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By Vickie Magic

With this issue being about change and changemakers, I wanted to write an article about changemakers, firstly looking at exactly what one is and then looking at what we would have to do or be or indeed change to be one. My thoughts are that a changemaker is someone who is BEING THE CHANGE WITHIN THEIR INDUSTRY OR WITHIN THEIR LIFE. They are standing up and doing what they believe their industry needs, or their life needs.

They are being productive and standing up for things they believe in, sometimes even when it means taking a risk. I am a massive advocate for BEING THE CHANGE. It’s all very well to sit back and look at something that we wish was different to how it is, but quite often we will watch from the sidelines and shout out shots to the team. I believe that if we really want to see change, we have to be change. And that means getting our hands dirty sometimes, that means playing right down there on the field. That means making the shots. Sure, sometimes we will miss, but that’s okay, because the truth is that the only way we are ever going to score is if we continue taking shots.

So think about it, what are you doing to BE THE CHANGE? What is something you would like to see be different to how it is now? What are you doing about it? What could you do about it? What advice would you give if someone came to you and said, “I don’t like this — what could I do to change it?” Sometimes when we put ourselves in the seat of advice-giver, the advice we give to someone else might indeed be the advice that we could, and possibly should, take ourselves. So in 2017 what could you do to ensure that you are being the change? Have a chat with your team, have a brainstorm meeting to work out how you can be different this year, do differently, act differently. The only way we are going to get different… BETTER RESULTS, is by doing better, doing differently. Sure, stuff can accidently happen. Everywhere, every day, accidental heroes and accidental fortunes are made but, percentage-wise, the chances of that being you aren’t really that high. That isn’t being negative, that’s being real. If you want to guarantee your results, then the only true way to make things happen is to start making things happen.

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