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with Annette Cochrane & Dr Ernie Young


HOT SPOTS OF DERMATITIS: Most prevalent during the moist and humid conditions of summer, Hot Spots of Dermatitis is an infection of the skin usually caused by Staph Intermedius Bacteria. Moist Dermatitis of the skin flares up quickly and is most commonly found on the face, neck and rump of animals. HEARTWORM: Carried by infected mosquitoes, heartworm is a disease that affects dogs. Given there’s no way to tell if a mosquito is infected, it’s crucial to maintain your pet’s heartworm prevention through the use of monthly tablets or annual injections. TICK PARALYSIS: Paralysis ticks are very common in dogs and cats and can be deadly when undetected, which is why pets should be on regular tick prevention medication. When giving your dog or cat a daily pat, search the body all over in particular their head and neck for ticks. If you suspect your pet could be affected by tick paralysis, seek veterinary advice. If you have any concerns about your pet’s wellbeing, it is best to address concerns with a vet and have your pet looked over.

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with Barry & Charles

It was back in 2014 that Charles Wyllie, working as a contract coordinator for an asbestos business, saw a gap in the market, decided to fill it, and so 470 Group was born, in August of that year. What prompted the decision was the fact that wherever he went, clients were looking for project management of their renovations. “I knew that with my experience and knowledge, I could fill that role, so I did,” said Charles And he didn’t go alone, taking his long-time mate, with 15 years in the game, Barry Blair with him. They joke about it being the brains and the brawn! 470 Group are a multifaceted construction company, specialising in construction projects, commercial and retail fit-outs, and asbestos removal. Covering a growing area, from the Sunshine Coast to south Brisbane, 470 Group is attracting top end clients, such as Bayer, recently carrying out a full amenities refurbishment of the company’s busy production factory in Brisbane. “Our strong construction capabilities enable us to provide a high quality end-to-end service, effectively managing your project from de-construction through to completion,” said Charles. Ph: 1300 470 470 Website:

with Kerri Steele

It is a great time for education on the Sunshine Coast, change is occurring. Why?

Parents are more conscious of what they want for their children, they are not happy just with basic child care, but rightly demand early education that is holistic and supports their child to learn in self-orientated and self-directed ways. They want education that fosters their child’s natural interests of creative expression and wonder of the world not just academics. Educational environments are responding to the call, since 2009 we have been providing holistic education that supports the individual learner and recently a new School 'Montessori Noosa' has opened its doors for children aged six to nine at Sunshine Beach. Governments are now realising that, due to Australia’s poor performance academically against other countries, surface knowledge is not enough. Children need high function environments that foster their natural intelligence and interests. Now is a very exciting time to embrace this change!

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Matters Magazine Autumn Issue  

We include some great articles on Sunshine Coast Changemakers, and give you some ideas for embracing change and being the change within your...

Matters Magazine Autumn Issue  

We include some great articles on Sunshine Coast Changemakers, and give you some ideas for embracing change and being the change within your...