, $50 Bamchee Fashion Accessories www.bamcheefashionaccessories.com

ASK US ABOUT OUR L’OREAL NO DAMAGE COLOUR! SCBWN Award Winner 2016 New York Fashion Week Participant


ROMANCE BY HONEY & BEAU Full length, maxi, red embroidered floral dress, $50. Available in store. Closet Confidential, Cooroy Karen 0405 754 542

Ph 5445 6799

3 Ballinger Place, Buderim FIND US www.mattersmagazine.com.au 15


Large vintage French button (s) statement pendant, set in sterling silver. Earrings,vintage Italian 1960’s button earrings Renee Blackwell Design www.reneeblackwelldesign.com

JUMP. Summer tee in various colours Onyx Poppy Boutique, Sippy Downs

All you need is love, and a little jewellery never hurt anybody. Renee Blackwell Renee Blackwell Design

Aurora pink diamond and white diamond, 18k white and rose gold ring To Hold & To Have, Buderim www.toholdandtohave.com

FACEAFACE glasses, Paris Hammond Optometry, Nambour www.hammondoptometry.com.au

Vienna handbag in tan vegan leather, $110 SMARTBOND. A unique system that protects and strengthens coloured hair Suite Three Hair, Buderim www.suitethree.com.au

16 ISSUE 93

Bamchee Fashion Accessories www.bamcheefashionaccessories.com

Pink vintage French button (1950’s), set with fresh water pearl in sterling silver. Shown with hand knotted pearl necklace Renee Blackwell Design www.reneeblackwelldesign.com

Morganite 38.64ct, yellow diamond 0.42ct, white diamond, 18k white rose and yellow gold pendant To Hold & To Have, Buderim www.toholdandtohave.com

Unique Fashion Labels FOR GORGEOUS LADIES AT AFFORDABLE PRICES SHOP 2/ 11-19 CHANCELLOR Halter jumpsuit, $149 Veducci by Sandra Sandra Smith Veducci Fashion Outfitter e. Sandra.277@bigpond.com


P: 5370 9222 www.mattersmagazine.com.au 17


No damage colour Suite Three Hair, Buderim www.suitethree.com.au

TTK Track set. For lovers of comfort The Travelling Kimono www.thetravellingkimono.com.au @thetravellingkimono

Never underestimate the power of a good colour, its truly the best way to accessorise any season.

FACEAFACE glasses, Paris Hammond Optometry, Nambour www.hammondoptometry.com.au

Maria Faulder Suite Three Hair

Aurora diamond 0.91ct Solitare platinum and 18k white gold ring To Hold & To Have, Buderim www.toholdandtohave.com

Superb five drop statement earrings, featuring vintage Czechoslovakian and Swarovski crystals and cubic zirconia, set in sterling silver Collarless Zip jacket, $139 Palazzo pant, $109

Veducci by Sandra Sandra Smith - Veducci Fashion Outfitter e. Sandra.277@bigpond.com 18 ISSUE 93

Renee Blackwell Design www.reneeblackwelldesign.com

1. Zoe top, 100% linen, $139 2. Paris pants, 100% linen, $149

Renee Blackwell Jewellery Design

Eumundi Emporium www.kelseycollective.com.au

Remarkable one of a kind earrings and pendants featuring vintage and Antique collectable buttons set in sterling silver. Treasures from a bygone era to cherish today! Available online reneeblackwelldesign.com

Morganite and diamond 9k rose gold ring To Hold & To Have, Buderim www.toholdandtohave.com

MR. SMITH. Leave In. A versatile treatment, perfect for all hair types Suite Three Hair, Buderim www.suitethree.com.au

RUBY YAYA Sophia cotton dress Onyx Poppy Boutique, Sippy Downs www.mattersmagazine.com.au 19



IS A LIFE SKILL In Australia, swimming is not only a sport - it’s a way of life. It’s in our DNA. Australians spend a great deal of time around water. Learning to swim is a life skill, and children that can swim are 70-80 % less likely to drown. MY FIVE KEY MESSAGES ARE: • Never leave a child unsupervised around water (especially pools and baths) • Shut the gate (secure pool fencing is vital) • Learn how to swim • Learn CPR • Don’t swim alone On average, ten children under the age of five drown in Queensland each year and an average of five children aged five to seventeen drown each year. As well as drownings, every year large numbers of Australian children aged up to four years old experience a non-fatal drowning (often called a near-drowning).

beach-orientated lifestyle. Children should not only learn to swim but become strong swimmers. Swimming is a wonderful sport that can fit into most lifestyles and can be used to keep fit and active at any age. Swimming can also be used in many other sports such as water polo, surfing, lifesaving, scuba diving and triathlon. The Australian Water Safety Council’s aim is for 100 % of children to be able to achieve a base level of swimming and survival skills before leaving primary school. Child Safety Around Water Even if children are attending regular swimming lessons, parents still need to be vigilant about water safety at home. Children need to be continuously and actively supervised by a capable supervisor when in or near water. Never leave children unsupervised, especially in baths. The presence of other children or the use of flotation devices should not take the place of active adult supervision. For children under the age of five, this means being within arm’s reach at all times. ca www.saac.qld.edu.au

Swim centres offer Learn to Swim lessons to the community to assist in getting babies into the pool early and also programs that can develop skills that could save their lives. Some swim schools offer free lessons for babies (three to six months old) and structured lessons for all age groups, including adults, allowing them to progress into competitive or fitness squads. Some schools also offer free CPR training to parents. It’s an easy skill to learn and can save a life! Not only do children need to start swimming lessons early, but they also need to continue lessons throughout their primary years. It might get challenging, but swimming is a life or death skill, especially in a


St Andrew’s Anglican College

John Bladon is the Head Coach and Centre Manager at St Andrew’s Anglican College, Peregian Springs. John has run teaching and coaching courses throughout Australia and internationally over the last 20 years.



@ St Andrew's


swim@saac.qld.edu.au (07) 5449 5800 20 ISSUE 93

40 Peregian Springs Dr, Peregian Springs

Choosing an internet service and deciding how much you should invest is specific to each individual business and its technology usage. The first step is to build a profile of what business factors impact on internet demand, such as: 1. STAFF: The number of simultaneous users or employees that need to access the service. 2. CONTENT TYPE: The type of services being accessed. For example, accessing web-based data entry sites such as Xero uses significantly less capacity than large multimedia files or video being uploaded to online storage such as YouTube or OneDrive. 3. VOICE: Clear and precise communication has a direct impact on your customer engagement and experience. With the transition to the NBN, traditional phone services are now dependent on internet connectivity. The clarity of voice services are driven by the quality of the internet connection. 4. BUSINESS CONTINUITY / RISK MANAGEMENT: The size of the business and the types of content being accessed will impact on the risk profile that an underperforming or failed internet connection can have on the business. A poor internet service, or a connection that is over-utilised or under capacity, can directly impact trading capacity or customer experience.

services require minimal investment as quality and performance can vary based on demand in comparison to a dedicated service where you have exclusive access to the connection. 2. Bandwidth: This refers to the amount of capacity or speed a service has. Having a suitable amount of bandwidth is imperative for productivity within the business. 3. Delivery Type: Many different technologies can be used to deliver a connection to your business. These are based on what is available in a specific region and can significantly impact the quality and performance of a service. Fixed line technologies such as Fibre Optic will provide optimal connectivity in comparison to Wireless or Satellite, which can be impacted by environmental factors such as weather or the distance the signal must travel.

Discussing what you need with your technology specialist or internet service provider will help ensure the optimal service is implemented for your specific business requirements. m www.secureaccess.com.au

Once you build a profile of your business requirements, it’s time to consider what type of service will best deliver what you need. 1. Dedicated vs Shared: This is what the technology industry often refers to as ‘contention’. Think of it as a road; you either have exclusive access or you must share with other road users. When shared, the amount of traffic or congestion on the road will vary at different times depending on demand. The same can be likened to an internet connection which has a direct impact on the quality, performance and investment required. Generally shared or ‘contended’







Jonathan has 16 years’ experience in the technology industry, with eight of those years at Secure Access. He started his career as a technician and has spent the last 10 years in Operations Management and Account Management roles, providing strategic technology guidance to small and medium-sized businesses.

Cloud Services

Project & Technical Services

Communication & Connectivity

Technology Advisory

Managed Services

Security & Audit Services

1300 880 565

sales@secureaccess.com.au www.secureaccess.com.au www.mattersmagazine.com.au 21



with Melissa Austin

PROFIT BUT NOT CASH? A critical misunderstanding is that a profitable business is a successful business. Profit is only half the picture. One of our clients is consistently profitable – they have a really healthy bottom line. But every year, the tax bill comes in and guess what? No money to pay for it. Just because you’re profitable, doesn’t mean you’re cashed up! We helped this client understand why there was no cash left for the tax at the end of the year which came down to financing. After profit, there was enough cash to pay back business loans – but not much after that. We reworked the business budgets with the client, and they realised they needed an extra 25 per cent in revenue to ‘make the figures work’ – to be profitable and cashflow positive. This realisation changed their focus and has since changed their business lives! They now have money in the bank each year for the tax bill – and even some ‘play money’ left over. We love helping our clients understand their numbers – and making them work! ca

Brilliance for Business Ph 07 5437 7624 Email melissa@brillianceforbusiness.com.au

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PHOTOGRAPHY with Mike Korsos

NOTHING LASTS FOREVER – SO WHY WAIT? Have you got an awesome idea? Go for it! It’s the same with photography, too. So many times, we miss that perfect shot because we hesitate to push that little button on the camera. Don’t be afraid; what’s the worst that could happen? An average photo. In contrast, what is the best thing that could happen? Yes, you’ve guessed it, the perfect photo. So, don’t hesitate. Take that shot, let it be a photo, a special moment, or even something that you have always wanted to do. Let’s weigh up the risks of missing out (inaction) versus not getting the desired results. Life is about taking risks, and if the perceived risks are manageable and less than the potential favoured outcome of our actions, then why wait? Act now, push that button, on your camera, or in life itself. Imagine - Capture - Create. At Korsos Photography we can help you with creating your ideas. ca

KORSOS Photography Ph (07) 5373 7619 Email photo@korsos.com.au Studio Shop 1/65 Currie St, Nambour, QLD Web www.korsos.com.au


MAKING A DIFFERENCE It all started with the idea of making a difference in how small business owners run their businesses. After a long career with the Department of Education, and whilst working weekends for a small IT firm, the founder of iT Sales and Services, Adrian Pye, had the vision that he could make a difference by providing support to small businesses with holistic IT support. Having seen first-hand that many small business owners deal with many different companies to meet their IT needs, he knew that he could remove the headache and simplify the process for them. Adrian wanted to take ownership of meeting their IT needs, take away the element of the unknown and offer a one-on-one service for the business owner. This was his vision and it has become part of the DNA of iT Sales and Services’ offering. After rapid growth over the first four years and establishing a substantial client base, Adrian welcomed his new business partner, Adam MacNaughton, to continue the growth in the company. iT Sales and Services – Your Technology Today! ca

iT Sales and Services Ph 07 5551 6070 Email adrian@itsas.com Web www.itsalesandservices.com.au



BIG CHANGES START WITH A SMALL STEP When it comes to our health and forming good habits, the best thing we can do to action change is to start with a small step. The saying, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ is certainly true when it comes to your health and fitness, however every day you can take another step forward towards building Rome. Take one step, then another, then another. Your first step might be simply doing some bodyweight squats in your living room, walking to work or reaching your water goal for the day. A progressive step might be joining a fitness group or starting the day with a protein breakfast. Whatever step you take, big or small, will eventually lead you to greater positive change. The secret is to simply START! Need help getting started? Get in contact with our expert Personal Trainers TODAY! ca

Anytime Fitness Currimundi Ph 0417 778 229 Email currimundi@anytimefitness.com.au


with Kate Brown & Mandy Ward

FAIR WORK FOCUS Did you know that Fair Work can fine businesses up to $63,000 for a breach? A HR audit of your business is a small investment to give you peace of mind. Fair Work Ombudsman, Sandra Parker announced the industries and issues they are currently targeting: • Fast food, restaurants and cafés • Horticulture and the harvest trail • Supply chain risks • Franchisors • Sham contracting “The Fair Work Ombudsman is cracking down on underpayments in the hospitality industry and we urge employers to check they are paying staff correctly before we come knocking,” Ms Parker said. •C  anberra sushi chain fined $124,416 for underpayments •M  ajor Melbourne restaurant company to pay $7.8 million in back pay to current and former staff members •B  risbane’s West End has been audited, with over 100 anonymous calls made to the Fair Work Ombudsman about underpayment of staff in local restaurants, cafés and food outlets If you’re unsure and you want help, Suncoast HR conducts onsite HR audits. Just call us anytime to help you. ca Suncoast HR Services Kate Brown & Mandy Ward Email info@suncoasthr.com.au Web www.suncoasthr.com.au


with Sarah Fisher

WHY SMALL BUSINESSES USE AN INSURANCE BROKER Anyone who has compared car, house or health insurance will tell you it’s confusing and even complex. An insurance broker will not only save you money and time but will also source the best policy for your business needs. Knowledge and experience You’re awesome at running your business but you may not be an insurance expert. You may not understand all the risks. That’s why it’s best to have an experienced insurance broker to identify those risks and take necessary action to waive them by ensuring the insurance will lessen the impact. Better deals Often insurance brokers can negotiate a better deal in terms of both price and coverage. Sometimes paying a little more for the right cover is a better option. If you make a claim, it’s great to have someone on your side throughout the process to ensure that everything goes to plan. Remember, your insurance broker should work for you, NOT the insurer. Behind every Steadfast Insurance Broker is the Steadfast Group which has a wealth of knowledge and experience. ca Please be aware that any advice offered is General Advice only and has been prepared without taking into consideration your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before deciding to acquire a financial product please consider the Product Disclosure Statement and whether the product is appropriate for your individual objectives, financial situation and needs.

Austwide Insurance Austwide IBS Pty Ltd / Tas Austwide Insurance Brokers Authorised Representative of Ausure Pty Ltd Licence No: 238433

www.mattersmagazine.com.au 23








Choosing the right property manager can be daunting. You want to know that whoever you engage will manage your property professionally to maximise returns.

Originally Caloundra-based for 23 years, Caloundra Art and Framing Gallery has now changed its name to Sunshine Coast Art and Framing Gallery, located on the Nicklin Way in Minyama since 2011.

Choosing the perfect uniform for you and your team is not always about the design. There are several other factors to consider.

Sunshine Coast Art and Framing is famous for:

PRICE ISN’T EVERYTHING It’s tempting to go with cheaper options, but that doesn’t always end in a good outcome. Compare brands to ensure the best quality.

Keep the following in mind when searching for a property manager: 1. Word of Mouth: This is the most trustworthy feedback as it’s based on experience. 2. Research: Customer reviews, Google and realestate.com.au 3. Look Locally: A local property manager will have insight into the current property market, rent values and best tradespeople. 4. Services: Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. 5. Responsiveness: How quickly can they respond to maintenance issues, tenant complaints, rent arrears etc. 6. Marketing: An agency that uses marketing strategies can maximise occupancy and rental rates. Don’t forget to ask how much it will cost. 7. Ask Questions: Fees and expenses are important but remember the saying, ‘you get what you pay for’. Don’t put price above all other factors. Your PropertyCare is an agency that focuses on you, the investor. We don’t just manage your property; we care for your property. ca Your PropertyCare Web yourpropertycare.com.au

24 ISSUE 93

• Delivering exceptional customer satisfaction • The framers’ experience of over 25 years • Onsite framing • Being a local family-owned and operated business • Specialising in high-quality canvas printing •T  aking your digital images and printing them onto canvas •S  tretching canvases around a wooden frame to hang on your wall •B  eing your one-stop-shop for all your art and framing needs • Art supplies • Gifts and décor • Beautiful glassware… and more. Anything you can name, they can frame. Opening Hours •M  onday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm •S  aturdays, 9am to 3.30pm ca Sunshine Coast Art and Framing Gallery Ph 07 5444 0009 Location 8 Nicklin Way Minyama QLD 4575 Web artframes.com.au

DESIGN Two important factors to consider when choosing are functionality and branding.

