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did this really happen? Did I do something to make this happen? What’s the learning here? What’s the lesson? What can I take from this? What would love do? What’s the gift? What’s the gold? The gold is that I spent a very short time being upset and am at complete peace with what happened. Of course, I can’t change anything, I can’t go backwards, but that isn’t really the point. The point is that instead of living in a space of upset, a place of anger, hurt, pain of any kind, I can choose to live in a place of peace.

My passion, my purpose in life, is to inspire people to truly understand that the power of choice can change anything/everything. We add all the drama, we add all the “he said”, “she said”, “didn’t say”, “didn’t do”, “that means this”, “that must mean this”. We tell anyone who will listen our tales of woe, and all that happens with that is our tales of woe grow. So what’s the learning? The learning for me is: things happen — shit happens, stuff happens, constantly — and in a flash we can choose to grow it or blow it. I choose to blow it. To breathe through it; the breathing stopped me, the breathing changed my state of mind and allowed me to think of the outcome I wanted. The truth is the outcome I wanted was peace of mind; the truth is that we all want peace of mind. None of us want to live in a place of upset, a place of anger, a place of frustration. We sometimes just don’t realise that all the power we seek is within us, that WE and ONLY WE have the power to feel good or feel bad.


Can you feel it? Do you want things to be different to how they are?



Do you get almost there then sabotage your results?



Do you believe that THEY have to change for you to be happy?



DO you wish/dream/want what you don’t have?



Do you have beliefs telling you that you CAN’T achieve the things you want to achieve



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Just stopping and taking five deep breaths in through the nose to the count of three and out through the mouth to the count of three, and allowing ourselves to sit in that moment and choose our outcome, choose to keep the incident to ourselves, to not tell the world, to not illicit buy in from those around us to help it grow and grow and grow — that can make all the difference. So I invite you to really think about it the next time something happens to you, and it will. I invite you to think to yourself — I have a choice right now, I can feel sick with pain, worry, frustration even anger and GROW this, or I can choose to look for the gift, look for the gold and SIMPLY BLOW IT and instead choose to breathe and let it go and stay peaceful, stay calm where I truly would prefer to live.

The power to change is a CHOICE, our choice. What do you really want for you?

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