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Sunshine Coast Grammar School Principal since 2012, Mrs Maria Woods has established herself as a change maker in education by building a platform for future learning at Grammar. Mrs Woods believes that the current pedagogical principles need to be responsive to student needs, by focusing on building the skills they require to be successful into the future and cognisant of becoming Global Citizens. The school environment creates and encourages students to demonstrate their own initiative by seeking opportunities to make a real difference to their own community and the world. Working in partnership to ensure new student initiatives can happen, with a particular focus on supporting students to find their own paths. During the recent holidays, a Year 12 student visited and attended school in Russia; this immersion trip complements her additional studies of the Russian language through Macquarie University, offering her automatic entry to her Tertiary studies next year. We are committed to supporting students explore all kinds of opportunities to build the life they want once they finish school. Over the next twelve months, Sunshine Coast Grammar School will be very busy constructing their new $11M Aquatic Centre. This 50m FINA Olympic pool also includes a Learn to Swim pool, and a covered 700 seat grandstand. Grammar is also examining curriculum offerings and structures to support broader state government changes in education. Involvement in the process ensures that Grammar teachers, and ultimately students, are prepared for these changes. A key focus in 2017 is about how the school uses data to inform teaching – data including academic results, pastoral information, testing (eg: NAPLAN), historical data and trends in results. Over the next twelve months this data will be critically examined with a view to improving teaching and personalising learning for students. Maria says, “Our students are potentially with us for the whole Prep to Year 12 journey. It’s our mission to ensure we know them so that we can tailor our approaches and support students to give their best and be their best.”

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