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“Economic success is built on true innovation. And so is educational success.” Dr. Peter Lorange

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“The business school of the future tailors itself to the st real needs of the 21 century.” Dr. Peter Lorange

The Business School of the Future Offers Key Insights. Our business school is a business school of the future. We are very diverse and offer you flexibility with less administrative red tape. Our professors are global experts in their fields. They typically come from other academic institutions for short teaching stints at our business school, bringing with them the latest insights in the fields of management and business. Our educational methods are different: Rather than listening to a monologue, you will participate in thematic discussions with the professors, for our business school is a meeting place! You will network with fellow participants as well as faculty members – establishing valuable contacts for life. We have a vision of a new way of learning – tailored to the real needs of the 21st century. Learning which is eclectic and suits your personal needs and can be pursued while you work in your current position. What you learn at the Lorange Institute you can immediately put into practice on the job. We broaden your view of business challenges and solutions and present the latest in practice and theory. And we challenge you to discover your limits. Our programs are not just programs. They are innovative learning experiences that will change the way you look at business challenges and think about the values which lie beyond the balance sheet. Although we are at the forefront of academics, we are not locked away in an ivory tower. We are practical and pragmatic. At Lorange, you will solve current, real-life problems relating to leading companies. Change the way you act as a leader and fulfill your potential with a degree from the Lorange Institute of Business. Yours sincerely, Peter Lorange


Dr. Gordon Adler Teacher at Lorange: Information Management and Communication. Gordon Adler is a communications expert who earned a Doctorate of Business Administration in Management and Strategy with distinction at the University of South Australia. He completed his MBA with a focus on managerial accounting at the City University in Zurich. He was adjunct

professor and guest lecturer at the Universities of Geneva, Zurich and St. Gallen and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and has been the director of the International School Bern for more than 10 years.

He now shares the experience he gained as director of communications at IMD Lausanne and in other positions, through Adlerway, his own consulting company for strategic management and communications, and as a teacher at Lorange.

“The Lorange Institute of Business is more than a business school. It’s a meeting place for ideas of both students and professors.” Dr. Gordon Adler

Lorange – Not Only a Name, But a Spirit.

Our Institute.

Outstanding Benefits.

The Lorange Institute of Business is more than a business school. It’s a meeting place for ideas of both students and professors. We are committed to the “meeting place” approach, where all participants engage in debate about what really works in practice. Innovations are vitally import­ ant and our clients must be able to see these values and innovations in action.

All our programs are conducted at the modern Lorange Institute Campus right on the shore of Lake Zurich, an ideal learning environment. Only fifteen minutes from the buzzing city and thirty minutes from Zurich’s international airport, our institute offers first-class learning resources, its own restaurant and a modern hotel within walk­ ing distance (10 minutes).

We are convinced that managers need an integrated approach to thinking about management problems and a thorough understanding of the cross-functional nature of most business deci­ sions.

Take advantage of two fully equipped auditoriums – a small lecture hall (32 seats) and a larger one (58 seats). Bright, well-lit study rooms offer space for group work or quiet, individual study. Relax in the inspiring atmosphere of our magnificent lobby while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

The Lorange Institute offers innovative studies covering both theoretical and practical aspects. You acquire practical business tools and can apply them immediately to your professional environment. You will acquire a broad understanding of business and management issues and develop new leadership skills to effectively motiv­ ate people, instigate change and move your organization forward.

We bring together acknowledged experts. Each course is led by a faculty member who is a res­pected expert in his or her field. Under the guidance of these experts, the program partic­ ipants thrive in the program’s entrepreneurial environment and on state-of-the-art lectures, discussions, cases and real-life analyses.

Let us know what kind of accommodation you prefer. You can rent one of our serviced apartments during your stay, or we can arrange a hotel reservation for you. A good balance between learning and leisure is important. The proximity of the city and the lake means there is a variety of activities for you and your family to enjoy.

Understanding strategic orientations and successfully implementing strategies are essential in modern business. For this, you not only need to hone your decision-making abilities but be prepared to get your team ready to make a real impact on your organization. Our programs will stimulate your day-to-day business life with innovative insights from a world-class faculty and a network of highly motivated fellow students. You will develop the ability to view issues and challenges from new perspectives.

