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By Cath Molloy

Whenever I think of Change Management, I hear the song “Changes” inside my head and know we must turn and face the change... accept the challenge, look for the new opportunities that always come with change, and then create some awesome solutions and plans to move ahead. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…time may change me…and time does change all of us; it’s up to us to decide how we accept the changes and make sure we use them to our advantage. Some people believe you need to change your business model every two years so you don’t get complacent or bored, while others get in a rut when they don’t face changes and challenges. We can instigate change, be in control of it, and not be a 'victim' of change. As we all know, if nothing changes, nothing changes. So why should we want change, and how do we manage it? Managing change is the 'speak' of the corporate world. I wonder what it was called before this term was invented? Maybe continuous improvement? Anyway, managing change, managing time, managing people, managing results, managing projects…in actual fact, it’s all about the people, the management, and not so much the change because, as Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.” I want to share a story with you that we so often see unfolding in the business world. I refer to five monkeys and their attempt to get at a bundle of bananas. Here is a simple version of the experiment:

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