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Dear Alvia. .. 89 DEAR ALVIA

Dear Alvia . To separate rooms for months We’ve been sleeping in ple cou a n getting along for be honest, we haven’t bee I p. ste t nex to take the of years. I don’t know how my kids and if I am ing see ey, mon ut am afraid abo I do? I hate living uld sho making a mistake. What like this. From M Dear M not lling and things have If you have sought counse an to e relationship has com improved, perhaps your and ve, lea to on e the decisi end. You will need to mak . ure fut erm g-t lon and ediate have a plan for your imm ers — many thousands of oth Look on the bright side it does all work out in and s have gone through thi h ne and happy, than wit the end. Better to be alo . day ry eve sad sed and someone feeling depres


Dear Alvia My partner and I are really like friends now. I know I am not in love, but I don’t want to leave. I am especially concerned that I won’t be able to afford living costs on my own. It’s not really that bad, he is a kind man and so generous. Is staying with someone because I can’t afford to move out such a bad thing to do? From K Dear K How would you feel if the tables were turned? If you are staying because this is a meal ticket, how fair is that on the other person? Staying also prevents them from finding someone else who will love them for being 'kind and generous'. Face your financial fears. There is help and support out there for people struggling financially. You can make separation work. ca


Alvia Turney, Act4Tomorrow Separation Specialists “Don’t waste another second of your life or someone else’s being in the wrong relationship.” Act 4 Tomorrow: an easier, cheaper, better way to separate. Ph: 1300 Act4Tom (1300 228486)

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