The Institute


Dr. Svein Andersen Teacher at Lorange: Sports Management. Svein Andersen is a professor at the Norwegian School of Management and has held various academic positions over the last 25 years, including as a visiting professor at Berkeley and adjunct professor at the University of Oslo. He is also an

adjunct professor at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. His teaching experience includes executive leadership and sports management. He holds two PhDs, one from the University of Oslo and one from Stanford University.

“Our programs are brief and modular. You keep your full-time job and learn both on the job and at the Lorange Institute.” Dr. Svein Andersen

Modular Programs.

World Class Part-time Faculty.

Prime Program Portfolio – Dual Degree Programs.

Our programs are brief and based on a mod­ular structure. These modules are typically two days and twelve days long. You keep your full-time job and learn both on the job and at the Lorange Institute. It is possible to take single modules to expand and grow your management know-how. Should you choose to start a master’s program after a single module, you can simply transfer the credits to the program. The program modules are cyclical, so you can start whenever the time is right for you.

For each subject we draw on the world’s leading faculty, a network of top professors. They are active in cutting-edge research and teaching in their particular fields.

You understand the value of continuous self-­ development and recognize that the time has come to invest in your future.

Lorange Innovation. We want to propel your career, not slow you down. We have introduced a few organizatio­ nal innovations to achieve this goal: for example, everyday you will find the president of the institute, Peter Lorange, together with the program directors, in the lobby. The lobby is their office. We live our open-door policy and educational philosophy on a daily basis and have not only abolished individual offices but also lots of administrative red tape. There are no office hours. If you need to talk to us, have a cup of coffee and take a seat.

All faculty members have teaching assignments at other universities and/or practical managerial experience. Every professor is not only a recog­ nized expert, but also a gifted teacher – able to put across the latest materials in a practical, down-to-earth way. Our professors come from all over the world.

Consistent with our belief that specialization should come before generalization, our Executive Master of Science and Executive MBA programs are closely synchronized. This means that you can start your studies at Lorange Institute with an Executive MSc program and upon graduating go on to add the modules needed for gen­ eralization in order to earn an Executive MBA. Simply transfer your Executive MSc credits into the Executive MBA program and build on them while studying towards your Executive MBA degree. Of course, if you do not feel the need for specialization, you can enroll directly in the Exec­ utive MBA program. Inspire your day-to-day business with innovative insights from a world-class faculty and exposure to the latest business thinking and academic research. Develop the ability to view issues from a new perspective and build your own network of contacts.

Program + Faculty


Douglas Macbeth Teacher at Lorange: Shipping and Logistics Management. Douglas Macbeth is Professor of Supply Chain Management at the University of Southampton and director of the PhD executive program of the School of Business and Management there. He

was the founding director of SCMG Ltd, consultants in supply chain management, procurement and logistics, and is the associate editor of the European Management Journal.

“We test theoretical knowledge against real-life experiences. A key question in our classroom is: What really works in the end?” Douglas Macbeth


Exam Structure.

Meeting Place Culture – Grow Your Network.

Accreditation is an objective way of measuring a business school’s credentials. The quality of education, the school’s facilities, the faculty and the research programs can all be reviewed as part of an accreditation process. The Lorange Institute is accredited by several globally recognized organ­ izations – your assurance of the quality of our management education programs.

Each participant writes a paper before the start of a module and then another paper at the conclusion of the module. In-class exams are kept to a minimum. Students complete their degree with a master’s thesis.

The Lorange Institute is a debate forum, a meet­ ing place where students, faculty members and practitioners can build networks and share insights, ideas and expertise. The small size of our programs facilitates individual attention and individualized advisory follow-ups. Student feedback is encouraged and taken seriously.

Speed, Diversity, Flexibility. Our programs are modular in structure and flex­ ible – there is no prescribed program sequence. You benefit from this modularity in a number of ways. You can keep your job and start studying whenever you are ready. You will never miss any of the modules. The timeframe for completion is up to you – you can take a break if you like and start again later.

