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AT THE FLOAT SPACE, MAROOCHYDORE Interview by Vickie Magic Written by Shari Hall

Imagine this: you are gently floating, weightless in a comfortably warm bath, the only audible sounds are the beat of your heart and the ebb and flow of breath entering and leaving your lungs. The boundary between your body and the water fades as you relax and become completely unplugged from the hectic, over-stimulated world beyond. Welcome to THE FLOAT SPACE, the only dedicated float therapy centre on the Sunshine Coast, (and opening soon in West End, Brisbane) owned and operated by Janina and Felipe.

Extraordinary circumstances lead this German/Brazilian couple to explore an alternative path to healing and expanded consciousness. It was Janina’s devastating illness and a desire to revitalise her life that helped her discover the numerous health benefits associated with this therapy, developed originally in the 1950s. A former, professional modern pentathlon competitor for Germany in her early 20s, Janina was in peak physical condition. Yet suddenly, at 29, she burned out and found herself suffering from debilitating chronic fatigue. “I couldn’t get out of bed for a month. I couldn’t even get a glass of water for myself without collapsing on the floor.” She became completely dependent upon her fiancé and constant carer, Felipe. For nearly a year, visiting one doctor after another, they struggled to find a diagnosis and treatment. From ozone treatments and herbal supplements to steroids, nothing seemed to work and everything seemed to make her worse. Instead of a honeymoon to Hawaii, they found themselves at an Ayurvedic clinic in Sri Lanka, trying to detoxify and relieve her symptoms and constant Insomnia.“I felt like I was in a constant brain fog; I don’t like thinking about that time. I just

At the Float Space, you will find three single-person, private flotation pods manufactured from the latest zero-gravity float device technology. Each pod holds 25cm of water with 500kg of Epsom Salts. This makes the water extremely dense and the human body floats in it like a cork. The water is heated to skin temperature, so the sensation of your body dissolves. Your ears are just below the surface of the water and the pods are insulated, removing any extraneous noise. Float Therapy helps one achieve a deep and clear state of mental and physical relaxation, and is a powerful tool for relieving pain, stress, and sleep deprivation. Its benefits are numerous, including intense relaxation, enhanced healing and recovery, chronic pain management, improved sleep patterns, increased resistance to stress, increased immune system function, magnesium absorption, release of endorphins, as well as enhanced athletic, cognitive and creative performance.

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wanted to take my life. I couldn’t live this way any longer.” She even underwent massive, five to six-hour treatments for Lyme disease, virtually depleting them of all their finances. While she did experience some temporary relief, within a few weeks, she deteriorated again, and began to lose hope in conventional medicine. It was during this rock-bottom period the couple came across ‘floating’. For Janina, there was something comforting about the idea of being in “a cocoon of silence and darkness”. Feeling nearly as desperate as his wife, after years of working full-time as a chef, plus looking after his beloved, the couple did their first float therapy session together. Afterwards, Felipe was speechless and Janina describes her experience as “mind-blowing.” “For the first time in three years, I felt sort of normal. My head was clear. I felt so different. It brings me to tears when I think about it.”Gradually her symptoms improved over three months of regular flotation sessions, and this fuelled Janina’s desire to have a float centre of her own on the Sunshine Coast. She floated every day for eight months, and saw her health completely turn around.

The effects are said to be cumulative. One hour of floatation therapy is the equivalent of four to eight hours’ sleep and has the detoxification results of a three-day fast. It shortens recovery time from marathons and long distance runs, compressing it into hours rather than days. Matters Magazine editor Vickie Magic has incorporated weekly floats into her training for the Sunshine Coast Marathon. “Honestly, I cannot tell you the difference the floating has made to me. After running the Gold Coast Half Marathon, I couldn’t move a single muscle; one float and I felt like new, not even a little bit sore. It was absolutely unbelievable. I would 100% recommend The Float Space; it just floats away all soreness and any stress.” Mention this article for the special price of $60 for one float! 6/12 Norval Ct, Maroochydore QLD 4558

Ph: 5352 3803


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