CONSISTENCY IS KEY Always keep your brand consistent. Give your customers the best first impression of your business. A GOOD FIT A uniform should fit correctly. A good fit increases employee confidence, which creates a better image. Most shirt styles come in both male and female fits. CONSULT STAFF Your employees will be wearing the uniform every day, so comfort is a priority. Will they be interacting with customers? Will they be working outside? STYLES Brands are always releasing new styles and it’s good to consider these, to keep up-to-date with trends and fabric technologies. ca Sunshine Uniforms Ph 07 5438 0711 Email sales@sunshineuniforms.com.au Web www.sunshineuniforms.com.au Instagram @sunshineuniforms Facebook @sunshineuniforms


LEISURE AND LIFESTYLE with Joanna Kristoffersen

BUYING YOUR FIRST PERSONAL WATERCRAFT Buying your first jet ski can be a daunting experience due to the large variety of brands, models and accessories to choose from. However, once you have set your budget, the team at iJetski will take the stress away from your major lifestyle investment. Prior to choosing your jet ski, consider who you will be taking on your adventures, and what you will be doing. Will you be wave jumping, fishing or long-haul adventure riding? The options really depend on what you want to do on the water! Once you have the experience, you may want to tow inflatable tubes or wakeboards behind your PWC. Certain models have these accessories ready to go and are designed for this particular purpose. Whether you want to get your heart racing with adrenaline, spend time with the family, go fishing or seek some island adventures, the team at iJetski will be able to steer you in the right direction. With years of experience riding and servicing jet skis, we can answer any questions you might have. ca

iJetski Ph 07 5443 9653 Email info@ijetski.com.au Web www.ijetski.com.au Instagram @ijetski


with Marilyn Brayshaw

THE CAT RETREAT CAFÉ with Tania Barton



With the RBA cutting official rates and the banks fighting for business, there’s never been a better time to get picky about your home loan.

Looking for a group outing where you can make a difference to your own life whilst giving refuge cats another chance for happiness?

Ask yourself these questions: Are you unsure of what your interest rate is? Does your interest rate start with a 4 or more? Has it been two or more years since your last loan review? Would you like to consolidate, renovate or relocate? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, it might be time to spring clean your home loan and review your finances. Switching and refinancing also require careful consideration to ensure the benefits outweigh any costs. If you wish to avoid the stress of trying to refinance yourself, there are experts available to help. Avoid the stressful phone calls and endless hours of researching and let a qualified mortgage broker do all the hard work for you and ensure your loan is in the right home. It could shave years off your loan, or reduce your repayments, with just a simple phone call or email. ca

Astute Financial Management Pty Ltd Ph 0414 789 665 Web astutefinancial.com.au/mooloolaba/

The Cat Retreat Café is a magical space where you can enjoy an amazing café experience with a cat twist. Chill out in the ‘Cat Themed Café’ or enjoy the ultimate cat experience in the interactive Zen Zone. The Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge carefully selects adult cats that need that little something extra to find a ‘furever’ home. The team at The Cat Retreat Café not only provide love, rehabilitation, premium nutrition, training and enrichment but also introduce them to other cats and humans. By participating in the Zen Zone session, patrons give these cats further love and enrichment, and may end up with a new family member (subject to approval from SCARS). This is the only café in the world that breaks down both physical and psychological barriers, where you can leave feeling more passionate, potentially more productive and calmer. Annual passes are now available for only $50 per person. Contact the friendly staff for other prices including discounted corporate groups. ca The Cat Retreat Café Ph 0448 228 578 Email admin@catretreatcafe.com.au Location 129 Dales Road, Chevallum, QLD

ABN 59 093 587 010 Australian Credit Licence Number 364 253

www.mattersmagazine.com.au 25

Nearly 18 years ago, Marcus Johnson swapped rendering walls as a plasterer for a rewarding career helping others achieve their goals as a personal trainer. Now, he’s helping inspire the Sunshine Coast’s next generation of fitness experts as a teacher at TAFE Queensland’s Mooloolaba campus. Marcus initially pursued a career running a plastering business alongside his father. But when an AFL injury forced him to take 15 weeks off for rehabilitation, Marcus found himself reassessing his goals. “Being out of work for that long gave me plenty of time to think about what I really wanted to be doing, and it wasn’t plastering,” Marcus said. “I’ve always had a passion for sport and health, and I liked the idea of helping people improve their lifestyles and wellbeing.” With a new direction in mind, Marcus enrolled in a Diploma of Fitness and Recreation (now the Diploma of Sports Development (SIS50612)) through TAFE Queensland, kick-starting his career as a personal trainer. After completing work experience in his first year, Marcus landed a job with a local gym and upon

26 ISSUE 93

graduating, scored roles as the strength and conditioning coach of the Sunshine Coast Power AFL representative team and the fitness coach of the Caloundra AFL team. He even started his own successful business, Live It Up Personal Fitness, which he continues to run to this day. Marcus then returned to TAFE Queensland as a tutor and spent four years supporting students looking to pursue a career in fitness just as he did. It was a rewarding experience for Marcus, which ultimately inspired him to become a teacher and help pass on the skills TAFE Queensland had given him to aspiring personal trainers. Marcus has now spent close to a decade helping kick-start the careers of hundreds of local and international students who all share one thing in common – a passion for health and fitness. “Our students have gone on to do some incredible things, from starting gyms to launching their own successful personal training businesses,” Marcus said. “We even had one student that went on to train Victoria’s Secret models in New York. “That’s the best part of what I do – getting to see my students

make a positive career for themselves and change not only the lives of their clients, but their own. From the beginning of their studies to when they graduate, you can see their confidence really progress.” Marcus’s classes offer highly practical training opportunities for his students, with TAFE Queensland working closely with industry and the community to create programs that provide students with experience working with real clients. “I’ve seen some amazing results come from these programs and for many of our students, the rapport they build with their assigned clients lasts long after their assessments end.” According to the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, the number of sports and fitness workers is anticipated to grow by 19.2 per cent nation-wide over the five years to 2023.


Our students have gone on to do some incredible things, from starting gyms to launching their own successful personal training businesses.

“ www.mattersmagazine.com.au 27




Have you ever wondered how you can get double digit-returns from residential property whilst fixing the housing needs of our country? With any new change in the market, there is often a sense of uncertainty. But there are some unique markets where financial business sense actually works in parallel with the positive human outcomes of the investment. In today’s property market, the expected rental yield on a negatively geared investment property is about 4.5-5 per cent. However, there is a new investment trend in the social entrepreneurial landscape that can show returns of 10-12 per cent with exceptional capital gains. Unfortunately, many investors have bought into the negative gearing myth and find this idea impossible. Research shows that Australia has a significant mismatch in the property marketplace and it’s surprising to learn that 60-80 per cent of those looking for rental accommodation are only one or two-person households, yet 80 per cent of housing stock available for rent are three, four and five-bedroom houses. In the last 20 years, wage growth has not kept up with the cost of housing. The public housing maintenance program has been reduced, resulting in a portfolio that is in disrepair and public debt has not been paid down. Pressure is increasing at the bottom of the market to the point where one-third of those people on the social housing waiting list should not be there. Housing costs have increased significantly, and they have been caught in the threshold. With a waiting time of 10-20 years to access a standard two-bedroom house, the outlook for any positive outcome has been bleak until now. There is an opportunity to create rental returns that fix a housing affordability issue, break the welfare dependency cycle and, at the same time, create significant profits for investors without government

grants. With their increased debt, the government has realised they can no longer afford to continue providing social housing and, instead, have created a policy to allow for the private marketplace to intervene. The mum-and-dad investors are the solution to the housing affordability issue. By reducing rent below market rental, you can address the imbalance in the marketplace which allows residents of these properties to save their own deposit and, at the same time, the investor can sit on a capital cost base that is increasing in value. Community can be created again in Australia. The pressure is removed from the government housing supply sector. Studies show that with the removal of housing stress, there is a decrease in depression, less use of pharmaceutical dependence, longer life span and happier existence.

It is possible and necessary to create housing options with zero government funding and zero grants and investment that recycles and distributes wealth. ca www.smallisthenewbig.com.au


Small is the New Big

Ian Ugarte is a plumber, builder and entrepreneur. Winner in Australia’s Top 10 Small Business Leaders 2018, he is determined to change the face of housing in Australia. Having educated 206,155 people, his goal is to help investors achieve success in property, creating the 1 million homes needed in Australia, transforming feelings of despair, insecurity and fear into hope, confidence and certainty.

Local Sunshine Coast business, ‘Small is the New Big’,

IS DISRUPTING THE INVESTMENT MARKET! The truth is, despite all the chaos happening in the marketplace right now...

THERE ARE CURRENTLY OPPORTUNITIES TO... • Generate 12% returns instead of 5-7% returns. • Double your rental income, lifting the yield on your property from a typical 3% - 5% up to

10%, 12% or more. • Boost your capital gain • Replace your income in as little as 1-3


DOWNLOAD THIS FREE REPORT NOW newpropertytrend.com.au for more information to make your smart investment decisions and find out the difference between the old and the new paradigm of investing.

Contact us on (07) 5450 8334 www.smallisthenewbig.com.au ABN 93 164 841 398 28 ISSUE 93


Some Practical Steps in


When parties are going through a separation, it is an extremely difficult time and very emotional for all involved. Navigating through separation can be a difficult task; however, there are some practical considerations to consider that can be easily overlooked. We would recommend all parties going through separation consider the following: 1. JOINT BANK ACCOUNTS If you are concerned your former partner may withdraw a large amount of money from a joint bank account, it is advisable to immediately contact your bank and request dual (two-person) signatories on joint bank accounts or mortgage redraw facilities. However, you need to be aware if you request dual authority, this will also apply to you if you are removing funds from the joint bank account. 2. CHANGING PASSWORDS It is important to keep your privacy, security and personal safety in check following a separation. You should immediately consider changing any passwords for personal accounts, including internet banking, emails, social media, phone apps including iTunes and Find My iPhone.

3. IF YOU ARE LEAVING THE HOME Depending who is leaving the family home and who is staying, it is often recommended you take all of your personal items with you, especially important documents such as your passport, birth certificate, driver’s licence, insurance documents, bank

statements and financial records. If you take all important financial documents, it will help you understand where you stand in terms of your financial assets and liabilities. 4. CHECK YOUR LIFE INSURANCE, WILL AND POWER OF ATTORNEY Just because you have separated, it does not automatically mean that your Will, Power of Attorney and Life Insurance become void. You need to consider revoking or amending these documents. We recommend you take steps to ensure that your benefits or estate passes to your children

We understand families, we have families too At Chomley Family Law we aim to help you reach a quick resolution whilst achieving a lasting agreement and avoiding high conflict situations.


We offer the following services:

It is worthwhile notifying:

• Separation/ Divorce • Children/ Parenting rights • Defacto • Child Support • Binding Financial Agreements • Domestic Violence • Dispute Resolution • Grandparents Rights • Same Sex Relationship • Paternity

a. Centrelink and changing your marital or relationship status as you may qualify for some assistance, which may assist you in uncertain times. b. Child Support Agency. This will provide financial support for the children to the resident parent. 6. SHOULD I GET LEGAL ADVICE? If you are concerned about property and protecting your interests under the Family Law Act, it is worthwhile seeking some advice to get an initial understanding and know what options to consider as you navigate through this difficult process. Check with a family lawyer to see if they can offer you a free 15-minute initial conversation to help you take the next step. m

You wouldn’t hire a plumber to change a light bulb. Why would you trust anyone but an alternate dispute solicitor with your most precious asset, your family?


MICAELA CHOMLEY Chomley Family Law

Micaela has practised exclusively in Family Law since graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce and Law in 2009. She has since completed her Masters in Family Law and is passionate about getting results for her clients without long drawn-out litigation.

Call Micaela (07) 5438 8222 E: micaela@chomleyfamilylaw.com.au www.chomleyfamilylaw.com.au

www.mattersmagazine.com.au 29

Telstra Store Caloundra

Telstra Store Birtinya


Telstra Store Kawana


No matter how big or small our customers,



What is your location and what does your role include?

What is your location and what does your role include?

What is your location and what does your role include?

I’m located at the lovely Telstra Store Caloundra. The role of Floor Manager includes meeting and greeting all customers who arrive at the store. I make sure they are getting looked after by the right staff member to ensure their needs get resolved.

I work in the Telstra Store Nambour and I am one of the Senior Sales Consultants there. My role is to advise customers about pretty much anything relating to Telstra and technology. From their bills, phones, tablets and internet, to now opening up their world to internet security, drones, smartwatches, gimbles and all the new cool stuff that we are getting in-store!

I’m currently located at the Telstra Store Kawana. My role as a technician includes working to troubleshoot and fix issues with customers’ laptops, phones, tablets, printers, modems and basically anything technological.


What do you love about your job/role? I am one of the lucky ones that truly love their job! I get to help all walks of life. I love making customers feel special, rather than being just a number. I strive to make our store the talk of all good things at that afternoon BBQ.


What do you love about your job?

I’m all about leaving impressions everywhere I go. We are here for a short time, so I say live large and spread the love. Family is my number one priority always.

I love the people I work with and for. This is such a great business with so many great opportunities and awesome staff members. We are like a family in Nambour and I am so happy to come to work every day, and I don’t think many people say that these days! I also love my customers; I’ve met so many amazing people through this job and not only do I help and teach them, I have learnt from them as well, and I think that is something special.

What’s your biggest tip for staying motivated?

If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be and why?

My biggest tip for staying motivated is to make sure you stay positive in every situation and give your all, every single day.

I would be a dolphin because I love the ocean. They always look so joyful jumping around and they’re always in a group of family and friends – I’d love that.

“I love making customers feel special, rather than just being a number.”

What ignited your spark?

What do you like to do with your spare time?

30 ISSUE 93

Seeing incremental growth in the business over the last couple of years has definitely ignited my spark. I want to perform well not only for myself but for my managers, my team, our store and the business as a whole. Once you start to reach your goals, we aim higher and it just keeps going up and it feels great. Also, when I train new employees, to then seeing them excel, day-in and day-out in sales and customer service, makes me so proud.


What do you love about your job? The challenge of bringing a dead laptop back to life and the bunch of great people I work with. Your job is always a million times better when you love the people you work with!

What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you recently? During a recording of mine and my partner’s health science podcast, she forgot we had started recording and started talking about her chin hairs, then spent a good 20 seconds dribbling about them and trying to pluck them out before remembering what we were actually doing.

How do you recharge? I like to recharge in a few different ways. I surf, meditate, train – mainly F45 and distance cycling. I also read, learn and try to expand on my medical and scientific knowledge. I just finished my second medical science degree and it’s something that I really enjoy.

“Your job is always a million times better when you love the people you work with!”

Telstra Store Nambour

Business Technology Centre



our team of local experts, have the solutions






What is your location and what does your role include?

What is your location and what does your role include?

What is your location and what does your role include?

I work at the Telstra Business Technology Centre on the Sunshine Coast, in the heart of Maroochydore. My role includes face-to-face consultations with business customers along with management of the centre and team. I am also in a development role in increasing the capability of business reps in all retail stores.

I am based on the Sunshine Coast and my role as a Business Technology Adviser is to manage our customers and their technology and telecommunications solutions. I visit their businesses to understand their business needs, identify technology opportunities and provide a seamless solution.

What do you love about your job/role?

What do you love about your job/role?

My location is wherever I am needed on the day. I often travel from our Sunshine Coast office to be in Brisbane City multiple times a week and really enjoy the flexibility of our working environment. Until recently my role focused solely on complex ICT project management, but has expanded to include Business Development and Account management for our Government and Enterprise accounts.

I love working with people, and love being able to provide solutions to resolve issues, pain points or just to increase productivity within a business.

What I love the most about my job is being able to assist businesses on the Sunshine Coast with their communications needs and helping them develop their business from a telecommunications aspect. Gone are the days where we simply supply fixed line, mobile and internet services. The challenge of helping a business grow into an environment with ICT and marketing solutions is a major part of what we offer now. The results of seeing businesses grow and evolve with these enhancements are extremely rewarding.

Describe the colour yellow to somebody who’s blind? A bright, warm and fuzzy ray of joy.

What do you think is the most valuable skill in this business and why? Personality plays a huge role; you need to be dynamic in the moment and relate to all types of customers and even team members. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling if you can’t relate and try to understand a customer to be able to build a working relationship.

“Personality plays a huge role, you need to be dynamic in the moment and relate to all types of customers.”

What superpower would you like to have and why? Flying, without a doubt. You could have a bird’s eye view of the world - now that would put things into a different perspective.