Swissness. In a world of change, you need a safe haven. In the heart of Europe, Switzerland stands for essential elements in your personal and economic success: excellence, precision, reliability, stability and sophistication joined with genuineness. All our programs are “Swiss made” and certified through the Private School Register.

You should be able to substantially grow your own network at the Lorange Institute. Our lead­ ing faculty and innovative programs attract managers from a broad variety of countries, industries and functions. You will gain insight into other areas of business and make important contacts for future business and career steps. A degree from Lorange is more than just a degree – it’s a step towards your future.

In all the modules, theoretical knowledge is examined against real-life experience. The latest findings from academic research and state-ofthe-art practice are presented and debated. A key question in our classroom is: What really works in the end?

Network + Specials


“Transform your next step into a giant leap with an Executive Master’s Degree.” Dr. Peter Lorange

Master Challenges with a Master’s Degree.

For a World of Practitioners.

Modular and Flexible.

The Lorange Institute of Business stands for innovation. This innovation is reflected in our programs. We believe that specialization precedes generalization. For this reason, we have closely synchronized the Executive Master of Science and Executive MBA programs. You can build on your Executive Master of Science to earn an Exec­utive MBA.

The Zurich Living CaseTM is a core element of all our Executive Master’s programs. During the Zurich Living Case projects, participants operate in teams which are supervised by faculty members. They work closely together with selected companies on intense, fast-paced consulting projects. We cultivate a thoroughly practical approach to learning and combine theory and practice. Hands-on learning is provided through our Zurich Living CaseTM.

We offer an education that is relevant for tomorrow’s business requirements. Time is precious, and appropriate timing is essential for advanced studies. At the Lorange Institute it’s up to you to complete the program at your own pace and according to your own schedule. Our credo is: Your job comes first. Your part-time education is not only important to you, it’s also important to us. The fully modularized programs are design­ ed to enable participants to maintain a full-time job.

Start your studies with an Executive MSc program. After graduating, add the modules need­ ed to complete an Executive MBA. You can fully transfer your Executive MSc credits into the Executive MBA program. If you do not feel the need for specialization, you are welcome to enroll directly in the Executive MBA program.


Master Programs

The programs are cyclical. You can complete the modules in any order. Many modules are offered several times a year. So you can take a break and start again whenever you want to. This flexibil­ ity allows you to keep your full-time job while enrolled. Job absence is reduced to a minimum, as some modules are even offered at weekends. Credits awarded in one program can be transferred to any other program of the Lorange Institute.

Specialists and Generalists.

Accreditation, Certification and Validation.

The economic world of today is highly special­ ized. Consequently, it makes sense to enhance your career with a specialized degree. To enter our Master of Science program you should be an experienced specialist in a particular domain, looking to gain more in-depth knowledge of your area of specialty, without losing time, on the way to becoming a leading practitioner.

The Association of MBAs is an international impartial authority on postgraduate business education. AMBA accredits MBA programs at 168 schools in nearly 70 countries. AMBA is the sole professional membership association for over 9,000 MBA students and graduates, accred­ited business schools and MBA employers.

During the main phase of your studies you choose elective modules in which to specialize. Only at the Lorange Institute can you choose between six unique degree programs to qualify for an even more specialized job. Executive leaders also need a wide array of other knowledge and skills. They are leading general­ ists in a specialized world and specialists for the big picture. The Lorange Institute’s Executive Master of Business Administration degree will do more than propel your career. It is a transformational experi­ ence. It equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge, as well as a network, preparing you for leading positions in a globalized world.

eduQua established the first Swiss quality label for adult continuing education. Institutions certified by eduQua offer considerable advantages from the client’s perspective. Not only do they have a more positive image, but their quality management is also enhanced through the certification process.

In cooperation with Swiss economic associations, the Swiss Association of Pri­vate Schools has founded the Swiss Private School Register for the purpose of creating and maintaining a register of private schools in Switzerland as a means of documenting the schools’ reliability and trustworthiness.

Pan-European Degree. The Lorange Institute and University of Wales have a highly regarded international validation process in place. This facility enables us to fully offer the degree awarded by the University of Wales. The value of your master’s degree from Lorange is enhanced by this validation, which guarantees approval of the degrees throughout the European Union.

