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The first thing to know about CHANGE is that most people don’t like it. Most people are afraid of change. It’s understandable. People resist and resent being pushed out of their comfort zone and change is definitely out of most people’s comfort zone. As a designer, if I kept within our clients’ comfort zones, our work wouldn’t allow them to experience a renewed energy that is borne out of expansion of thought and expansion of reality. If a designer simply works with what people are comfortable with, we would still be in houses that were designed and decorated as they were decades or even centuries before. It is the duty of architects and designers to explore and develop new ideas (largely from OLD ideas and theories) and impart these concepts to their clients.

you think you’re going to faint, but you get the idea — we have to allow CHANGE into our lives in order to find new horizons, to reinvigorate our lust for life, while also gaining a sense of peace and harmony with what has been created to enhance our lives. Change often comes from without, rather than from within. Asking an interior designer for help is a bit like going to the dentist. You have to open wide and let someone prod and poke you to find out how you tick and what seems to be the problem. TRUST is a big part of allowing change into our lives and if you can start an honest conversation with the designer, with an open mind and heart, the experience could well change your life for the better. It is one of the biggest joys of this job. ca

Di Henshall, Design Director

With 25 years’ experience owning her own interior design studio under her belt, Di Henshall has all the right tools when it comes to practicality and creativity of designing your home. A qualified builder, furniture designer and cabinetry designer herself, Di Henshall, along with her talented and experienced team have a genuine understanding of how to truly design a home that reflects your personality and lifestyle, designing buildings from the ground up, right down to teaspoons, and everything in between.

The joy and sense of freedom that is gained by being (gently) pushed into a new experience can’t be underestimated. The catch-cry of bungy jumpers, rookie skiers, parachutists and firsttime international travellers is: “I Should Have Done This Years Ago!” I am not suggesting that every fabulous design solution we come up with has to be received with an adrenaline rush where

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