How you keep calm in a crazy situation? Whenever I’m dealing with a difficult situation, I always remind myself to just take a breath and listen. A good way to relax that I learnt through our business, is the 3-2-5 exercise. Breathe in for 3, hold for 2, breathe out for 5, repeat this until you’ve reset and calmed your mind.

What do you love about your job/role? I prefer to be busy and need diversity to remain focused and engaged. My role is constantly evolving and presents new challenges and opportunities for personal growth on a daily basis. I enjoy the flexibility of being in the office or out with clients, working from anywhere. I’ve been part of Entag for over six years now and having a great team and excellent leaders makes all the difference. Team culture is extremely important, and I feel privileged to work for a company that focuses on its people and upholding team values.

If you were a coloured crayon, what colour would you be and why? In colour symbolism, blue represents loyalty and trust - two core values that mean a lot to me. So, I’d be blue.

What’s your biggest tip for staying organised? Recommended read: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing – Dan Pink Take out: Identifying the times during the day/ evening when you are at your peak performance and allocate the most complex or urgent tasks at this time, saving the mundane tasks like emails and admin for later. www.mattersmagazine.com.au 31


Photography by Nicola Anne

With a large selection of unique international, award-winning wines, Japan’s finest craft beer, sake and whisky AKANE is ideal for functions, corporate events and special occasions. Located in the heart of Maroochydore, in the Sunshine Coast’s entertainment hub. AT AKANE TEPPANYAKI it’s about the food, the service, the atmosphere ALL creating the ultimate EXPERIENCE

BEAUTIFUL, ELEGANT & ENTERTAINING DINING Book now to secure your spot Open Lunch and Dinner Tuesday to Sunday


22 Ocean Street, Maroochydore TEL : 07 5391 3788 32 ISSUE 93


Whether you’re busy building a career or a family or looking for better ways to stay fit and healthy as you grow older, finding the right exercise regime can be a challenge. Perhaps you’ve tried a gym membership and found it just didn’t work for you. It could be that you found it difficult to get motivated on your own or the gym was just too busy and noisy for you. You end up feeling frustrated that you’re paying good money for nothing! An alternative solution that is proven to deliver great results in a short period of time is EMS – or Electric Muscle Stimulation. When you find it hard to make time for yourself, you need an exercise regime that is fast, enjoyable and, most of all, beneficial. It’s not that you’re looking for a quick fix – we know you want results that last – but you don’t want to spend hours achieving them! Did you know that a 20-minute EMS session is the equivalent of five hours of regular strength training? Not only that, but it works eight muscle groups, as opposed to one to three, and generates muscle contractions that are 3.5-times more effective. But don’t go thinking this is an easy option! An EMS session is still a proper workout. It’s carefully designed for every age and level of fitness,

you will sweat and you will definitely feel it in your muscles the next day! Best of all, you’ll still experience that great rush of exercise endorphins that make you feel amazing.

EMS is widely popular because it slims you down, shapes you and treats back pain fast and effectively. Whether you’re in your 30’s and trying to juggle the responsibilities of a home, career and maybe children, or in your 50’s and determined to stay fit and healthy for many years to come, EMS is for you. Now one of the most talked-about exercise formats, EMS is quickly becoming the go-to for women of all ages, who understand the importance of keeping in shape. ca www.fitin20.com.au

ABOUT ROELIE With a 10 year history of training elite athletes and being active in the medical field, Roelie Schmidt is passionate about the potential and science of EMS training. Key part of our studio is creating a supportive and inviting environment that is first in the field of EMS fitness and remedial treatment.

www.mattersmagazine.com.au 33




WHY ARE MORE AND MORE PEOPLE GETTING LOAN PRE-APPROVALS? Whether you’re buying a car, caravan or your new home, it can be an exciting yet daunting time. Over their lifetime, most Australians apply for four to five large loans for big-ticket purchases. There’s a lot to be said for knowing exactly what you’re up for before you commit to any large purchase. Going shopping with a pre-approved loan puts the bargaining power back in your hands. Applying for a loan isn’t something that most people do every day. If it’s been a while since you applied for your last loan, a lot has changed in what lenders are offering and what the banks are looking for from you. Taking the time to speak with someone who does do this every day makes sense. We are now seeing more and more customers calling us who simply want a loan pre-approval before they head out shopping for that new car, boat or home.

What is loan pre-approval? A loan pre-approval means that a lender has agreed, in principle, to lend you an amount of money. This pre-approval sits in place but hasn’t proceeded to full or final approval. It allows you to know your maximum

34 ISSUE 93

available funds so you can narrow down your search, negotiate with more certainty and even bid on that new house at auction. A pre-approval helps ensure that you stay in control of your purchasing decision. It can go a long way to making the process easier for yourself and your partner if you are looking at a joint loan.

What are the benefits of a loan pre-approval? Let’s use buying a house as an example. If you’re not sure how much you can spend, it’s difficult to know where to begin. You might find a property that seems perfect, but you have no idea whether it’s a realistic option for your budget.

If a lender pre-approves you for a loan, they will do so for a specific amount, so you can focus your house-hunting on the properties you can afford. It also means that if you’re bidding at an auction, you’ll have a maximum bid to keep in mind, so you don’t go and blow your budget or commit to a contract that you can’t fulfil. Pre-approval can make you a more attractive buyer to a potential seller, as it indicates that you’re serious about purchasing the property and that your offer is less likely to be withdrawn due to lack of financing. As mentioned previously, pre-approval puts the bargaining power back in your hands.

Are there drawbacks to a loan pre-approval? There aren’t any great drawbacks to obtaining a single pre-approval, but making a number of loan enquiries at the same time or trying to have several loan pre-approvals set up in a short period can potentially harm your ability to borrow. Pre-approvals will be visible on your credit file as a loan enquiry and having a number of enquiries in quick succession and with multiple lenders might create the impression that you’re financially unstable. While this shouldn’t discourage you from seeking pre-approval, it does mean that talking to an experienced Finance Broker is a good idea. Ideally, you only want to make one application for

pre-approval with the right lender that is best suited to your needs. This is what a good Finance Broker will do.

Does loan pre-approval mean that my loan is guaranteed to be accepted when it comes time to go ahead? No. While pre-approval means that you’re more likely to have a loan approved, it doesn’t provide an iron-clad guarantee. The outcome can be affected by factors such as: • Changes to your personal circumstances • Changes to government regulations • A negative valuation of the property or vehicle However, if your circumstances have not changed significantly, and the property or vehicle is acceptable to the chosen lender, your chances of obtaining final approval following a pre-approval are very good. Having a pre-approval set in place is a free service that we provide to our customers, and you are under no obligation to proceed if you decide it’s not for you. If you have any questions, speak with the team on 1300 665 906. ca

FOX FINANCE GROUP have been helping people get the money for the things that they really want since 2006. They have Lending Specialists that can help you get the right loan for your car, home, personal loan, business loan, pretty much anything you can think of, and they are local, just like you. So remember, if you’re looking for a loan, we’ve already found it!

Dreaming being aaCoach? Dreaming of of being Coach?

Now g on trainin the ine Sunsh & t s a o C ne. Brisba

raining e t w o N unshin S e h t on and Coast e n Brisba

Become an Internationally Accredited Coach with Australia’s FIRST and FOREMOST Become an Internationally Accredited Coach with Australia’s FIRST and FOREMOST ICF Accredited Coach Training. ICF Accredited Coach Training. NLP — Emotional Intelligence Positive Psychology - NeuroLeadership NLP – Emotional Intelligence - Positive -Psychology – NeuroLeadership

To find out more about our next Diploma Program - call 1300 FIREUP (1300 347 387)

To find out more about our next Diploma Program – call 1300 FIREUP (1300 347 387) plans PaymentPayment Plans available.


FIRE UP COACHING 1300 FIRE UP // www.fireup.com.au www.mattersmagazine.com.au 35




Did you know that we operate predominantly with our subconscious mind? In fact, neuroscience states that we operate from this unconscious state 90 per cent of the day. It makes sense then to align your conscious and unconscious mind to make the most of your day.

Spiri will teach you the fundamentals of Mastering your Mind and delve into Developing your Intuition. The subjects covered, and the practical tools supplied in this Masterclass will help you to be the best version of yourself.

With more than 30 years’ experience and education, Spiri has incorporated the learning from her clients/patients as well as her own life experience and studies into this Masterclass. If we are operating predominantly with our subconscious mind, it makes sense to align your conscious (analytical and thinking mind) and unconscious mind. This Masterclass will help you understand your unconscious mind and how to re-wire it, so it works in your best interests.

After a few years away from public speaking and coaching, Spiri Buhagiar will be presenting her PERSONAL POWER Masterclass at Mantra Mooloolaba on Saturday 14 September at 10am. This interactive Masterclass will give you life tools to take away to help you become the best version of yourself - happy, healthy, calm, alert and aware by having your conscious mind and unconscious mind working in your best interests.

Science understands that the practice of meditation can help you in all areas of your life. Prominent individuals and sporting greats, like Oprah Winfrey, David Beckham and George Lucas to mention a few, incorporate this practice into their daily lives to give them the edge.

The PERSONAL POWER Masterclass will teach you how to calm your nervous system, de-clutter your mind and practice energy medicine techniques to give you the energy and staying power to be more productive throughout your day. You will also learn a quick non-Monastic meditation (some of the world’s leading identities and sporting greats practice daily) as well as making peace with your past so that you can live in the present.

Learn how to incorporate energy exercises using meridians to fire up your body and mind and breathing exercises (prana) to calm your nervous system.

You will take away with you many practices and applications, including a workbook, meditation experience and a meditation download, as well as knowledge for life. If you want to live in a stress-free state, where calm replaces anxiety, stress and insecurity, then register NOW!

Investing in your emotional wellness is an investment for life because it’s the essence of who you are. For registration, information, location and time log onto www.rapidmindtherapies.com.au/events Bookings are essential, limited seats are available. For more information email spiri@rapidmindtherapies.com.au ca www.rapidmindtherapies.com.au


After working with hundreds of individuals to help them be the best version of themselves Spiri has created a ‘Masterclass’ to empower you to be the best version of you possible. Her background includes studies Into Behavioural Science, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Yoga, Hypnotherapy, RTT and NLP.

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Kitchen •SUNSHINE Bench Stools • &Bar Stools • Tables •5502 Ottomans and More SUNSHINE COAST Cnr Cnr Maud & Sugar Road, Maroochydore Ph 5479 COAST CnrMaud Maud &Sugar Sugar Road, Maroochydore Ph5479 54795502 5502 SUNSHINE COAST Road, Maroochydore Ph SUNSHINE COAST Cnr Maud & Sugar Road, Maroochydore Ph 5479 5502 GOLD COAST: 3333 Upton Street, Bundall PhPh 5592 5118 GOLD COAST: Upton Street, Bundall Ph 5592 5118 GOLD COAST: 3333 Upton Street, Bundall Ph 5592 5118 GOLD COAST: Upton Street, Bundall 5592 5118

www.sittingaround.com.au www.sittingaround.com.au Sunshine Coast Cnr Maud & Sugar Rd, Maroochydore Ph 5479 5502 www.sittingaround.com.au www.sittingaround.com.au Gold Coast 33 Upton Street, Bundall Ph 5592 5118


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Currently, the Federal Government has incentives for home and business owners to install solar under the current renewable energy scheme. These incentives offer a discount on the upfront cost of installing solar and can be for up to 50 per cent of the total cost. WHAT CAN I GET AS A HOMEOWNER? 

The Federal Government is currently offering homeowners up to $4000 off the upfront cost of installing a 6.6 kW solar system in their home. This incentive is available for homeowners that have not had solar before, as well as homeowners who want to upgrade an old solar system or even add to that system. CAN I SELL MY POWER BACK TO THE GRID? Currently, in Queensland, some electricity retailers are offering up to 20 cents per kilowatt-hour to buy your excess electricity from your solar system. This is very generous as most of us are only paying around 25 cents per kilowatt-hour to buy power at night.

There are also other incentives for businesses, including instant tax write-offs and GST credits. HOW LONG WILL MY SOLAR SYSTEM LAST?

Most solar systems are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years replacement. Most manufacturers put a lifespan of 25 years on their panels. Even the first panels manufactured nearly 20 years ago are still working! HOW LONG ARE THESE INCENTIVES AVAILABLE? The renewable energy scheme runs until 2030. Each year, the value of the incentive reduces until we reach 2030. m www.wholesale-solar.com.au

Because we can sell our own unused power back to the grid, it helps us totally eliminate our power bill by installing solar under the Government’s current renewable energy scheme.

BRET DAVIS Wholesale Solar


Bret Davis has been passionate about solar for as far back as he can remember, with over 30 years in management roles, Bret is now following his passion to get solar installed into as many homes and business premises as he can, at the most affordable price possible by cutting out the middle man.

The Federal Government is currently offering businesses up to $70,000 funding off the upfront cost of a 99 kW solar system. Not only landlords but any electricity account holder, including tenants, can apply for this funding.


Don't delay

Right now the government is paying 50% of the upfront cost! And there is ZERO upfront cost! Meaning you can pay for it through your power savings! It’s NEVER BEEN EASIER!


P. 1300 459 315 www.wholesale-solar.com.au WHOLESALE SOLAR INSTALLERS PTY LTD A.C.N 626 416 215

We install your solar – Australia-wide at a Wholesale price www.mattersmagazine.com.au 37


g n i k n i h you ’re t Selling of

At Advantage Business Sales & Valuations, we’ve worked with thousands of business owners to help them improve the value of their business leading up to a sale. Ironically, the most common question we get from owners has absolutely nothing to do with the value of their business: ‘HOW SHOULD I TELL MY EMPLOYEES I’M THINKING OF SELLING?’

Two Buckets of Employees If you can stomach it, my recommendation is to divide your employees into two buckets. The first bucket contains those senior staff members who need to know to get the deal done. Your buyer will want to talk to your management team, so these are the people who need to know what’s going on. Ask them to keep the possible sale confidential and offer some financial incentive for helping you close the deal.

How and when to tell your employees you’re selling your business is a deeply personal decision. Involving employees in the process may feel like the ethical thing to do, but it comes with enormous risks. Employees who fear for their future may look for other jobs; competitors may get wind of your impending transition and use it against you; customers, loyal to you personally, may switch to your competitors. If any of these scenarios occur during negotiations, it could derail your sale.

The second bucket is made up of your rank-and-file employees. They can be told once the sale is finalised. Yes, it will ruffle some feathers. Yes, you may damage some relationships, but in the end, it’s simply the price of getting a deal done.

Not telling your junior employees is not only better for you, it often ends up being better for them. We estimate that around half of the offers owners receive never end in a signed deal. This means that if you tell your team every time you enter negotiations with a buyer, in many cases, you’ll find the deal does not close and you will have unnecessarily disrupted the lives of your employees and filled them with doubt and uncertainty for no reason. Telling your staff that you are thinking of selling may feel like the right thing to do, but in the end, keeping them in the dark may be the best thing for you and your employees.

Get the ADVANTAGE with our full-service offer of: Experience, Expertise, Integrity, Ethics and Local Industry Knowledge

DIONE MAURIC E: dione@advantagebsav.com.au M: 0415 543 469

STEPHEN WOLFF E: stephen@advantagebsav.com.au M: 0424 046 541

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When you’re in business, you are doing it for yourself and your family. You work hard, and you take on all the worry and the risk. But you also need to make sure you get some rewards.

Give yourself regular business health checks to make sure you are working toward your goals.

What do those rewards look like? Well, they are different for each of us.

Make sure you set yourself up to have the best chance of success by doing the following:

This spring, why don’t you take some time to analyse your purpose for being in business and what you are working towards?

• Identify what it is you wanted to achieve by going into business

When you are clear on what your goals are, it is easier to work towards them.

• Think about what your hurdles may be, and come up with a plan to get over them

Clearly identifying where you would like to be after one, two or five years is the key to getting there. You then break the journey down into small, achievable steps that you can prioritise and make part of your daily routine. These steps need to be measured on a regular basis.

The best way to set your goals, and ensure you remain on track, is to get the help of a business advisor who understands what it is like to be in business. They too, have employees, clients, bills to pay and an active family at home. Why not use the knowledge your accountant has built up over many years of advising clients to avoid the pitfalls of business?