Master Programs


Jamie Anderson Teacher at Lorange: Strategy for Profitable Growth. Jamie Anderson has held permanent and visiting positions at leading business schools, including the London Business School, ESMT Berlin and the University of Melbourne. His research and teaching focuses on strategy, innovation and

creativity. Currently he is Professor of Strategy and Innovation Management at the Antwerp Management School. He is an award-winning author and case writer, and was recently recog­ nized by the Business Strategy Review journal

as one of Europe’s top 25 management thinkers. He has published in many of the world’s leading academic journals.

“Our Executive MBA is tailored to the real needs st of the 21 century.” Jamie Anderson

Executive Master of Business Administration EMBA. You understand the value of continuous selfdevelopment and know that the time has come to invest in your future. Already successful, you want to unfold your full potential without interrupting your career. For this purpose, we have developed our augmented Executive MBA.

Our program is based on the latest multidisciplinary, practice-oriented teaching focused on an interactive, mutually enriching, intellectual exchange process. Realistic optimism infuses our content and debate. Our aim is innovation: to find out what works in practice.

The curriculum of the Lorange Institute of Business Zurich is based on the axiom that all businesses experience ups and downs. We believe executives must understand the key decisions any business must make: to be “in or out”, to go “long or short” and how to manage “turning points”. We teach you how to master the business cycles in your industries and businesses.

If you have been enrolled in the Lorange Certif­ icate of Business program or in one of our Exec­ utive MSc programs and are then admitted to the Executive MBA program, you can put all the credits you have already earned towards your Executive MBA degree. Requirement: You must successfully pass the TOEFL and GMAT as part of your Executive MBA degree.

Your Lorange Degree: Executive Master of Business Administration MBA. Your University of Wales Degree: Master of Business Administration MBA.

104 days CHF 69,000 GMAT | TOEFL Executive MBA


“Business has only two functions: marketing and innovation.” Dr. W. Christian Buss

“Capital is that part of wealth which is devoted to obtaining further wealth.”

“A ship in a port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” Dr. Peter Lorange

Margareta Barchan

Executive Master of Science in Modern Marketing.

Executive Master of Science in Wealth Management & Modern Banking.

Executive Master of Science in Shipping & Logistics Management.

Marketing today differs immensely from what used to be common practice just a decade ago. The evolution of e-commerce and the proliferation of B2B and B2C marketing, in combination with other new paradigms for communication and distribution, have altered the way marketing is being done.

The world of banking is changing at a very fast pace. The recent turmoil in the global financial industry has led many banks to rethink their strategies and policies regarding the balance between risk and return/reward.

The world knows that large parts of our lives are influenced by cycles – the changes that drive life itself, the seasons, and the long-term trends that affect our existence. For business, the notion of cycles has been a key factor in determining longand short-term strategies.

A key strategic dimension lies in the innovation process and how innovation is linked to quality and the nature of the underlying demand in the segment. The ability to sell more at a higher price is key and will form an important part of the program. This program is especially relevant in provid­ing participants with new insights and skills to successfully redefine their core tasks and processes.

To increase value in the client relationship, wealth managers should adopt new thinking and approaches in order to retain and enhance client relationships over time. Products, services and the increasing impact of a client’s relationship with the bank, based on the individual bank manager’s actions and decisions, form the base for the modern banking concepts and strategies upon which this program relies.

Determining the underlying fundamental dynam­ ics of demand and supply impacts our business decisions and performance perhaps more than any other factor. Participants can delve more deeply into the implementation of strategies for managing business cycles, with a special emphasis on the global shipping industry.

Your Lorange Degree: EMSc Executive Master of Science in Modern Marketing.

Your Lorange Degree: EMSc Executive Master of Science in Wealth Management & Modern Banking.

Your Lorange Degree: EMSc Executive Master of Science in Shipping & Logistics Management.

Your University of Wales Degree: Master of Science in Business Administration.

Your University of Wales Degree: Master of Science in Business Administration.

Your University of Wales Degree: Master of Science in Business Administration.

