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Many times we are told: “Change is as good as a rest.” However, we know from experience that not all change is positive.

So my challenge to you is to make a positive change to your business — GET ORGANISED. One of the best Continuous Improvement Tools available is called Workplace Organisation. There are a few versions, but the most common are 5S and CANDO, which can be applied to a Desk, Office, Work Area, Production Line, Warehouse — in fact, anywhere in your business “A WELL ORGANISED BUSINESS IS CLEAN, SAFE AND PRODUCTIVE.”

We all have moments when we know something isn’t safe (wires on floor, loose fixings). We also know that our systems could be better organised (wasting time and money looking for and moving items). We’re also often aware that our business could be more productive (creating frustration with how things are). Well, if you’re having these moments on a regular basis, then Workplace Organisation is what you need! The system is based on implementing 5 key stages, and is simple to follow, but can be challenging to maintain without regular reviews and updates. When implementing Workplace Organisation it is important to involve the right people and never forget your customers. The key is to complete all 5 stages and not stop after the first one or two. • Sort/Clear


• For anything that remains, agree on and then place in the best location so that it is organised and productive.

• Review the Downtime Wastes in previous issue.


• Make sure everything is correctly labelled and easy to read.

• Repair or renew as required — does it look professional?

• Is the area safe and organised for all who work in it?

• Take pictures of the organised workplace.


• Communicate the new standards and talk about the benefits.

• Carry out regular audits using the Visual Standards.

• Continuously look for ways to improve the workplace.

• Regularly assess the Downtime Wastes and look to minimise them.

• Involve your team and build accountability.

When implemented correctly, this effective tool can have a dramatic effect on morale, customer perception and overall business productivity. It makes good business sense; it can be fun to do and it will improve how your business performs. So if you really want to make a positive change within your business for 2017, then get your workplace organised — be safe, clean and productive. m

• Set in Order/Arrange • Shine/Neatness

• Standardise/Discipline

• Sustain/Ongoing Improvement

Let me explain each of these stages. I will use CANDO as my model: CLEAR —

• Remove everything that shouldn’t be there, or that isn’t needed.

• Return all items to their correct place.

• Recycle where possible, dispose of the rest.

• Give feedback and create positive discussion.


Kevin Bennett, KB Business Solutions Kevin has over 30 years of experience working with international businesses identifying and implementing ways to become smarter and improve business performance. Practical, simple and effective solutions that really work.

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