• Clearly set your time frame

• Break the journey down into smaller achievable steps/goals • And then SPRING INTO ACTION! ca www.bentleys.com.au

ABOUT BRENDON Brendon Murray is a Partner at Bentleys Advisors and Accountants on the Sunshine Coast. He is passionate about helping small businesses succeed and works with a range of businesses across many industries. He’s also a part-time farmer, lawn connoisseur and fierce family man.

OPEN 7 DAYS! Mon-Fri: 7am - 6pm Sat: 7am - 5pm Sun: 8am - 4pm

86 WISES RD MAROOCHYDORE Phone 07 5451 0533 • orders@freshmeats.com.au • freshmeats.com.au

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with Fennel & Lemon Spring is here! Why not celebrate with a beautiful fillet of ocean trout and spring greens to welcome the change of season? Our fresh seafood department is supplied directly from Mooloolaba, Brisbane and Sydney fish markets. What’s more, we fillet whole fish and shuck oysters onsite to be as fresh as possible! INGREDIENTS 1 1 2 100 ml 1 1

fennel bulb, coarsely chopped fennel fronds ocean trout fillet* lemons, thinly sliced olive oil shallot, finely chopped lemon, zested Sea salt and black pepper

METHOD Blanch fennel bulb for 1 to 2 minutes, drain and rinse in cold water. Set aside. Combine shallot, lemon zest and a pinch of salt, leaving to soften for 5 minutes. Toss in half the fennel and olive oil then season to taste. Preheat oven to 135C. Line large tray with baking paper, scatter with remaining fennel and half the lemon slices, then place fish on

top, skin-side down. Season generously with sea salt and cracked pepper. Garnish with fennel fronds and remaining lemon slices then drizzle with olive oil. Roast for 20 minutes. Serve with fennel & lemon side along with spring greens (recipe below)

in boiling water for 5 minutes then drain. Melt butter in a saucepan and sauté garlic. Add beans and continue to sauté for a few minutes without overcooking. Season generously with salt and pepper. ca *Ask our fish expert about removing pin bones.

Green Beans, Sugar Snap Peas & Baby Peas


INGREDIENTS 300g 200g 200g 2 1 tbsp

green beans sugar snap peas baby peas cloves garlic, minced butter Sea salt and black pepper

METHOD Trim ends of beans and peas. Cook all beans

Fresh Meats

Jack Bailey is General Manager of Fresh Meats, Wises Road. With nearly 30 years of experience, this Sunshine Coast native knows how to manage our team of butchers to provide the best products and customer service.

LOOKING FOR FAST RESULTS? STILL WANT TO FEEL LIKE YOU’VE WORKED OUT? Fit in 20 is a twenty minute work out that helps you build lean muscle, shape your body, burn fat and relieve pain. If you lead a busy life, but still want to work hard and get results, give us a call. Ask us about our Matters Magazine Special Reader OFFER.

www.fiTiN 20.com.au 40 ISSUE 93

After 5 months

121A Bulcock St, Caloundra, QLD 4551 Phone: 07 5492 5287 Mobile: 0458 888 923


WHOLE DEEP FRIED GOLD BAND SNAPPER with a Chilli Glaze Accompanied by Stir Fry Veggies and Steamed Rice INGREDIENTS 250ml Carrot, julienned 1 cup Purple cabbage, thinly shredded 1 cup Celery, thinly sliced at sharp angle 1 Bok choy bulb, leaves picked and washed 1 Whole plate-sized gold band snapper, both sides scored 1cm deep

GF Batter INGREDIENTS 1 tbsp 1 tbsp 1 cup ½ cup 600ml 1 tpsn

Garlic, minced Chilli, minced GF flour GF breadcrumbs Soda water/sparkling water Salt and pepper

Plum Glaze INGREDIENTS ½ cup ½ cup ¼ cup 1 tbsp

Sweet plum spread Spiced plum jam Mirin Sriracha (optional)

METHOD Prepare batter by combining dry ingredients and blitzing soda water into the mix with a whisk or hand blender. Leave to thicken and adjust thickness as necessary. Dredge the whole scored fish in gluten-free flour and then dip it in the batter. Dust the battered fish in more flour. Fry fish at 180 degrees Celsius for seven to eight minutes or until it reads internally at 60 degrees Celsius. Gently sauté the chilli and garlic until fragrant whilst boiling the prepared vegetables for one

minute. Drain the veggies and add to the pan at maximum temperature. Stir in half the glaze and reserve the rest for serving. Serve the fish covered in the remaining glaze alongside the stir-fry. Best served with fresh white pilaf rice. ca Recipe by CHEF FEDERICO See Restaurant

Just three years on the Sunshine Coast, Italian born Chef Federico Delfo is passionate about wine and food. Prior to being a chef, he was a proud fisherman in his own country, this gave Federico a love of all seafood. Working in a seafood Restaurant by the water has delivered him his dream position.

BUSINESS INSURANCE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE COMPLEX! We have a large POOL of Insurance possibilities to choose from to ENSURE you get the COVER you need.


Contact Jennine for: 3 Personal customised service 3 Over 25 years experience 3 Someone that WORKS HARD to get you the BEST COVER! POOLE GENERAL INSURANCE BROKERS Stockland House Lvl 1, 8 Innovation Parkway BIRTINYA QLD 4575

Ph (07) 54379900 Fax (07) 54379911 Mobile 0450601600 Email: jsellers@poolegroup.com.au www.mattersmagazine.com.au 41

White’s IGA are proud to bring you fresh and local food from our family to yours. Fresh and local food nourishes your family and the community!

EXCITING NEW Supa IGA Baringa, Aura

NOW OPEN White’s IGA National Retail Excellence Award Winners 2015 & 2016 White’s IGA National Community Award 2017 White’s IGA State Retailer of the Year 2015 & 2018





Jodie and I have had a vision for some time, to provide real differences, meaningful up-to-date information and cutting edge training to all, not just a chosen few.

Being able to provide this to all our kids, youth and adults, not just the chosen elite, and to give access to cutting edge science and proprietary training systems, world-class sports dieticians and recovery experts is the premise of Athletic Republic Sunshine Coast @ Your Move Fitness. ca

We’ve been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to turn this


vision into reality with our acquisition of the Athletic Republic Sports Performance Training system in Australia, now open at Forest Glen. Based on three decades of evidence-based science, AR works with individuals to identify opportunities for improvement in their skills, and then deliver them. We work with kids through to adults; athletes who want to get better, stronger and faster and, equally as important, kids, youth and adults who simply want or need to improve motor skills and functional capacity to enjoy their daily life or sport or school more.


Jodie is a Full Time Fitness Professional with 7 years industry experience and a wide ranging skill set, mother of two teenage boys. Rod is a Full Time Fitness Professional with a background in Elite sporting competition, father of a teenage boy.




Breathtaking beachside location Bar and Bistro Daily Bistro Specials Gaming and Function Rooms


Courtesy Bus available Thursday to Sunday

PH. 07 5444 8642 www.kawanasurfclub.com.au www.mattersmagazine.com.au 43




GALA BALL MARKS A MILESTONE YEAR FOR STEPS STEPS Group Australia recently celebrated 30 years of ‘making a difference by providing opportunity’, at their Grand Winter Ball held at the Sunshine Coast Convention Centre in July.

Ball with the community and with people who have supported STEPS over the years,” Ms Crouch said.

The Ball united more than 540 like-minded individuals who share a vision of creating brighter futures, who care, believe and invest in changing the landscape for young people and families living with disability on the Sunshine Coast.

This extraordinary event showcases the true community spirit of the Sunshine Coast, bringing together the generous business community with VIPs, dignitaries, families, supporters and volunteers for a stunning night of celebration.

This year’s gala ball was extra special for STEPS managing director Carmel Crouch, who became involved with STEPS 30 years ago when her own son with a disability needed help securing employment.

STEPS’ humble beginnings began back in 1989 when a group of parents, some of whom had a child with a disability, felt there wasn’t enough support in place to allow their children to achieve true independence.

“It was so special to share this wonderful Gala

Like all parents, that small group of mums and

“I want to thank everyone who shared the night with us, and for digging deep to help us raise important funds for families living with a disability in our community.”

dads wanted nothing more than to see their children grow into happy, fulfilled individuals. Carmel believes that ‘learning to live independently’ helps those with disabilities achieve their goals in the real world, while also lifting pressure off families. “Every parent who has a child with a disability talks about the same thing, which is, ‘what’s going to happen to my child when I’m not here anymore’,” Carmel said. “We started in Maroochydore with a supported employment program. For us, it was about finding jobs for our kids and then supporting them on the job while they were in open employment,” Carmel said. Thirty years on, STEPS has grown to a nation-wide not-for-profit group that has branched out to education and training programs, mental health, autism and disability

You name irta, me it! we F ART SUPPLIES


Be assisted by ‘Real Artists’ who know the industry language

Our framers have a combined 75 years’ experience



Local scenery and abstract art by local artists and photographers

Our gorgeous art themed giftware is sourced to be unique

Sunshine Coast Art and Framing Gallery formerly known as Caloundra Art and Framing Gallery

located in MINYAMA - FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED 8 Nicklin Way Minyama (next to Pillow Talk) 44 ISSUE 93

support, social enterprises, as well as disability employment services and NDIS support. 2019 marks a milestone year for STEPS, with the inaugural graduation of the STEPS Pathways College taking place in April. An Australian first, STEPS Pathways College provides young people with a disability the opportunity to live brighter, more independent lives through their unique, immersive training college, with both boarding and day-student options. With college expansions now on the horizon, the hard work never stops, but Carmel says she is looking forward to watching many more students walk on stage to receive their graduation certificates because, for her, that moment had been 30 years in the making. Be part of the expanding STEPS Pathways College; find out how your business can partner with STEPS to create brighter futures for people with disabilities. Be recognised in the community as a business that gives back. STEPS Charity tailors packages to suit its partners’ needs. Find out more on 5458 3000 or visit www.stepscharity.com.au ca www.stepscharity.com.au

Top left : STEPS gather stars Paulini and Shelley Craft for the gala event. Top right: Ben & Amanda Murphy with Lorell & Mayor Mark Jamieson. Bottom: STEPS and dignitaries unite to ‘build brighter futures’.



Sit back, relax and let us do RED TAPE FOR TRADIES work fordo this you. But the you can actually quickly, easily and cheaply.

Tradies Scan the Scan the QR code QR code for maximum

for a free and simple turnover calculator for QBCC licensing. maximum turnover calculator.

To find To outfind moreout callmore us oncall (07)us 5439 1600

on (07) 5439 1600

www.mattersmagazine.com.au 45

l a c ol

FOCUS Let’s keep our focus local. Supporting Sunshine Coast products and services really does make a difference.

Next time you are looking to buy ANY product or service, remember SUPPORTING LOCAL MATTERS.


Tax time – that time of year when you have to get all your information to your accountant. For some people it’s a relief, for some it’s something they put off doing as they aren’t as organised as they should be or don’t want to know the answer. As Accountants, naturally we get really busy this time of year. We love it but sometimes get frustrated in the processes involved and the stress it causes our clients. Here are 8 suggestions on how to keep the flow of information as easy as possible this year: 1. Embrace Technology – Most accountants are using digital signing and portals to collect information. It may not be your natural habitat but try to work with it – it keeps your costs down in the long run and is a more secure way of interacting. If you are having issues, contact your accountant and their admin team will be happy to walk you through it.

6. Sign your paperwork promptly – Tax returns and financials are often sent electronically for signing (and sometimes not), whichever way they are sent, please review and sign them promptly so that they can be lodged and the job finalised, this makes the admin team very happy with you as they don’t to be annoying and chase you up.

2. Update your details if they change – we can’t send information to the right address or right email if you haven’t told us you have changed them. Also, if you have a company and move, you only have 28 days to advise ASIC or risk a fine.

7. Realise that there may be a wait on your work – we are all working as quickly as we can to get jobs out the door but sometimes there may be a queue of people ahead of you. (Here’s a tip though – if you follow the tips above, you may skip the line because all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed, making the accountant’s life easier.)

3. Sign your Engagement early – Our professional associations require us to engage with you yearly. It may seem like overkill from your end, but we can’t start work until we have this permission. 4. Try to get all the information to your accountant in one go. Quite often you will receive a list of what’s needed – tick everything off and get it to them asap. The more times we need to pick up/put down your work, the more it costs. Often work won’t commence until all the information is received. 5. Be available for questions – not everyone works 8.30 – 5 in an office and is available during those times, we get that, but ensuring you respond promptly to questions keeps your work ticking along.

8. Don’t wait because you might have tax to pay – it’s easier to manage what you can measure. Just because we complete your tax early doesn’t mean you have to pay it immediately. Generally, returns lodged before lodgment date are not due for payment until lodgment date. The problem with holding off is you may have a large bill in May followed by an even larger PAYG installment in July – it’s often better to quantify the return, lodge it and make sure you make provision for quarterly payments during the year. If you have any questions regarding Business or SMSF returns, feel free to reach out to Victoria at HBA Encompass. ca

P: 07 5444 7094 // E: admin@hbaencompass.com.au // www.hbaencompass.com.au 46 ISSUE 93




It’s a little hidden treasure waiting to be uncovered right here on the Sunshine Coast, with three individual holiday cottages in a truly beautiful location almost in the middle of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. If you love nature, if you love rainforests, if you love fresh mountain air, then Montville Grove cottages offer you all that plus privacy and tranquility, setting the scene for a romantic escape for two or a relaxing getaway with friends or family. The cottages have everything you need to make your stay comfortable and relaxing, including: • Spa baths in all cottages • Log fires • Self-contained kitchens for self-catering • Private decks • Barbecue facilities

• Reverse cycle air-conditioning • Television, DVD player and sound system • Bathrobes and all linen • A generous breakfast hamper Montville Grove is 3 km from Montville, just a short drive from shops and restaurants but far enough away to provide a peaceful setting. For more information, visit the Montville Grove website at www.montvillegrove.com.au Please book directly by phone or with the online booking calendar on our website. You’ll always get the best rate by booking direct. ca

P: 07 5442 9186 // A: 318 Western Avenue, Montville Queensland 4560 E: sales@montvillegrove.com.au // www.montvillegrove.com.au www.mattersmagazine.com.au 47



Victoria Berry

SPRING HAS SPRUNG, THE GRASS HAS RIZ, I WONDER WHERE THE CASHFLOW IS? Does this sound like something you are feeling in your business? We often bumble along working from day to day without concentrating on our business cash. It’s only when we have bills to pay and no cash to pay them that we start to focus on (or panic about) money. I’m not here to tell you to read your financials and monitor the death out of KPI’s – yes technically you should but for most smaller businesses, it’s not the way they work so why try and change it. Bank Balance Accounting has been around for eons – you simply manage your business based on what’s happening in your bank account. Traditionally it’s been boom/bust and really not the best way to do it. Here at the Bookkeeper Hub, we are Profit First Professionals. That means we can help you to manage your cashflow.

Living in the Sunshine State, we enjoy nothing more than our glorious winter days and amazing endless summers. Many people invest in their outdoor areas to enhance the pleasure of enjoying this great lifestyle. At Harlequin Blinds & Security, we offer a huge range of products and ideas to make this happen. For example, a Ziptrak blind on an outdoor deck or patio can create a whole new living area. These blinds work vertically in a track-guided system that can block out sun, heat, cold, wind, dust, insects, rain and leaves, allowing you more time to enjoy and entertain. You don’t have to spend time cleaning the area or stay indoors if the elements are too harsh. Our huge range of outdoor blinds and awnings can create a sense of privacy and seclusion whilst allowing a view beyond, and airflow when you need it. Use them over windows, verandas, and just about anywhere around the home. Harlequin offers a free measure-and-quote service, and our knowledge and experience will make it easier to decide what you need in your home.

Profit First is a simple concept which takes the boom/ bust out of your business – it’s as simple as moving money to different bank accounts to provide for profit, owners wages, staff wages, materials and other bills when they need to be paid. And in that order!! Yes you pay yourself first! To put it in a nutshell, if you move the money into the correct account (in the correct allocations) and remove the temptation to spend the profit and tax money on other things, you will always be able to pay your bills. (It’s kind of like the jars Grandma used to have where she put money aside for different uses.) The tricky part is the correct allocations. The Book “Profit First” has standard allocations but it’s different for the Australian market with different tax laws. If you would like some help in working out the correct allocations for your business and a plan to get you there, simply contact Victoria Berry at the Bookkeeper Hub. ca

Based on the Sunshine Coast for over 25 years, our factory is located at Kunda Park. This is where your product will be manufactured. It will then be supplied directly to your door and installed by the Sunshine Coast’s best industry professionals. ca Harlequin Blinds and Security Ph 07 5476 9888 www.harlequinblindsandsecurity.com.au 48 ISSUE 93

P: 0419 179 177 E: admin@bookkeeperhub.com.au www.bookkeeperhub.com.au

#LIVEIT... IN FINLAND Brought to you by Live It Travel — your local travel specialists.