56 days CHF 49,000 TOEFL

56 days CHF 49,000 TOEFL

56 days CHF 49,000 TOEFL


Executive Master of Science

“Just because you’re trained for something doesn’t mean you’re prepared for it.”

“Communication works for those who work at it.” Jörg Reckhenrich

Charles de Brabant

“Human capital is the most precious currency. It never devaluates.” Matthias Mölleney

Executive Master of Science in Sports Management.

Executive Master of Science in Business Driven Information Management.

Executive Master of Science in Talent & Intellectual Capital Management.

The world of sports has become a large global business. The major soccer leagues in Europe and the Champion’s League are good examples of how the evolving business models have become key elements of the world of sports.

Just a generation ago we consumed as much data in a lifetime as we do today in just a small fraction of that time. Accessing and mastering the use of information has become a key success factor.

The entertainment industry − music, film, TV shows, gaming and performing arts − has become a huge generator of revenue from the sale of rights and attendance fees. The protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights have become even more important in a cyberspace world of e-commerce and web usage.

The way we manage massive flows of information has become a major driver of profitability and competitive position for every organization. The more traditional approach to handling complex management information systems, though fundamental in importance, is only one aspect of how companies can generate business and revenue.

New processes and around-the-clock competi­ tion are forcing organizations to trim costs and become even more efficient. At the same time, new complex business models and emerging and disruptive technologies require new skills and competencies.

This program addresses the emerging business opportunities arising from this new lifestyledriven field. The focus is on areas such as man­ aging intellectual property rights, concept man­ agement and strategies for generation of multiple revenue streams.

The ability to tap into markets through social networks, to generate business using data min­ing and to master e-marketing is essential. This program will take you a step beyond the tradition­al business school systems and infrastructure perspective.

This “brain-driven” evolutionary process cre­ ates demand for highly skilled, talented people. Talent management has become a key task for all successful companies. This intellectual capital does not show up in the financial reporting of businesses, but constitutes a fundamental cornerstone for the successful and sustainable development of the business and its human capital. We have identified the key drivers of value for talent management and intellectual capital development initiatives and processes in this innovative program.

Your Lorange Degree: EMSc Executive Master of Science in Sports Management.

Your Lorange Degree: EMSc Executive Master of Science in Business Driven Information Management.

Your Lorange Degree: EMSc Executive Master of Science in Talent & Intellectual Capital Management.

Your University of Wales Degree: Master of Science in Business Administration.

Your University of Wales Degree: Master of Science in Business Administration.

Your University of Wales Degree: Master of Science in Business Administration.

56 days CHF 49,000 TOEFL

56 days CHF 49,000 TOEFL

56 days CHF 49,000 TOEFL Executive Master of Science


Margherita Pagani Teacher at Lorange: Information Management and Communication. Margherita Pagani is a teacher and researcher in the fields of marketing, consumer behavior, emarketing and digital media. She holds a degree in Business Administration from UniversitĂ Bocconi, where she majored in the management of

international firms. She also studied at the MIT Sloan School. She currently teaches at the Institute of Marketing, UniversitĂ Bocconi, and as an affiliate of the Communications Future Program at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

“To move forward is to look at what’s ahead – not what’s behind you. Move forward with a Certificate of Business.” Margherita Pagani

Certificate of Business.

Advanced Education.

Having graduated from a vocational school or university and with several years of professional experience under your belt, you may have a need for an academic program that can efficiently provide you with essential management tools within a relatively short period of time (e.g. one year). An education which gives you the skills to cope with all the operational challenges of man­aging your business. In that case, the Lorange Certifi­ cate of Business is the ideal choice.

Additionally, the certificate is an ideal start for your next step, a Bachelor in Business Admin­ istration, which has to be earned at another academic institution, but towards which you receive one year’s credit in recognition of your Lorange Certificate of Business. This degree in combination with the appropriate practical experience opens the gate to higher management education: our master’s programs.

The Lorange Certificate of Business offers you a sound and compact one-year start to your undergraduate management education. You will learn the theoretical and practical principles of international management and will then be able to efficiently take on professional managerial responsibilities. Moreover, you will have a chance during this year to seriously explore what your key areas of interest for further academic education might be.

