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CHANGEMAKER It is a BIG time of change — I can feel it! I’m sure you can too. One look across the globe and you will soon note a growing appetite for ‘different’. This translates across various industries, including politics, and it’s being driven by consumers — people. People are creating change and people vote with their feet. That’s great news for consumers — to be offered genuine choice is in the best interest of us all. People have the power to drive change through choice. This means that decision makers, service providers, retailers, professionals all perform better, because their performance is based on knowing they’ll be selected if they’re the best in the business. The key for providers is to understand what makes their audience or potential customer tick. Once they understand this, they’ll know how to respond. Acting in accordance with demand will deliver success. Being complacent or adopting a laissez-faire approach will deliver failure.

In my view, dominant consumer global trends seek authenticity and an interest in health and well-being. The desire to maintain a healthy status, and a passion for wellness, is influencing consumers eating habits and lifestyles. White’s Grocers (IGA Peregian Beach and Supa IGA Bli Bli) offer FREE INSTORE healthy dietary advice by an accredited practising visiting dietitian, Kristie Pieters. Kristie guides our consumers so they can better understand nutritional labels, offering healthy lunch box ideas and general healthy eating advice right on the shop floor. Major disrupters, such as Air BNB and Uber, are industry leaders delivering “different” on a massive scale. Led by consumers with an appetite for change, such providers are offering savvy purchase deals with a high level of personalisation. Consumers are responding and mainstream players are battling to keep up. They must reinvent and differentiate themselves at the same time. Change is fashionable today and this trend has been intensified by the insatiable appetite of consumers who want the biggest, brightest and best from life.

Changemakers will win the day if the solution is right for consumers!


Roz White, White’s IGA

Roz White and her husband Michael, commenced their retailing journey on the Sunshine Coast in 1993. Currently the IGA Group consists of the Supa IGA Bli Bli, IGA Mooloolah, Peregian Beach and IGA Mt Coolum. The unique ‘locavore’ culture guarantees you to always spot a local instore, because they are locally owned, they employ locals and it’s where the locals shop.

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Relaxing atmosphere and latest technology including: Suresmile – Damon Braces – Invisalign

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Specialist Orthodontist / Owner & Director Ocean Orthodontics / Member of the Australian Society of Orthodontists, Australian Orthodontic Board & World Federation of Orthodontics

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