‘Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.’ ca #WePlanItYouLiveIt

Ph. 1300 662 702 www.liveittravel.com.au


Today’s integrated phone systems are all about leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver a state-of-the-art service. The Click Access Hosted Voice Solution - ConnectYou - is a scalable and cost-effective product that’s changing the way businesses run their essential phone networks. Rather than utilising a traditional on-premise based solution, the ConnectYou product means you can expand your PBX when and where you need to suit your changing business requirements. ConnectYou is underpinned by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology - a platform that delivers tier-one telephone service and conferencing tools, packaged in affordable solutions. BENEFITS: • Cloud-based • Fast and easy to set-up • Works everywhere • Cost-efficient • Lightning-fast • Ultra-reliable

We’re ready to wow you and your business with the Click Access ConnectYou Solution. Rob and Liz Burrell

Call Liz on 5315 5440 to book a FREE consultation today and see how ConnectYou can streamline your business communications. ca P: 07 5315 5440 E: info@clickaccess.com.au www.clickaccess.com.au

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Looking for a unique team-building activity that is suitable for all your staff members? The crew from Fox Finance decided to try out laser tag for their latest staff get-together and they had a blast!

The team from Fox Finance

at Laserzone Sunshine Coast. Some of our team had never been to Laserzone before, so they were a little bit apprehensive about what we were getting them into. But after only one round of laser tag, they were hooked.

“As a business owner, Laserzone has to be one of the best and most memorable team events we have ever done.” Dan Fox Nathan Drew from Fox Finance says, “When thinking about what we could do with our team for a night out, we were looking for something different when a colleague of mine suggested we take our team for a night out

“The Laserzone team members, especially Jordan, really kept the night flowing for us and challenged us to step outside of our comfort zones, especially in the team rounds. As a business owner, it was great to see our team members working together on their ‘strategies to win’ before going into the next round of laser tag. Needless to say, our team’s spirit is

now running at an all-time high after the night invested at Laserzone Sunshine Coast. “If you are thinking of something different to do with your team, book in a corporate event night with the team at Laserzone Sunshine Coast. From my experience, you won’t be disappointed, and the benefits felt from an increase in team morale are fantastic.” So, when planning your next team outing, why not give Laserzone a call? Your mission awaits! ca

Ph. 1300 LASERZ For more information check out our website: www.laserzone.com.au/sunshinecoast 50 ISSUE 93



MATTERS MAGAZINE Many thanks to Laserzone for a great venue with lots of fun!

Kimberley Richards (KR Solutions), Kylie Davis (Vine Networks Birtinya) & Sharon Coleman (Poole Group)

Paul Chan (Akane Teppanyaki) & David Horne (Bartercard SC)

Jessica Ann Vince (Jessica Vince Photography) & Marty Vince (Sunshine Coast Building & Renovations)

Jordon, Jonathan & Annette Lasek (Laser Zone)

Marty Vince (Sunshine Coast Building & Renovations)

Sandra Smith (Veducci) & Bindi McGrath

John Pickering (Pickering Bookkeeping & Accounting) Dan Fox & Nathan Drew (Fox Finance Group)

John Hetherington (BBC Digital), Nicole Peatey & Jonathan Allen (Secure Access)

The only thing you won’t have to stretch is your budget for your floors! Locally owned and operated ‘The Queensland Flooring Centre’ offers more affordable prices than the big guys.

• Vinyl • Timber • Hybrid • Bamboo • Laminate • Carpet When it comes to floors, we are all over it. Visit our showroom at: 37 Caloundra Rd, (Cnr Bronwyn St), Caloundra

Ph: 5358 0266 E: sales@qldflooringcentre.com.au W: www.queenslandflooringcentre.com.au www.mattersmagazine.com.au 51



SEO is a term you’ll hear a lot, sometimes with awed tones as if it’s a higher knowledge possessed only by web gurus. SEO is complicated; hundreds of factors influence it. But that doesn’t mean you should despair and hand your website over to someone who claims they can easily get you on page one of Google. In fact, if they promise that, you should run a mile. This basic guide will help you start sorting SEO fact from fiction.

What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It’s about making your website rank higher on search engine results pages (or SERPs) like Google, Bing and YouTube for ORGANIC traffic. Organic traffic is any that you don’t have to pay for. SEO is partly about the quantity of traffic. Obviously, you want more people seeing your site. But quality of traffic is more important. You might attract thousands of visits per month, but if Google tells them you’re a real estate agent selling luxury homes - when you’re actually a luxury home builder - they’re not the people looking to buy from you. Instead, you want to attract people who want your product or service. Click-through rates also matter. You might rank on page one for ‘hairdresser Sunshine Coast’, but if few people click through to your site, that ranking isn’t converting to more sales.

Does SEO matter? Only if you want to be found on search engines. If you already have plenty of business through referrals, advertising or other means, your 52 ISSUE 93

site might just be for credibility and information purposes.

Sorting SEO fact from fiction There are lots of myths and misconceptions about SEO. Here’s some of them: 1. SEO is dead SEO expert Neil Patel (neilpatel.com) notes that people have been saying this since SEO started. “New technology may change the way we interact and explore the Internet, but search engines will always be a factor,” he writes, “and optimising your information for these constantly evolving algorithms will never go out of style.” 2. It’s easy to get to page one of Google Like most things, if it was easy, everyone would do it. It might be easy to get there for a keyword that nobody is searching for, but that’s as useless as wings on a bicycle. Getting to page one for search terms that you want to rank for takes work and time. 3. SEO involves filling your page with keywords Keywords definitely matter. Using them strategically in places like your title tags (the webpage title that’s displayed in blue on SERPs), meta-descriptions (the brief site summary displayed in black under the title tag), headers (headlines on your webpage) and image file names, will help your site to rank for them. But stuffing your page full of keywords won’t. In fact, it can have the opposite effect. Google uses a measure of keyword density to compare your site against what’s normal. If you pack too many in, Google perceives your site as manipulative rather than a relevant resource and will demote you.

Google also recognises synonyms and language variations (like plurals and ‘ing’ endings), so you don’t need to include every variation of your product or service.

5. SEO is a one-off activity

3. Links don’t matter

Like most marketing activities, SEO needs to be ongoing. If you’re setting up a new site, it helps to get it right from the start. If your site is established, an audit can discover where you could improve.

False. Backlinks are one of the main ways Google understands how popular a site is. But all links are not created equal.

But it doesn’t end there. SEO should be viewed as a long-term business investment that helps your site to rank better over time.

You want high-quality backlinks from reputable sites, not dodgy ones from sites selling fake Viagra. Good links will help your site to rank higher. Bad ones could bury you in an SEO hole that takes years to dig out of. 4. Content doesn’t matter Just as links help Google to measure a site’s authority, content is how it measures relevance. The content on your site tells Google what search terms to rank it for. “If you focus only on backlinks, you’re neglecting the experience of your eventual target: a human being,” writes SEO content strategist Maddy Osman. “If there’s no content, the visitor essentially has to guide themselves through the sales process entirely on their own. And if there’s nothing to help move them towards a sale, they likely won’t make one.” Your content should always be written for humans, not Google. After all, its humans who need your product or service.

A good web developer can help you with technical SEO factors like site speed, crawlability and responsiveness. An SEO copywriter (like me) can create content that people love to read and that feeds Google’s gargantuan content craving. Contact me for a FREE 15-minute phone consultation about how I can help your site rank better through keyword research and SEO-friendly blogs and webpages. ca sophia.auld@gmail.com sophiaauld.com 0432 772 680 Facebook Words Mean Business

SOPHIA AULD is a curious and dedicated freelance writer who loves working with words. She specialises in content creation and copywriting, and also writes features. Her work has been published in The SMH/The Age, MiNDFOOD, The Saturday Paper, Good Health, Wellbeing and BBC Travel. She has created content for companies including CGU Insurance, Energy Australia, Olay, Jetstar, Open Universities, Defence Health and Nandos. She enjoys working with businesses to help them tell their stories.

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I watched my client reflecting deeply about my question: “What stops you from changing?”

She shifted uncomfortably in her chair and fiddled with her jacket buttons before responding: “I am just a hopeless procrastinator,” she finally sighed. As a coach, when I am with a client, I am being fully present to the language they use, and how it reflects the deeper programming that acts as a blocker. Boom - we just hit it! Those six words are enough to create a stranglehold on proactivity and learning. They represent harsh self-judgement. Are you guilty of judging yourself harshly? As I listen to my client, I identify the keywords - hopeless and procrastinator. I have heard this many times before. I know this is a critical part of the coaching conversation in which my role is to support her in reframing that negative judgement. I will focus the conversation on what she wants, not what is not working. Our role is to guide the conversation to greater self-awareness of what is useful and what is not. Feeling hopeless as a human reflects our fear that we cannot rise above our limiting behaviours and get consistency into the actions that will move us forward. Labelling ourselves as a procrastinator creates an identity that seems permanent.

Neither of those things needs to be true or are indeed true. We need to practise self-coaching and change the language we use to get into action.

“What am I procrastinating about?” is the initial question to challenge yourself. “What would I need to do differently to feel differently about this?” This is the next question to start moving us from limitations to liberation. If you would like to start a career in coaching, it is not enough to think that ‘life experience’ is adequate to coach others. Coaching is a privileged space and you can do more harm than good if you are not skilled. When I interview potential coaches to enrol in our program, I am often told they have been coaching for years. I generally acknowledge the understanding that most of us don’t know what we don’t know. I am yet to have anyone finish the course who thought they could coach and exclaim that they can’t believe how much they have learned. They realise how much more impactful they can now be. If you are ready to have a greater impact as a personal or professional coach, contact us for a no-obligation discussion about career pathways and programs. ca

If you would like to know more about customising a program for your teams, contact FIREUP at info@fireup.com.au or 1300 347 387. For Accredited Programs commencing near you see www.fireup.com.au


Fire Up Coaching

Kathy McKenzie is recognised as a pioneer in the field of coaching in Australia having designed a Diploma of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring ((NAT10714), and Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching (10547NAT) which are also International Coach Federation Accredited (ACTP) Studies and practical experience over 25 years give her a wealth of understanding of what it takes to really create personal or organisational transformation.

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Your PropertyCare is a specialist property management business covering the Sunshine Coast, North Brisbane and Moreton Bay area. I am building a brand that demonstrates a unique point of difference, and it’s all based on the way I work alongside my clients. No giveaways or special deals - just special and consistent client service.


Shopping for wine that is delivered directly to your door has never been easier! With over 300 wines from across the globe, and our 100 per cent money-back guarantee, it’s a palate-pleasing, no-brainer decision!  To get $50 off your first order, call 1300 559 463 and ask for Charlee. P. 1300 559 463




Ian Ugarte is a plumber, builder, educator and serial entrepreneur, having started 26 businesses in 25 years! He is determined to change the face of housing in Australia and has a goal to create 1 million self-contained homes to meet the housing needs of Australians, transforming their feelings of despair, insecurity and fear into hope, confidence and certainty. www.smallisthenewbig.com.au


Do you work in the busy and demanding world of business or healthcare and find yourself more stressed and lower in energy than you’d like? When you work with me, I can help you to get clear, take action and achieve real and meaningful changes in your energy, clarity, focus and genuine happiness Contact Bonnie now at www.fuellingsuccess.com or phone (+61) 35 379 953.

Are you a self-employed business owner or professional? Poole Group Insurance Founder, Jennine Seller specialises in all types of business insurance, Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Vehicles, Trucks, Tradies, and Property Owners. With 25 years in the insurance industry, Jennine’s mantra is to provide tailored insurance programs for every client with personalised service and claims management, she enjoys doing the very best she can for each client, with a view to exceed their expectations. E: jsellers@poolegroup.com.au www.poolegroup.com.au


Join a group of like minded ladies to expand you heart, your soul and your life. STEP UP TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF JOY, LOVE, HEALTH AND D E SARE I G NYOU E R READY? SUCCESS IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE. Book now to avoid missing out. Pricing starts from just $490 + gst* 23rd to 25th November 2019


*Includes Breakfasts, Morning teas, Lunches, Afternoon tea, and two night’s accommodation


Mental Health? – “I don’t have mental health”

When I tell people that I work as a psychologist, there is a customary eyebrow raise, a wide eyed look, and usually one of two responses. The sarcastic “so can you read my mind right now?” or a curious “so what’s it like working with people who have mental problems?”.

When it comes to mental health, it seems that there’s been an ‘us-and-them’ mentality that has been formed somewhere along the line. There is an assumed normality to the absence of the mental and emotional challenges that comprise ‘mental illness’, and a presumed abnormality to their presence.

In contrast, many would feel it appropriate to label John Smith, who avoids going outdoors due to anxiety, experiences panic attacks and constantly fears being put in situations that are unfamiliar, as having ‘mental problems.’ However, semantically, when we label him this way, it is very different to when we label Jane as unhealthy.

What is most intriguing about this distinction, is that we don’t seem to have implied the same rule in any other field of health or life; be it the physical, social or spiritual. Within each of these other domains, we seem to have generally accepted that there exists a spectrum from ‘great’ to ‘poor’ health.

John’s label carries a dispositional implication, that his problems are related to an inherent defectiveness or abnormality within himself, while Jane’s label simply suggests that her current ways of functioning are problematic for her health. Why the difference? I don’t feel there should be, and this is what we’ll explore here.

Rather than labelling the person themselves as either ‘normal’ or ‘abnormal’ in terms of their health, we understand that the circumstances a person is in, along with how they act within those circumstances are the factors that determine where that person will fall across the range at any one time. We accept that health is a spectrum rather than something that we characteristically either are or are not. For example, let’s consider Jane Doe. Jane has not exercised for the past 6 months and has eaten sugary foods to excess. She has also been smoking cigarettes more frequently and has been sleeping only 3-4 hours most nights. Overall, if we say that Jane ‘is unhealthy’, semantically, we would be suggesting that her current decisions and behaviours are conducive to poor health, rather than implying that she is a class of human that has inherently poor health and is predetermined to be unhealthy.

I recall teaching a subject at University a few years ago called ‘Abnormal Psychology’. It was centred around teaching the 5th year students how to diagnose and treat a variety of diagnoses including Depression, Social Anxiety and Bulimia to name a few. What was interesting was that when I asked the students to put up their hand if they’ve never experienced the symptoms associated with most of these labels (such as low mood, or excessive worrying), not even one was able to. This, along with several other experiences, has brought me to consider that perhaps the very thing that we’ve termed ‘mental illness’ and ‘abnormal psychology’, is actually more accurately described as a normal human encounter, when one faces challenging experiences and emotions and in turn is hijacked by these and pulled into unhelpful behaviours. I feel that our culture needs a mindset shift about the mind (pardon the pun). We need to allow mental health to join the other domains of health. To see it as something that we all experience to different degrees, instead of something only ‘those’ weak, dysfunctional or abnormal people get (as if it’s a gene!). By considering it in this disease-labelling way, we place a burden on ourselves should any of us ever experience emotional difficulties. This then stands in the way of us getting help! It’s an absolutely unnecessary barrier that just delays us restoring wellness to our lives!

56 ISSUE 93

We would do far better to consider mental health as a range within which we all fall at different points depending on our circumstances, experiences and consequent behaviours at the time. This is much more of an accurate way to look at the vast majority of what we call mental health. If we look beyond the names of Anxiety, Depression, or OCD for example, and consider them in terms of their function and affect, we see that they entail the presence of unpleasant or challenging emotions (experience) which influence or hijack the individual into self-defeating or destructive actions (behaviour). This perspective is exactly what evidence-based therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) are based upon and their efficacy is gaining momentum in research! When we look at mental health as an inherent dysfunctionality, we create a cascade effect and compound the burden by causing people to feel depressed that they are anxious, defective that they’re depressed, or frustrated that are worried. All this does is make their experience worse, and subsequently interferes with them readily seeking help because they feel like they would be lumped into the group of ‘those’ people. With this small change in mindset and language, with a perspective shift towards seeing the person first, and their difficulties second, we take a heavy burden off our society. We help us all, you included, to no longer feel like we must be ‘normal’ when the reality is, much of what we currently call ‘Abnormal Psychology’ is really the human response to a challenging life. The Mental and Emotional Wellness program at Living Valley Health Retreat is designed for everyone, whether you are experiencing work-related stress or relationship challenges, whether you’ve lost a sense of meaning or direction, are feeling unfulfilled or just want to grow from a state of being reasonably ok in life, to truly thriving and living! One of my personal endeavours in my role with each person I see is to help them understand their own mental health and to realize it’s not something to be afraid of nor hand over completely to a practitioner. The shift to no longer perceive emotional difficulty as abnormality is the first step to producing right understanding and acceptance of ourselves. Only from this foundation can we truly provide our internal world with the conditions necessary to grow and thrive.