28 days CHF 16,500 TOEFL Certificate of Business


Dr. Jan-Anders E. Månson Teacher at Lorange: Innovation Management. Jan-Anders E. Månson is Professor of Material Science at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). He is also director of the Poly­ mer and Composite Laboratory (LTC) at the Institute of Materials. His research is focused on

novel cost-effective materials and manufactur­ ing principles. His research partners are prim­ arily from the automotive, aerospace, medical and sport industries. Prof. Månson has published abun­dantly and is active in teaching.

From 2004 to 2008, he was the vice-president of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, responsible for innovation and technology.

“Strategy means choosing – to focus on what matters today, both with an immediate pay-off and with the future in mind.” Dr. Jan-Anders E. Månson

Earn a Doctorate.

Partner Universities.

Given the rising demand for innovative insights and well-established knowledge networks in today’s corporations, it’s not surprising that there is also a growing demand for part-time doctor­ al programs among graduates of our master’s programs who want to broaden their intellectual perspectives and simultaneously create value for their employers.

Nyenrode Business University, founded in 1946, is the only private university in the Netherlands. It is committed to making practical relevance a main concern of both students and faculty. Its core focus is on leadership and entrepreneurship, coupled with the growing importance of ethics, corporate governance and sustainability in both education and research.

While the Lorange Institute does not aspire to running doctoral programs on its own or awarding doctoral degrees, it has established solid cooperations with several renowned academ­ ic institutions with different academic profiles that do offer doctoral programs to students.

The University of Southampton combines aca­ demic excellence with an innovative and entre­ preneurial approach to research, supporting a culture that engages and challenges students and staff in the pursuit of learning. It is one of the top 15 research universities in the UK.

The Lorange Institute supports students with the application process to meet the partner institutions’ requirements. Current partner institutions include Nyenrode Universiteit, Leiden University and the University of Southampton. Prospec­ tive cooperation with four further institutions, in Denmark, Germany, Norway and Switzerland, is under discussion.

Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands (1575). University premises are scattered throughout the city imbuing the city with an ambience of history and learning. Leiden University is one of Europe’s foremost research universities. This prominent position gives their graduates a leading edge in applying for aca­ demic posts and functions outside academia.

Doctor of Business Administration



Program Scheme

2-day module

12-day module Shipping & Logistics Management

Wealth Management & Modern Banking

Organizational Design & Networks

Executive Master of Science

Niche Strategies for Shipping

Required Modules

Shipping Markets

Phase II

Wealth Management & Modern Banking

Phase I

Project Financing

Private Banking & Client Focus

Modern Marketing

Asset Management & Risk Management

Modern Marketing

Marketing & Brand Strategy in the Global Consumer World

Luxury Goods Marketing

38 days

The Customer & Market Focused Organization

Strategy for Profitable Growth

Core of Business & Management

Thesis Preparatory

Applied Business Statistics

Fundamentals of Business Statistics

Managing in Business Cycles

Sustainable Business Management

Leadership for Motivation

Effective Management Communication

“No fixed cycle! Start whenever it fits your own personal schedule.�

Choose one out of six options

18 days & EMSc thesis

Shipping & Logistics Management

Phase III Executive MBA Choose four out of the six 12-day modules of Phase II that you have not attended yet.

12-day module 4

12-day module 3

12-day module 2

12-day module 1

48 days & EMBA thesis

Sports Management

Best When it Matters

Sports Marketing & Sponsoring

Sports Management

Emerging Technologies in Sports

Business Driven Information Management

Search Engine Optimization & Data Mining

e-Marketing & e-Commerce

Business Driven Infor足 mation Management

Social Media & Online Collaboration

Talent & Intellectual Capital Management

Executive Careers

Talent Retention

Talent Recruiting

Talent & Intellectual Capital Management

Decide during your EMSc program if you want to write an EMSc thesis or if you want to go on and enroll in the EMBA program and write an EMBA thesis at the end of the EMBA program. If you want to earn either an EMSc diploma or an EMBA diploma you have to write only one thesis. If you want to earn both an EMSc diploma and an EMBA diploma you have to write two theses.

