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Big Lap

Hopping into your caravan as you gear up for your next long weekend away is such a thrill, so imagine the feeling you’d experience when setting off on the big lap without an end date in mind. You’ve been waiting for this time of your life for years. You’ve been dreaming of driving into the sunset since before you can even remember, but something always got in the way. Here are three reasons why you should stop postponing that exciting trip and get on the road now. And if you don’t have a home on wheels yet, this list of reasons might inspire you to invest in one.

1. THERE WILL NEVER BE A PERFECT TIME You’ve no doubt heard this saying before, and it couldn’t be more accurate. There will always be a new grandchild, a birthday celebration, a show that you want to see. Life is filled with events and reasons to stay at home. People use the idea of waiting for 'the perfect time' as an easy way out of taking their dream trip, which means they risk getting caught in the trap of never actually leaving. You may not have all the accessories in your caravan that you were hoping for, but you can pick them up along the way, or do without them. There’s no time like the present, and don’t let the idea of 'the perfect time' hold you back from leaving.

2. LIFE IS SHORT We all know someone who ran out of time. Who had big plans but never got the chance to pursue them. Life is short. Don’t let time get the better of you. If you want to do the big lap, do it now. Talking about a big trip that you never actually got to experience is not only heartbreaking for those around you, but will leave you filled with regret.

Serial postponing is a trap and one day it may be too late. Remember the saying: “The only trip you will regret taking is the one you don’t take.” Keep this in mind when making any decisions and you’re bound to be happy with your choices.

3. YOU CAN ALWAYS COME HOME EARLY Instead of being that person who’s synonymous with the phrase 'One day…', be the one who’s telling travel stories while reminiscing with family and friends. If you’re currently postponing your trip, regardless of the reason/s, remember you’re not failing if you decide to return home early. Get on your way and take each hiccup as it comes.

Our brains have a sneaky way of talking us out of things we want to do, so push through the doubts. Get on the road and take each day as it comes. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. At least you gave it a go and you won’t be left wondering, 'What if…?'' m

Renee Napthali, Caravan RV Camping Renee is driven and enjoys sharing her love for travel and caravanning with people of all ages. With big plans and even bigger dreams, Renee runs Caravan RV Camping — an online store, selling caravan accessories to keen campers all over Australia.



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