The Complete Mental Health Retreat Located in Queensland Australia, the Living Valley Residential Mental Health program provides a holistic approach to wellness with a direct focus on cultivating a healthy mind and a more positive approach to life. Registered practitioner and clinical psychologist, Ric Collen will expertly guide you through the underlying blockages of mental health issues including depression and anxiety with a focus on identifying and targeting the ‘root causes’. Alongside, our team of naturopathic doctors and multi-skilled therapists will explore and address the key contributing factors that are often overlooked in mainstream mental health treatment, including nutrition, neurochemical dysregulation, inflammation, gut health, and heavy metal toxicity. Surrounded by a nurturing and supportive environment you will leave refreshed and empowered, and ready to take on life’s challenges.

Visit us at

www.livingvalley.com.au or call 1 800 644 733. Ric Elysee-Collen

We’re only a phone call away:

1800 644 733

Clinical Psychologist Living Valley Health Retreat www.mattersmagazine.com.au 57




I love it! I always feel invigorated as beautiful springtime approaches. It always seems like a time when we naturally aspire to be healthier and fitter; for some; it’s the time of year which inspires good old-fashioned ‘spring cleaning’ and nesting tendencies. Speaking of a healthier you, there are some brilliant products on the market today to meet our desire to be fit and healthy, including portion-controlled ready meals, a vast array of quality fresh and local produce, grown and produced right here in our region, and other

diet supplements, such as cold-pressed juice. At White’s IGA, we are certainly embracing and incorporating many of these lifestyle and dietary choices into our current offers.


It’s VIRtUALLY VIRtUALLY YoUR YoUR offIce It’s offIce IT’SfoR VIRTUALLY YOUR OFFICE 49 INc INc gst gst peR peR week week foR jUst jUst 49 $$

Yourown ownland landline linenumber number  Your callsanswered answeredwith withyour yourbusiness businessname name  calls Messagestaken taken  Messages postaladdress address  AApostal hoursofofmeeting meetingroom roomtime timeper permonth month  33hours Fully Fullyserviced servicedor ortotally totallyun-serviced un-servicedexecutive executiveoffices offices   Fully serviced or totally un-serviced executive offices (fromone oneperson personto tofive fivepeople peopleoffices officesavailable) available) person to five people offices available) (from

 We do as much or as little as you need We Wedo doas asmuch muchor oras aslittle littleas asyou youneed need   Board & meeting room hire Board Board&&meeting meetingroom roomhire hire   Latest technology  Latest technology  Latest technology


DYNAMIC MODERN EXECUTIVE ENVIRONMENT AADYNAMIC MODERN EXECUTIVE ENVIRONMENT Rent foran an hour, halfahalf aday, day, oneday, day, aweek, week, month orforever forever Rent forhour, an hour, a one day, oneaday, a week, a month or forever Rent for half aamonth or Fromas aslittle littleas as$77 $77 From

www.regatta1.com.au www.regatta1.com.au GroundFloor, Floor,Regatta RegattaCorporate CorporateBuilding Building Ground InnovationParkway, Parkway,Birtinya Birtinya| |Sunshine SunshineCoast, Coast,QLD QLD--(07) (07)5413 54139200 9200 22Innovation

58 ISSUE 93

CALL NOW cALLNow Nowonly onlytwo two window officesleft left cALL window offices

Cold-pressed juice has been commercially produced for decades but has gained public popularity since 2013. It is juice in its purest form with no additives; simply pure fruit and/ or vegetables. It is made using a two-step process. The food item is washed, sanitised and placed in a machine which robustly chops it all into a pulp - skin, stalks, seeds, everything. The second stage is the actual pressing of the pulp which just means to squeeze out the beautifully pure, fresh nutrients of the juice. The flavour is absolutely amazing.

Flavour combinations are endless; they can be a selection of fruit and vegetables combined for maximum flavour punch and nutrition or as simple as straight-up orange juice. Honestly, cold-pressed orange juice is addictive, particularly when we can source the sweetest oranges grown in the North Burnett regional areas, such as Gayndah and Mundubbera. Think juice for health this springtime. Why not pop into our newest store at Baringa in the Aura - City of Colour and sample some coldpressed juice in-store? Or how about a cuppa in our café, ‘Mix’ - named after my husband Michael, shortened to Mick’s but spelt Mix!

I’d love to make you a fabulous fresh and local coffee (beans sourced from Pioneer Coffee, Yandina). #shoplocal #becomealocavore ca Award Winner // 2015/16 IGA State and National Retail Excellence Award Winner // 2017 IGA National Community Award Winner // 2017 IGA Hall Of Fame Award Winner // 2018 IGA State Retailer of the Year

ABOUT ROZ Roz White and her husband, Michael, commenced their retailing journey on the Sunshine Coast in 1993. Currently the IGA Group consists of the Supa IGA Bli Bli, IGA Mooloolah, IGA Peregian Beach and IGA Mt Coolum, and our new store in Baringa, Aura opening August 2019. The unique ‘locavore’ culture guarantees you to always spot a local in store, because they are locally owned, they employ locals and it’s where the locals shop.

www.mattersmagazine.com.au 59

60 ISSUE 93

www.mattersmagazine.com.au 61

design your destiny daily! Completing a daily planner sets you on track for success ON A DAILY BASIS.





it’s all about:

Setting an intention for success. Seeing that success.

Believing that success.

Being grateful for that success.

Being accountable for that success.


your success!

for intention ily. Set an S, each ESIGN, da APPINES NY BY D H TI D ES AN D ur H, LOVE Create yo live into it. H, WEALT to is LT EA do H u to S IN left for yo SUCCES all there is day, then and every













MY DESTINY MOMENTUM The best thing about today: today’s journal written as though it has already happened




(in three words)



06.00 06.30 07.00 07.30





“The daily destiny designer has truly changed my life, setting an intention each morning for the day, writing it down, then sharing with my accountability buddy has set me on track for the future in a way I didn’t see possible. It’s all happening. I love this daily design dairy”



I am so grateful for:

09.00 09.30 10.00 10.30 11.00 11.30 12.00 12.30 1.00 1.30 2.00 2.30


3.00 3.30


4.00 4.30


5.00 5.30


The most magical thing about yesterday was:

7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00

* If you skip a day, remember your ‘Magic Number’ goes back FIVE days

62 ISSUE 93





Grab yours here www.mydestinydesigner.com

ON THE SUNSHINE COAST In this second decade of the XXI century, the construction industry and its supply chain have changed to a new paradigm. New materials and the next generation of the existing materials have arrived.

On the Sunshine Coast, the most traditional and common method is to use a timber frame on a concrete slab. This type of construction has the advantage of being low cost because of its familiarity in the building sector.

We’re going to talk here about the evolution of porcelain tiles in the building industry.

Alternatively, a steel frame or concrete structure with brick walls can be used. This is more common in Europe than on the Sunshine Coast. This type of construction is becoming more popular as the influence of European architecture starts to be seen. As people come here from overseas, they bring new ideas, increasing diversity in the industry.

Tiles are fast becoming one of the best materials for finishing in construction. They are primarily used in houses in bathrooms and kitchens, and sometimes living areas. Every country has its own finishing design concepts and materials, such as timber, ceramic or porcelain tiles, steel, synthetic and plastic materials. In Australia, external cladding was done using timber or brick, painted or natural, or sometimes ceramic tiles. Internal cladding used to be mainly vinyl planks, timber, ceramic tiles or linoleum. However, times have changed, and new modern concepts have arrived with new materials to be used in construction. Commercial construction or fit-outs were the first place in which the new concepts and materials started to appear, such as façade cladding in porcelain tiles or synthetic timber planks, steel cladding, timber and stone. Residential housing quickly followed. Some porcelain tiles now often replace ceramic tiles, offering:

In addition, the existing supply chain from professionals, contractors, prefab frame and truss manufacturers and so on support it.

Concrete construction allows creativity and offers more options in span, space and shape. You can almost create whatever you want. In addition, using concrete avoids many of the issues experienced with timber construction, including termites, leaks and cyclone damage.

LYNP can design and build your home using a timber frame or concrete, on flat and sloping blocks, in a very cost-effective way. Just book a free preliminary appointment and we can show you the best way to make your dream house a reality. m www.lynp.com.au


• Flossy texture: Silky and smooth to touch

LYNP Projects and Constructions – QBCC

• Monotone: Don’t present tonality variation • Monogauge: Always the same length and width

Congratulations to LYNP on winning Master Builders Refurbishment/Renovation Award on the 11th August 2019. South American graduate in architecture and civil engineering. Registered builder in Queensland with more than 40 years experience. LYNP Projects and Constructions is a building and design company working in commercial and residential sectors.

• Dry joint: No space between them • Glazed polished: Completely bright and water-proofed surfaces

Modern tile design allows architects, designers and customers to exercise their creativity to achieve new, modern-looking building spaces.

Imagine. Inspire. Create. The New Age in tiles has now arrived on the Sunshine Coast

Beautifully imported tiles including: Flossy texture | Monotone Monogauge | Dry joint | Glazed polish | Imported from Brazil


QBCC 15057927

/lynpaustralia www.mattersmagazine.com.au 63




Being a Bartercard member opens your business up to thousands of like-minded people who are willing and able to do business with you. Use the power of Bartercard to increase your network today.

1300 227 837 64 ISSUE 93




Spring is almost here, bringing an opportunity to change old habits and refocus on your business and where it’s going. There’s no better time to ensure your business is prepared for growth. Growth starts from the bottom, so it’s important you’re focused on the foundation of your business, most importantly, the WHO and HOW.

WHO It’s easy to lose track of your finances and bookkeeping obligations, especially when you’re focused on growing the business. However, bookkeeping is important for any kind of business, whether it’s small or large. Therefore, when it comes to business, you need to ensure you get the best from your WHO – which in most cases is your bookkeeper. Your relationship with your bookkeeper is critical. Once you have built a foundation, you should focus on the following to ensure you are getting the best from your WHO. 1. Be Organised It’s easier for bookkeepers to work more efficiently if you spend a little extra time upfront organising your paperwork rather than providing scraps of paper, unopened invoices and illegible receipts.

There are many apps that assist with this function.

a completely up-to-date view of your current financial position.

2. Be Clear Be clear with your bookkeeper so they know how you’ll work together, how often they will be in touch and what you expect.

HOW you use this information in your day-to-day running of the business is up to you. Here are some tips on HOW you can take control of your information:

3. Collaborate in Real Time

1. Keep Track of your Progress

Your bookkeeper can’t help you if they don’t have access to your information when required. Cloud accounting and online datasharing tools make working together easy, no matter where you’re located. 4. Communicate The more your bookkeeper understands where you want your business to be and how you want to get there, the more equipped they will be to assist you.

HOW Your business accounting is the foundation of the finance component of your business. With the introduction of cloud accounting, your information is right at your fingertips wherever and whenever. When your data is cloud-based, you have always got

Use key performance indicators and tracking functions to get a full understanding of your information and performance. 2. Compare & Calculate

Prepare a detailed budget and compare financial performance against actual data. 3. Customise to Suit Use customisation functions to edit the report to suit your business. If reviewing financial reports is not your strength, then this is where your accountant can assist. The year is only in the first quarter, so there’s still time to put these processes in place and ensure 2020 is your best year to date. m

Disclaimer: This article contains general information only. Regrettably, no responsibility can be accepted for errors, omissions or possible misleading statements or for any action taken as a result of any material in this guide. It is not designed to be a substitute for professional advice, as such a brief guide cannot hope to cover all circumstances and conditions applying to the law as it relates to these items.


CA Director, Holmans Accounting & Taxation

Sharee Webster joined Holmans in April 2007. Sharee manages the Holmans Maroochydore office, which was opened in April 2008. Sharee is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland, a Chartered Tax Adviser from the Taxation Institute of Australia and a Registered Tax Agent. At Holmans, Sharee specialises in business structures, taxation advice, superannuation and in particular Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs). She has extensive experience in providing strategic tax advice to private clients, owner-operated family businesses and large corporate entities.

www.mattersmagazine.com.au 65





There’s more uniting Stephen Wolff and Dione Mauric than just their business partnership; they are both trained accountants and share an obsession that has seen them cross paths on various occasions throughout their careers. Stephen and Dione are joint owners of Advantage Business Sales & Valuations, a business brokerage firm based in Noosa Heads. Their skilled team has a combined experience of more than 100 years and a strong track record of achieving great outcomes for their clients. They have helped more than 300 people sell their businesses, to the value of around $100-$125 million. Recently, for example, they sold a very successful Sunshine Coast franchise brand to a young family that had relocated from Perth. Dione explained that this family has grown an already successful business by an additional 21 per cent. “This has enabled them to buy a home quickly and enjoy the Sunshine Coast lifestyle,” she says. Both Dione and Stephen say they love helping families by making business sales and valuations an easy and positive experience with a personal touch.

“I LOVE LEARNING ABOUT PEOPLE’S BUSINESSES AND HELPING THEM COME UP WITH A PLAN TO SELL, WHETHER IT BE NOW OR IN THE FUTURE,” SAYS STEPHEN, WHO HAS BEEN INVOLVED IN FRANCHISE AND BUSINESS SALES FOR OVER FIVE YEARS, SPECIALISING IN QUEENSLAND REGIONAL BUSINESSES. “I enjoy helping families improve their lifestyles and build wealth through buying a business and secondly, helping hardworking families sell their businesses and walk away with a reward for their many years of hard work.” Dione has been in the industry for more than 10 years but has been interested in business all her life. She admits that boredom with her corporate job was a catalyst for jumping into doing what she really wanted. “I loved sales and helping people grow businesses. I have been around 66 ISSUE 93

family-run businesses all my life and was passionate about that,” she says. “I decided that I could help mums and dads sell their businesses and help them get the most return for their years of hard work.” Her success has been recognised with numerous award wins, including the prized Sunshine Coast Business Woman of the Year in 2018. Advantage Business Sales & Valuations was a finalist in the 2017 Sunshine Coast Business Awards. As a professionally qualified chartered accountant with more than 20 years of commercial business experience, Dione is well-equipped to help her clients. She has worked internationally in the United Kingdom and Switzerland with major companies including Pepsico and the Financial Times. Closer to home, she worked for Flight Centre Limited in Brisbane. She says she particularly enjoys working with small business owners in regional Queensland. Stephen also has a chartered accounting background, with more than 20 years of commercial business experience. He has worked internationally for Ingram Micro and the Financial Times and was a multi-site owner of franchise cafes in Brisbane. This has given him broad business experience and knowledge which he readily shares with clients. He partnered with Dione after his franchise business sold. “I was ready for a change into an industry that used my professional skills and small business experience,” he says, “so business sales fitted nicely, and I joined Dione to help grow her business brokerage.” It has proven to be a great partnership. Dione describes Stephen as her ‘rock’. “He has all the skills that I don’t,” she says. “We are a great team. He is the details guy who has the patience to work through all the information and make sure everything we prepare and present is perfect. We would never do the number of sales we do without his attention to detail.” Stephen adds that their success is evident in the large amount of business they get through their referral networks. “We see the majority of our leads coming in from our contacts,” he explains. “We also like to contribute to the success of our network by referring work to them also, wherever possible to local Sunshine Coast businesses.” The pair first met many years ago, when they were graduates at the same chartered accounting firm. They have since worked together on numerous occasions, Dione says. It was when she helped Stephen sell his business that it became clear they had complementary skills that would make them ideal business partners. “We have been listing and selling businesses ever since,” she says. Dione adds that Advantage Business Sales & Valuations has an edge in their industry thanks to their professionalism, experience and proven sales track record.