Program Scheme


Dr. Uwe Hilzenbecher Teacher at Lorange: Strategy and Business Management. Uwe Hilzenbecher is a self-employed management consultant trainer with a focus on strategic management and innovation management. Formerly he was a system engineer at Daimler-Chrys22 ZURICH LIVING CASE

ler Aerospace, director of corporate strategy, and held a position in strategic marketing at Siemens Dematic. He was professor and head of “Indus­ t­rial Engineering and Business Administrat­ion”

studies at the University of Applied Sciences, Constance (Germany). He holds a PhD in business sciences from Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg.

“In the real world, practice is worth more than hours and hours of lectures.” Dr. Uwe Hilzenbecher

Zurich Living CaseTM

Consulting on a High Level.

Become Part of the Case.

Practice is the key. That is why the Zurich Liv­ ing CaseTM is a core element of the master’s programs. As the Lorange Institute offers exclusively executive programs, its practical management approach requires a constant knowledge transfer to and from the workplace. Therefore the Lorange Institute does not work with “Harvard Cases” but with real entrepreneurial problems, so-called “Living Cases”. The Living Cases are not only a unique learning experience for participants but also provide the cooperating companies with many excellent ideas on how to tackle their current challenges.

The Zurich Living CaseTM approach requires students to work in teams and solve current, reallife problems of leading companies. Executives present a specific problem at the beginning of a two-week program module. At the end of every module, the students present their recommendations to the professors of the Lorange Institute and the management of the Living Case company and in turn receive feedback from the senior executives. These fast-paced projects are similar to consulting projects, usually structured in four steps:

We offer companies very efficient, innovative and strictly confidential solutions. In the context of our Zurich Living CaseTM we thoroughly analyze current economic situations and present companies with a variety of solutions. This is a clear win-win strategy and creates added value for all parties involved.

During the 12-day module students are split up into multidisciplinary consulting groups and work on solving real cases. During the module they are supported by the companies in order to maximize their learning outcome and increase the benefit for the company. This combination leads to a deeper and more practical understanding of the student’s subject and professional issues.

1. Industrial analysis

The Lorange Institute assigns your Living Case to one of our experienced professors who will discuss objectives with you and the questions you want to have answered. Before the course commences, the professor outlines the project in a manual to familiarize students with your case.

2. Competitive analysis 3. Problem definition 4. Recommendations

Let Your Company Benefit. Two weeks later you will receive a fully formulat­ ed solution from each consulting team, offering valuable innovations and strategies. The Lorange Institute fosters close relations with international companies. This gives our students the opportunity to gain valuable business insights, while making new and vital contacts.

Zurich Living CaseTM


Dr. Martin Hellmich Teacher at Lorange: Wealth and Risk Management. Martin Hellmich is a certified EFFAS financial analyst (CEFA). He has worked for several financial institutes, including Barclays Capital in Frankfurt, and was recently appointed managing director of the brokerage Cantor Fitzgerald Eu-

rope in London. For ten years he has lectured on quantitative methods at the Frankfurt School of Management and Finance. He wrote his dissertation on equations in linear recurrent sequences and received his PhD in 1999.

“When time is precious, leaders opt for actions that create revenues.” Dr. Martin Hellmich

Speed, Action: Results!

Profit from the Best.

Success has never prevented leaders from getting better. The world, society and the economy are all very dynamic, and nobody can foresee future developments. We enable you to handle the unforeseen with the most dynamic management update in the world.

We offer you a unique opportunity to get regular management updates. The modularity of all our study programs is a major advantage, especially for highly dedicated executives. Join one out of more than twenty two-day modules to leverage your management know-how.

“Speed, Action, Results!” is a highly compact two-day seminar on the latest developments in all fields of management. It offers leaders from business, corporate boards, government, NGOs and top sports a global perspective to attain superior performance.

We also encourage you to participate in one of our twelve-day modules to gain deeper insights into a special subject. Should you decide to enter a master’s program, you can transfer the credits from previous modules to the master’s program. Our programs are seamless and offer you all the flexibility you need.

Selected members of our world-class faculty lecture about new trends and the latest topics in their fields of research. The weekend’s highlights are the lectures of our guest speakers, some of the most renowned personalities of our time.

Speed, Action: Results!


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