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Infectious Medical Scrubs has just opened a new retail space and refitted its office and warehouse, so we’ve been looking into ergonomics in the work place and would love to share some of that information with you. HERE ARE FIVE QUICK TIPS THAT CAN HELP YOU AND YOUR EMPLOYEES AVOID FATIGUE IN THE WORK PLACE: 1. Use a chair with a lumbar support to avoid slouching, and pull your chair in close to your desk so you aren’t leaning or slouching, which will cause back and neck pain. 2. Make sure that your keyboard and mouse are close enough that you don’t have to extend your arms to use them; this can cause significant shoulder pain. 3. Keep your monitor at eye level and at least at arm’s length away so you don’t cause eyestrain. 4. Use a headset for your phone — it’s very easy to jam the phone between your neck and ear while you are working on a computer



or writing something down; it’s a killer for your neck and causes headaches.

5. Don’t let your feet dangle — it creates pressure on the backs of your legs and can cause lower back issues; either lower your chair or use a footstool. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy desks or equipment, but these few simple tips could really help your staff — and happy staff make for happy customers! m

Pete & Sally Doran, Infectious Medical Scrubs Infectious owner Pete Doran worked as an Emergency Nurse for over fifteen years and knows first hand what is important to healthcare professionals when it comes to work uniforms. Together with his wife Sally, they have recognised the need for uniforms to be durable and comfortable enough to wear all day long and require little maintenance.



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