For anyone looking to buy a business, her number one tip is to do your homework.


For those thinking about selling, she says that planning well in advance is key. “Selling a business is a process, not an event,” she points out. “You need to understand how to set yourself up to win and work through the process to achieve the goal you are wanting to achieve.” This is where the expertise of Advantage Business Sales & Valuations comes into its own. Dione adds that the industry has gotten tougher over the last five years. “Buyers expect more profit, sellers expect higher prices and the banks have tightened up on the lending criteria,” she explains. The help of a business broker is invaluable in this type of buying and selling climate. Furthermore, there’s likely to be an increasing number of businesses coming onto the market due to the ‘baby boomer factor’, she says. She expects technology will continue to improve communication and business efficiency, and banks to continue getting tighter, with vendor funding becoming more predominant. But great service never goes out of style, she says. “Brokers prepared to do the old-fashioned handshake will continue to get an edge.” e www.advantagebusinesssalesandvaluations.com.au



Bringing solutions for people who love the outdoors, the clothing range:

• Reduces toxic chemical repellents and sunscreens applied to the skin. • Reduces the opportunity for flies, mosquitoes, and other annoying insects • Is a non-toxic way to protection in the great outdoors • Includes innovative fabrics providing two-way air flow, lightweight, easy wash n wear • Provides UPF 50+plus protection and Nudicover Mesh* providing 72 UVA & UVB block • Caps are unique innovative design – featuring detachable face/neck piece for cap only wear Locally owned and managed Sunshine Coast outdoor wear design and manufacture business.

Check out the range at www.nudicover.com www.mattersmagazine.com.au 67



Whether you’re in business, an investor or simply an interested resident observer, it helps to take note of the effects and consequences that always follow BIG private or government spending on projects, infrastructure and technology. What follows this spending can make or break a business, deliver a sizable windfall to a resident and significantly change employment opportunities. There are four ‘biggies’ that I recommend readers monitor regularly. Two are well-advanced but have much more to come before their real and lasting effects are felt. These are the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) at Sippy Downs and the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) at Birtinya. Here is a short summary of some 10-year trends that I think demonstrate the claim I make about the effects of the two large spending initiatives noted above.


These three suburbs are all very close to the University and Hospital (noted above). By contrast, the two suburbs that have gathered the oldest resident populations are Caloundra and Noosaville, both at present well removed from major projects. As the chart illustrates, the highest annual household incomes are Mountain Creek, Buderim South and Peregian Springs, Palmwoods and Wurtulla/Birtinya. However, to further confirm the trends noted above, the two suburbs that have enjoyed the highest change in annual household incomes over the last 10 years are again, Sippy Downs, Wurtulla and Birtinya. Another key indicator of shifts in Coast lifestyle is a tendency towards higher-density residential settlement in non-beachside locations. Where the median population density for the Coast over 10 years is 21 per cent, Mountain Creek has changed by 86 per cent, Sippy Downs by 51 per cent and Wurtulla/Birtinya by 46 per cent. These suburbs give quick access to the University and the Hospital.

90,000 80,000 70,000 60,000 50,000

Sunshine Coast median

In conclusion, the two major projects that are only just getting going, and I think will have even greater impacts are Maroochydore City Centre – ‘The Bright City’ with Australia’s fastest data connection to Asia - and the expansion of the Airport which is currently building an east-west runway of 2,450 metres that will replace the original 650-metre north-south runway. This will allow wide-bodied aircrafts to offer direct flights to South East Asia, China and Hawaii, as well as increased numbers of domestic flights.

The three suburbs that have attracted the largest number of younger residents over the last 10 years are Birtinya, Wurtulla and Sippy Downs.

The public infrastructure required to service these two huge projects in coming years will have significant effects (both beneficial and otherwise) on many suburbs and shopping centres around them. c

40,000 30,000 20,000 10,000 $ Mountain Creek

68 ISSUE 93

Buderim South

Peregian Springs


Wurtulla, Birtinya



SPRING TIME AND TIME TO HAVE SOME FUN I know we have all been tucked away over winter because it’s been soooo cool here on the Sunny Coast (not)! However, now that we have put our winter woollies away, let’s spring into action and try something different? Our beautiful Sunshine Coast region has so much to offer. From our wonderful beaches to the hinterland, weekend markets, bush walks, cafes, restaurants, golf courses, cinemas, pubs, skydiving, offshore adventures or a day tour on the back of a Harley, wow, how lucky are we with so many options right here on our doorstep? What are some of your favourite things to do on the Sunshine Coast? You probably already have your own list. So, readers, I have a little game for you to try with your family, friends or even on your own. Write down as many places or things you would like to do but haven’t done yet here on the coast. Put them in a hat and

once a week, fortnight or month, pull something out and do it. This is a great way to do something different and get the most out of this beautiful place we call home. Oh, and it might be a great idea to add GOLF to the list. Golf is good for the soul, good for your health, good for your social well-being; I can’t personally think of anything that golf isn’t good for, yeah, add golf. Until next time, don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t worry, be happy! c

Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother, Girlfriend, Mate - EVERYONE WELCOME! NO FANCY OUTFITS, NO FANCY GIMMICKS, NO FANCY PRICES (Memberships from $9.95). Safe and caring environment, no contracts ever, 24 hour access COME ON IN TO EXPERIENCE OUR GENIUNE PASSION FOR EMPOWERING YOU TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE

JOIN BEFORE THE 30TH OF SEPTEMBER TO RECEIVE OUR MATTERS MAGAZINE READERS ONLY OFFER $0 joining fee (save $99) - Free programs every 6 weeks - 1 x free PT session, Free welcome pack including towel, water, water bottle, lanyard, and ask us about our especially tailored FREE classes to see if they are for you.

Unit 1/1 Nicklin Way, Minyama Phone (07) 5444 8111 Email Minyama@plusfitness.com.au Plenty of parking onsite. Access Via Jessica Blvd www.mattersmagazine.com.au 69

Dear Vickie Hi Tracey,

Dear Vickie,

ll this I have tried a ff and self-belief stu ut it doesn’t meditation, b work for me? lly ve that it rea Do you belie ryone? works for eve Tracey G.

Thanks for your question, it’s a great one, one that I hear again and again. I have a question for you first, have you tried to fly a plane and couldn’t do it? Would you say that it doesn’t work for you? How about performing an operation in a hospital? The thing is, no matter what you want to do, you have to learn how to do it. Then you have to practice, practice, practice! Only then will you get better at it. I can promise you that this stuff really does work; for me, it brings me joy and helps me to set an intention for each day, but you have to be persistent. If you would like to begin meditation, you are welcome to join my daily live meditation (six days a week on Facebook at 6am). You can actually do it any time of day you choose, so don’t be scared off by the 6am thing! The group is called ‘The Magic Circle – My Destiny Designer’. Hope to see you there.

Dear Vickie,

Dear Vickie,

I just can’t le t go of the pa st. No matter wh at happens, I just keep go ing back to things in the past that hav e truly affected my life. I kno w that if I could let go, I could be happy, bu t I can’t let go .

y. You always seem happ u really Is that fake, or are yo truly always happy? Steven P.

Jean T. Dear Jean,

Hi Steven,

Well, first of all, you are not alone; there are so many people just like you. There is something for them that happened last week, last month, last year, or even 20 or more years ago, and they are carrying the burden of that with them every single day.

Ha, that is a question I have been asked a lot actually. The truth is, no, I am not always happy. I am human and as humans sometimes crap happens that takes us off track. I can tell you though that these days I am off track for way less time than I ever was. In the past, it would take me days of wallowing in self-pity or hate or something else before I would see that the only person suffering here was me. These days, I realise that I have the POWER OF CHOICE; what a superpower that is!

Life is right now, in this moment, not yesterday and not tomorrow. There are a lot of people - I used to be one - who have the same issue with the future; they are so scared or stressed about what may or may not happen that it overtakes their NOW. Your life is now, and you absolutely must draw a line in the sand to see that what happened yesterday is not happening to you right now. The only real benefit of thinking about or dwelling on yesterday is in the learnings. Think about the incident you are holding onto and think about what you learnt from it; take all the learnings and think of those learnings as a gift. Make sure the learnings serve you, so not, ‘I learnt all men are dimwits’ type learning! A great way to move forward with this is to live your life in day time compartments, something I learnt from Dale Carnegie (How to win friends and influence people). It’s a great way to truly appreciate now, and leave the past in the past, and the future in the future. Sure, we can plan for the future, but living in the moment is actually where life is. Set an intention to Design your Destiny Daily, check out this great daily planner at www.mydestinydestiner.com.au

70 ISSUE 93

So, these days I CHOOSE to stay down for much shorter spaces of time. Depending, of course, on the ‘what’. I recently did something that I regretted doing quite badly. I said something that upset someone. I felt so bad about it, I felt it was wrong to simply let it go in that moment, so I actually chose to stay in the pain a little longer than normal, to attempt to teach me that lesson. I took the lesson as a massive gift, a massive learning of reminding me of who I am, and who I really want to be. But guess what, you and I, we are human and our humanness will often show its head, and that’s okay. The important thing is that we let it go as quickly as possible and get back to being the version of us we want to be. For me, that is definitely happy, kind, strong, courageous, generous and, most of all, giving and loving. Hope this helps.

kie, Dear Vic

ast e in my p . n o e m o s e There is ly cannot forgiv p im I that I s e unless m ll e t le Peop r be will neve I , e iv g r fo n happy. oughts o h t r u o y e What ar this? .

Susan E Hey Susan,

Unfortunately, you may not want to hear this, but PEOPLE are right. When we hold on to hate, when we cannot forgive, it is actually like us drinking poison but somehow expecting the other person to die. The only person that suffers pain from this is us. The other person doesn’t feel a thing. The forgiveness isn’t actually about them anymore, it’s about us. It’s about us releasing the pain from ourselves. Once we truly let go, it can leave us free to simply get on with life. The great news is that we don’t have to forgive them face-to-face. We can, of course, although better still that we ask them for forgiveness, but let’s not make this too difficult. We can simply forgive them in our own heart. This is similar to the previous question from Jean above; we can choose to take the learnings from the incident, work out what we learnt from this (in a positive light) and choose to let it go. By letting it go, we actually let ourselves go, we gain freedom. It really does feel good. You might say, “But you don’t know what they did to me”, and you are right, I don’t. But every time you think of it, you are feeding it. It’s like watering weeds (the things you don’t want). One way to really help yourself through this is to begin to water flowers (the things you do want). Think about it, what do you love in your life, or what do you love from your past? When you are being grateful for the things you love, you are focusing your attention, your thoughts, towards the good stuff, and whammo you get more good stuff! What you focus on grows, we’ve often heard this before, but do you live it? If you focus on the person you don’t forgive, and what they did, or didn’t do, said or didn’t say, all that happens is that it grows and grows and grows; it becomes bigger than Ben Hur! If you don’t want that (AND TRUST ME, YOU DON’T), re-frame your focus towards the good stuff. Water the FLOWERS, not the WEEDS. The flowers are the things you want; the weeds are the things you don’t want. Just keep catching yourself every time you find yourself watering a weed and simply say, “Blah, here I go watering a weed, I want more flowers, let me water those,” and then change your thoughts towards the good stuff you are grateful for. THIS WORKS; however, it takes WORK. f


Have a question? Send your question to Vickie at vmagic@bmmag.com.au

ABOUT VICKIE Vickie is an Internationally Accredited Life and Business Coach. She has been facilitating Mindset Retreats for nine years; her passion is to share the tools she has learnt to inspire us all to live our best life. www.mydestinydesigner.com.au www.mattersmagazine.com.au 71



As Matthew Flinders Anglican College Year 7 student Ben O’Connor goes about his schooling week like any other 12-year-old, managing his schedule of study, co-curricular sports and quality time with family and friends, he is also working on a mammoth fundraising project that is close to reaching its $64,760 target – with your help. ‘Summit for Sarcoma’ is a daring physical and mental challenge that involves Ben, and his father, Andrew O’Connor, climbing

the 6 476-metre-high Mera Peak in the Himalayas in October this year.

The goal is to raise money for research into a rare form of childhood cancer, osteosarcoma, which a person close to Ben is suffering. Ben is close to his fundraising target of $64,760 - $10 for every metre he will climb but needs the community’s help to raise the final $8,000 to achieve his goal. Less than one per cent of cancer research funding is allocated towards sarcoma and yet this rare group of cancers makes up 20 per cent of cancers in children, and predominantly in males. Andrew and Ben will personally fund the challenge so that all money raised will benefit QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute and will help Dr Mark Smyth continue his vital research into finding a cure for sarcoma. In December 2017, Ben and his dad completed a trek in Nepal’s Everest region up

72 ISSUE 93

to a village called Dingboche. This two-week trek was Ben’s first experience trekking at higher altitudes and proved his ability to undertake physically demanding challenges. It also helped him to imagine the challenges a person battling cancer faces every day. We asked Ben some questions about his challenge and motivation: Q: What does your training schedule involve to help you get fit for the hike? Ben: We run up and down Lara Drive Steps in Buderim during the week and climb Mt Coolum three or four times on a weekend. Q: Does your training change the closer you get to the hike date?

Ben: Yes, the training gets more intense as we get closer to the date we leave. We have been training seven days a week in the months leading up to the climb

Q: Do you have any words of advice about how it feels to have a hobby or passion outside of your school commitments to focus on that lights you up?

Q: What are you learning about yourself as you go about this project?

Ben: Being in the mountains makes me feel alive. I am really looking forward to reaching the summit.

Ben: I’ve learnt that I have much more potential than I thought. I’ve also realised that people are so generous with their donations and care a lot about finding a cure for sarcoma. Q: What is your message to other young people about setting goals and following your passion?

Q: How is your College community helping you to achieve this project, and who else in your life is supporting you on this journey? How does it feel to be so supported?

Ben: It’s good to set a challenge, work hard and give it a go.

Ben: My teacher at Flinders, Patrick Morrow, has been very supportive in helping me reach the school community. Flinders encourages students to achieve more and to give back to our community and to people in need. My dad is helping me get out of my comfort zone and push myself. We wish Ben and Andrew a safe and successful climb, and we encourage our school community and beyond to support this important project. You can visit the project website here (www.activeqimrb.everydayhero.com/au/ SFS2019) to make your contribution and support Ben’s family with achieving their big-hearted project. e

EVER THOUGHT OF GETTING A BUSINESS COACH? What if you could try a coach without locking in to a long-term contract. Welcome to SPEED COACHING – a NEW concept In Business Coaching. 3 You and just 3 other Business Owners will spend a FULL DAY with an Internationally Accredited Business Coach working ON YOUR business. 3 This is a Workshop not a lecture. 3 You will leave with an expertly crafted Marketing Strategy & Marketing Plan specifically for you. 3 And at only $497+gst it’s an amazingly low investment. With 30 years-experience working for some of Australia’s biggest businesses, like Optus, Vodafone and Citibank, Craig Levitt is an internationally accredited coach and trainer, who brings proven success strategies to any size business.

Call Craig now to find out more. Call 0414 681 189

www.mattersmagazine.com.au 73

Gift Voucher


do you love






Don’t Move! IMPROVE!

• New Kitchen • New Bathroom • Bedroom • Office • Ensuite • Deck You name it we can build it. Sunshine Coast Renovations specialises in UPGRADING your home, so you can stay where you are. “Sunshine Coast Renovations added a walk-in robe and ensuite to our house. We were so happy with how quick the job was done, how flexible they were and what a professional job they did. Throughout the whole process Marty and his team were lovely and we couldn’t believe how little we were put out by the whole renovation. We are thrilled with our new ensuite and walk in robe, the only complaint we have is that we didn’t do it sooner”.

Very happy renovator – Buddina

MEET MARTY Martin Vince has worked in the industry since he was just 15, working with his dad for 14 years, he learnt all the tools of the trade. Out on his own for the past two years Marty just loves the difference he gets to make in the lives of his clients. As a builder and tiler Marty is hands on in every job. His clients love his flexibility and professionalism stating that although he is still young his ability seems that of someone 20 years his senior. Marty puts that down to the great example of work ethics he learnt from his dad.

*The only condition that applies to this voucher is that you spend the voucher towards a renovation of $10,000 or more before the 31st December 2019.

74 ISSUE 93


Come and try o

ur new

Spring menu!

