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Weekend Holidays

From this year onwards, we have a new public holiday. In December, the Queensland Industrial Relations Bill was passed, which means that from 2017 Easter Sunday in Queensland will now be a public holiday.

Where we previously had only Easter Friday, Saturday and Monday as public holidays, Queensland now classes the most religiously significant day of the weekend as a public holiday too. Businesses that operate across the Easter weekend, whether it’s in the hospitality or retail sector, need to be aware that the penalty rate loadings for this day will change. If you’re unsure of how this change will impact your business, or if you need help in updating your payroll systems to accommodate the new pay rates, talk to the team at Workplace Central about the best ways to be compliant in your operations. For customers of Workplace Central’s Workforce Management service, there’s nothing you need to do or change in your work practice because we’ve done it for you. Workforce Management is a complete solution taking care of recruitment, occupational compliance, payroll, human resources, health, safety and workers’ compensation, as well as reporting. Essentially, you’ve got everything covered and you’re future-proofed for any changes to legislation or workplace requirements. You can let the employment experts manage your workforce and get back to managing your core business. Stay up-to-date with workplace requirements and workforce legislation changes by following our blog at or signup for the newsletter. 1300 766 380



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