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Power of Choice By Vickie Magic

Being upset is a get to CHOOSE how the story is going to end! GROW it or BLOW IT. Really... if something upsets us, we are going to be upset, it’s not a choice it’s a reaction to the upset — right? No, actually it’s still a choice and the truth is we get to choose how the story ends. I recently proved the following beyond a shadow of a doubt: first of all, that the distance I have travelled over the last few years is extraordinary; and, secondly, that we choose in every single moment to be angry, frustrated, upset, sad, disappointed, insert your personal pain here...or NOT. Something happened recently that, to be honest, if it happened even a year ago I would have reacted quite differently. I would have been angry; I definitely would have talked to someone about it. I probably would have talked to lots of people about it. Yes, I definitely would have fed it and, of course, that would have helped it to grow and to become bigger than Ben Hur inside my head. Yep, I definitely would have sat in that pain for quite some time.

But this time it was very different to ever before, and the reason it was so different was because of how I reacted, and it made me see that it is always a choice; it is absolutely never the situation. Situations constantly happen to us and around us, we choose in that moment what happens from there. We can and indeed must train ourselves to stop and choose our own peace of mind, and the way we do that is to begin by recognising that if we are upset, if we are hurting, if we are in pain, we have chosen that, and if we have chosen that we can, in a moment, in a second, also unchoose it. So back to my incident — yep, for a moment, I am going to say about half an hour, I was very hurt, very upset, even a little bit angry. How could this happen to me? Blah, blah, blah. The more I thought about it, the bigger it got, the more it grew, because focus makes things (everything) grow. Then I took some deep breaths and within those breaths started to truly think about things. The truth is nobody does something to someone else, we just make stuff mean stuff and then buy into what we make stuff mean, then illicit others to buy in as well (gossip to our friends to help us feed the pain and therefore help it to grow and get bigger and bigger); but this time I didn’t tell anyone, this time I just sat in it and thought — why? Why

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