123 Parkyn Parade, “The Wharf” Mooloolaba (Under the Tower) Tuesday to Saturday from 10 til late, Sundays 10 til 5 Ph: 07 5444 5044 www.seerestaurant.com.au

www.mattersmagazine.com.au 75

CONGRATULATIONS to our Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network award winners


Frances Cayley

Project Director, Sunshine Coast City Hall and SCC Workplaces, Sunshine Coast Council SPONSORED BY Garland Waddington Solicitors

300 Sunshine Coast locals helped celebrate the 21st year of these prestigious awards. Matters Magazine would like to congratulate not only the winners of each category but also each and every finalist; going through this process is a fantastic way of taking a look at your business at an in-depth level. Well done! c Many thanks to Jason Hay Photography for these beautiful images

76 ISSUE 93

As the local government authority for the region, Sunshine Coast Council is currently committed to the delivery of a civic headquarters in the new Maroochydore City Centre. Frances has led Council through the inception, pre-feasibility, feasibility and concept design phases of the Sunshine Coast City Hall, providing direction and ongoing expertise during their key decision-making.


Natalie Tink

Founder and Managing Director of Miss Monogram SPONSORED BY USC Natalie Tink is the Founder and Managing Director of the fashion retail business, Miss Monogram which opened its online store in November 2016 and a Sunshine Plaza retail store in November 2018. Miss Monogram gives women an opportunity to express their individuality and femininity with bespoke fashion accessories, including personalised leather bags, wallets, wedding gifts, travel and office accessories. Natalie has established a loyal customer base all over the world and leverages every touchpoint to nurture customer connections and build brand affinity.



Feda Adra

Heidi Walker

CEO of ComLink Ltd SPONSORED BY Pacific Motor Group

Managing Director / Owner of Walker Seafoods SPONSORED BY The Events Centre Walker Seafoods Australia is Australia’s largest wild-caught tuna company, exporting 70 per cent of their fish to the USA, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Spain. They also focus on the domestic market, supplying direct to wholesalers and chefs such as Neil Perry, Tetsuya and Josh Niland.


Kelly Lavery

Founder and CEO of STRUCKET - STRAINER MEET BUCKET SPONSORED BY Sunshine Coast Council Kelly is the perpetual motion machine behind STRUCKET, an idea sparked when she was faced with buckets of soaking baby mess. STRUCKET is the culmination of three years of research, design, prototyping, tooling, testing, grant applications, sourcing funding, sleepless nights and white wine! Launched December 2018, with a $100,000 Advanced Queensland Ignite Ideas Grant, STRUCKET is Australian-made. In March 2019, STRUCKET had turned a profit and to date has sales in excess of 4000, expanding to international markets. STRUCKET is also an AUSTRALIAN GOOD DESIGN AWARD WINNER.

Established in 1987, ComLink is a leading aged care specialist, with seven offices across Queensland, 209 employees and 220 volunteers. Feda is responsible for the organisation’s overall success, with key duties around strategy, innovation, contract management, leadership, financial management and operational functions performance. Feda considers her greatest personal achievement to be her strong family unit, with her husband of 30 years and three adult children of whom she is incredibly proud. Other achievements include being awarded the AIM Qld Excellence Awards 2014 NFP Manager of the Year and representing Australia as a presenter at three international conferences.


Jade Law

Recruitment Specialist at Sunshine Coast Council. SPONSORED BY Bentley’s As a recruitment specialist with one of the largest employers on the Sunshine Coast, Jade is making a valuable contribution to Sunshine Coast Council’s vision: Australia’s most sustainable region - Healthy, Smart, Creative. With a passion for connecting with the region’s community, Jade has single-handedly generated 80 work experience opportunities for school and tertiary students, the disadvantaged workforce and people with disability.

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Forget Sittingitis: sitting for long periods of time. It’s well known that standing up is the answer. Whilst standing desks have many great health benefits, such as lowering your blood pressure, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, reducing the symptoms of lower back pain and improving your posture, they also burn around 50 extra calories an hour whilst you’re using one. So, by standing for half of your working day – four hours out of eight - you’ll burn a staggering 200 extra calories a day; that’s 1 000 per week and a massive 52 000 each year. That is the equivalent of running 18.71 marathons, all from behind your desk, all whilst you work. This easy switch will get you more active in no time at all. The VARIDESK® Pro Plus 36 is the best standing desk solution. The amazing design takes you from sitting to standing in under three seconds and comes fully assembled with no installation needed. It simply slots on top of your normal desk. Standing up at work and using a VARIDESK® will make a real difference to your working habits. The VARIDESK® Pro Plus 36 allows you to work standing up, helping to prevent many health problems whilst also improving your overall health. 78 ISSUE 92 93


• Two-tier design: upper display surface, lower keyboard/mouse deck • Largest model (Pro Plus 48) holds up to 45 lbs (20.4 kg) • Sits on top of existing desks

VARIDESK® believes work should be comfortable, productive and energising. That’s why they designed the ProPlus™ series for anyone ready to take their workspace to the next level.  The simple design takes you from sitting to standing in three seconds, requires no assembly and works with your existing furniture. Their best-selling, height-adjustable solution turns any desk into a standing desk, and it comes in a variety of sizes and styles suited to your workspace. This desk riser’s two-tiered design gives you a spacious upper display area for your laptop, monitor or even dual-monitor setup, whilst the lower deck has plenty of room for a full-sized keyboard, mouse and more.  Because VARIDESK® comes fully-assembled and is ready to go right out of the box, transforming your workspace won’t disrupt your work. There are no complicated instructions and no tools required - simply place your VARIDESK® on your desk or table, add your monitors, keyboard and mouse, and you’re ready to get back to work. When you feel like standing, adjusting your VARIDESK® is simple too because our

spring-loaded boost mechanism and dual-handle design makes it super easy to lift, lower and adjust to any of the 11 height settings. Our no-risk, 30-day guarantee makes it easy to see just how fast and simple it is to make the switch to VARIDESK® sit-stand desk solutions. If you’re not happy with your VARIDESK® within 30 days, simply call them and they will pick it up for free.

So, if you have been wondering what all this stand-up desk stuff is all about, and if it’s for you, here’s your chance to give it a try. The VARIDESK® Pro Plus 36 is available in white, black or dark wood for just $550 from au.varidesk.com e

www.mattersmagazine.com.au 79





80 ISSUE 91 93

A Sunshine Coast local since the age of 14, Matt Filippi always loved Ninja Warrior and wanted to compete on the show since he was a child. “I used to watch Ninja Warrior Japan on TV when I was young and always wanted to give it a crack,” he said. However, this dream took a backseat when Matt joined the Australian Army at the age of 19. He served for six years, during which time he was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Matt says, it was “such a full-on time, but the best thing I have done.” After his service, Matt applied for and was cast on Big Brother 2013 where, he says, the experience was “crazy” and was like “being on holiday with 20 mates”. However, even after this craziness, Matt didn’t slow down. He completed a personal training course through the FIT College in Maroochydore and has now been a personal trainer with Matt Filippi Fitness Resolution for nearly six years. When season one of Australian Ninja Warrior aired on television, Matt knew he had to be in season two! When the competitors were finally announced, Matt Filippi was in! Without doing any speciality training, he competed and missed out on making the grand final by one place! But now, Matt knew what he needed to do. He began training one day a week at PA Rambo’s backyard Ninja course. His twin brother, Luke, also joined in and they have been training together for the past year, the healthy rivalry pushing them both harder. When season three was announced, Matt was ready! His goal? To make the grand finals of Australian Ninja Warrior.

Standing at the starting line before his heat, Matt’s adrenalin was pumping. But, “as that buzzer goes, the nerves stop and it’s so fun up there,” he said. His hard work over the past one-and-a-half years gave him the confidence he needed to approach the course as a Ninja Warrior veteran. Matt cruised through the heats and semi-finals, making it into the hotly-contested Australian Ninja Warrior grand final and achieving his goal. In the grand final, Matt competed valiantly but slipped during his run and finished 20th overall. “I felt like all my hard training and dedication had paid off, and I’m proud of how I went.” Even after triumphing over such an enormous challenge, Matt’s true dream is to stay fit, healthy and enjoy doing it. As a personal trainer, Matt loves to focus on high-intensity group training. Located in the Point Cartwright area with a studio in Warana, Matt says, “I absolutely love it as I get to help and motivate people to reach their goals”. He says being a personal trainer is the most rewarding job and helps to maintain a great lifestyle. If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer, Matt suggests checking out FIT College in Maroochydore to get the necessary qualifications.

If you’re looking to get in shape, Matt recommends starting with a small goal and working from there. It could be anything! Get active: walk, bike, swim. Or check out your diet: start eating clean and healthy. Matt also has a tip for anyone interested in competing in Australian Ninja Warrior. He says you need a back story because ultimately, Ninja Warrior is a television show and it needs the ratings. “We get told it’s not a fitness comp, it’s a TV show”. Furthermore, upper body and grip strength are essential to finding success on the course, he said. Matt says the Ninja Warrior experience has provided a goal to train for, which for him is a great motivator. Furthermore, he has met inspirational and like-minded people who are all pushing each other to become better athletes. He competes in monthly competitions all over Australia with the Ninja Warrior community. Matt’s final thoughts on Ninja Warrior Australia? “I think the TV show is so good for kids as they love it, and it’s a great family show to watch together.”

Australian Ninja Warrior fans all hope to see Matt compete next year! e www.mattersmagazine.com.au 81


Left to right: Alisha Elliot – Policy Programs Manager , Mia Garlick – Director of Policy ANZ, Andrew Wallace – Federal MP for Fisher and Simon Milner – Vice President, Public Policy – APAC



PROGRAM The largest Community Boost program ever held took place on the Sunshine Coast on July 26. Mia Garlick, Director of Policy ANZ, said, “We really enjoyed the opportunity to meet over 1,000 locals on the Sunshine Coast through our Community Boost program, making it our largest Community Boost event ever held.

“Through our Community Boost program, we ran free workshops on online marketing, small business growth and the latest trends in mobile, video and stories. We also hosted innovation sessions, training for non-profits and online safety for young people. “The attendance and enthusiasm shown by businesses and local community groups on the Sunshine Coast for the Community Boost program highlighted why the Sunshine Coast is fast becoming known as an emerging entrepreneurial hub. The ‘Connecting Benefits’ report we commissioned last year further highlights this entrepreneurial spirit, having revealed SMBs on the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast have the highest rates of Facebook usage, and that the Sunshine Coast saw around 1,900 employees hired in 2017 by SMBs, due to the growth they experienced, in part from using Facebook.”

82 ISSUE 93

As an attendee of the event, I asked Facebook for three top tips for our readers: 1. START SIMPLE: BUILD A BUSINESS PAGE Starting on Facebook is easy; any small business can do it! All you need to do is build a Business Page. A Facebook Business Page creates a focal point for your company in the market, helping to increase exposure to potential customers. It also allows your business to receive Facebook Insights, meaning you can better understand your unique audience and, ultimately, connect with them more authentically. Facebook has recently redesigned its Business Pages to ensure it’s even more compatible on mobile, making it easier for people to interact with their local businesses. For example, people can make a reservation at a restaurant, book an appointment at a salon, or see the most recent photos, upcoming events and offers from your business. Consumers can also now see Stories on Pages to get to know the people behind the business. 2. ENSURE YOUR CONTENT IS MOBILE FIRST As more people turn to their phones to discover a range of new things, from the latest trends to new products, small businesses need a strong mobile strategy. With 88 per cent of Australians now using a smartphone, brands must optimise their content for mobile, so they can reach the right consumer. 


s ’ t e l o s If bring back ! c i g a M the Mia Garlick and Andrew Wallace.

With most people holding their phone vertically, its important businesses create content that has a vertical focus. A good strategy when creating Mobile First content is to create it on your mobile. This means the content is already in the right format and easy for your customers to view. 3. GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR CONTENT At Facebook, we know creating content isn’t always easy, so to ensure all SMBs are created equal, we made the creative studio, meaning all businesses have an even playing field and the same tools to develop interesting and unique content. The creative studio houses everything small businesses may need, from a brilliant camera to a ton of easy-to-use apps. The aim of the creative hub is to help users to make world-class advertising for their business. The hub is a perfect example of how there are many more ways out there to build great work, without breaking the bank. With story content growing 15-times faster than feed content and set to overtake it in terms of the number of pieces produced, SMBs should also be looking at how they create stories. A good place to start is testing a few different types of stories and seeing what your community engages with regularly.

To help SMBs use the platform correctly, Facebook has also developed Blueprint. Blueprint is a global training and certification program that focuses on how businesses can market themselves on Facebook. As part of Facebook’s ongoing commitment to SMBs, the business has developed Blueprint courses specifically for this audience. These short courses provide information on the best practice for advertising on Facebook’s family of apps and services. Tools such as SMB Fast Track are a great way for owners to get their businesses up and running on the platform. f www.facebook.com/business/learn/courses

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More than ever, the Sunshine Coast is increasingly on show on the national and often international stage. Going global is important for our region and our local businesses. Research from the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) shows that companies that go global typically pay higher wages, spend more on R&D and are more innovative. They also expose the region to a range of new trade and investment opportunities. Council supports these local to global connections through our Regional Economic Development Strategy and by working with key partners like Austrade and Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ). Through these partnerships, we are also supporting our local business community through a range of council-led initiatives including our Level Up Program, Export Program and Business Gateway and helping to position our region as a competitive source of high demand goods and services. Many may not realise that the most visible Australian retail product in the world is based right here at Palmwoods in Gourmet Garden - with their herbs in tubes found in more than 30,000 supermarket shelves around the world. Or that another company, RADAQUA, is delivering world-class, innovative aquaculture facilities in China and the Middle East. Sunshine Coast company Typefi is helping people publish content faster through their IT solutions across the world. Our strengths in such fields as world-class health and medical services, education, digital solutions, clean technologies, high-value tourism, high-performance sport and food production will enable the region to tap into the emerging and evolving needs of national and global markets. It is exciting to see that our regional exports have increased by more than four per cent as a share of our gross regional product. Of our 84 ISSUE 93

$17.2 billion economy in 2017, 17.9 per cent of goods and services were produced for export to markets outside our area. That figure is expected to grow to 20 per cent of our economy well before 2033. Research has shown that local businesses list export as their biggest opportunity to expand sales over the next five years. Our council is stepping up to help local businesses achieve their export goals.

Together we can open the Sunshine Coast up to the world - supporting more Sunshine Coast businesses to access new export markets which ultimately expands local job opportunities which directly benefits residents across our region. To learn more about what council is doing to support local businesses, visit council’s website at invest.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au or connect via LinkedIn https://au.linkedin.com/showcase/the-sunshine-coastexport-network c

MARK JAMIESON Sunshine Coast Mayor

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson keeps Matters Magazine readers up-to-date on what’s happening on the Coast. For more information, please visit invest.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au


The benefits of getting a professional involved early in the process. Are you planning on building a home? Or reinvigorating your company’s interior? Or tackling a commercial construction project? Q: When should you call your builder or shopfitter? It’s a question that is often overlooked but quite easily answered. A: As early as possible! Through years of experience, we have found that the earlier we can become involved in a project, the more positive influence we can have on its cost, performance and outcomes. As a project moves closer towards completion, the cost of implementing change increases significantly. We’ve found that when we are involved in the project right from the planning stage, we can foresee the significant challenges that may lie ahead. This foresight allows us to plan and manoeuvre your project around those challenges and achieve a positive outcome. To all our current and prospective clients, we offer the opportunity to discuss their project on-site with our team as early as possible. If you’re leasing a property, then we encourage a ‘Pre-Lease Assessment’ that allows us to look at the potential challenges that exist within each space. If you’re planning to buy, then we recommend you take a professional into the premises prior to beginning your negotiation process.

The more knowledge you can arm yourself with during the early stages, the more prepared you’ll be for the challenges that come along with the building. ca P: 07 5319 3068 | www.coopersmall.com.au

ABOUT BEAU Managing Director at

the Cooper & Small Group, which owns and manages Entire Fitout Solutions, Cabinetry QLD and Cooper Small www.mattersmagazine.com.au 85





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Issue 93_Spring into Action Issue  

Welcome to our ‘SPRING INTO ACTION’ edition of Matters Magazine. In this issue, we showcase local businesses that have a passion for fashion...

Issue 93_Spring into Action Issue  

Welcome to our ‘SPRING INTO ACTION’ edition of Matters Magazine. In this issue, we showcase local businesses that have a passion for fashion...